The 30 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts for Buyers & Sellers

You invested the time and effort needed to cultivate a new client relationship and you have been rewarded with a sale. It’s time to thank your client with a closing gift. You could go with a typical costco gift basket, but would that leave a lasting positive impression on your new client? Instead of the typical real estate closing gifts why not give something unique and different that will make a lasting impression and keep your name on your client’s mind for years to come.  

A branded broker housewarming thank-you gift is the perfect way to thank a new client and grow your business at the same time. These personalized closing gift crates are gifts you will be proud to give, and your clients will be thrilled to receive. Whether you choose the branded pine crates with your company name/logo or you choose a luxurious woven basket that can be reused for years to come - these gifts were built to be enjoyed.

We have gathered this list of our 30 favorite closing gifts for real estate brokers. From sweet snacks and relaxing spa gifts to fun items for the home and personalized drink gifts, we have just what you are looking for. 

Want to learn more about why to give clients gift boxes, what to include or what NOT to include? Read our frequently asked questions at the bottom of this article.

Popular Personalized Real Estate Closing Gifts

1) Heart of the Home - Kitchen Essentials Closing Gifts

This is such a thoughtful and practical gift that won't bore your clients. Filled with everything from a scented candle warmer with three different scents to wooden spice bows and wooden salt and pepper shakers, this gift came out swinging to impress.

This thoughtful gift is perfect for some of your high end clients who you have worked with fo a long time. Send this gift off to arrive at their new address a few days after move in and it will be something that all your clients won't be able to easily forget.

2) My Inner Tranquili-TEA – Gift Ideas for Tea Lovers


This is a great closing gift for all your clients, as who wouldn't love a soothing cup of tea after a long day of moving into their new home?

Filled with a variety of teas, a personalized tumbler which can be engraved with your logo or their name, a glass carafe, teapot infuser as well as honey sticks and green tea candies.

3) Cheese the Day – Wine & Cheese Closing Gift Crate


This cheese and cracker gift basket makes for a unique and thoughtful gift for your clients. New homeowners will enjoy tasty cheese and cracker samples, a personalized cutting board, a slate serving tray for their next housewarming party and wine glasses that can be engraved with your logo or their initials.

Ensure a successful closing gift by choosing this gift and putting it in our fun and unique packaging choices. From baskets, and boxes to sealed crates we have fund choices that you can't find anywhere else.

4) You Look SPAtacular – Spa Themed Closing Gift


The best closing gifts don't have to be difficult, make it easy with a relaxing spa gift basket that they will be able to enjoy after the stress of closing and moving.

This gift box includes almond body lotion, a pink clay face mask, almond hair and body butter, soothing recovery bath salts, skin balm, lip balm, almond honey oatmeal soap and egyptian loofahs to help smooth out dry skin. This is a high end gift basket that is a favorite for real estate agents and clients alike.

 5) Time to Wine Down – Great Closing Gift for Wine Lovers

This fun personalized gift is perfect for the wine loving enthusiasts. The highlight of this gift is the fashion wine set which includes a little black dress bottle opener as well as a black high heel and a black handbag bottle stopper. Also included are two wine glasses, a 6-pk of fashion jewelry wine charms and “Wine Isn’t Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting and Pairing Every Type of Wine - Hardcover Book.

This is one of the best closing gifts if you want some subtle branding while still making it a thoughtful and practical gift. Engrave either the wine tumbler or wine glasses with your logo and have the other one include a last name or their names. This way it is still a branded gift, but it also is has a personal touch that your clients will appreciate.

 6) Love Snack Baby, Love Snack – Best Closing Gifts for Clients


It would probably be easier to list what is not included in this closing gift, but let's give it a shot. This tasty snack gift includes two different types of cheese, gourmet Chicago popcorn mix, bruschettini toasts, two different types of crackers, red pepper and olive bruschetta spreads, summer sausage, cookies & cream and lemon wafer bites, beer nuts, roasted mixed nuts, trail mix, roasted almonds, honey roasted peanuts and gummy bears. 

This entire gift will be consumed in the upcoming weeks as clients begin moving and getting excited about creating their own home. Make this a branded gift by including your logo on a crate so they can have their snacks and still get some subtle branding by you.

7) You Put the Cute in Charcuterie - Housewarming Gift for Clients


This is one of the best closing gifts for the clients who love a good party. This charcuterie gift basket makes a great housewarming gift as they will be able to use its contents to host a great party to welcome others to their new home.

This gift includes a beautiful teak serving board, a charcuterie bowl set, charcuterie spreaders, and a variety of different meats, cheese and nut spreads. This unique closing gift is the perfect way to say thank you for allowing you to be their real estate agent.

