Best Friend Birthday Gifts for Her

Sisters before misters, partners in crime, two peas in a pod, soulmates. No matter how people may describe you, you and your bestie will be best friends forever. However, being a best friend comes with a lot of responsibility. Sometimes it can be hard to find a gift for all the occasions in your bestie’s life. From birthdays, Christmas, break-up’s, and friend-anniversaries (the day you became best friends), you have a lot of gifts to buy. Sometimes it’s easy to find the perfect gift (I mean a Leonardo DiCaprio phone case gift? You know she will love it) however, sometimes it can be difficult to find a gift that shows her how much you appreciate her.  With so many occasions to purchase gifts, we wanted to make it as easy as possible to find a quick, exciting, and unique gift she is going to love.  You could consider a free gift for a friend but your bestie deserves the best. To make it even easier, we broke it into 4 different categories to help you find the perfect gift for her.

Birthday Gifts for Best Friends

Her birthday comes every year. Whether it’s her 21st birthday or her 40th, we have a great selection of gifts to give to your best friend on her birthday. Below we have listed 10 great gifts that will celebrate the birthday girl that she is going to love!

1. Happy Birth-Yay! - Birthday Gift Box

Birthday Gift for Women |

Your best friends’ birthday is time to celebrate her! You have 365 days a year to show how much you love your friend, but today is one of the most important days of the year to spoil her. Whether she hates her birthday or loves to celebrate herself, this gift is perfect for giving her the birthday she deserves. With a birthstone necklace, personalized wine tumbler, bath bomb, travel candle, birthday cake gum, sugar cookie popcorn and pink happy birthday bottle stopper, she will be ready to celebrate the big day in style.

Best Friend Birthday Gift | 

2. It’s Sherbet Day - Birthday Gift Set

Regardless of how she chooses to celebrate her birthday this year, this gift will remind her that she is loved. Spoil her today with a 11 oz soy candle, birthday cake bath bomb, gum, sugar cookie popcorn and rose lotion. She will love her cute and fun birthday gift.

Birthday Gift Box for Her | 

3. I am Way Past Tense - Relaxation Gift Set

Life is stressful. Sometimes you just need to take a day to sit back, relax and enjoy a night in at home. This relaxation gift set, filled with massage oils, an electric essential oils diffuser, votive candles and assortment of oils, will be the best gift she receives on her birthday. To make it even better, offer to give her a complimentary massage with the gift. She will fall head over heals for this special and relaxing gift for her.

Relaxing Birthday Gift for Women | 

4. Don’t BLOW Your Birthday Wish - Birthday Gifts for Women


This exciting birthday gift box is filled with some fun gifts that she will love and appreciate. With a 20 oz engravable tumbler, studded birthstone earrings, matches, candles, a bath bomb, lip balm, and party blowers, this gift is perfect for celebrating your bestie.  

 5. My Inner Tranquili-TEA - Tea Gift Set

This is one of our most popular and exciting gift crates for women. Filled to the brim with tea cups, tea pots, a tumbler, tea samples, honey sticks, a tea squeezer, and candy, this gift is sure to impress the avid tea drinker in your life. Sit back with your best friend and a cup of tea and spill the tea about all your new relationships, high school friends, and husbands.

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6. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Set

Scrub a dub dub two friends in a tub. Maybe you don’t need to bathe together, but you should definitely consider getting her a bath gift set for her birthday. She will love taking a moment to herself and relaxing with this exciting bath gift box for women. Filled with bath bombs, bath salts, sugar scrub, a 12 oz wine tumbler, rubber duckie soap, and inflatable bath pillow, she will be ready to take on the world after a dip in the tub.

7. My Doctor Told Me I Should Accessorize More - Luxury Jewelry Gift

Jewelry gift

This gift is for those friends you have been best friends with forever. This luxury jewelry gift set is perfect for the most fashionable of your friends. This gift includes a pave bolo bracelet, square bolo bracelet, elegant crystal backdrop necklace, mini bar studs, silk jewelry roll, and sugar cookie gourmet popcorn. She will be the most stylish woman around with this high-end jewelry gift.

