Long Distance Gift Ideas

Whether you are away at college, long distancing-dating your high school sweetheart, Missing your mom or best friend, or simply wanting to send your grandma a "Thinking of You" gift, it can be hard to show those around us how much you care when you are long distance. However, as we have been told time and time again, love knows no bound, so if you are looking for a great gift to show the people in your life how much you care, search no further, we got you covered. 

Below we have listed some great gifts that can come in handy for every occasion. Whether it's your loved ones birthday, anniversary, graduation, or simply "Just Because" gifts, we have listed a variety of gifts that she will love and appreciate. 

Long Distance Gifts 

1.  A-Salt and Flattery - Sweet and Salty Gift Box

Sweet and Salty Gift Box
Sweet and salty, just like her. If you are looking for a great "thinking of you" gift, this snack gift box is filled to the brim with tasty treats that she will love and will make her feel loved.

2. Don't Blow Your Birthday Wish - Birthday Gift Box

Birthday Gift Box
Being away from somebody you love and care about on their birthday sucks. Don't let them think you forgot about them. Give her this personalized birthday gift box which includes an engraved tumbler and birthstone earrings. 

3. Spill the Beans - Coffee Gift Box

Everybody who has done a long distance relationship knows how dreaded those frequent flights across the country can be. Make the flights a little bit better with this frequent flyers gift box.  

4. Love Snack Baby Love Snack - Luxury Snack Gift Box

Large Gift Basket
Sometimes all you need to do to show a little extra love is send them a box filled with their favorite, or soon to be favorite snacks.  Make the gift even more exciting to receive by having her open it with a pry bar. 

5. No ReSPAnsabilities - Home Spa Gift Box

Premium Spa Gift
Who wouldn't love a home spa day? If somebody you love who isn't near you is having a rough week, send them some joy today. This is filled with items that will help her relax and look her best.

6. I Want Some Bloody to Love - Personalized Bloody Mary Gift

Bloody Mary Gift Box
Are you worried that she may not be getting enough vegetables? If so, this bloody mary gift crate may just be the solution you need.  

7. All Dressed Up and I KNOW Where to Go - Night on the Town Gift

Jewelry Gift Crate
Even though you can't be there by her side, that doesn't mean she can't spend a night out on the town having fun. Give her a gift that will get her ready for a great girls night out.

8. SheEO - New Job Gift Crate 

Often when people move across the country it is because they are starting new jobs. Get her all set up at her new job with this fun office gift box.

9. Karats are Good for the Eyes - Gold Jewelry Gift Set

If you want to spoil your girlfriend, mom, or friend, this gold jewelry gift box makes the perfect birthday gift box, anniversary gift, or "just because" present.
Gold Jewelry Gift

10. My Life Would Succ Without You - Thinking of You Gift Box

Friendship Gift 
This gift will remind her how much you love her and are thinking of her, no matter how far the distance. Make it personalized to her with an engraved water tumbler, succulent, candy and travel candle.  

11. Candle with Care - Candle Gift Box

Candle Warmer Gift Set

Sometimes when you move away, it can take awhile to make new friends. Give her something that reminds her of you. 

12. I Hope EWE Feel Better - Get Well Soon Gift Box

Get Well Gift Box
Being sick when you are far away from people you love SUCKS.  Help her feel better and loved with this feel better soon gift box. Filled with treats, a lamb heating pad, socks and a personalized water tumbler, this gift will have her feeling better in no time. 

13. Pour Decision - Wine Lover's Travel Gift Box

If she is studying abroad, or is simply a frequent traveler, this travel lovers gift box is the perfect gift for her. 

14. You Grow Girl - Succulent Gift Box 

Succulent Gift Crate
Flowers can get pricey and die fairly soon after they arrive. Give her a beautiful alternative to flowers that are low maintenance and will brighten up her home.  

15. What a Tool - Tool Gift Set 

When you are long distance you can't just run over and help her hang up a shelf but you can give her all the tools she needs to take care of her house.  

16. You Look SPAtacular - Spa Gift Set 

The best thing you can give somebody who is living far away is a night-in of self-care and luxury. This spa gift box will have them feeling pampered and loved in no time. 


Surprise Long Distance Gifts

When you can't be with people that you love, sometimes the best thing you can do is send them a gift to remind them that you are thinking about them. Give them a gift they will love. If you still are in need of ideas, visit ShadowBreeze.com. With over 150 gifts to choose from it makes finding the right gift a breeze!

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