27 Employee Wellness Gifts That Reduce Stress and Promote Well Being

We know that self-care and focusing on your wellness can have numerous benefits, both physically and mentally. Physically, self-care activities like proper nutrition, consistent exercise, getting adequate rest, and drinking plenty of water can help to improve health in a variety of ways — from boosting immunity to helping reduce the risk for various diseases.

Mental health benefits include improved mood, better emotional management skills, reduced anxiety levels, increased ability to focus and concentrate more effectively, and improved overall well-being. Additionally, making time for self-care can also lead to developing healthier relationships with others by having the energy to be present in conversations with family members or friends.

Employee Wellness is Good for Your Company

Promoting self-care and wellness within a company can yield numerous benefits for both the employees and the organization as a whole. Here are some key advantages:

  1. Improved Employee Well-being: By prioritizing self-care and wellness, companies demonstrate a genuine concern for their employees' physical, mental, and emotional health. This can lead to reduced anxiety levels, increased job satisfaction, and improved overall well-being. When employees feel supported and valued, they are more likely to perform at their best and maintain a positive work-life balance.
  2. Increased Productivity: When employees are in a good state of physical and mental health, they are better equipped to focus, concentrate, and perform their tasks efficiently. Encouraging self-care practices like regular exercise, mindfulness, and emotional management can enhance productivity and job performance. Employees who feel their well-being is prioritized are more likely to exhibit higher levels of engagement, motivation, and creativity.
  3. Enhanced Employee Retention and Recruitment: Companies that actively promote self-care and wellness can attract top talent and retain valuable employees. In today's competitive job market, candidates seek organizations that prioritize employee well-being. When employees feel supported in their self-care efforts, they are more likely to stay with the company long-term, reducing turnover costs and maintaining a stable workforce.
  4. Reduced Healthcare Costs: Prioritizing wellness can lead to a healthier workforce, resulting in potential cost savings for the company. When employees engage in regular physical activity, adopt healthy habits, and manage stress effectively, the likelihood of preventable illnesses and chronic health conditions decreases. This can lead to lower healthcare expenses, decreased absenteeism, and fewer sick days.
  5. Positive Company Culture: Fostering a culture of self-care and wellness promotes a positive and supportive workplace. It encourages open dialogue, transparency, and empathy among colleagues. When employees see their company actively investing in their well-being, it fosters a sense of loyalty, trust, and camaraderie, strengthening relationships within the organization.
  6. Employee Engagement and Morale: Promoting self-care and wellness initiatives demonstrates that the company values its employees as individuals, not just as workers. This can significantly boost employee morale and job satisfaction. When employees feel supported in their well-being, they are more likely to be engaged, committed, and enthusiastic about their work.

By prioritizing self-care and wellness, companies can create a healthier, happier, and more productive workforce. The benefits extend beyond individual employees, positively impacting the overall company culture, employee retention, recruitment efforts, and bottom line. Encouraging self-care is a win-win situation that contributes to both employee well-being and organizational success.

Relaxing Wellness Boxes Your Team Will Love

1) Relax

Relax Wellness Gift | Shadow Breeze

Relaxation Employee Wellness Gifts

These wellness gifts include a personalized insulated water bottle (with your employee's name or company logo), two fizzy bath bombs to soothe you in the tub, three mini artisan soaps, a Sea Salt + Citrus scented soy candle, and vegan, gluten-free, Vanilla Chai healthy snacks.


2) As Good as Gold

Gold-themed Self Wellness Box

This sparkling wellness gift includes a "Spa Day" scented soy candle with a refreshing scent of lemongrass and lilac, a gold candle snuffer with a ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​long handle to safely extinguish wicks, a 24k gold hydra collagen gold foil premium facial mask, and a​ ​​​​​​gold and glitter bath bomb.


3) Break Time

Take a Break Self-care Gift | Shadow Breeze

Break Time Wellness Gifts

This sleek and stylish wellness gift includes a Voss Sparkling Water in a glass bottle, 3-pk stylish felt pens black, a white and grey notebook, a comfortable polka dot eye mask with matching hair scrunchie, a skin healing balm in a tin, and "You Are Amazing" mints in a tin.


4) Brilliantly Beige

Beige-themed Wellness Box

This earth-toned employee wellness gift features a coconut + organic coconut oil salt soak, an oatmeal milk and honey bath bomb, Sugarfina's champagne bears made with Dom Pérignon Vintage Champagne, and shea butter travel hand cream.


5) Face Time

Skin Care Wellness Gift

This elegant gift box includes a jade facial roller, a gua sha face sculpting tool, a pearl brightening mask, a hyaluronic moisturizing mask, a cica regeneration mask, a ceramide firming mask, and a red wine elasticity mask.