8. I Want Some Bloody to Love - Bloody Mary Gift Set

She may have had too much to drink last night or maybe she just needs to have some more vegetables in her life. No matter the occasion, a Bloody Mary may be the perfect gift for your best friend. Bloody Mary’s are reputed to cure hangovers and notoriously have vegetables in them. Help your friend on her way to good health with this fun Bloody Mary gift crate. It includes 2 Bloody Mary glasses, a Bloody Mary book, 1-liter Bloody Mary mix, rim salt and 4 swords and skulls cocktail picks.

9. Sweet Dreams - Cookie Gift Crate

Whether she has cheesecake or sugar plums dancing around in her head, she is going to love a cookie gift crate especially for her. From lemon wafers, Stroop waffles, hazelnut wafer and more, this gift is perfect for your best friend. She is going to love snacking on these delicious and fun treats for her.


10. Night Writer - Leather Journal Gift

As she gets older, she needs to be writing things down so she doesn’t forget. Help her keep her memory sharp and alive with this personalized leather journal gift. With a handcrafted leather writers log (*with personalization available), Handcrafted rosewood pen, diamond pen, 12- piece find line drawing pens and caramel popcorn, she is set to start writing her thoughts and feelings, or the next great American novel.



Best Friend Christmas Gifts

Finding the perfect gift for your best friend for Christmas can be stressful. You want to get something she is going to love but also use often. It has to personalized to fit her and unique enough to make sure she doesn't already have it. That's why the following list is perfect for selecting a gift that she is going to love.

1. Cheese the Day - Wine and Cheese Gift Crate


Photographers often tell us to say “cheese” when we smile for photos. Have you ever wondered why? When we say “cheese” it causes us to think of delicious cheese which obviously puts a bright smile on our face. This classy wine and cheese gift box is perfect for your best friends Christmas gift. With a 12” X 12” Slate Tray, a personalized bamboo cutting board, 4 cheese knifes, 2 customizable wine glasses, and a variety of cheese and crackers, this gift is perfect as a charcuterie display board or for serving a delicious dinner amongst friends.


2. Global Warming - Christmas Gift Crate

Christmas Gift Basket |

The home and tree are decorated, and you have everybody’s names crossed off you gift list except one. You best friend. This gift is great to celebrate the holidays with your bestie. With 4 snowflake cocoa mugs, a pack of Ghirardelli hot chocolate, six chocolate peppermint stirring sticks and a large tin of delicious rolled chocolate wafers, this gift will help your best friends get into the holiday spirit.

3. Too Gouda to Be True - Cheese and Meat Gift Crate

The diet doesn’t start until the new year, so get her this tasty cheese and cracker gift crate while you still can. Filled with a variety of delicious cheese, crackers, sausage, jams, and artichoke spread, this gift is perfect to celebrate the holidays.


4. Keep on Pro-Caffeinating - Coffee Gift Box

One of our most popular Christmas Gifts is our coffee gift crate. This gift box is perfect for any coffee lover in your life. This gift includes a customizable coffee tumbler, a coffee glass, coffee samplers, candy, and coffee socks. Everything that your best friend needs to keep warm during the winter holidays.

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5. You Herb it Here First - Spice Gift Set

Whether she is the avid chef or the women who always has everything, your best friend deserves this tasty and unique spice gift box. With a travel spice kit (12 sample size spices from around the world), a marble mortar and pestle set, mini grow pots and cinnamon popcorn, her spices are about to be ignited with this amazing spice gift set for best friends.

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6. Candle with Care - Candle Gift Set

Around the holidays it’s very easy to smell a specific smell and it bring you back to your childhood. Whether it’s the smell of pine from your Christmas tree in the living room or cookies from grandma’s oven, smell is a powerful thing that can bring good feelings into a home. With this candle gift set, your best friend can make her home a haven with a wax melter, soy candle melts, and popcorn treats.


7. Treat Yourself - Sweet and Salty Gift Set

Best friends can be a little crazy. Whether they have a salty or sweet personality she is going to love a salty and sweet gift crate for her. Filled with popcorns, nuts, cookies, pretzels, gummy bears and more, this gift crate makes a great Christmas gift set for any friend of yours.


8. Karats are Good for the Eyes - Gold Jewelry Gift Set

Want to see your best friends’ eyes sparkle? This gold necklace and bracelet crate is great for showing her how much you care. Imagine her opening her gift on Christmas and seeing the stunning gold jewelry set you have picked out for her. With a gold-plated necklace, bracelet, a silk jewelry rolls and popcorn, this gift is guaranteed to please.


