30 Best Gifts to Participate in National Day of Unplugging

In today's tech-run world, we face digital screens almost 24/7. Being glued to electronic devices is the norm. Scrolling through social media sites is an unspoken addiction and staying connected for work is a must.

With the growing dependence on technology, we often forget to set aside time for ourselves and our loved ones. And whether you notice it or not, this causes stress and takes a toll on your physical health, mental health, and overall well being. 

The National or Global Day of Unplugging, celebrated on the first Friday of March, is the perfect opportunity to take a break from technology for an entire day! This event encourages people to rekindle human connection, improve overall health, and spend quality time alone or with favorite people. 

And because we want you to have a fun and fulfilling Unplugging Day, we curated some of the best gifts you can give to others or yourself to participate in National Day of Unplugging!

Best Digital Detox Gifts To Spend Time Away From Tech

Beige Spa Gift Box

Beige Spa Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Skin-care is self-care, and that's the goal of unplugging! Give yourself or your loved ones this beige-colored spa gift box, inspired by the Earth's color to reinforce living a life connected not just with the digital world, but most importantly the natural world.  This box contains all-natural products such as coconut + organic coconut oil salt soak, oatmeal milk and honey bath bomb,and shea butter travel hand cream.

Wine and Cheese Gift Box

Wine and Cheese Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Spending time with friends and hosting a cozy wine and cheese night is the dream! It's a refreshing change from the usual digital hangouts. This gift box not only offers the chance to savor delectable flavors but also promotes deeper, face-to-face conversations, giving you a wholesome digital detox.

Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar is a wonderful gift for those who want to unplug. It offers an opportunity to divert attention away from the phone, and instead, learn to play a new song or jam together with family and friends. After all, music brings people together, adding a melodic rhythm to their lives while fostering stronger bonds.

Color Me Happy Gift Box

Color Me Happy Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This stationery gift box will be your loved one's companion for the day. With a notebook and colorful pens, they can jot down thoughts, doodle or make lists. They can also plan for their next digital detox day or use it as a gratitude journal to remind themselves of the joys of unplugging. It's a great way to get creative and express yourself without the pressure of technology.

Tranquil Garden Lego

Tranquil Garden Lego

The Tranquil Garden Lego set is a sight to behold, especially when you've poured your heart into building it. It is a beautiful and calming way to unplug, as the recipient focuses on each piece, immerse themselves in the process, and create something unique. It's an activity that will take most time, shifting their attention away from screens.

Dream Big Gift Box

Dream Big Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Unplugging helps people refocus on their goals and dreams, and the Dream Big Gift Box is an incredible tool to capture boldest ideas and aspirations. It includes a 'Dream Big and Dare to Fail' notebook, a reminder that the power of dreams outweighs the fear of failure. Your recipient can jot down their innovative thoughts and ideas and reaffirm themselves that they can do it - despite what the Internet says.

National Park Pass

National Park Pass

The National Park Pass is an exceptional gift for the National Day of Unplugging. It inspires a leisurely walk in the heart of nature, allowing the recipient to breathe in the fresh air, appreciate the serene landscapes, and truly unplug from digital distractions. It's an invitation to reconnect with the natural world and oneself.

Facial Gift Box

Facial Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

The Facia Gift Box offers an endearing way to digitally detox. As the day unwinds, your loved one can relax and pamper their skin with nature-inspired skincare products included in the box. The soothing skincare ritual not only enhances their complexion but also helps them achieve a peaceful, restorative sleep.



The dartboard is a classic choice for unplugging. It captivates every person, challenging their accuracy and strategic thinking. Each throw becomes an exhilarating moment, creating an environment of friendly competition and camaraderie. So leave the screen behind and enjoy the timeless thrill of darts!

Cocktail Gift Box

Cocktail Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Let their inner bartender shine with this exquisite cocktail gift box! Take a break from digital happy hours and enjoy a real one with this unique gift. Have fun  experimenting with different flavors and ingredients, and of course, no phones allowed! It's a delightful way to bond with friends or family while sipping on refreshing drinks.

3D Puzzle

3D Puzzle

The ROKR Treasure Box 3D puzzle is a fantastic idea for digital detox. Assembling this intricate puzzle provides a much-needed rest from screen time, stimulating the mind in new and intriguing ways. Finishing this puzzle brings a delightful sense of achievement and a beautiful keepsake to cherish.

Beach Essentials

Beach Essentials | Shadow Breeze

Leave your smartphone behind and head to the beach! This gift box includes all the essentials for a fun day out - a trendy tote bag, a soft towel, natural sunscreen, and a handheld LED fan. Disconnect from technology and connect with nature; hear the sound of waves crashing against the shore and enjoy quality time with loved ones!

Mesh Beach Chair

Mesh Beach Chair

A relaxing day at the beach is a perfect way to unplug and unwind, and this mesh beach chair makes it even more comfortable. With its built-in shade, pockets for your belongings, and adjustable recline, it's the ultimate beach companion. Enjoy a good book or simply bask in the sun while listening to the soothing sound of waves.

2-in-1 Picnic Basket

2-in-1 Picnic Basket

Encourage your family to take a break from tech and instead, enjoy a lovely picnic outdoors with this 2-in-1 picnic basket. Not only does it carry all the essential utensils and plates for a perfect meal but also doubles as a portable table! Spend quality time together playing games while savoring delicious food and enjoying the scenery.

