Happy Holidays from LEAP

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Choose Your Gift

Best Sweet in the House

With too much to list here, this sweet tooth gift is packed with gourmet sweets from around the world including cookies, wafers, candy, caramels, stroopwafels, flavored popcorn, and much more.

Losing Touch with Reali-TEA

Throw yourself a tea party with this fun tea gift. This gift features an electric mug warmer, a double-walled tea mug, an infusing tea pot, two flavors of artisan teas, a jar of honey and Vanilla Chai cookie bites.

Spa Day

Have your own spa day at home with this relaxing gift set. This gift features Warmies microwaveable slippers, an essential oil diffuser, a personalized water tumbler, recovery bath salts, almond lotion, a scented candle, lavender oil and more.

Spill the Beans

This coffee lover's gift set includes an electric mug warmer, a double-walled coffee mug, two flavors of artisan coffee, a 4-pk of sugar free coffee syrups, jumbo stroopwafels and snickerdoodle cookie bites.

A Little Old Fashioned

Raise your spirits with this whiskey gift crate. This gift features two twisted glasses, two slate coasters, eight whiskey stones, orange peel and bitters cocktail mixer and dehydrated orange wheels.

Love Snack, Baby Love Snack

With the perfect blend of sweet and savory, this gift includes a selection of meats, cheeses, crackers, nuts, popcorn, cookies, dips and much more. Yummy!

Buon Appetito

A tour of Italy without leaving your home. This gift features a beautiful teak serving board, four flavors of olive oil, four flavors of balsamic vinegar, two varieties of Italian crackers, and two personalized stemless wine glasses.

Binge Worthy

Stream your favorite holiday movies while you enjoy this movie night at home gift. It incudes two personalized tumblers, a cozy blanket, a silicone popcorn popper, 10 flavors of popcorn, treats and much more.

That's a Gimme

You won't need a mulligan with this stylish golf-themed gift. It features the "Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die" hardcover book, a top grain leather golf log, a sleeve of Pro V1s and some cinnamon roasted almonds to munch on during your next round.