Personalized Housewarming Gifts

Whether they are first time home buyers, or moving to a new neighborhood, a great housewarming gift can go a long way to make somebody feel welcomed in the neighborhood and help them settle into their new home.  If you have been invited to a housewarming party you need to bring a gift.  With a large selection of housewarming gifts on the market, we have narrowed it down to 28 of our top picks for housewarming gifts that are both exciting and a great personalized housewarming gifts that they will love and keep.

Below we have every sort of gift listed. From candle gift sets, food gift boxes, home repair gift boxes and more, there is a great selection of gifts to choose from that are going to have them falling head over heels in love with.


Best Housewarming Gifts for First Home

  1. Candle with Care – Candle Gift Set

Candle Gift Crate

When you move into a new home it’s easy to start getting scatterbrained as you think of all the things that need to get done. With smell being one of the most powerful senses, you can easily help them take a second to configure their thoughts with this candle gift set that they are going to love. This gift includes a ceramic wax Melter, soy scented candles, popcorn and more.  Give a gift crate they will love.


  1. Time to Wine Down – Wine Gift for Her

Wine Gift Crate

After all the packages have been brought into the new home, it can be very overwhelming thinking of where all your stuff is going to go. Make sure that the new homeowners take a second to relax and enjoy their new home with this wine gift set. With personalized wine glasses, wine accessory charms, a wine book and more, this gift will help them to take a moment and enjoy the new adventure they are about to embark on.


  1. Best Sweet in the House - Sweet Gift Crate

Cookie Gift Crate

Tasty treats can go a long way to show a new neighbor that they are welcome in the neighborhood. If you are looking for a sweet treat that is going to get them excited to be in this great neighborhood, it’s time to pull out the Best Sweet in the House treat gift box. Filled with cookies, wafers, Stroop waffles, pretzels, gummy bears, popcorn, coffee samples and much more, this gift is filled to the brim with sugar and spice and is going to show them how nice their new neighbors are.


  1. Call Me Scent O’ Mental - Fragrance Gift Crate

Diffuser Gift Crate

Certain smells will bring you great memories and joy. Think of the smell of your parents’ house or your best friend’s house. Maybe it’s the smell of pine from all the fresh greenery your mom kept around the house, maybe it’s lemon from the wall Scentsy your dad would keep plugged in near the front door. No matter what smell it is, every house has a distinct smell that people are going to remember when they walk in that door. Give the new home-buyer a smell that their home can be associated with and that the gift receivers are going to love. This gift is beautiful and exciting to receive and use.


  1. Raise Your Spirits - Engraved Decanter Gift Box

Engraved Decanter Gift Box

One of the many things a house needs to make it a home is a well stocked liquor cabinet or bar. Help them get started in their new home with this personalized decanter and rocks glasses gift. They will love filling it with their liquor of choice and will feel classy every time they get to use it.


  1. Cheese the Day – Wine & Cheese Gift

Wine and Cheese Gift Box |

This classy and exciting gift crate is great for not only housewarming gifts but for any occasion. They make great hostess gifts and are perfect for getting a new couple settled into their new home. With a 12” black slate tray, cheese samples, crackers, personalized engraved wine glasses and more, this gift is going to impress the new homeowners and are a great start to their collection in the kitchen.


  1. Love Snack Baby. Love Snack – Premium Snack Gift Crate

Snack Gift Crate

This premium snack gift crate is filled to the brim with a large selection of sweet, salty, and savory treats for the new homeowners. This gift is great is they are new neighbors of if you don’t know them as well. Everybody loves tasty snacks, so this gift is guaranteed to be the perfect housewarming gift for anybody in your life.


  1. You Herb it Here First – Spice Gift Set

Herbs and Spices Gift Set

This is a fun and unique housewarming gift set. With the variety of high quality herbs and spices, a beautiful marble pestle and mortar set, gourmet popcorn, and two grow pots, this gift is a great way to start stocking up the new homeowner’s kitchen.


  1. On the Cutting Edge – Gifts for the Home Chef

Cooking Gift Set

Do they love to cook? If so, this is the gift crate for them. Cooking gift sets make great housewarming gifts. With the personalized cutting board, personalized tumbler and the 9 piece Mercer knife set (very sharp and precise), this gift is both unique to the recipient, and useful for their everyday life style.


  1. I’m on Tapas the World – Cooking Gift Box

This classy and unique housewarming gift set is great for introducing a family to their new home. With charcuterie boards being all the rage right now, this gift is great for giving them a modern housewarming gift that they are going to love. This gift includes 4 separate tapas plates, a 12” slate tray and more.



  1. Too Gouda to Be True – Meat & Cheese Gift Crate

Cheese and Crackers Gift Crate

When you move you have to worry about buying a whole new pantry’s worth of food and snacks as as you soon will realize, much of the food from your previous home is either expired or has been snacked on and has little remaining. Give the new home owners a fresh start with this tasty Meat & Cheese gift crate. They are going to love the tasty snacks inside.


  1. I A-Dough You – Cookie Gifts

Cookie Baking Gift Set

Real estate agents know it, neighbors know it, and even kids know it, that the smell of cookies makes it feel like home. Give them a gift that will have them baking fresh and delicious cookies and brownies in their new kitchen. With a baking mat, stroopwafels, brownie mix, cookie mix, and tasty popcorn, this gift will impress.



