Send Branded Gifts to Clients to Help Grow Your Business

If You're Not Sending Branded Gifts to Clients You Should Be

A 2022 study found that almost 50% of those surveyed said they were more likely to continue to do business with a company after receiving a holiday gift. That number is even higher when the individual works for a smaller company.

Sending branded client gifts can be beneficial for several reasons:

Building and maintaining relationships: Client gifts can help foster stronger relationships with your clients. By showing appreciation and thoughtfulness, you create a positive impression and reinforce the connection you have with them.

Enhancing brand recognition: Branded gifts serve as a form of marketing and can help increase brand recognition. When clients use or display items with your logo or branding, it creates visibility and exposure for your company. It can also generate conversations and referrals when others inquire about the gift.

Differentiating from competitors: Sending unique, well-designed branded gifts can set you apart from your competitors. It demonstrates that you value your clients and are willing to invest in providing them with a personalized experience. This can help strengthen your position in the market and make your clients more likely to choose your services over others.

Increasing customer loyalty: Client gifts can foster a sense of loyalty and appreciation. When clients feel valued, they are more likely to remain loyal to your business and continue working with you in the long term. It can also lead to positive word-of-mouth recommendations and referrals, further expanding your customer base.

Remember, even if you are not sending branded client gifts your competitors probably are.

Creative Ways to Brand Your Client Gifts

Branding your gifts properly is an artform. Too much or the wrong type of branding and your gift is sure to end up in the trash. Too little branding and you may not be achieving your desired ROI on your gifting campaign.

Not sure where to start? No worries. The gifting experts at Shadow Breeze will help you build perfectly branded gifts that will delight your clients.

Blue Branded Gift Boxes

Branded Gift Boxes

Branded gift boxes are the perfect way to make a great first impression. Since the gift box is not something your client would normally keep, it is okay to be big and bold with your branding.

Common Questions:

1) Do I have to buy large quantities of banded boxes?

Not with Shadow Breeze. We have no minimum order quantities. Order 1 or 10,00 branded boxes.

2) Do I have to wait weeks for my branded gift boxes to be produced?

At Shadow Breeze we brand most gift boxes on-site. No need to wait weeks for boxes to be branded and shipped to us. When purchasing smaller quantities we can often brand your boxes the same day you order them.

Pro Tip:

Select a gift box that matches the theme and aesthetic of your gift. At Shadow Breeze we stock a wide variety of boxes, wooden crates and baskets for you to choose from. Looking for something unique? No problem, if you can dream it, we can help you make it.

Hawaii Themed Gift Box with Gift Tag

Branded Gift Tags

If your desired gift packaging includes a ribbon you might assume that you can't brand your gifts. Not so. With branded gift tags, you can prominently feature your logo or company name while still maintaining the elegant look of your packaging.

At Shadow Breeze we print most full color branded gift tags on-site so there is no waiting to send your gifts.

Pro Tip:

Match the color of your gift tag font to the color of your ribbon to tie everything together.

Branded Belly Bands

A branded belly band is a great way to showcase your brand with premium gift packaging. The clean, professional look adds a touch of class to your corporate gift box.

Pro Tip:

Branded belly bands are ideal for smaller gift boxes. Our belly bands are limited to 25" in length which would fit an 9' x 9" x 3" gift box (9+9+3+3=24) or smaller.

Branded Cards and Inserts

Branded cards and inserts are another great way to feature your logo or company name.

Design your cards and/or inserts in-house with your own design team or let Shadow Breeze design something for you.

Pro Tip:

Send your marketing materials, flyers, etc., to Shadow Breeze and we can include them in your gifts. Perfect for new client gifts, new product launches, etc.

Branded Insulated Water Bottles

Branded Drinkware

Popular at both home and the office, tumblers, mugs, glasses and bottles are a great way to promote your brand.

Our laser engravers can produce thousands of branded drinkware items each day during the busy holiday season.

Pro Tip:

Do you want your own free branded tumbler? Reach out to a corporate gifting specialist to discuss your business gifting needs and we will send you a free tumbler.

Branded Technology Gifts

From power banks and wireless chargers to USB drives and headphones, put your brand on the technology that your clients will keep and use.

Pro Tip:

Many of our technology items are branded by one of our partners so plan ahead to ensure your gift is ready on time.

*Branded Technology Images Courtesy of CustomUSB

Branded Apparel Gifts

From t-shirts and polo shirts to outerwear and hats, if you can wear it, we can brand it.

Pro Tip:

When gifting clients, skip he apparel items that are size specific. Trying to tack down sizes from clients can be an awkward conversation.

When gifting employees, don't make assumptions on sizes. Create a gifting portal with Shadow Breeze where employees can come enter their own size and shipping address.

Branded Bag Gifts

From backpacks and totes to coolers and drawsting bags. showcase your logo in style with a branded gift bag.

Pro Tip:

A branded bag makes a perfect addition to your gift box or it can replace the box all together. Your branded bag makes great gift packaging for anything else you are including in your gift.

Miscellaneous Branded Gifts

If you can dream it, we can probably brand it. Over the past few years we have branded sugar cookies, pens, pennants, notebooks, coasters, luggage tags, cutting boards, pry bars, bandanas, journals, chocolates, candy, various mugs, popcorn, wine bottle coolers, AirPods, speakers, power banks, Christmas ornaments, blankets, microfiber towels, hand sanitizer and much, much, more.

Pro Tip:

Don't brand everything in your gift box. Branding your gift packaging and one or two keepsake items is generally enough to promote your brand without your gift looking too promotional in nature.

Why Choose Shadow Breeze for Yor Client Gifting?

Shadow Breeze is your corporate gifting partner. We eat, sleep and drink gifts, Our corporate gifting experts have seen it all and will work with you to design the perfect branded gifts that arrive at the perfect time and help you maximize the ROI on your corporate gifting campaigns.

Whether you are sending thousands of client gifts every month or one or two a week, at Shadow Breeze you will receive the same world class service that we are know for and will make your client gifting a breeze.

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