Are you in charge of planning this year's corporate event gifts, employee holiday gifts or thank you gift boxes for your company? If so, you have come to the right place. While there are thousands of options and choices with corporate gifts, one of the most important things to remember when sending an employee gift box is the gift's presentation. 
Think about it like a luxury purse brand. When you find the dream purse, they don’t simply hand you the purse and send you on your way. No, they carefully package the gift, make sure it is in a beautiful display of gift packaging and wrap it carefully to make sure it is beautiful on the inside as well as the outside. The same concept should be applied when you create gifts for your employees and clients. As amazing as the gift is, if it is not exciting on the outside, it lessens the excitement for whatever is on the inside.
Now, this may seem like just another task to add to your daunting list. But we have broken down for you what some of the best and most unique gift packaging choices are to fit your company's overall goal with giving the gift.  Choose from three easy to pick from categories and review the pros and cons of using each type of gift packaging and what you need to consider.
  1. Classic and Stunning Gift Packaging Choices
  2. Unique and Less Common Gift Packaging Choices
  3. Branded and Personalized Gift Packaging Choices

Classic and Stunning Gift Packaging Choices

Hand Crafted Keepsake Pine Crate 

    Classic, stunning, and easily customized, a hand-crafted wooden gift box is one of our absolute favorite ways to "wow" clients and employees.

    Easily one of our most requested gift packaging choices, this is a fun and easily reusable choice for your employee gifting. Plus, if you create your gift through Shadow Breeze it includes free personalization on the crate* and free shipping to the continental US! 

    This beautiful gift packaging has so many potential ways to upgrade or brand it so it fits the many needs you may be looking for. Some of our favorite ways to make it stand out include:

    - Engraving your company's logo or even the employee's name in the corner of the crate.

    -Topping the crate with ribbons in your colors brand.

    - Adding faux or real greenery to the top of the crate to add that additional "wow" factor upon receiving it.

    One thing to consider when using this type of gift packaging is that they do take up space if you are having them all shipped to the same location as there is no way to condense them. Make sure you provide enough room to store the gifts before giving them to the gift recipients. 


    Keepsake Seagrass Basket with Lid

    Another fan favorite is Shadow Breeze's reusable seagrass baskets filled with brown kraft paper. This basket has one of our favorite presentations, as well as is 100% reusable for home décor, storage, or even regifting. 

    If you want to make your gift stand out more, here are a couple of ideas on how to brand this seagrass basket:

    - Tie a ribbon with your company's color around the outside with a name tag or logo attached! Simple and ties your brand into the gift you are giving.

    - Choose to upgrade the kraft paper to your company's color. (This may have a longer lead time - talk with your gifting expert for estimates) 

    One thing to consider is that the lid is attached to the top of the basket, if you are looking for a removable lid, talk to a gifting expert about a different packaging or a custom seagrass basket with a removable lid.


    Premium Hat Box Tied with Satin Ribbon

    Another fan favorite, these stunning hat boxes have been tested against the history of time. Originally used in Victoria's Britain, they were to keep women's hats clean and presentable. A similar concept can be said about the gift you can put inside this work of art gift packaging.
    Filled with black craft paper and topped with satin ribbons, this stunning gift packaging comes in black or white.  It is then carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and shipped in a standard cardboard box to the recipient.
    This gift packaging choice can easily be customized in several ways:
    - Change out the standard satin ribbon for a personalized and branded ribbon or even a ribbon in your brand's colors. Include a gift tag on top to ensure it is going into the right recipient's hands, or include a branded gift tag up top. 
    - Choose a different colored fill paper. Our gifts include a standard black fill paper but this can easily be swapped for a different color or even a different type of fill such as wool fill.  
    One thing to consider about this gift packaging choice is that they can be difficult to store if you are ordering in large quantities due to their shape as well as the tied ribbon on top. It would typically be easiest to keep them in their original shipping box until they are ready to be presented to your employees. 


    Classic Gift Basket Wrapped in Cellophane

    We have all seen these gift baskets going around. You can find them in your grocery store produce section or even handmade at your local farmers market. While these typically are not our recommendation or "go-to" gift packaging choice as they can easily show off your gifts with minimal effort. 
    A few things to consider when using this gift packaging is will the intended employee ever really use the basket again? Is the cellophane typically used to wrap the gifts super noisy while transporting (this can make it feel cheaper) or is it anti-climatic to see the entire gift before even receiving it? If those things don't bother you then this is an easy gift to customize and can have many different options about interior products and displaying them within the basket. Some ways to easily brand or customize it include:
    - Brand it with a personalized ribbon and gift tag
    - Use a gift basket they will actually reuse down the road.
    These also are difficult to ship which may lead to increased costs of shipping depending on the company, especially if the basket does include a handle.