Mimosa Gift Box

Mimosa Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

For a more fun brunch, bring a mimosa in your picnic basket! This Mimosa Gift Box includes all the ingredients to make delicious mimosas - instant mimosa sugar cube sets and four personalized glass champagne flutes. Toast to a day of unplugging and making memories without technology!

Lavender Gift Box

Lavender Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Just like lavender, unplugging has a calming and restorative effect. The Live Love Lavender Gift Box takes it to another level with its natural lavender-infused products - soap bar, facial mask, and bath bomb. Indulge in these soothing aromas and enjoy a peaceful evening without any digital distractions.

Tea Gift Set

Tea Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Instead of looking at their phones, give your recipient something relaxing to start their morning! This tea gift set includes different flavors of tea blends, an electric desktop tea mug warmer, and a double-walled mug. It's a gentle reminder to slow down, take in the moment, and appreciate all that life has to offer.

Yoga Session Gift Card

Yoga Session Gift Card

A Yoga Session Gift Card for National Day of Unplugging is an excellent way to encourage mindfulness and physical well-being. It's an opportunity to disconnect from technology and connect with a community of like-minded individuals - bringing benefits to their mind and body.

Mindfulness Gift Box

Mindfulness Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Give your recipient the balance and inner peace they deserve with the Mindfulness Gift Box. It includes a Note To Self journal, inspirational pop-open cards, and a scented candle to create a serene atmosphere, all bringing the focus back on personal well-being. Support their digital detox journey with this thoughtful and meaningful gift. 

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

The leopard print just calls for reconnection with nature and harnessing your inner wild spirit! This Spa Gift Basket, with its leopard print theme, is a powerful metaphor for embracing our natural instincts to rest, rejuvenate, and disconnect from the digital world. It includes a variety of self-care products your recipient can indulge with.

Personalized Journal Gift Crate

Personalized Journal Gift Crate | Shadow Breeze

For the friend who loves to journal, this gift is perfect for National Day of Unplugging! Bring them back to their hobby and encourage them to put the devices away and let their creativity flow!  This  gift crate includes a personalized leather journal, a pen, a personalized pen case, and cookies to sweeten their day.

Origami Kit

Origami Kit

Give them something new to learn with an Origami Kit. This mindful activity is not only relaxing but also develops patience, concentration and brings a sense of accomplishment - things that constant technology use can sometimes hinder. The kit includes a 64-page book and 250 sheets of origami paper, providing endless hours of screen-free entertainment.

Blush-colored Gift Box

Blush-colored Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Just like these blush-colored products, National Day of Unplugging is all about slowing down and appreciating life's simple pleasures. This gift box includes inspirational pop-open cards, a facial mask, and bath bombs - perfect for a self-care day and digital detox.

Fly Fishing Gift Box

Fly Fishing Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

For the outdoor lover, invite them to a day of fly fishing! Fly fishing requires focus and patience, both of which are beneficial for mental well-being. This gift box includes all the essentials to get started - a leather book of flies, 50 Places to Fly Fish Before You Die hardcover book, hemostatic forceps, and sweet and spicy snacks.

Epic Pass

Epic Pass

Encourage someone to swap the scroll for ski poles this National Day of Unplugging! Gift an Epic Pass for access to some of the most iconic ski resorts in the world. They can disconnect from technology and connect with nature while enjoying an adrenaline-pumping day on the slopes.

Luxury Spa Gift Set

Luxury Spa Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This Luxury Spa Gift Set is the perfect detox from digital distractions. Give your recipient uninterrupted self-care time with a variety of soothing products, including body lotions, bath crystals, facial masks, and many more.



Complete their camping trip with a relaxing hammock! Warbonnet Outdoors offers a variety of lightweight and durable hammocks perfect for any outdoor adventure. It's the ultimate way to unplug and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Coffee lovers will appreciate this gift set, especially if they're trying to cut back on their screen time. They can enjoy a cup of coffee with this spill-proof mug, a bag of coffee beans, and sweet snacks. It's a great way to start the day unplugged and energized.

Golf Gift Box

Golf Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This Golf Gift Box is a perfect gift for any golf enthusiast. It includes a refillable golf log, Pro V1 golf balls, and snacks to fuel them up on the course. Engage in friendly competition and enjoy the great outdoors while leaving technology behind for a day.

Spa-at-home Gift

Spa-at-home Gift | Shadow Breeze

A complete set for a spa day at home! This gift includes everything needed to relax and unwind, including microwaveable slippers, scented candles, and bath essentials. Encourage your recipient to take the day off from screens and indulge in some self-care.

Celebrate National Day of Unplugging with Shadow Breeze

At Shadow Breeze, we believe in the importance of taking a break from technology and connecting with ourselves and others. That's why we have curated a collection of thoughtful gifts perfect for National Day of Unplugging. From spa baskets to outdoor adventures, there's something for everyone to enjoy while disconnecting from their screens!

So this year, let's celebrate National Day of Unplugging together and give the gift of mindfulness, relaxation, and quality time unplugged. It's time to press pause on technology and embrace a day of self-care and reconnection with the world around us. Happy unplugging! 

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