Best 2024 Ideas for Mother's Day Giveaways

Every year, a special day is given to mothers all around the world, celebrating their outstanding strength, unconditional love, inspiring wisdom, and unmatched resilience. Mother's Day is an anticipated day for families, and every one will have some sort of gift ready to surprise mom! They'll scour stores and online shops to find the perfect gift their moms deserve.

A 2023 National Retail Federation survey found that an astounding 84% of respondents planned to celebrate the holiday in some way. In 2023, Mother's Day spending in the United States reached $35.7 billion, marking the fifth consecutive year of growth. This was an impressive 12.6% increase over the previous year, 2022.

Because of this, businesses have always marked Mother's Day as one of the most important dates on the calendar to generate new sales and customers. It can be challenging to get your Mother’s Day promos to stand out, unless you get super creative with it and offer something really valuable but doesn't require much effort - yes, a giveaway!

Why host a Mother's Day giveaway?

Hosting giveaways for Mothers Day will greatly benefit your business! If you're a business that thrives during the said day, like floral shops, jewelry stores, greeting cards stores, or home decor shops, then this event will increase your sales, especially when you have interesting Mother's Day campaigns planned.

And if you're not really a business that targets moms, there are myriad of ways to plan a creative marketing strategy and relate your brand to mothers!

Here are some of the benefits of hosting a Mother's Day giveaway:

  • Increase brand visibility and recognition
  • Engage with your audience and build a devoted following
  • Show admiration for mothers and carers
  • Generate leads and buzz for your brand
  • Increase your social media following and engagement
  • Increase traffic to your website or physical business
  • Capture relevant user-generated content and testimonials
  • Attract new clients while retaining old ones
  • Differentiate your brand from competitors
  • Increase sales and revenue this holiday season

Hosting a successful contest or giveaway brings about a lot of benefits to your brand. With these in mind, you should think ahead and plan your promotions early on!

When should you start your Mother's Day promotions?

Most people wait until the last minute to find the ideal present. They procrastinate until the big day gets closer, then rush about hunting for gift ideas.

That is why it is a good idea to promote your Mother's Day activities at least 3-4 weeks before the actual day. This year, 2024, Mother's Day falls on May 12. You can start your preparations from April 12 onwards. It provides you time to remind customers that the big day is approaching, decide what to buy, and prepare shipping periods.

Creative Mother's Day Giveaway Ideas

Photo contest

This is an easy and simple Mother's day campaign. Photo contests are very easy to follow as participants only need their social media accounts to join. There are several photo contest ideas you can choose from, here are some suggestions:

"Mom and Me" Then and Now photos

Host a social media giveaway and invite followers to share side-by-side photos of their childhood photo with their mom, and a present photo. They can write a short caption to describe the photo, and use the designated hashtag to enter the contest! Whether it's recreating a picture, or comparing past and present adventures with their moms, this will showcase the enduring love and connection between mothers and their children.

Favorite Memory with Mom

Join in the fun and share your favorite memory with Mom! Encourage your followers to share a photo of their favorite moment with their mothers, along with a brief caption. Whether it's a spontaneous trip, a relaxing night in, or a heartfelt conversation over coffee, these recollections will make mothers feel extra special on Mother's Day.

Mom's Fashion Style

Ask followers to post a series of photos showcasing their mother's fashion style, from her youthful trends to her present wardrobe. Encourage them to show off their mother's unique style and personality, whether in a retro fashion flashback or a contemporary trendy outfit! The winning entry could receive a shopping spree at a trendy boutique, or a personalized styling session to help mom revamp her wardrobe.

Video contest

Video contest for Mother's Day giveaway

Video contests allow for more personal and engaging storytelling, a meaningful way to celebrate Mother's Day. They also capture the attention of new customers, especially when they're short and impactful. Here are some ideas:

Mother’s Day Bake-Off Contest

Start baking and show some love for Mom! Your followers can whip up their best Mother's Day-themed delicacies, such as cakes, cookies, or pies. Share appetizing photographs or videos, as well as the recipe and why it's special. Remind them to use the hashtag so you can see every entry. The winning entry could receive a sweet package from a local restaurant to enjoy together on Mother's Day, or a gift box with ingredients for a new recipe to try!

"Mommy & Me" DIY Craft Challenge

Invite clients and followers to get creative with their moms and work on a DIY project, making handcrafted cards, painting, or creating adorable ornaments! Afterwards, they can share images or videos of their DIY projects and tell the story behind it. The most heartwarming entry wins the giveaway!

Mom's Hidden Talents

Encourage participants to show off their mother's hidden talents that others may not know about, such as her secret cooking skills, knack for gardening, or excellent dance moves! Share images or videos of her talent in action to reveal the amazing skills she possesses. The most standout entry wins.

