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Forget everything you thought you knew about branded corporate gifts. Sending corporate gifts has never been easier with the on-demand branded gift builder app from Shadow Breeze. Our branded builder app allows you to build custom corporate gifts in minutes, adding your company's logo to the gift packaging as well as to items inside your gift. After building your branding gift, simply upload your logos and our gifting experts will brand, assemble, and ship your gifts the same day. With no order minimums, you can send one gift or 100 gifts. Sending personalized corporate gifts to clients, potential clients, employees, and partners has never been easier.


Build Custom Branded Gifts


Custom Corporate Gifts

When you launch our builder the first thing you will see is your gift packaging selection:


Branded Gift Boxes


Simply pick your desired box color and we will add your logo to the box for free.

Next, you will be able to shop hundreds of our best-selling gift items including both items that can be branded as well as non-branded items. Examples of gifts you can brand with you company logo include:

Branded Notebooks

Perfect for new employees, new clients, customers, or other valued employees, these notebooks are available in a variety of colors and feature your full-color logo prominently on the cover making them great promotional products to include in your gifts.

Branded Notebooks

Branded Tumblers & Water Bottles

As one of our most popular promotional corporate gifts, these insulated water bottles and mugs are designed to be used daily, keeping beverages at the perfect temperature and prominently promoting your company with your logo permanently engraved into the tumblers. Available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors, we have the tumblers you want for any budget of business gifts.

Branded Travel Tumblers

Branded Pens

Pens make great promotional items and are a great option for brand recognition when corporate gifting.

Branded Pens

Branded Wireless Chargers

Our branded Qi-enabled wireless chargers are a great way to show your appreciation to clients and employees. Since they sit on the desktop they promote your company all day long.

Branded Wireless Chargers

Branded USB Drives

Available for any budget, our branded USB drives are a creative addition to any corporate gift.

Branded USB Drives


More Promotional Corporate Gifts

In addition to the items we brand in-house, if you don't need your gifts to ship the same day we can brand almost anything you can think of through our partner network. You can brand a t shirt, totes, coolers, bags, office supplies, and much more.

Add Non-Branded Items to Your Gifts

Not everything in your gifts needs to be branded. Popular non-branded gift items include food, snacks, candles, motivational items, coffee, tea, and much more.


Personalized Corporate Gifts

After adding both branded and unbranded items to your gift, it's time to add a card with your custom message. We have cards for almost any reason including holidays, retirement, birthdays, employee appreciation, and much more. Here is a small example:

Personalized Corporate Gifts with Cards

Upload Your Logo

After choosing your card and adding a custom message, you will be prompted to upload your logo(s). While vector files are preferred (.svg, .ai, etc.) we can also work with large high-resolution .png and .jpg files.

Same Day Shipping

When you order by 2:00 PM ET, M-F, your gifts will be branded and shipped the same day. We make the customizable corporate gifts process easy and fast. Here are a few examples of gifts that were branded and shipped within two hours of the order being placed:

Build a Branded Gift
Branded Corporate Gifts
Same Day Branded Gifts


Branded Partner Gifts


Branded Employee Gifts



What to Consider With a Branding Gift

When branding your custom corporate gifts or luxury corporate gifts there are a few best practices that will help ensure your gifts stand out and increase loyalty with employees and clients.

How to Brand My Business Gifts

The best corporate gifts include subtly branded gift items. You want your corporate gifts to promote your company but if you use too much branding, you increase the likelihood that your gifts will not be used and may even be discarded. Your logo placement and size should be carefully considered. For employees, you can use your logos more boldly but for client appreciation gifts you need to use your branding more creatively.

Our corporate gifting experts can help guide you through your branded gifts to ensure your marketing efforts deliver the benefits you desire and help your brand stand out. Contact our gifting experts for branding ideas and gift ideas.


Let Your Customers & Employees Select Their Own Gifts

In addition to our branded box builder app, our "Breezy Gifting" service allows your customers and employees to pick their own gifts from a selection of the best corporate gifts available within your budget.


Choose Your Own Gift


Send Gifts with Only an Email Address

With our Breezy Gifting, you don't need to have the shipping address for your recipient. Just enter their name and email address and we will send them an email inviting them to select and customize their gift and enter their shipping address. As needed we will remind your recipients who haven't selected a gift to select a gift.


Why Should I Send Branded Corporate Gifts?

Sending branded corporate gifts serves multiple purposes beyond the simple act of giving. It's a strategic move that enhances brand awareness in your industry, reinforces relationships, and promotes loyalty among clients and employees alike. When you choose to send a branded gift, you're not just offering a token of appreciation; you're also embedding your brand into the daily lives of your recipients. This constant presence can significantly boost your brand's visibility and recall, making it more likely for your clients and employees to think of your company first when they require services or products you offer. Furthermore, it underscores your commitment to quality and personalization, setting your brand apart in an increasingly competitive market. In essence, branded corporate gifts are not just gifts; they're tangible representations of your brand's values and dedication to its relationships.

Is Corporate Gifting Tax Deductible?

The question of tax deductibility when it comes to corporate gifting is an important consideration for businesses of all sizes. In general, the IRS allows businesses to deduct the cost of gifts given in the course of their trade or business, subject to certain limitations. Currently, the deduction limit for business gifts to any one person is $25 per year, a figure that has remained unchanged for many years. However, this doesn't include incidental costs that don’t substantially add to the value of the gift, such as engraving, packaging, and shipping. It’s important to consult with a tax professional to understand how these rules apply to your specific situation and to ensure that you’re maximizing your deductions while staying compliant with tax laws. Keeping detailed records of the costs and recipients of all corporate gifts is crucial for accurately reporting these expenses during tax time.

Why Choose Shadow Breeze for Your Corporate Gifting?

Choosing Shadow Breeze for your corporate gifting needs offers unparalleled advantages that set us apart in the marketplace. Our extensive selection of gifts, including both branded and non-branded options, ensures that you can find the perfect items to match your company's ethos and your recipients' tastes. Our easy-to-use branded box builder app and Breezy Gifting service streamline the gift selection and customization process, making it hassle-free for you to execute your gifting strategy. Additionally, our commitment to same-day shipping for orders placed by 2:00 PM ET means that your gifts will arrive swiftly, reinforcing the timeliness and thoughtfulness of your gesture.

Our team of corporate gifting experts is always on hand to provide personalized support and creative branding ideas, ensuring that your gifts not only delight their recipients but also effectively convey your brand's message. Partner with Shadow Breeze to elevate your corporate gifting and leave a lasting impression on your clients and employees.

May 01, 2024 — Matt Graham

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