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Our Mission

A lot of things in life are hard. Giving amazing gifts to the important people in your life shouldn't be one of them. Our mission here at Shadow Breeze is to make it easy to give gifts that your recipients will love and you will be proud to send.

We understand that successful gifting is more than just finding the right items to include in the gift. The old adage "the devil is in the details" is true and it is in the details where we shine. From beautiful, exciting gift packaging, same day personalization, free personalized greeting cards, free same day shipping and world class support we take all the stress of gifting off of your shoulders and put it onto ours.

The Shadow Breeze Story

In 2005, after more than 10 years with a Fortune 50 company, 5 company relocations and 500,000+ miles on an airplane, co-founders Jennie and Matt decided is was time for a change for their family. Like most new entrepreneurs the thought of leaving reliable high paying jobs to start their own business both excited and terrified them. Not only would they be giving up that consistent paycheck but they would have to deplete their savings to make it all happen. With three young kids at home (and eventually a fourth to come) it was not an easy decision.

After a lot of discussion, number crunching and many sleepless nights they took a leap of faith and packed up their young family one more time to move back to their home state of Utah and jumped head first into their first entrepreneurial venture.

Having both come from large families it seemed that between immediate family, extended family, friends, clients, co-workers and employees they were always looking for gifts. Matt admits that he was a lousy gift giver. Even when he got lucky and gave the perfect gift it was often in the original shopping bag. He soon became known as "the guy who always gives a gift card." While Jennie was a much better gift giver it was stressful to always be looking for the next great gift. Upon mutual agreement, gifts for each other became non-existent because it was just one more stress they didn't need in their lives.

Somehow the gifting experience had become like going to the dentist. You do it because you need to but it isn't any fun. After discussing with family and friends it seemed that most people felt the same way. They started to ask "Why can't the gifting experience be as much fun for the gift giver as it is for the one receiving the gift?" With a goal to bring back the excitement in gifting, Shadow Breeze was born.

Today our team of gifting experts eat, drink and sleep gifts. We attend gift shows, talk with customers, stay abreast of current styles/trends and search near and far for the best gifts. While we love to hear that our gift recipients loved their gifts, what we like to hear even more is that our gift senders loved their gifting experience and are back to send another gift.

Gifting is a Breeze with Shadow Breeze

Weather you are looking for a single gift for a family member or a custom corporate gift for 10,000 employees, we have you covered. Reach out to one of our gifting experts today to see how easy it can be to send the perfect gift(s).

PS. You don't have to let anyone how easy it was to gift in a breeze. You can take all the credit.