  1. I am Way Past Tense – Relaxation Gift Set

Relaxation Gift Set

Moving can be very stressful. This popular relaxation gift set will soothe the transition of moving into their new home. This gift includes a diffuser, essential oils, massage oils, votive candles, and candle holders. Let the scent of Lemon, Coconut, Ginger, or Lavender blow the stress away.


  1. That’s My Jam – Jam Gift Set

Bread and Jam Gift Set

This tasty gift set says “welcome to the neighborhood” in big bold delicious letters. The three unique and exciting jam samples with a personalized cutting board, French bread mix, wooden spoons and more will have them excited to bake their first loaf of bread in their new home.


  1. Pop in Anytime – Popcorn Gift Box

Popcorn Gift Set

Sweet or salty, this gift will be both impressive and exciting for the new homeowner. With a variety or sweet and salty treats and a Silicone Collapsible Microwave Popcorn Maker this gift is great for any occasion.


  1. What a Tool – DIY Tool Kit for Her

Pink Tool Gift Set

Whether they bought a new home and need to put together furniture or they bought a fixer upper, this tool gift set is going to come in handy many times in their new home. Complete with a tool set, drywall anchor kits, duct tape, magnetic wristbands, a level and much more. Give them a gift that will keep on giving.


  1. We’re Butter Together – Breakfast Gift Crate

Breakfast Gift Crate

This is a great housewarming gift for the new family in your neighborhood. With coffee mixes, muffin mix, buttermilk pancake mix, organic syrup and more, this gift will be the family's favorite on a Saturday morning.


  1. I Knead This- Baking Gift Set

Bread Making Gift Basket

Nothing is as satisfying as getting your hands into that dough and kneading it to perfection, then placing it into the oven and watching it as it turns golden brown and fills your home with the wonderful scent of fresh bread. Give the new home owners that same satisfaction with this tasty baking gift. Complete with French bread mix, a silicone baking mat and much more.  



  1. Sundae School – Ice Cream Gift

Looking for a sweet gift that they will be able to use often. With the adorable ice cream glasses, ice cream topping and the perfect ice cream scoop, this gift is a great way to welcome a family to the neighborhood.


  1. Keep On Procaffeinating – Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gift Box

Coffee is the way to anybody’s heart. What is better than waking up to a fresh cup of hot and tasty coffee. With this gift set they will be able to have tasty coffee at home and on the go with their personalized coffee mug. This gift includes the mug, coffee samples, a coffee glass, Stroopwafels, coffee candies and either a pack of chocolate covered coffee beans or a bag of roasted mixed nuts.


  1. My Inner Tranquili-TEA – Tea Gift Set

Tea Gift Set

Are you looking for a housewarming gift set that is both practical and useful? This tasty tea gift set is the way to go. With a personalized tumbler, tea glass, tea samples, tea candy, teapot, honey sticks and tea bag squeezer, this gift might as well win best gift of the year. They are going to love this tea gift set filled with everything they need to enjoy the perfect drink.


  1. You Grow Girl – Succulent Gift Box

Large Succulent Gift Set

Looking for a gift that will brighten up their home? With 4 large 4” succulent (twice the size of most succulent gift box companies), this gift is both easy to maintain and fun to decorate your home with. They will make a beautiful home décor gift for anyone.



  1. Tequila Mockingbird – Margarita Gift Set

Margarita Gift Set

What better way to start a new chapter of your life then celebrating with a margarita in your new home? This classy margarita gift set is tasty and exciting with margarita mix, glasses, rim salt, a tequila mockingbird margarita guide book and more.


  1. Oils Fair in Love and War – Essential Oils Gift Crate

Essential Oils Gift Crate

Is she an essential oils lover? If so, you KNOW that this is the gift crate for her. With a diffuser and an assortment of essential oils for her, this gift is going to have her falling head over heels and will have her relaxed through the stressful process of moving.


  1. Treat Yourself – Sweet & Salty Gift Crate

Tasty Treats Gift Crate

Who doesn’t love tasty treats, especially when that new pantry looks rather barren? This gift is great to add to their pantry and can make moving a little bit tastier. With a variety of sweet and salty treats such as popcorn, nuts, gummy bears, cookies and more, they are going to love this new gift.


  1. Sweet Dreams – Cookie Gift Box

Cookie Gift Crate

Perfect for the sweet tooth in your life, this cookie gift box is exciting to open and receive. With Stroopwafels, cookies, chocolate wafers, cookie butter, and more, this sweet gift will help them feel welcome in their new home.


  1. You Look SPAtacular – Luxury Spa Gift Set

You deserve to be pampered every once in a while.   A little rejuvenation can lift your spirits and prepare you for all that life throws your way. Help rejuvenate their spirits with this spa gift set that they can use in their new home. This gift includes things such as bath salts, lotions, body scrubs, lip balm, honey soap and more.


  1. Weed it and Reap – Gardening Gift

Gardening Gift Set

It wasn't that long ago when most of the food people ate they grew themselves.  If you were hungry you went out to the garden and harvested your dinner.  There was no such thing as take out, fast food, or Uber Eats.  And while most of us would agree that it is nice to pick up the phone and have a hot pizza delivered to your home in 30 minutes or less, there is something very satisfying about growing your own food or flowers. Give them the gift of fresh food and flowers grown in their new home. They will love this personalized gift.


Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Whether you are meeting a new neighbor, congratulating a daughter or son, a sister or you are a realtor giving one of your clients a closing gift, there is a large selection of housewarming gifts that they are going to love and that can be personalized for them.

July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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