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Welcome to Shadow Breeze. We are thrilled to have you here.  Whether you are looking for participant gifts for your next virtual event, sending welcome gifts new employees, thanking clients for their business or letting your employees know how much they are appreciated, you are in the right place.  

We understand that gifting is not your full time job and is probably not even in your job description.   However, it is the only thing we do so let us take this off your plate.  We will help you deliver an amazing gift that is on brand, on budget, on time and guaranteed to make a lasting impression, and you can take all the credit

Many of your corporate or business gifting questions may be answered with the information provided below. However, if you still have questions or are ready to reach out you can use the form at the bottom of the page or call us at 844-99-GIFTS to start a discussion.

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4 Steps to Easy Custom Gifting

Step 1

"The First Date"

Reach out to us via phone, text, email or chat. You will get a dedicated business gifting expert who will serve as your single point of contact with Shadow Breeze. We will discuss the specifics of your gifting campaign including your objectives, timeline, budget, branding, etc. This step can be as quick as one phone call or may take a few emails if you have lots of questions. We will proceed at a pace that works for you and your timeline.

Step 2

"The Courting"

If after our initial conversations you feel that we would be a good fit for your gifting campaign, it's time to move forward. We will start working on specific gift content and design. We will discuss aesthetics, branding, packaging and card options. This process can be as quick as a few days or it may take longer depending on your organization's approval process. By the end of this step you gift design and packaging will be finalized.

step 3

"The Wedding"

Now that the details are finalized it's time to make the commitment. After you sign off on the gifts and make the deposit payment, we will order products, packaging, cards, etc. It generally takes two to four weeks to receive products and prepare your gifts. Of course, that can be shorter or longer depending on the number of gifts and the items in your gifts. We will give you a specific "ship date" for you gifts after payment is received.

step 4

"Til Death Do us Part"

You may assume that once the gifts have shipped we are done. Nope, you can't get rid of us that easy. We provide a tracking number for each gift and we will continue to work with you to ensure that each gift is received in perfect condition. Our amazing support staff is available to you or your gift recipients should there be any questions about the gifts or the charity donation included with each gift.

Gifts for Employees, Clients & Partners

Your employees, clients and partners are the key to your success and the same is true for us.  We have partnered with thousands of companies, organizations and individuals to deliver amazing gifts and smiles to tens of thousands of gift recipients throughout the USA and around the world.  We pride ourselves in exceeding our clients expectations and are honored and thrilled when our clients come back over and over again to allow us to help with new gifting campaigns.

Shown below are a few examples of recent gifting campaigns we have worked on:


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