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Birthday Gifts for Friends

Trying to find the perfect gift ideas for a best friend can be challenging.  After all, it’s someone you care deeply about and want to show your appreciation with something special that they will love. When choosing a birthday gift for your best friend, there are several factors to consider such as their interests, hobbies, lifestyle, and budget. Taking these factors into account when selecting a present will ensure that you pick out something meaningful and memorable that your bestie is sure to appreciate.


Five Steps to Picking the Right Gift for Friends

1. Consider your friend's personality and interests – When selecting a gift for a friend, it is important to consider their likes and dislikes as well as the activities they enjoy doing. Think about any hobbies or interests that they may have; this can help guide you in finding a gift that will be appreciated by your friend.

2. Set a budget - Before starting your search for the perfect present, set yourself a reasonable budget so that you don’t overspend on an item that you later regret purchasing.

3. Make sure the gift is thoughtful - While money can buy almost anything these days, showing someone how much they mean to you should come from giving them something meaningful and thoughtful rather than just spending lots of money on expensive gifts with no thought behind them at all.

4. Look for something unique - Try to look for items that are out of the ordinary; This could mean searching online or getting creative with DIY projects if possible! Sometimes it pays off more when we put time into making things special rather than buying pre-made products without any sort of customization involved whatsoever! A sentimental gift can be something that some people love and should not be the first gift you see on Amazon.

5. Buy an experience instead - Instead of buying something materialistic why not switch up the norm? Sometimes the best gifts are the gifts of our time with our friends. Most beautiful memories are created when we are doing something with those we care for and spend time with them.  Consider experiences like a night at the theme park, an escape room or other activity where you can enjoy each others company.   Don't forget to take a picture of the event so your friend has something to commemorate the time together.

Your friend deserves the best, so let's discuss which great gift is perfect for your best friend. The best gifts aren't something quickly thrown together from the grocery store, they should be personalized gifts that fit her personality and her hobbies and interests. Why get her a boring gift card when you could get her a personalized birthday gift box filled with items that she will love and use daily?

Birthday presents for best friends should be the right mix of thoughtful and practical. The extra personal touch is a wonderful way to celebrate the special day with a close friend.

To help you find the perfect gift for your BFF, we have compiled this list of 35 birthday gifts that you will be proud to give and she'll be excited to receive.   

Perfect Gift for Your Friend Who Loves Wine

1) Personalized Birthday Wine Glasses

personalized birthday wine glasses

Toast the birthday girl with her own personalized birthday wine glass. Each glass is laser etched with a name or other custom text. Add her favorite bottle of wine to two of these glasses and raise a glass to her getting better with age.

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2) Personalized Fashion Wine Gift Set

fashion wine gift set

This fashion-themed wine set includes two personalized glasses, a personalized tumbler, a fashion sine set with a red dress bottle opener and purse and high-heel bottle stoppers, fashion wine charms, and "Wine Isn't rocket Science" hardcover book.

Birthday Gifts at Shadow Breeze

3) Premium Wine Decanter and Glasses Gift

Wine Decanter Gift Set

This elegant gift set includes a crystal wine decanter/aerator, four hand-blown double-walled wine glasses, an electric wine bottle opener, and a premium wine bottle stopper.

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4) Custom Wine Glass and Tumble Marble Coaster Gift Set

custom wine glasses and marble coasters

Choose from two or four custom wine glasses, personalized with a large initial and last name (or other name), and two or four genuine tumbled marble coasters with the same personalization.

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5) Personalized Marble Wine Bottle Chiller

personalized marble wine chiller

Keep wine chilled for hours with this marble wine chiller personalized with two initials. Fits standard-size wine bottles and does not require ice. Just keep the chiller in the freezer until you are ready to put your bottle in it.

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Birthday Gifts for Your Tea-Loving Friend

6) Premium Tea Gift Set

premium tea gift set

She'll love this amazing tea present which includes Earl Grey and Peppermint teas in cute tins, a teapot, a double-walled glass tea mug, an electric tea mug warmer to keep her tea warm all day, vanilla chai cookies, honey, and a wooden honey dipper stick.

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7) Personalized Tea Party Gift

 personalized tea gift

What's not to love about this personalized tea gift? This gift includes an insulated tumbler that comes in various colors, a glass tea mug, honey sticks, three flavors of tea, tea candy, and a tea bag squeezer.

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8) Tea Gift Designed to Be Shared

cute tea gift set

Sit down for tea with your favorite friend with two black and brown mugs, Earl Grey tea, a tempered glass teapot, honey, honey candies, and two wooden honey dipping sticks. You'll rise to the top of the friend group with this thoughtful present.

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Birthday Gifts for Your Friends Who Can't Get Enough Coffee

10) Fun Gift for Your Coffee-Loving Friend

premium coffee gift set

Keep caffeinated with this coffee-themed gift crate. This gift includes a double-walled glass coffee mug, an electric coffee mug warmer, two flavors of premium coffee in tins, stroopwafels, a 4-pk of flavored coffee syrups, and snickerdoodle cookies.