8) Scrub a Dub Dub – Bath Set Closing Gift


This real estate closing gift includes a personalized insulated wine tumbler, three bath bombs, premium sugar scrub, pina colada bath salts, an inflatable bath pillow and a rubber ducky soap. This is a realtor closing gift that shows you have put thought into their closing gift.

Personalize the tumbler with their name or even your own logo and give them the best closing gift for relaxing after all the stress of the house hunting and closing process.

9) Sweet Dreams – Cookie & Snack Closing Gift


This delicious snack gift features cookies from around the world. There are assorted cookies and two different wafers from Italy, cookies from Spain, stroopwafels from Holland, Swedish thins and several items from the US including Ghirardelli hot chocolate, rolled wafers and sugar cookie flavored popcorn. This gift is big enough to satisfy any sweet tooth.

Make this closing gift even better by choosing one of our gift boxes at checkout and engraving your logo or their name on it. The gift box alone is a keepsake they will be able to use for years to come.

10) Night Writer – Premium Leather Journal Gift


The highlight of this gift box is the premium handcrafted top grain leather writers log. Made in the USA, this journal holds a refillable 6” x 8” notebook and is one of our most popular personalized gifts as you can engrave a name or logo onto the leather. Also included is a rosewood pen (with extra ink refill), 12 colored fine line drawing pens, and premium caramel popcorn.  

Real estate agents often choose this gift as it is easily customizable as well and something that every new homeowner could use to keep track of notes. 

12) Coffee Break – Premium Coffee Closing Gift

If you are looking for the perfect closing gift for clients, then this is the gift for you. This gift includes a variety of coffee samplers, two glass irish mugs (*optional), delicious stroopwafels, chocolate wafers and coffee candies.

In the real estate business this gift is a win-win as it fuels your clients and is a thoughtful gift they can use the next few mornings as they are settling into their new home.

13) Binge Worthy - Movie Gift Basket


Gift giving has never been made easier than this personal gift that the new homeowner is going to remember. Filled to the brim with all the things the clients may need to have the perfect movie night at home, there is a reason that real estate agents say that this is one of their top picks for a housewarming gift.

This gift basket includes two personalized vacuum sealed tumblers that can have their names engraved on it, a turkish throw blanket, a variety of treats such as popcorn, salted caramel pretzels, nuts, gummy bears, stroopwafels, wafers, caramels, nuts and hard candy.

14)  Kick off the Morning - Gourmet Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers


Skip the impersonal gift certificate to the overpriced local restaurant and give them a gift that can be used at home.

This practical gift includes two speckled coffee mugs, a coffee scented candle, mini shortbread cookies, bourbon vanilla coffee and a gold mixing spoon to make the perfect cup of joe'.

15) Let the Fun Be-GIN – Cocktail Closing Gift


Every real estate professional knows that the best closing gift is one that they will remember, can be branded and is useful to the clients.

This fun cocktail set will have the new homeowner never needing to go to the local restaurant, instead making the best cocktails from home.

With two personalized cocktail glasses (that can include your logo of their name), a stainless-steel 3-pc cocktail shaker, cosmopolitan cocktail mix, a silver Japanese style jigger, cocktail jelly beans, and “The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Handcrafted Drinks” hardcover book, this is the perfect real estate closing gift for the individual who loves to create their own drinks. 

16) You're a Gem - Thank You Closing Gift


Real estate gift giving does not have to be difficult. A great closing gift can be as easy as you make it. This perfect gift is a great way to show your thanks without breaking the bank.

This client's closing gift includes a personalized water tumbler, tasty popcorn and nut snacks, a scented candle, and a pen they could even use on their successful closing day.

17) Best Sweet in the House - Closing Gift Box


The perfect gift doesn't have to be anything crazy, sometimes real estate closing gifts can be as simple as a tasty gift basket filled to the brim with treats they can enjoy in the weeks to come. This is one of our most popular real estate client gifts.

This gift is available at three different levels and makes for the perfect closing gift at any level you choose.

At the large level this gift includes a variety of tasty popcorns, stroopwafels, wafers, caramels, shortbread cookies, cookie thins,gummy bears, wafer bites, hard candies and so much more.

18)  There's Trouble Brewing -Flavored Coffee Closing Gifts

Many real estate agents know that coffee is often the way to a client's heart. This flavored coffee gift basket is the unique closing gift that will keep you on the forethought of their minds.

With two tasty coffee flavors, a coffee syrup gift set (salted caramel, chocolate, hazelnut and peppermint), a speckled coffee mug and tasty stroopwafels to dip in - this is a great idea for the coffee loving clients.

19) Pop In Anytime – Tasty Popcorn Gift Crate


The highlight of this real estate closing gift is the silicone collapsible microwave popcorn maker. Also included is 10 4 oz. bags of organic un-popped popcorn (medium yellow, rainbow, ladyfinger, blue, medium white, mushroom, purple, extra large, red and baby white), and three bags of gourmet flavored popcorn (Blueberry Muffin, Rainbow, & Chicago Mix). Throw in the family’s favorite DVD and this is the perfect family movie night gift. 