    Unique and Less Common Gift Packaging Choices

    Sealed Wooden Crate with Prybar

    This gift packaging choice is not only unique but also is a complete experience that is fun from beginning to end. Watch your employees work to open their holiday gifts this year and see the excitement when they finally get their wooden sealed crate opened with their pry bars (included) 
    This choice can not only be personalized in numerous ways but is one of the best-selling options so you know that it will be a great choice. 
    - Engrave your logo or even the employee's name directly onto the sealed crate.
    - Use your company's colors for fill paper to showcase your branding.
    - Include personalized branded items within the crate so it feels personalized to the employee. 
    One thing to consider while using this gift packaging choice is if your employees have the patience enough to work to receive their gifts. Some may enjoy the fun and games, while others may wish they could just open their gift out of the spotlight. 


    Ring box with Large Diamond

    A packaging choice you can't find anywhere else, this stunning gift box looks like a ring box, and when you untie the silk ribbon come to find that it is featuring a large personalized glass diamond (bigger than your fist). You lift up the diamond's tray to find your own gift underneath. Not only is this a unique packaging choice, the presentation simply can't be beaten. 

    - Personalize this gift with an engraving on the glass diamond.

    - Brand the exterior of the gift with your brand's color and a gift tag with your logo.  

    One thing to think about with this choice is that it is a little more "feminine" so if that is something you aren't sure your employees appreciate, There may be a better packaging choice for you.

    Clear Gift Bag with Tied Ribbon

    She is beauty, she is grace. This classic gift bag style is a cute, fun and affordable choice for large gifting events. Whether it's wedding favors or an employee convention, this is a great gift to grab and go. 
    You can choose from simple clear gift bags, ones with adorable designs on it (such as the daisies seen here) or you can even get your logo printed to the exterior to add a little extra branding! Top it with a large dramatic ribbon, small simple and colorful touch and throw in your favorite goodies and you will be set to go!
    One thing to think about with this gift packaging choice is that it is see through, so if you are hoping to add an element of surprise to your gifts, you may need to go with another option. 


    Gift Wrapped Cones 

    Now, this gift may not exactly fall under the gift packaging genre, but how could we not include it? This is great if you are doing a workshop or convention and want a simple day-of gift. Whether you throw tasty snacks and treats in the cone, beautiful flowers, or even small coupons, treats and goodies, these are easy to put together and even easier to fill with fun items they will love.

    These are typically displayed on a table using a specific cone stand and can be easily personalized by adding branded logo stickers, ribbons and so much more. The perfect packaging for simple and ready-to-go gifts.

    One thing you should consider with this option is the size of the items you hope to include in your gifts. If they are even a little too big, they will not fit and defeats the purpose of the gift packaging. Make sure you are measuring items to ensure the proper fit.

    Branded and Personalized Gift Packaging Choices

    Branded Gift Boxes with Company Logo

    By far one of our most requested gift packaging choices that are easily branded and can be personalized not just with your logo but the color you choose (timelines permissible) is our branded gift boxes with a company logo printed on the top.
    We keep many ready-to-ship colors stored in the Shadow Breeze warehouse and simply add your companies'' logo in-house to get you your gift the fastest way possible. Our most popular request is the lids that are completely removable however there are options for branding mailer-style gift boxes as well. These are fun, affordable, and easily customizable for one of the fastest turnaround gift packaging choices!
    These are easy to personalize with your logo, add a ribbon or bow on top or even choose various colors of fill paper to bring in your company's colors. The interiors presentation is great and simple as all you have to do is remove the lid to see a fun and customized gif that you have created for them!   


    Branded Reusable Backpacks

    Chances are if you have worked in the corporate world for a long time, you have received a branded backpack like this.  Branded with your company's logo on the exterior it's hard to go wrong. Think about all the times you need a quick backpack at home to throw things in - this gift is great because of the reusability aspect. 

    With various styles and colors to choose from this style is easily customized and makes a great gift for your next employee gifting campaign.

    Branded Totes

    Another classic and simple gifting idea, a branded tote is hard to go wrong. They are easily cost-efficient, typically have a quick turnaround, and can be used for many years to come which makes them a more sustainable option than many other gift packaging options. 
    Simply add your logo and off you go. It's perfect for those employee or business conferences where it will have information and treats inside. 


    All this goes to show that no matter what the contents of your gift are, the packaging and presentation are equally as important when trying to create the perfect gift for employees. Choosing something that is unique and stands out will help to show that effort and thought were put into the gift. If you need more ideas or want to get started on your own corporate gifting campaign, reach out to a gifting expert at Shadow Breeze to start brainstorming together.  

    August 17, 2022 — Morgan Falevai

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