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11) Personalized Coffee Gift for Friends

personalized coffee gift

With five flavors of coffee, a personalized insulated travel mug, a glass Irish coffee mug, chocolate-covered espresso beans, coffee candy, and mini-stroopwafels, there is enough caffeine in this gift to keep your friend buzzed for the year to come.

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12) Coffee Gift to Share with Friends

coffee break gift box

This practical gift includes two trendy black and brown speckled mugs, a coffee-scented candle, bourbon vanilla ground coffee, a gold spoon, and shortbread fingers. A great gift to kick off the morning.

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Birthday Themed Gift Boxes for Friends

13) Birth month Gemstone Necklace Gift

birthday gift box for friends

Help her celebrate her birthday in style with this amazing birthday box.  This gift includes a birthstone necklace, a personalized tumbler, a birthday wine bottle stopper, a scented candle, a birthday cake bath bomb, birthday cake sugar-free gum, and sugar cookie-flavored popcorn.

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14) Birthday Party in a Box Gift

birthday gifts for friends

A complete birthday party in a box.  This gift features birthstone earrings, a personalized tumbler, a scented candle, colored matches in a bottle, hand lotion, two flavors of lip balm, and two party horns.   

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15) Cute Birthday Gift Box for Friends

cute birthday gift box

She only gets better with age so let her know how great she is with this personalized birthday box. Your best friend will love the personalized tumbler and the colored matches, celebration cake bites, and scented candle are all great additions.

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15) Birthday Cake in a Mug Gift

birthday cake gift

This cute little birthday present for a best friend is the perfect way to celebrate when you can't be there with her. The included mix cooks in just a few minutes in the birthday mug. Choose age candles or star candles.

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Jewelry Gifts for Friends

16) Night on The town Gift for Best Friend

 night on the town gift box

She will look stunning on your night out with this fun jewelry gift box for her. It includes a silver textured circle necklace, a double-strand beaded bolo bracelet, a "love" jewelry dish, a personalized compact mirror, a perfume atomizer, and two amazing flavors of lip balm.  

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17) Gold Necklace and Bracelet Gift

gold jewelry gift box for friends

The only one who could wear it better is Cleopatra. Give her a stunning gold jewelry gift box this Valentine's Day.  This gift box includes a gold necklace, gold bracelet, "Love" jewelry dish, and some delicious caramel popcorn because everyone deserves a treat on their birthday.  

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18) Presents with a little "Bling"

silver jewelry gift box for friends

It's time to help her change her "Bling Tone" and this is just the gift to do that.  With two beautiful sterling silver bracelets, a sterling silver necklace, a "Love" ring dish, and flavored popcorn, this will be her favorite gift ever.

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Relaxing Spa Gifts for Best Friend

19) Gift to Help Her Unwind

relaxation gift box

It doesn't matter the reason, a spa birthday gift is always going to be the best present for her.  She will love her trendy personalized water bottle, candle, bath bombs, mini-soaps, and cookies.  This thoughtful gift of self-care is something she will love.

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20) Spas Gifts that Help Her Relax

premium spa gift box

Avoid the crowds and spend a night in with your bestie enjoying this spa set. With everything but the kitchen sink, it's guaranteed to have everything your friend will want for a perfect spa night. 

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21) Artisan Beauty Gifts She'll Love

artisan spa gift basket

This artisan spa set makes a great gift for the special woman in your life. Your friend will love a cozy spa day at home with these cruelty-free spa products that she's going to want to use every day.

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22) Complete Home Spa Gift

home spa gift basket

Everything she could need for a spa day at home. Surprise her with Warmies slippers for her cold feet, a super soft silky eye mask, and a daily dose of all of her favorite beauty products. This set spa set will turn a bad day into a good day and help her celebrate this important day in her life.

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Food and Snack Gifts for Friends

23) Charcuterie Set for the Friend Who Loves to Entertain

charcuterie gift set

She puts the "Cute" in charcuterie so why not get her this amazing set for the home that she will love.  With a teak serving platter, charcuterie spreaders, wooden charcuterie bowls, and enough goodies to host her birthday party, you just moved up to best friend status.  

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24) Sweet and Salty Snack Crates

sweet and salty gift basket

Packed full of delicious meats, cheeses, popcorn, nuts, candies, dips and, crackers, this sweet and salty snack gift will be a hit.  

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25) Tasty Snacks from Around the World for the Sweet Tooth

large sweets gift basket

With a collection of snacks and treats from around the world, there are enough calories in this tasty gift to share, but she won't want to because all the stuff in this box is just that good. 

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26) Wine Lovers Delight

wine and cheese gift box

With a personalized cutting board, a slate serving tray, two personalized wine glasses, cheese knives, three flavors of wine cheese spread, and crackers, this is the wine lover's dream gift. Pair this gift with her favorite bottle of Chardonnay, and you have a classy night-in in the making.  

