Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend

It can be hard and risky getting a Valentine's Day gift that your girlfriend is going to love but also doesn't seem too cliche. No matter how long you have been dating, getting a great valentine's day gift for her is never more important. The beginning of a relationship is already fragile and needing to be filled with romance, so when Valentine's Day comes along, you have to ask yourself, what type of gift is she going to love?

While some women are truly fine with chocolates, a bouquet of flowers, and a homemade "coupon book", others may want something more personalized and meaningful to celebrate the special day.  

With all the different options out there, it's important to get her something that shows that you have put time and effort into getting her a gift instead of going to Walmart at midnight on February 13th searching for any last minute gift she MIGHT like. That's why we have compiled a list that is not only going to impress her, but will make her feel special this valentine's day season.

Romantic Valentines Day Gift for Her

1. Heart Attack- Romantic Valentines Day Gift Set

 This is a great gift for a new girlfriend. This gift should only be used however, if the words "I Love You" or "the talk" about being in a committed relationship have been used. If not, this gift can scare her away. This gift includes a heart shaped necklace and bracelet, a heart jewelry box, popcorn, a personalized wine tumbler and a heart sucker. This is the ultimate romantic valentine's day gift for her. 

2. You Look SPAtacular  - High End Spa Gift Set

Why spend hundreds of dollars at a massage parlor, when you can get the same relaxing and fun service at home. This stunning high end spa gift set includes everything she needs to spoil herself this valentine's day. From almond honey lotions, recovery bath salts, Egyptian loofahs, pink clay face masks, almond honey oatmeal soap, skin healing balm, hair and body butter masks, and almond lip balm, this gift will impress the new girlfriend in your life.  

3. You Grow Girl - Succulent Gift Crate

 The classic Valentine's Day gift, the flowers. Why not spice it up and give her something unique yet classic this valentine's day. With four stunning 4" succulents, this gift shows that you are thinking of her this valentine's day, and is something that won't be in the trash a few days later. 

4. Sweet Dreams - Cookie Gift Box

 This is a great "safe" bet for a new relationship on Valentine's Day. If you have just started dating somebody, or maybe you don't know her as well as you would like. this is a gift that she will love and will win you some points. Filled with cookies, wafers, hot chocolate, popcorn and more, this gift is great for the sweet tooth lover in your life. 

5. My Doctor Told Me I Should Accessorize More - Luxury Jewelry Gift

This classy and high-end gift is perfect for showing your new girlfriend how much you care (and of course winning you some brownie points). This gift includes a stunning crystal back drop necklace, 2 sterling silver bracelets, a tasty sugar cookie popcorn snack, and a silk jewelry roll to hold her new accessories. This gift includes a lifetime warranty on the jewelry and a charity donation to one of the four partner charities at Shadow Breeze. 

6. All I Need is Louvre - Watercolor Paint Set

This is a fun activity that is perfect for Valentine's Day. This is a gift that you can spend the night painting together at a romantic night in. It includes water color paints, a personalized wine tumbler, a watercolor painting book, watercolor paper, paint brushed, an artists bracelet and a tasty rainbow treat.

7. SheEO - Office Gift Set

She is a working professional who doesn't always have all the time in the world, so why not get her a gift that shows her how much you are thinking of her. With a personalized name plate, coffee tumbler, diamond pen, 3 gold office accessories, and a gold note holder, this gift is great for the professional women in your life. 

8. All Dressed Up and I KNOW Where to Go - Night on the Town Gift

This is the perfect gift for a new girlfriend. All you need to do is give her the gift and say "be ready in an hour" (just like in the movies). This gift is perfect for a night out on the town, so give her a reason to dress up and get out of the house this Valentine's Day. With a stunning silver circular necklace, black purse, lip balm, silver compact mirror and a perfume diffuser. 

9. Call Me Scent O' Mental - Fragrance Gift Set

This classy and unique Valentine's Gift is filled with items that your girlfriend is going to love and keep around the house to show off. With lavender candles, room spray, a reed diffuser, colored matches, a white display tray and a tasty popcorn treat, she will love this classy and aesthetically pleasing valentine's day gift.

10. I'm on Tapas the World - Tapas Gift Set

 This is a great gift for new relationships because who doesn't love food? This is one of the most elegant valentine's day gifts you can give a new girlfriend. This gift includes a 12" tapas plate, 4 smaller tapas plates. a tapas cookbook and 4 wooden cheese forks.

11. Karats are Good for the Eyes - Gold Jewelry Gift Set

 This is an exciting and romantic gift that she is going to love. Whether you have been together for 3 months or 3 years, this gift is great for showing the special girlfriend or women in your life that you care about her. This gift includes a gold filled bracelet and circular necklace, a silk jewelry roll and a tasty popcorn treat. 

12. Not all Who Wander are LUST - Travel Gift Set

There is nothing more romantic than whisking her away on an adventure. Whether it's a weekend in Cabo or week long adventure in Prague, pair this travel gift set with a plane ticket and she will be ready for an adventure coming her way. This gift includes a personalized travel journal, a travel hand book, passport cover, postcards and a travel necklace that she will wear on her next adventure. 

13. Ooh Spa La - Ultimate Spa Gift Set

Want an easy valentine's day gift that includes everything she needs for an at-home spa day? Search no further, this is the perfect and complete gift for her. This gift includes hand lotions, sugar scrub, a personalized wine tumbler, lip balm, nail files, bath bombs, bath salts, top coat, and sugar cuticle oil. 

14. Night Writer - Journal Gift Set

This gift is great on many different levels. Not only can you personalize the leather journal with a name, date etc. but this gift can also be used to write a love letter to her,. If you want to make it extra romantic for her, write her a love note on the first page of the journal that she can remember and keep forever. 

15. Still Happily Ever After - Romantic Gift Set

This gift is exciting and shows your significant other how much you love and care for them. This gift should not be used unless you have said "I Love You" to each other or it could completely scare them off. With a romantic infinity necklace and bracelet, champagne glasses, a "Me Without You" book, and a tasty popcorn treat this book is romantic for all occasions.


Valentine's Day Gift for New Girlfriend

No matter what gift you give your new girlfriend or significant other this valentine's day don't forget the most important part of all. Gifts should be personal. Whether it's a name engraved on a mug, a piece of jewelry in her favorite style or color, or even a handwritten note, make sure that you become the best gift giver this Valentine's Day with a personalized gift. 

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July 21, 2021 — Morgan Falevai

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