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Shadow Breeze - Our Mission

Many things in life are hard. Giving amazing gifts to the important people in your life shouldn't be one of them.

Our mission here at Shadow Breeze is to enable you to build and strengthen the important relationships in your life by making it easy for you to give gifts that your family, friends, clients, and employees love and that you are proud to give.

We understand that amazing gifting is more than just finding the right items to include in the gift. The old adage "the devil is in the details" is true and it is in the details where we shine.

From beautiful gifts, exciting gift packaging, same-day personalization, free personalized greeting cards, free same-day shipping and world-class support, we make it easy for you to build and strengthen your important relationships, one gift at a time.

We are honored that these amazing companies, and tens of thousands of other companies and individuals, trust Shadow Breeze with their gifting needs

Shadow Breeze Founders

Shadow Breeze - Our Story

Shadow Breeze was founded and is owned by Matt and Jennie Graham who in 2005, after more than 10 years working as an executive for a Fortune 50 company on the east coast, decided to move back home to the Salt Lake City area to be closer to family and to start their own business.

For the next 13 years, they put their hearts, souls, and sweat into their first venture which grew into a multi-million dollar business. They then sold that business to launch Shadow Breeze to address a pain point they had experienced in their personal and professional lives.   Somehow the gifting experience had become like going to the dentist. You do it because you need to but it isn't any fun. After discussing with family and friends it seemed that most people felt the same way. They started to ask "Why can't the gifting experience be as much fun for the gift giver as it is for the one receiving the gift?"   With that goal in mind, Shadow Breeze was born.

Fast forward many years and Shadow Breeze has sent tens of thousands of gifts all around the world.   We are proud to work with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies but are just as proud to work with individuals looking for a single gift to show a loved one
how much they mean to them.

Our team of gifting experts eat, drink, and sleep gifts. We attend gift shows, talk with customers, stay abreast of current styles and trends, and search near and far for the best gifts. While we love to hear that our gift recipients loved their gifts, what we like to hear even more is that our gift senders loved their gifting experience and are back to send another gift.