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Gifts for the Home for a Friend

27) A Romantic Gift

massage gift box

Who wouldn't love a massage on her birthday?  This gift includes everything she needs for a massage at home including three massage oils, three essential oils, an essential oil diffuser, and votive candle holders with candles.  

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28) Trendy gift for the Kitchen

 kitchen gift basket

This unique gift is sure to impress a friend, sister, or anyone else who is lucky enough to receive it. It is perfect for any occasion and includes wooden salt and pepper grinders, a seal salt citrus candle, a teak serving spoon, a super soft Turkish hand towel, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, an electric candle warmer, wooden spice bowls and wax melts.

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29) For the Friend Who Enjoys Watching Movies

home movie night gift basket

Everything she needs for an amazing movie night streaming her favorite shows. Two personalized tumblers, available in multiple colors, including rose gold, a warm, perfect-size Turkish blanket, a silicone popcorn popper bowl, and enough snacks to binge the full season.

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30) For the Friend Who Wants to Protect Her Furniture in Style

personalized slate coasters

Four (4" x 4") custom laser-etched slate coasters with a personalized name and large initial. Coasters come with felt feet to protect your furniture. Same-day personalization!

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Flower Gifts for the Best Friend

31) For the Friend with a Green Thumb

succulent gift box

Give her a plant gift that even SHE couldn't kill. Your best girlfriend deserves a succulent gift crate to brighten up her birthday.  Personalize your crate with your custom message.

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32) Great Gift For the Friend Who loves Succulents

premium succulent gift crate

Stop shopping and get these lovely succulents for people who love plants. In addition to a wooden crate, your friend will receive four large pots, with built-in drop trays and four large succulents. Makes a great first impression.

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Cocktail Gifts for Friends

33) For the friend who loves bloody marys

bloody mary gift box | shadow breeze

The perfect set for the morning after the big birthday party. This personalized bloody mary gift crate is the best way to help her get her daily recommended vegetables.  

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34) A Little Something for the Cocktail Lover

cocktail gift basket

This cocktail lovers gift crate is great for her home bar and for her taste buds. Help her enjoy a tasty cosmopolitan from the comfort of her own home. She will love the two personalized martini glasses, the New Cocktail Hour hardcover book, the personalized shaker, and everything else in this fun gift.

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35) For the Margarita Fanatic

margarita gift basket

It's 5 O'clock somewhere so why not celebrate with a tasty margarita? This set includes a margarita mix, two personalized margarita glasses, a stainless steel jigger, lime margarita salt, cocktail-flavored Jelly Bellys, and the Tequila Mockingbird hardcover book.

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Don't see the perfect gift for your friend in the list above? Don't worry, we have hundreds of other gifts available for all occasions and interests at Shadow Breeze.


Should I get a Gift for My Friend's Birthday?

Having a strong network of supportive friends is essential for living a fulfilling life. Friends provide us with companionship, emotional support, and valuable feedback to help us become our best selves. Additionally, cultivating relationships with friends can bring immense joy and happiness as we share our lives together. Spending quality time with friends is especially important to deepen our friendships and celebrate the milestones in each other’s lives, such as birthdays.


One of the most rewarding aspects of having lasting relationships with friends is feeling understood by them. By spending time together we open up and share our deepest thoughts, fears, dreams, and hopes. This helps us to feel supported and connected to those that we care about. Friends are also great for providing objective advice about life decisions and helping to keep each other accountable for achieving our goals. Friends are often more impartial than family members which makes their advice even more valuable when making important life decisions.


The social benefits of having strong friendships cannot be overstated either. Research shows that people who have meaningful friendships are more likely to have better mental health, better cardiovascular health, improved longevity, less stress, higher self-esteem and greater overall happiness compared to those who do not cultivate meaningful relationships with others. Furthermore, studies show that having regular face-to-face social interactions with friends significantly reduces loneliness which can lead to depression in some cases if left unchecked.


Celebrating birthdays is another important way to nurture relationships with friends while simultaneously expressing gratitude for their presence in your life.  Birthdays are an opportunity to reflect on the positive moments you've shared over the years while continuing to build upon your bond moving forward into the future together. Celebrating birthdays through small gestures such as cards or birthday gifts demonstrates how much someone means to you as you remember how far you’ve come since the last birthday celebration together. Birthdays also provide a wonderful platform for sharing memories from years past along with creating new memories that can be cherished forever down the road when reflecting back on these special occasions years from now.

Shadow Breeze offers a wide selection of gifts for your bff's birthday.  If you can't celebrate the special day with her, we have birthday delivery ideas that can ship the same day.    Not sure what to get?   Reach out to one of our gifting experts  for a great gift idea for a girl's life.  

Looking for birthday party ideas?   Check out our blog post How To Throw the Perfect Surprise Birthday Party 

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