9. These are Berry Good - Healthy Snack Gift Box

Her diet starts soon, so get her a Christmas gift she can enjoy going into the new year. This gift crate is filled with healthy yet delicious treats that she can enjoy shamelessly. This gift includes a 20 oz water tumbler, turkey jerky, 6 fruit leather rolls, edamame, trail mixes, and almonds. PLUS, if you choose a personalized crate shipping option, she will have a great home décor storage box after the gift disappears from sight.


10. Let the Fun Be-Gin - Cocktail Gift Set

Nothing says Christmas like a red or green cocktail. With two martini mixes, a cocktail book, 2 personalized cocktail glasses and a cocktail shaker, this is a great gift for spending those cold winter nights with your best friend.


Best Friends Break-Up Gifts

Breakups are rough on everybody. Sometimes your best friend needs some love and support as they are encountering these big life changes. Whether she is going through a divorce, a long-term relationship break up, or breaking up with somebody she has seen only a few times, she is going to want something to make her feel better. Below we have listed the best breakup gift boxes for women. Each gift will help her through various stages in her breakup and are great for making her smile or drying her tears. Check them out now.

1. Ex-Change Rate - Breakup Gift Box

Breakups suck. There is not doubt about it. Sometimes breakups go over smoothly, however often enough breakups lead to heartbreak and anger. To help get her through those stages of grief check out our ex-change rate gift box. With a tumbler, VooDoo doll w/ pins, 5-in-1 Hammer (for breaking his stuff), Break-up buddy book, popcorn and bath bomb, this divorce gift will help her recover from her breakup with her best friend by her side.


2. I Need My Net-Fix - Movie Lovers Gift Crate

One thing that can help her get through her breakup is movies. Easy distractions that can fit her every mood. Whether she is looking for a Rom-Com, Drama, Thriller, or Action movie, she is going to need some snacks and supplies to enjoy it. This gift includes 3 popcorns, gummy bears, a 20 oz personalized tumbler, a TV stand, and some popcorn socks to help your best friend enjoy her movie.


3. Not All Who WANDER are Lust - Travel Gift Box

Sometimes the best thing to take her mind off of an especially bad breakup is to travel and get out of the same routine for a few days. Whether she is going to drive to visit her mom or going to travel across the country by van for a few weeks, this travel gift set is perfect for celebrating her soon-to-be adventure. This gift includes a leather travel journal, a travel necklace, a passport cover, a survival handbook and vintage post cards from around the world.


4. On the Cutting Edge - Knife Gift Set 

Sometimes the best way to get frustration out after a breakup is by cutting something. This gift includes a chef knife, 20 oz tumbler, bamboo cutting board, knife sharpener, and a cotton canvas apron. Help her prepare a meal while getting her anger and frustration out on a carrot, onion or cilantro.


5. Oh the Place You'll Go - Succulent Gift Box


Want to give her a gift that will brighten up her life? These fun succulents will brighten up every room that she walks in and are a great low-maintenance plant for everybody to take care of.

6. Ooh Spa La - Spa Gift Set

The best way to spoil your best friend after a break up is with a spa and bath gift set. This gift box will help her de-stress after a breakup and start making her feel better. This gift includes a wine tumbler, bath bomb, bath salts, sugar scrub, hand & body lotion, vanilla bean oil, high gloss top coat, animal print nail files, almond lip balm and a loofah sponge.


7. I A-Dough You - Cookie Gift Set

After letting out a good cry, cookie dough is a great solution to her post-breakup needs. Whether she prefers eating it raw or having doughy cookies and brownies, this gift is perfect for her everyday needs. The gift includes a silicone baking mat, cotton apron, vanilla sugar cookie mix, chewy brownie mixes and sugar cookie popcorn to top it all off.


8. Oils Fair in Love and War - Essential Oils Gift Crate

Whether she is a strong believer in essential oils magic, or a little skeptical, she will appreciate this essential oil crate after a breakup. The soothing smells coming out of her diffuser will help her to relax and to enjoy the new stage of life that she is in. This gift includes an essential oil diffuser and 5 different essential oils that will help her feel better.