20) Tequila Mockingbird - Tequila Closing Gift Box

Of all the closing gift ideas, this one has to be the tastiest. No more need for special occasions to celebrate with a margarita, great ideas begin with this tasty margarita gift box.

This real estate gift box includes two personalized margarita glasses (that can be branded with your companies name), margarita mix, lime margarita salt, cocktail jelly beans, "Tequila Mockingbird" book as well as a silver jigger.

21) My Life Would Succ Without You - Real Estate Closing Gift

A client's closing gift doesn't need to be anything extravagant, but fresh flowers are always a nice touch in your gift baskets. This real estate agent gift includes a personalized water bottle, a living succulent plants, three different hard candies and a scented candle to make their new home smell great.

22) Oil I Need - Buyer Closing Gifts


Real estate closing gifts don't need to be difficult or stressful, sometimes the best closing gifts are tasty and simple snacks that will lighten up their home.

This great gift includes barrel-aged balsamic vinegar, tuscan herb olive oil, a tuscan herb dip, a wooden mixing bowl as well as bruschetta toasts and tuscan crips. This is one of the best closing gifts for the client's you have no clue what to get them.

23)Don't Worry Be Hoppy - Personalized Gift for Beer Lovers


You didn't get into the real estate business for the parties, but after giving this fun beer gift box to your clients, you will be sticking around to see how they use this great gift.

This is one gift to make their dream home just a little bit better. With personalized beer mugs, tasty treats, coasters and even a bullet shaped bottle opener - this gift is a great idea for the beer loving clients.

24) No ReSPAnsibilites - Closing Gifts for Women


Often when you look for real estate gift ideas you find a lot of the same gift ideas being listed over and over. Search no further for a unique closing gift as this spa gift basket is a gift any real estate agent can give their clients that will be appreciated AND can be branded.

This gift includes a personalized wine tumbler (engrave their name or your logo) a essential oil diffuser with a pack of essential oils, lotions, sugar scrubs, bath salts a large creme brulee scented candle with matches, mini soaps and a tasty popcorn treat that any client is going to love using in their new dream home.

25) Cheers to You - Real Estate Agent Closing Gift


This real estate gift is the perfect addition to you real estate gifting repertoire. Choose either four wine glasses and four coasters or choose a simple two glasses and two coasters that are personalized with their name and small quote.

If you want to add your branding you can choose to include your companies name/logo on the wine glasses or coasters simply by reaching out to one of our gifting representatives.

26) Candle With Care - Real Estate Business Gifts


As a real estate agent, there are so many different choices when it comes to closing gifts. If you are looking for a crowd favorite gift that is more than just a smart doorbell or personalized stationery - this gift is perfect for any home at any time.

Make their new dream home smell amazing with three amazing candle melts on their new candle melter, a large creme brulee scented candle and some tasty treats to snack on in their brand new home.

27) Raise Your Spirits - Branded Glass Decanter Gift


If you are a real estate agent, you have enough on your mind to think about besides estate closing gift ideas. Make your entire purchase experience easier by choosing a gift that is easy to personalize with the click of a button.

This gift includes a ready-to-customize decanter and four rocks glasses. You can add their last name to the decanter and rocks glasses to give it an extra special touch for free.

Put this gift in one of our most popular wooden gift box options and you can include your branding on the outside so it is subtle but keeps you in the forefront of their mind when they are in need of a real estate agent in the future.

28) I Am Way Past Tense - Massage Gift Box Closing Gifts


At the end of a long and stressful buying, closing and moving process - your clients are going to be so grateful for this relaxing closing gift.

This soothing gift basket includes a essential oil diffuser with three different essential oils, three votive candle holders with candles and three luxurious massage oils that will help to soothe and relax.

29) SheEO - Personalized Office Essentials Gift Basket

If your client works from home, this office gift essentials is a fun way to spruce up their home office.

This closing present includes a personalized acrylic name plate, engraved coffee tumbler, a notepad, three jars with gold accessories (paper clips, thumb tacks and paper holders), as well as a tasty popcorn treat to snack on during their zoom meetings.

30) Let's Get Fizzical - Closing Gift to Toast to the New Home


Your clients deserve to celebrate their big day, after all buying their own home is a huge accomplishment. This champagne cocktail kit was built to celebrate all of life's biggest moments.

Enjoy this gift with four personalized champagne flutes (which can each be engraved with different names or even branded with you companies name) as well as the choice of either a citrus (lemon, grapefruit and arcadia orange) or traditional (peach, strawberry and raspberry) mimosa sugar cube flavors.


