Celebrating International Women's Day at the Workplace in 2024

International Women's Day celebrates all women - mothers, wives, single professionals, and leaders. Women are known for their nurturing and loving nature, their contributions at home, and the values they bring to those under their care. Women are also strong, resourceful, and intelligent individuals who have always shaped history again and again.

42% of all U.S. businesses are owned by women. One-third of businesses worldwide are owned by women.

Think of women leaders at your workplace. Female team members and colleagues who get their job done, and done well. Female clients who bring success to your business. All of them deserve to be celebrated for their hard work and dedication!

Why is International Women's Day important?

To celebration women's achievements

International Women's Day is an important occasion that celebrates the numerous accomplishments of women around the world. It's the perfect time to honor women's contributions to various fields such as science, politics, the arts, business, and more. This day celebrates women's strength, resourcefulness, and accomplishments throughout history, from historical figures who paved the path for women's rights to contemporary influential women who are breaking barriers.

This day is an action to preserve women's history and to acknowledge the progress made while also inspiring women of future generations - young women, women workers, women writers, female leaders, all the women to strive for greatness and pursue their dreams without gender limitations.

To advocate for gender equality

International Women's Day is a powerful advocacy for gender equality. It raises awareness about the persisting inequities and injustices that women face worldwide. Through marches, campaigns, and education, it raises awareness of the pressing need for equal rights, opportunities, and treatment for all.

By spotlighting concerns such as the gender pay gap, lack of women in leadership roles, and violence against women, the day promotes conversation and urges action for a more equitable society for future generations.

To promote women empowerment

International Women's Day is a big push for women's empowerment around the world. It encourages everyone to recognise the importance and potential of women and girls, empowering them to pursue their aspirations and advocate for their rights. Women's day celebrations promote events for women to thrive and achieve their goals through education, mentorship, entrepreneurship, and leadership activities.

International Women's Day promotes women's empowerment, which not only benefits individuals but also strengthens families, communities, and economies, leading to a better and more inclusive world for all.

To understand gender-based challenges

International Women's Day opens people's eyes to the complex problems women and girls experience as the receiving end of gender-based discrimination and injustice. From access to healthcare and education to workplace restrictions and unequal loads of unpaid care work, the day emphasizes the complicated nature of gender inequality.

By raising awareness and creating conversation about these issues, International Women's Day urges individuals and organizations to critically analyze current structures and systems that perpetuate gender inequality and push for genuine change. Understanding and addressing these obstacles would help society create a more fair and inclusive environment in which all individuals, regardless of gender, may thrive.

Why is it important for companies to celebrate International Women's Day?

Encourages diversity and inclusion

The 2024 International Women’s Day theme is #InspireInclusion. This targets all sectors of society, including businesses and companies of all fields. Celebrating International Women's Day at your organization shows that you celebrate women's achievements and support diversity and inclusion.

Businesses with gender diverse executive teams are 25% more likely to have above average profitability. If you're a business or company that has been celebrating Women's Day ever since, continuing to celebrate International Women's Day at your organization demonstrates a commitment to recognizing women.

And if this is your first time, embracing the 2024 theme of #InspireInclusion is a meaningful step towards fostering a culture of diversity and equality where all employees feel valued and empowered to succeed!

Supports gender equality at work

More than 35% of female entrepreneurs have directly dealt with gender bias.

Celebrating International Women's Day lets you demonstrate your commitment to gender equality in the workplace. This recognition helps to break down internal barriers and biases, building a company culture in which all employees, regardless of gender, feel valued, encouraged, and empowered to grow.

Furthermore, recognising International Women's Day can motivate businesses to review their policies and procedures to ensure that they are encouraging gender equality in areas such as hiring, promotion, and pay equity.

Boosts company reputation

Some people think that only women-owned businesses have to make it their business to raise awareness and empower and celebrate women - that couldn't be more false.

According to an Ipsos survey, 71% of consumers prefer to do business with companies who are aligned with their values. In all 25 countries surveyed, an average of 70% of respondents said they buy from brands that they believe reflect their own values.