6) Going Green

Spa Experience Wellness Gift

This revitalizing, nature-inspired employee wellness gift includes jasmine green tea, a cica regeneration face mask, an extra large spearmint and eucalyptus bath bomb, and an avocado moisture-rich gourmet soap bar.


7) I Am Way Past Tense

Massage Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Massage and Essential Oils Gift Set

These wellness gifts feature a multi-colored LED mist USB electric essential oil diffuser, 3 bottles of Smith & Vandiver massage oils (lavender and bergamot, sage and citrus ginger, grapefruit and basil), 3 silver mercury votive candle holders, 3 votive candles, and 3 bottles of plant therapy essential oils (lemon lavender, and peppermint).


8) Color Me Happy


Journal and Mindfulness Cards Wellness Gift

These wellness gifts contain a "Say Hello to Happy" notebook, a "Be Happy" Thoughtfulls pop-open cards, a set of 5 H-A-P-P-Y Word Play pens, and Sugarfina's sour rainbows.


9) Live - Love - Lavender


Lavender-themed Wellness Gift

This charming and dreamy gift box includes a maintenance-free, faux lavender plant in a white pot, a ceramide firming face mask, an extra large French lavender bath bomb, and a lavender + orange calming gourmet soap bar.


10) Mindfulness

Mindfulness Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Candles and Mindfulness Cards Wellness Gift

This calming pastel gift box includes a 'Note to Self" journal, a gold candle snuffer with a long handle for safely extinguishing wicks, a seaside + citrus scented candle in a gold tin, a "You're Wonderful" Thoughtfulls pop-open cards, a gold pen, and a pearl brightening face mask.


11) Morning Silence is Golden

Organic Tea Wellness Gifts

This sophisticated gift box features a mosaic gold plated ceramic mug, a 2-in-1 gold scoop clip, a gold tea ball with a handle, and Rival Bros teas: Breakfast Blend Loose Tea, Earl Grey Loose Tea, Jasmine Green Loose Tea, and Masala Chai Loose Tea.


12) My Afternoon Blues

Self Reflection Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Blue and Gold-themed Employee Wellness Gift

This cool and refreshing self-care box includes a mosaic blue ceramic mug, a 2-in-1 gold scoop clip, a Rival Bros Earl Grey loose tea, a brush strokes notebook, a gold pen, and Rustic Bakery chocolate chip cookies.


13) No ReSPAnsibilities

 Premium Spa Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Spa Experience Gift Box

A perfect gift to promote wellness, packed with a personalized insulated stainless steel wine tumbler with lid, a multi-colored LED mist USB electric essential oil diffuser, a sea salt + citrus scented soy candle, a Love Beauty & Planet lotion, pina colada soaking crystals, a premium sugar scrub, three mini soap samplers, 3-pack plant therapy essential oils, colored matches in a glass bottle loofah sponge, and a Rustic Bakery salted caramel shortbread cookies.


14) Oils Fair in Love and War

Essential Oil Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Relaxing Employee Wellness Gifts

This set of essential oils includes a multi-colored LED mist USB electric essential oil diffuser and a variety of Plant Therapy essential oils:  Defender Essential Oil Blend, Relax Synergy Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Respir Aid Synergy Essential Oil, and Peppermint US Essential Oil.


15) On the Road Again

Self-care Gifts for Men | Shadow Breeze

Personalized Grooming Kit for Him

Gorgeous and impressive in its wooden box, this personalized wellness gift includes a high-quality toiletry bag personalized with the recipient's initials, a body wash, a shaving brush, a shave soap puck, and a leather keychain.


16) Ooh Spa La 

 Beauty Care Gift Box | Shadow Breeze


Spa at Home Wellness Gift

This customizable spa gift includes a personalized insulated stainless steel wine tumbler with lid, pina colada soaking crystals, a premium sugar scrub, three travel-size hand lotions, a cuticle revitalizing oil, a nail top coat, and three fun and colorful nail files. It also has a soothing bath bomb, two high-quality lip balms, and a loofah sponge.


17) Tea For Two and Me For You

 Holiday Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Holiday Tea Gift Set

An ideal way to relieve stress during the holidays, packed with two personalized ceramic holiday coasters, two snowflake glass tea mugs, Vanilla Chai gluten-free cookie bites, 20 bags of Earl Grey tea in tin, 20 bags of holiday blend tea in tin, a raw clover honey, and a wooden honey dipper.


18) Purr-fect

 Self Care Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Employee Wellness Gift

This leopard-themed gift is filled with wellness items including Voss sparkling water in a glass bottle, a sea salt + citrus scented candle, and an almond body lotion. It also has a soft, comfortable leopard eye mask with matching hair scrunchie, a gold and glitter bath bomb, and salted caramel chocolate-covered pretzel rods.