Comment to Enter giveaways

Comment to Enter giveaways are a successful promotional tool for Mother's Day, increasing social media engagement and brand awareness on social media platforms. By asking followers to share personal stories or thoughts about their mothers, brands can develop a deeper connection with their audience while also producing user-generated content.

"Mom's Superwoman Stories" Tribute Contest

Encourage followers to share their anecdotes or experiences in the comment section, one that highlights their mother's superhero qualities, such as her multitasking abilities, resilience, or unconditional love. This contest builds a sense of community and reflects your brand's values of honoring the wonderful mothers in the world.

"Mom's Favorite Things" Giveaway

Why not engage your audience with a "Mom's Favorite Things" giveaway? Encourage followers to comment their moms' favorite things on your post, from cherished hobbies to beloved treats. This interactive giveaway not only encourages engagement, but also displays your brand's effort in recognizing mothers' diverse tastes and preferences. Then, randomly select winners to receive a package of mom's favorite items!

"Mom's Inspirational Quotes" Contest

Invite participants to share meaningful words of wisdom from their moms that have inspired and motivated them. With these heartfelt conversations, your brand can build meaningful connections with your target audience and portray itself as a source of positivity and appreciation on this particular occasion.

Event participation

Mother's Day Event Giveaways | Shadoe Breeze

Event participation is a great way to connect with your target audience and develop a sense of community around your business. By actively engaging your customers in Mother's Day events, whether online or in person, you can create unique experiences that reinforce brand loyalty and brand image.

Watch Party Giveaway
Create an exciting Watch Party Giveaway to celebrate moms in style! Invite your audience to a virtual viewing party for a popular movie or television show about motherhood. Encourage participants to comment and interact during the watch party for a chance to win fabulous prizes.

Mother's Day Garden Party
Invite mothers to an outdoor gardening event that promises a day of tranquility, creativity, and connection with nature. Surrounded by fellow plant lovers, they can share tips to help others grow their garden, and even exchange seeds to add new plants and flowers to their flower bed! Then, after the event, choose random winners that will receive the giveaways whether it's a set of gardening tools, a collection of rare seeds, or a beautiful potted plant.

Mother's Day Shopping Extravaganza
Throughout the event, shoppers can participate in hourly or daily giveaways, adding a layer of excitement to their purchases. From lavish spa services to stylish accessories and more, each prize is intended to pamper and delight mothers everywhere!

Create limited edition gift bundles

Aside from joining your Mother's Day contest, your giveaways for Mother's Day can also come from buying limited edition gift bundles! Create or order Mother's Day-inspired gift boxes that you can display at your store or website to commemorate the occasion. Then, promote these gift bundles and inform your customers and social media followers that each limited edition purchase is an entry to giveaway prizes!

Run free product samples

Choose products from your inventory that cater to mothers and feature themes such as appreciation, relaxation, and self-care. Items like luxury bath products, scented candles, skincare kits, or personalized gifts like engraved jewelry.

Then, promote the free sample offer using social media platforms, email newsletters, website banners, and other marketing methods. Write messages that show gratitude to moms while underlining the importance of pampering and self-care.

Mother’s Day Giveaway Prize Ideas

Mother's Day Personalized Gift Boxes | Shadow Breeze

Giveaway prizes vary since businesses have different products and services to offer. But if you're a business that doesn't really target mothers or women, but you still want to celebrate their special day and give them gifts, here are some great Mother's Day gifts:

Wellness experience package - Wellness experience packages are a perfect way for moms to kick back and relax, giving them a chance to unwind and focus on themselves this Mother's Day.

Cooking class experience - Treat moms to a cooking class where they can have fun, learn something new, and perhaps pick up a few tricks to dazzle the family with their culinary skills.

Weekend getaway - Who wouldn't want a weekend getaway? It's an excellent opportunity for moms to get off the daily grind, refill their energy levels, and create amazing moments with their loved ones.

Tech gadgets bundle - Mothers deserve the latest tech gadgets to make their life easier and more enjoyable. A bundle  of cool gadgets will keep them connected and organized while bringing a touch of modern flair to their daily lives.

Personalized gift boxes - Personalized gift boxes are the best way to show moms you care. These thoughtful gifts, tailored to their preferences and interests, show them how much they are cherished on their special day.

Mother's Day Marketing Ideas from Shadow Breeze

As everyone honors the selflessness and strength of mothers around the world, let Shadow Breeze be your partner in crafting moments of joy and appreciation. Our array of marketing ideas aims to inspire heartfelt gestures that reflect the love and gratitude we hold for these remarkable women. 

Whether it's indulging in a wellness retreat or spa day, enjoying food baskets with loved ones, or presenting thoughtful personalized gifts, let's make this Mother's Day unforgettable.

Together, let's create memories that resonate long after the day has passed, reminding moms just how cherished they truly are! 

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