Fighting climate change and advocating for social issues are the two top expectations customers have of businesses as they lean towards brands whose values match their own. Advocating for women's advancement and women's inclusion will positively affect your female employees and clients' perception of your company. Advocating across social media channels - uplifting women, acknowledging female health issues, breaking gender bias, or calling for positive change - will help boost your reputation.

Of course, all of these endeavors should be genuine. People of today's generation are keen to discern authenticity and will quickly see through any superficial attempts at virtue signaling. Therefore, it's essential for businesses to genuinely commit to advocating for women's advancement and inclusion, both internally and externally.

Shows dedication to employee well-being and growth

Recognising and celebrating International Women's Day is an actual way to show your commitment to your employees' well-being and growth, particularly women. Companies can provide valuable resources and support to female employees by organizing events, workshops, or training sessions on themes such as leadership development, work-life balance, and mentorship.

This investment in staff development boosts not only individual job happiness and performance, but also the company's overall success and competitiveness.

Women's Day Office Celebration Ideas

Decorate the office

Decorate the Office for Women's Day

Sometimes, the journey becomes the destination. How about getting everyone involved in the excitement leading up to the big day? You all can decorate the office days before your scheduled date of Women's Day celebration!

And instead of hiring event decorators or delegating it to other staff outside the team, you can do it all together! Divide your team into smaller teams and assign them specific tasks such as buying and hanging balloons, streamers, or ribbons in Women's Day colors, themed banners or posters celebrating Women's Day, artwork featuring women leaders and pioneers, and more.

You can also ask your female coworkers or supervisors for ideas! Perhaps someone has a talent for calligraphy and can design stunning signage with empowering themes. Another coworker may be skilled in crafting and may create handcrafted decorations or centrepieces. This not only fosters a sense of community and teamwork, but also ensures that the celebration reflects your female coworkers' diverse perspectives and talents.

Make creative thank-you videos

Thank You Videos

Why not involve the entire office in creating a thank you video? It is more personal than simply sending an email to all employees on the day of the event. Getting the entire team involved also demonstrates a willingness to support positive change.

Ask employees to share their #InspireInclusion photo or a short webcam video message, and you can simply build a thank you video montage! And if you want to surprise female employees and bosses, you can ask everyone to submit a clip of them saying their heartfelt messages of appreciation and support. Encourage colleagues to share stories of how these women have inspired them or made a positive impact in their lives or careers.

Then, create a slideshow movie compiling all these clips, and share it to all on the day of the celebration - whether at the office or virtually.

Spotlight remarkable stories

Celebrate Women's Day in the workplace by spotlighting remarkable stories of female achievement and resilience, spanning from employees' personal journeys to the legacies of historical and influential women. Whether sharing anecdotes of employees who have overcome obstacles to achieve success or highlighting the contributions of trailblazing women throughout history, these narratives encourage employees, men and women, to continue to thrive and reach their full potential.

Create an office art gallery

office Art Gallery

Empowering women in your workplace will always be an appreciated gesture - so why not go all out and make it memorable?

You can create an office art gallery as the main attraction of your organization's Women's Day celebration! This gallery can exhibit and showcase women's artistic skills both within and outside the corporation. One option is to hang printed artworks by well-known female painters like Georgia O'Keeffe and Frida Kahlo, whose work illustrates themes of empowerment and resilience.

On the other hand, you can also showcase the artistic achievements of your own outstanding female employees, giving them a platform to share their skills with coworkers! This spotlights their talent and lets coworkers know their passion or skills outside of work.

You can also consider collaborating with local female artists to showcase and sell their work in the gallery space, not only on Women's Day, but all year! These Women's Day celebration ideas will empower women and all employees in your organization, eliminate any gender bias and raise awareness to women's issues and women's lives in general.

Invite a guest speaker

Consider inviting a creative guest speaker to engage and inspire your workforce as part of your company's celebration of Women's History Month. This speaker could be a dedicated activist, expert, or advocate for social change who is willing to share their own experiences, challenges, and victories.