9. I Hope EWE Feel Better - Get Well Gift Box

Sometimes after a breakup she may feel very literal signs of being sick, often brought on by the stress in her life. Help to relieve some of these symptoms with our “I Hope Ewe Feel Better” gift crate. This gift includes a warmies microwavable lamb, vacuum insulated water tumbler, grey sheep socks, popcorn, gummy bears, and roasted mixed nuts.


10. Call Me a Toe Truck - Pedicure Gift Set

After a breakup you want to feel fresh and ready to take on the world. Help her feel ready for anything that comes her way with a fresh pedicure gift set. This gift includes a 12 oz wine tumbler, stainless steel pedicure set, pedicure wand, vanilla bean & sugar cuticle removers, Pedi lotion, gloss top coat, cuticle sticks, animal print nail files, clear waterproof zipper bag, and a pumice pad.


Best Friends Friendship Gifts (Friend-Anniversaries)

Whether you have been best friends for 2 years or 25 years, it's great to celebrate at least once a year a friendship anniversaries. Some women celebrate Galentine's Day , however you should consider finding our own special day to celebrate your friendship every year. Below we have listed some gifts to celebrate those friend anniversaries and to give friends just to say "thanks for being a friend".

1. Pop in Anytime - Popcorn Gift Box

No matter who you are, you must love popcorn. This popcorn gift set is perfect for the popcorn loving friend in your life. Help them enjoy a movie or relax after a day at work with this tasty and fun popcorn gift set. This gift includes a collapsible microwave popcorn maker, popcorn socks, half popped cheddar popcorn and four different flavored popcorns.


2. Rein-CAR-nation - Car Gift Box

This fun and unique gift is unlike any other gift your best friend has ever received. This gift is very practical and great for friend who may not have the tidiest of cars. This gift includes 2 car seat gap fillers, vent diffuser air fresheners, butterscotch cookie dough essential oil, car seat trash bag, air vent cell phone clip and cinnamon popcorn. This gift is both useful and fun for the best friend recipient.


3. We’re Butter Together - Breakfast Gift Crate

This fun gift crate is a great gift you could make together with your best friend. It includes two Irish coffee mugs, pancake mix, maple syrup, three different muffin mixes, two coffee roasts, and earl gray tea bags. Help her make the perfect breakfast.


4. You’re a Gem - Thank You Gift Box

This is a great “thank you” gift for your friend. Whether they helped you move last week, or they have just always been there when you needed them, this gift is great for any occasion. This gift includes a personalized 20 oz tumbler, scented travel candle, diamond pen, two popcorn mixes and a roasted mix nuts pack.


5. My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Gift Crate

It says it in the name, my life would succ without you. This gift is great for reminding the most important women in your life how much you care about them. With a vacuum insulated water tumbler (that can be personalized), a travel candle, a 4’ succulent, and 3 different hard candies, this gift is guaranteed to make her smile. Spoil her today.


7. Girls Just Want to Have Sun - Sunshine Gift Crate

She is the sunshine of your life. Best friends deserve all the sunshine and joy that life can bring them. Give your best friend her own little slice of sunshine with this sunshine themed gift crate for women. With a yellow "you are my sunshine" candle, lemon lip balm, rainbow popcorn, 3 tiny twist pops. her life will be that much brighter.


8. Nailed It - Manicure Gift Set 

Spoil your bestie with this manicure gift set. This nail gift set includes a personalized wine tumbler, stainless steel manicure kit, nail files, 3 four sided pink blocks, cuticle sticks, hand & body lotion, vanilla beat & sugar cuticle oil, 4-way buffer file, a clear waterproof zipper bag, and a high gloss top coat to top off her beautiful nails.

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9. That’s My Jam - Jam Gift Set

What’s the difference between jam and jelly? My printer never jellies when I use it. This jam gift crate will have her smiling from the moment she opens it. This gift is filled with a personalized bamboo cutting board, a jam cookbook, three sample jams, a premium French bread mix, and three wooden jam spoons. Be the toast to her jam and get her a gift she will love today.


Gifts for Female Best Friends

While we have a gift for every occasion, sometimes the best gifts for friends are for no reason at all.  From spa gift sets to personalized gifts for her - choose from a large selection of gifts for best friends as 
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