Build the Perfect Closing Gift for Your Clients

Chances are, you have gotten to know you clients pretty well the past few months as you have searched for a home that meets all their wishes and desires. Build your clients a unique gift that fits their personalities. Maybe you learned that they love flowers, include a succulent for their kitchen counter. Maybe you learned that they love to hose - built them a custom gift box for the housewarming party they will inevitably throw.


Frequently Asked Questions About Real Estate Closing Gift

Do Realtors Always Give Closing Gifts?

Realtors should always give closing gifts to their clients to ensure a positive and lasting impression. Closing gifts are a fantastic way to show your appreciation for the trust that clients have put in you. The gifts don’t need to be expensive – just something thoughtful that the client can use or enjoy.

A closing gift is also an opportunity for realtors to stay in touch with their past and current clients. Include a handwritten card that conveys both gratitude and offers assistance with any future real estate needs. Doing this shows that you truly value the relationship formed with your client throughout the entire process, even after they’ve closed on their home. As well, it can help foster word of mouth referrals to potential new prospects as well!

How Much Should You Spend on a Closing Gift for a Client?

Realtors should spend between $50-$150 on closing gifts, ensuring a meaningful yet reasonably priced gift for the occasion. Choose something special that your client will appreciate, such as a gift basket with luxury items. For closing gifts within this budget range, consider customizing items like wine glasses or mugs that feature the company logo, or items such as home decor that symbolize the completion of their new home journey. A unique and thoughtful closing gift will show that you care about the client's success and is sure to leave a lasting impression!

If you have been working with a client for along time and they have purchased a higher end luxury dream home it is encouraged to do anywhere from 1-3% percentage of your commission towards a closing gift. This can help to ensure a good relationship and hopefully will get you repeat business in the future.

What Items Should Realtors Give Their Clients at Closing?

Realtors should include items that are special, thoughtful, and affordable in their closing gifts. Consider including items related to the home such as a custom-engraved cutting board or insulated tumblers. These also create great opportunities to brand your logo or name on items that they will use often. Another great option is to include items that will be useful or fit your client's personality. A sneaky way of finding what they may need or want is by taking a look at your client's social media to see if they have posted anything they might want or need. At the least you can see the aesthetic of their home to get a gift that will match. Your clients will recognize that this is a very thoughtful gift and will appreciate you as their real estate agent, broker or title company.

Should a Seller Give Their Real Estate Agent a Gift?

It's becoming increasingly common for sellers and buyers to give their real estate agent a memorable closing gift after the papers have been signed. This can be something small, like a card of thanks or something more substantial, such as a home decor item, a gift certificate or realtor gift basket. Regardless of the value of the gift, it is a kind gesture that shows your appreciation and gratitude for all their hard work throughout the process. It's important that as a seller, you are paying them through the purchase price of your home, however if you are the buyer that you are not paying them a dime of your own money (in most cases) . Therefor if you are a buyer it is always nice to give a unique gift as a thank you for all they have done for you.

What Do You Give Real Estate Clients for Christmas?

The holiday season is a great time for real estate agents to show appreciation and gratitude to their clients. If you’re looking for meaningful gifts that your real estate clients will appreciate, consider items that are related to the home or local businesses. For example, a personalized cutting board is an affordable yet thoughtful gift that your clients can use in their new home. If you are looking to try and get real estate referrals or are trying to get repeat business from your clients, up the game by giving them a gift box filled to the brim with their favorite treats, personalized items or even some wall art. This shows that you paid attention to their wants and need and would be ready to help them get into that dream home when the time comes.

What Closing Gifts Should Real Estate Agents Avoid?

Real estate closing gifts should be unique and thoughtful to show you appreciation for the clients trusting you to do your work as a real estate agent. While many people who work in real estate would simply send a gift certificate to a local business such as restaurant, you can do so much better than that.While we are all about supporting the local community, giving a specific gift certificate makes it so the clients HAVE to go to that specific place and if their personal tastes and interests are different it very well could go unused, despite your best efforts to give them a new local experience.

Another item we often see real estate agents or even interior designers gift is the laundry basket. We aren't quite sure where the tradition started, but we say that it should end right here. Most people already own laundry baskets when moving into a new home and unless it is unique and on the higher end of quality - chances are it will just sit around and go unused.

Other popular closing gift ideas we don't recommend unless you know your client absolutely wants or needs it include; a smart doorbell (many people already have it or are planning to purchase it anyway), subscription boxes to unnecessary places or even refrigerator magnets

Closing Gifts That Help You Grow Your Business

When you give a branded closing gift that the family will keep and use over and over you are keeping your name in front of your client.  When it comes time for them to move again or if they are asked for a referral from a friend or family member it will be easy to remember the great experience they had with you.

If you don't see the perfect gift for your client, don't worry. We have over 100 real estate closing gifts at Shadow Breeze.  You can also review some of our past gift suggestions below.


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