By offering an opportunity for firsthand stories, your employees will gain important perspectives into the issues that women face in various areas of their lives and careers. The speaker's story can spark empathy and understanding in the audience, inspiring thought and discussion about gender equality and empowerment.

This interactive event not only educates and enlightens employees, but it also reinforces their commitment to supporting and uplifting women in the workplace and beyond.

Hold a mentoring session

Learning Session

Do you want a celebration that's not only fun but also educational and can impart valuable learnings, or skills, to the women in your organization? Hold a mentoring session!

Consider organizing a learning session about gender equality, diversity, and women's empowerment. This session can include presentations, workshops, mentorship programs, or panel discussions led by professionals or thought leaders in various fields. Topics could include techniques for increasing workplace diversity, as well as discussions about overcoming gender stereotypes and boosting female leadership.

The mentoring session encourages knowledge, understanding, and advocacy for women's rights and equality by giving employees the opportunity to learn about and participate with these critical issues. It promotes discussion, reflection, and action, allowing individuals to help create a more fair and inclusive work environment for everyone.

Treat them to trivia

Who doesn't love a friendly competition? Sprinkle some exciting fun and host a Women's History Month-themed trivia event!

Let your workplace come alive as they form teams and create unique names inspired by the spirit of the occasion. Unlike typical trivia games, which focus on random information, this trivia session will highlight significant and influential women from history. Questions could range from pioneering scientists and political figures to cultural icons and advocates.

Employees that participate in this enjoyable and informative activity not only have fun but also have a better understanding and appreciation for the accomplishments of women throughout history. It's a fun yet meaningful way to commemorate Women's Day and honor the legacies of extraordinary women who have changed the world.

Host a networking event

Nothing beats genuine human connection, so why not arrange a women's networking event? Women lifting women is an incredible asset in the struggle for workplace equality, and getting together with other colleagues can help accelerate this development.

These networking sessions are ideal for International Women's Day activities, but they are also worthwhile year-round. Sessions can be tailored to specific groups, such as women authors or healthcare workers, or they might be open to the public. The most essential thing is to inspire inclusion and create a space where remarkable women can lift one other up!

Make a donation to a cause-based charity

Donation Work Events

If you want to extend your celebration to people outside your organization, especially those who are in need, you can give a corporate donation to a charitable organization that supports women's causes. This can be local or international - a few examples of worthy causes are supporting young girls' education, addressing female health issues, supporting families in need, etc.

You can also ask your employees if they have a specific organization in mind. This way, you get to tap into important issues around the world and learn other women's struggles and extend your help in your own ways.

Send Thank You ecards

International Women's Day is about gratitude and appreciation, so amidst all the grand celebration ideas, don't forget to give a personal Thank You e-card. Appreciating women in general is already a great gesture, but sending a personal note shows that every one of them is seen and heard, and their individuality is valued.

Additionally, Thank You e-cards are a great gift to both on-site and remote employees, as they can share this online with their friends and family members. In return, people around them will know that they're in good hands - with a company that values their worth and coworkers that recognize their skills and efforts.

Give them personalized gift boxes


Spa Day Gift Baskets | Shadow Breeze


Last but not the least, give them gifts! Who doesn't want to receive something tangible and useful? When you're planning the right gift to give, always keep personalization in mind. Take time to know what your female staff likes to do for fun, or what they need or want as of the moment. It can be a spa gift set, work essentials, personalized tumblers, tea gift sets, cocktail drinks, and more!

That'll make your gift more than just a gift, but a presentation of gratitude and recognition for the ideas and passion they bring to the table.

Celebrate Women's Day at the Workplace with Shadow Breeze

Looking for personalized gifts that capture the essence of empowerment and appreciation? Here at Shadow Breeze, you can treat the amazing women in your office to a unique and meaningful present that reflects their individuality and achievements.

Whether it's a custom-engraved wine glass to toast to their success, a personalized journal to inspire creativity and reflection, or a relaxing spa gift set to give them their much-deserved pamper time, our curated selection has something special for every woman!

Our gifts will represent your gratitude and admiration for the women who make a difference in your workplace every day. Happy Women's Day from Shadow Breeze!

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