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Corporate Gift Packaging

Ready-To-Ship Gift Packaging Options

Need to send out a gift yesterday? We have six fun and easily customizable packaging options always ready to go. These impressive gift packaging options include a personalized greeting card and a charity donation card where the gift recipient can choose which charity their donation will go to. 

Reach out to Shadow Breeze at 844-994-4387 to learn more about how you can easily brand these ready-to-go packaging options. 

 Mailer Style Gift Boxes

Looking for a simple, economical and elegant gift packaging option, our stylish mailer boxes are perfect for you.

- Choose a blank colored mailer (reach out to hear about the variety of color options we offer) or our black "Shadow Breeze" branded mailer with the quote "There are over seven billion people on the earth and at least one thinks You are Amazing" on the interior lid.

- The mailers are easily branded with your company name or logo with transparent stickers affixed to the lid.  If you have time and are placing a large order we can print your logo directly onto the boxes.


Black Diamond Gift Box

This one-of-a-kind/unique gift packaging option is great for that "wow" factor you are striving for. A Shadow Breeze exclusive gift packaging option that was bilty to impress.

- This black rigid gift box includes a large 4.75" engraved glass diamond keepsake placed on a black display tray.  Looks just like a giant ring box.

- Your gifts contents will be easily found underneath the black diamond tray. 

-Engrave your companies logo or other personalization onto the diamond. 

-Top the black keepsake box with your brands colored ribbon or a stunning gift tag with your logo.

Sealed Shipping Crate w/ Pry Bar

An opening experience they will never forget, make opening the gift just as exciting as the gift itself.

- This gift arrives in a sealed plywood shipping crate with a pry bar. The gift recipient will have to use the included pry bar to open the sealed crate. (It takes an average of 10 to 15 minutes to open)

-Want to make the opening experience branded? Talk to one of our gifting experts about adding/engraving your companies' logo to the top of the crate.



Wooden Pine Keepsake Crate

This classic keepsake pine crate makes the perfect packaging for when you want a flawless presentation. The packaging leaves and impression and can be used for years to come.

- This gift comes topped with a natural twill ribbon and a piece of artificial greenery. 

-Talk to one of our gifting experts about engraving your company logo on the lid of the crate.

-You can opt to add a silk ribbon instead of our twill ribbon in your brands colors and a gift tag with your logo.



Black & White Round Gift Boxes

A stunning and classic gift packaging option that is built to impress and can be easily branded.

-Choose between a black or white round hat box.

-Add your companies branding with a silk ribbon in your companies colors. 

-Add a gift tag with your company's logo to seal the deal.

Hand-Woven Seagrass Gift Box

A contemporary and beautiful gift basket that will impress and be a wonderful keepsake for years to come. 

-This stunning hand-woven gift basket includes an attached lid a fixture to keep it closed.

-Add your companies branded color ribbon to the top and gift tag to make it extra special.

-We can include wood excelsior as opposed to our typical shredded paper to surround your gift contents.