19) Scrub a Dub Dub

Bath Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Bath Gift Set

An easy way to relax and have fun, this employee wellness gift includes a personalized insulated stainless steel wine tumbler with a lid, 3 large and fizzy bath bombs, pina colada soaking crystals, a rubber ducky soap, a premium sugar scrub, and an inflatable tub pillow.


20) Candle with Care

Candle Warmer Curated Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Candle Wellness Gifts

Bring the calming scent of the sea and the flowers with this candle set, featuring a ceramic electric candle warmer/wax melter, a sea salt + citrus scented soy candle in a jar with a lid, a Currant + Jasmine scented soy candle in a jar with a lid, and three sets of six soy snaps/wax melts: maple buttered rum, cinnamon buns, and warm vanilla.


21) Spa Day

Home Spa Day Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Personalized Employee Wellness Gift

This spa gift set is complete with relaxing body items for a good night's sleep, including Warmies microwavable slippers filled with dried French lavender for a relaxing scent, a personalized insulated stainless steel tumbler with lid and matching straw, and a multi-colored LED mist USB electric essential oil diffuser.


It also contains a sea salt citrus soy candle, a premium almond body lotion, recovery soaking salts, an almond honey oatmeal soap, a silky soft eye shade, and scrunchy set, and lavender essential oil.


22) True Blue

Blue-themed Employee Wellness Gifts

A daily reminder to moisturize skin, this gift features athlete peppermint + eucalyptus soaking salt, a hyaluronic moisturizing mask, Sugarfina's sour rainbows, and a Pearl Glow travel hand cream.


23) You Da' Bomb

Bath Bomb Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Bath Bomb Collection

This indulgent wellness gift includes six large and luxurious bath bombs: sandalwood, petal dance, almond coconut, pina colada, Moroccan vanilla, and gold & glitter, a sugar cookie scented travel candle with lid, and colored matches in a glass bottle.


24) You Look SPAtacular

Artisan Spa Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Luxury Spa Gift Set

This pampering employee wellness gift includes a complete set of almond body lotion, recovery soaking salts, pink clay detox facial mask, almond hair + body butter, almond oatmeal soap, skin healing balm, almond lip balm, and a 3 pack of premium natural Egyptian loofah sponges.


25) You Make Me Blush

Blush-colored Self Care Gift Box

This chic and charming wellness gift features "You're Wonderful" Thoughtfulls pop-open cards, a pearl brightening face mask, an almond coconut bath bomb, Sugarfina's champagne bears, and a soft satin hair scrunchie.


26) My Inner Tranquili-TEA

Personalized Tea Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze 

Complete Tea Gift Set

This exquisite employee wellness gift features a tempered glass teapot infuser, a personalized insulated stainless steel tumbler with lid, 20 bags of Earl gray black tea, 20 bags of green tea, 20 bags of peppermint tea, Breitsamer honey sticks, Bali's Best green tea candies, and a tea bag squeezer.


27) Losing Touch with Reali-TEA

 Premium Tea Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Organic Wellness Gifts

This aromatic wellness gift includes an electric desktop tea mug warmer, a double-walled tea mug, a glass infuser teapot, Earl Grey tea in tin, peppermint tea in tin, raw clover honey, a wooden honey dipper stick, and Vanilla Chai cookie crisps.


Build Your Own Employee Wellness Gift Box

With our "Build Your Own Box" app, you can build your own wellness box and get exactly what you want and nothing you don't.


If you need ideas of what you might include in your self-wellness gift, we have compiled some of the best-selling wellness gifts to include in your gift box:


  1. Aromatherapy Candles - Aromatherapy candles harness the power of natural scents to promote relaxation and reduce stress. They create a calming ambiance and transform any space into a serene retreat, supporting mental well-being and overall health. We choose a wide array of scented candles in the most popular scents, sea salt, coffee, jasmine, and many more.
  2. Essential Oils & Diffusers - Essential oils and diffusers capture the healing properties of natural plant extracts to encourage relaxation, uplift mood, and support overall wellness. Diffusers create a quiet and restorative environment by dispersing these soothing scents across a room, promoting a more balanced and stress-free experience. We curate essential oils and diffusers made with natural, non-toxic ingredients.
  3. Shower Steamers, Bath Bombs, Soaking Salts - Shower steamers, bath bombs, and soaking salts turn everyday bathing routines into luxurious, spa-like experiences. These products, which are infused with calming scents and nourishing ingredients, help relax the body, relieve tension, and restore positive thoughts and energy. Our curated luxury bath bombs and salts serve their function in style, coated with attractive colors, and made with only high-quality ingredients, like pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts.
  4. Face Masks and Lotions - Face masks and lotions are essential wellness gifts items. They revitalize and rejuvenate the skin, improving its general health and appearance. Incorporating skincare into a self-care routine also creates a calming ritual, promoting relaxation and alleviating stress after a busy workday. Our curated face masks and lotions are made with rich natural ingredients like ceramide, charcoal, and pearl.
  5. Massage Oils, Massage Products, Yoga Equipment - Massage oils, massage products, and yoga equipment encourage relaxation, stress relief, and physical well-being. They promote mindfulness, physical awareness, and self-care to contribute to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We curate massage oils and massage products that will give you a premium spa experience at home.
  6. Herbal Teas, Black Teas, Green Teas, Coffee - Herbal teas, black teas, green teas, and coffee provide a moment of relaxation and enjoyment while offering a variety of health advantages such as antioxidants and stress reduction. They promote a feeling of ritual and mindfulness, allowing you to pause and relish the present moment in the middle of your hectic lives. We have a wide selection of herbal teas and coffee curated to boost energy and calm the mind.
  7. Journals, Pens - Journaling is an effective self-care practice as it gives time for personal reflection and emotional processing. It helps in understanding and managing thoughts and feelings. Writing promotes mindfulness, self-awareness, and stress relief, all of which contribute to general mental well-being. Our journals and pens can be personalized with your company's name or the recipient's name to add a more personal touch.
  8. Coloring Books, Colored Pencils - Coloring is a therapeutic activity as it occupies the mind in a focused yet calming way, lowering stress levels and anxiety by diverting attention away from negative ideas. Coloring stimulates the brain's reward centers, promoting a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This creative outlet encourages awareness and self-expression.
  9. Sleep Eye Mask, Ear Plugs, Weighted Blanket - Sleeping is an essential self-care activity because it allows our bodies and minds to rejuvenate, repair, and restore energy, contributing to improved physical health and cognitive function. Adequate sleep promotes emotional well-being by regulating mood and stress levels, setting a balanced and resilient mental state. Our curated eye masks and high-quality weighted blankets will bring you good night's sleep.
  10. Inspiration Books or Cards - Inspiration books or cards are valuable self-care items as they provide uplifting and motivational content, helping to nurture a positive mindset and encourage personal growth. Thought-provoking quotes, affirmations, or messages boost self-esteem and give a sense of empowerment in challenging times. We curate inspirational pop cards to add uplifting energy to your gift boxes.


Remember to personalize the gift box based on the recipient's preferences and needs. Adding a thoughtful note or a self-care tips card can provide additional encouragement and guidance. The goal is to create a wellness gift box that promotes relaxation, self-wellness, and overall well-being.


Improve Employee Wellness by Helping Employees Manage a Work-Life Balance

Improving employee wellness and assisting employees in managing a healthy work-home balance is crucial for their overall well-being and satisfaction. Here are some strategies to support employees in achieving a better work-home balance: 

  1. Flexible Work Options: Offer flexible work arrangements such as flexible hours, compressed workweeks, remote work, or the option to work from home. This allows employees to have more control over their schedules and better balance their personal and professional responsibilities.
  2. Encourage Time Off: Promote the importance of taking time off and encourage employees to use their vacation days. Implement policies that support and respect employees' time away from work to recharge, relax, and spend time with family and friends.
  3. Set Clear Expectations: Clearly communicate expectations regarding working hours, response times, and availability. Encourage an open dialogue between managers and employees to set realistic goals and prioritize tasks effectively, reducing stress and preventing burnout.
  4. Foster a Positive Work Culture: Cultivate a supportive work environment that values work-home balance. Lead by example and encourage managers to prioritize their own work-home balance to inspire employees. Recognize and celebrate employees who demonstrate a healthy balance in their lives.
  5. Promote Self-Care: Educate employees on the importance of self wellness and provide resources or workshops on stress management, mindfulness, and well-being. Encourage breaks, physical activity, and healthy habits during the workday.
  6. Offer Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): EAPs provide resources and support for employees facing personal or work-related challenges. These programs offer counseling services, stress management techniques, financial advice, and other resources to help employees navigate various aspects of their lives.
  7. Encourage Boundaries and Time Management: Provide training or workshops on time management, setting boundaries, and prioritizing tasks. Teach employees effective strategies for managing their workload, delegating when necessary, and saying no to non-essential commitments.
  8. Foster Team Collaboration and Support: Encourage teamwork and collaboration within departments to distribute workloads more evenly. Foster a culture of support where employees can rely on one another, share responsibilities, and provide assistance during busy periods.
  9. Regular Check-ins and Feedback: Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with employees to discuss their workload, challenges, and potential areas for improvement. Provide feedback and guidance on time management and work-life balance to ensure employees feel supported and have the resources they need.
  10. Continuous Learning and Development: Offer training programs and opportunities for professional development that focus on work-life balance, stress management, and resilience. Equip employees with the skills and knowledge to navigate work-life challenges effectively.


Remember, every employee's situation is unique, so it's essential to be flexible and understanding when addressing work-life balance concerns. By implementing these strategies, you can create an environment that promotes employee wellness and supports them in achieving a healthier work-life balance.


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