Fun Gifts for Those Who are Quarantined Due to Coronavirus

The spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has significantly changed our lives this past week. Schools have been released, countless businesses are temporarily shut down and many of us are practicing social distancing, staying home and avoiding contact. While all of these temporary practices are extremely important to help prevent the spread of the virus, self-isolating in our home can cause loneliness, boredom and frustration.

While we are at home we are missing family member’s birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other special events. Just because we may not be able to attend in person it doesn’t mean we can’t send a gift and let them know we are thinking of them. A birthday gift for her may be just what she needs to lift her spirits and make it through these challenging times.

This list of the best gifts to send to women who can’t leave the house includes DIY gifts to keep her busy, snack gifts, relaxation gifts and other fun gifts that will let her know you are thinking of her.

11 Care Packages to Help Get Through Covid-19

1) Sorry You Feel So Waffle - Covid Recovery Gift Box

With everything they need to feel relaxed during their quarantine, this gift is perfect for making their 10 days of isolation relaxing.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

2) I Hope Ewe Feel Better – Get Well Gift Box for Women

This personalized get-well gift includes a Warmies microwavable lamb heating pad, cozy sheep socks, a personalized insulated water tumbler and some tasty snacks. This is a gift that will help get her back on her feet quickly.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

3) Scrub a Dub Dub – Bath Gift Set

A relaxing bath may be just what the doctor ordered. With an inflatable bath pillow, an insulated wine tumbler, three bath bombs, bath crystals, sugar scrub and a rubber ducky soap, she will have everything she could want for a long relaxing bath.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

4) Sweet Dreams – Cookie Gift Basket

The ideal gift for the person with a sweet tooth. This cookie gift basket includes cookies from around the world. Cookies and wafers from Italy, Stroop Wafels from Holland, Swedish thins , rolled wafers, cookies from Spain, Ghirardelli hot chocolate and premium sugar cookie flavored popcorn. She may not be able to travel right now but with this tasty snack gift she can still get her favorite cookies from around the world.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

5) All I Need is Louvre – Watercolor Pint Gift Box

You can only watch so much Netflix. Help her use her free time to develop a new hobby. This fun watercolor gift set includes watercolor paints, brushes, a watercolor hardcover instruction book, a fun bracelet, painting pad and tasty rainbow popcorn. Two weeks will fly by as she creates her own masterpieces.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

6) Ooh Spa La – Spa Gift Set for Her

A spa day at home is just what she needs to help that stress melt away. This exciting home spa gift includes a personalized wine tumbler, 3-pk of hand cream to keep her hands soft after all the hand washing she is doing, she sugar scrub, bath crystals, cuticle oil, top coat nail polish, a bath bomb, cute nail files, a loofah and a some organic lip balm.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

7) Wine Not? – Personalized Wine Gift Set

She has plenty of reasons to whine but what good would that do? Instead, give her a reason to wine. This personalized wine gift includes two personalized master reserve wine glasses, a automatic wine bottle opener and some tasty wine flavored gummy candy. A glass of wine may be just what she needs to make it through those tough days.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

8) Whey to Easy – Home Fitness Gift

With all the gyms closed it may be hard to get in a good workout. With our Whey to Easy fitness gift she will have everything she needs to work out at home. The highlight of this gift set is the 11-pc resistance band set, but it also includes a “Just Be” necklace, personalized insulated water tumbler, a 90-day fitness journal, moisture wicking headband and a microfiber towel with case. A quick workout can be the perfect pick-me-up or her.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

9) Pasta La Vista – Pasta Gift Basket

Pasta Gift Box |

With most restaurants closed she is probably getting tired of cooking the same meals each night. Why not surprise her with everything she needs for a couple of pasta dinners. With pasta and tomato sauce, chicken noodle soup, pasta salad, a collapsible strainer and a stainless-steel pasta fork dinner will be a breeze.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

10) Don’t Give Me Any Lip – Lip Balm DIY Gift

Lip Balm Making Gift |

We’ve been told not to touch our face with our hands but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep our lips moist. With this fun DIY lip balm gift, you have everything need to make your own special blends. With three flavors of oils, 10 empty lip balm tubes, organic lip balm base, pipe-lets for filling the tubes and popcorn, she will have the most kissable lips, as soon as we are back to kissing again.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

11) Soak Your Worries Away - Relaxing Bath Set

Bath Bomb Gift Set |

This cute inexpensive bath bomb gift set will have her relaxing the night away in the bathtub. Included in this bath gift are three large bath bombs (Cotton Candy, Berrylicious & Birthday Cake), a cute rubber ducky soap, a bath loofah and a bag of tasty berries and cream gourmet popcorn.

Coronavirus Care Packages at Shadow breeze

Gift Baskets & Boxes for Surviving a Coronavirus Quarantine

These 11 gift boxes are only a small sample of the more than 100 gift crates that can be sent from Shadow Breeze today. Send a gift today to a loved one to boost their morale and let them know you are thinking of them. Shop our complete selection at Shadow Breeze. All gifts include creative custom gift packaging and free shipping to all states except Alaska and Hawaii. Discounted shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and Canada is also available.

July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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