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Gift Baskets for Your Best Friend

Gift baskets filled with her favorite product are a great way to add a smile to your besties face. Gift boxes allow you to add personalized and curated collection of items that reflect your friend's interests and personality. One of the most popular reasons for a best friend gift box is to celebrate her birthday. Below we have listed some of the best boxes to celebrate her special day for the best price.

Ideas for the Perfect Gift for Her Birthday

1. Happy Birth-Yay! - Birthday Gift Box


Celebrate her with a necklace where you can add her birthstones, add personalization to her wine tumbler, birthday bath bomb, scented candle and even more products, this is a gift built to pamper her.

2. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Set


Filled with three different types of bath bomb, bath salts, sugar scrub, add personalization to a wine tumbler, rubber duckie soap, and inflatable bath pillow product, just add some wine and she can celebrate at home with this bath gift set.

3. Night Writer - Leather Journal Gift


Help her add her legacy to her pages alive with this personalized leather notebook product. She will find an engraved leather notebook where you can add additional pages, custom wooden pen, pack of colorful pens and a tasty popcorn to snack on.

Best Friend Gift Box for Self Care

4. Ooh Spa La - Self Care Gift Basket


Sometimes all your busy BFF needs is an at-home self care gift box. This box includes a variety of products such as a soothing bath bomb, vegan hand lotions, a tumbler where you can add her name to the personalization and more. The perfect product to add some TLC to her week.

5. Nailed It - Manicure Gift Set 


By gifting her this box you not only are supporting small businesses, but you are giving her all the products and things she needs to do her own nails. With all the product she needs,she will become the expert at nail details and can stop watching those salon ads!

6. Spa Day - A Box Built To Pamper Her


Luxury doesn't even begin to describe all the self care products in this box. Remove all the outside factors, such as time, and add a gift basket filled with products that will be loved and used daily by her to your cart. Add a lighted candle and she will be ready for whatever today throws her.

Best Friend Drink Gift Baskets

7. Let the Fun Be-Gin - Cocktail Gift Set


If your bestie likes to enjoy a good cocktail but doesn't always want to go out, this is the gift for her. This gifts includes all the products she needs to be making a tasty cosmopolitan product. Just add garnish and her drink is ready. Add engraving to the cocktail glasses and shaker.

8.Time to Wine Down - Wine Lover's Gift Box


This gift packed with wine products are a guaranteed way to fill her evenings with joy and will help her to relax at the end of a long week. Add personalization to the glassware products and wine tumbler, and she will enjoy being able to add her favorite wine at home.

9.Keep on Procaffeinating - Coffee Gifts for Friends


If you are looking for a great coworker gift, search no further -continue to fuel her mornings with a coffee filled gift box. Personalize it with an engraved coffee mug, pamper her with a variety of tasty coffee products that will add energy to her day. Don't forget to add a custom note card at checkout!

10.My Inner-Tranquili-TEA - Tea Gift Basket


This tea gift is one that almost can choose itself. After an exhausting day, this special present will be something that soothes, helps your bestie to relax and will be a gift filled with products that makes her think of you each time she uses it. This box includes tea sampler products, a teapot infuser and many more products that women will adored. Add personalization to the mug product for even more customization.

Other Best Selling Friend Gift Baskets

11. Sorry You Feel So Waffle - Get Well Soon Gift Box


There is nothing worse in the world than seeing your person feel like half the woman that she normally is. This get well product will make her recovery easier and is simple to send no matter how far away she lives. Help her get well soon with products such as tumblers, teas and coloring products to add entertainment to her while she recovers.

12.Best Sweet in the House - Tasty Treat Gift Basket


With three different tiers of gifts, you don't always have to choose the highest price product to show her how appreciated she is. Surprise the women in your life with tasty sweets and treats in a box that is filled with product all the way to the brim. Add a personalized greeting card to this box of tasty products to show her how much you care.

13.Cheese the Day - Wine and Cheese Gift Box


A curated box filled with wine and cheese essential products is something special to give your bestie or even your coworker for any occasion in her life. Add her last name to the wine glasses or cutting board product to add a special customized touch. Don't forget to add a note card and take credit for this gift!

14.MOM-umental Celebration - Mother's Day Gift


It's easy to subscribe to the idea that Mother's Day can be difficult. With items such as a large scented candle to birthstone necklaces, these products will carry all you love to her.

Send Your Own Build Your Own Gift Box


Sometimes it's simple to subscribe to the idea that premade gift boxes are everything she needs. While this can be true, nobody knows your bestie better than you do. You know her favorite products and ways, such as preferring vegan items. Choose from 100's of different products and add items at a variety of price points to fit your budget! All products include a free greeting card to add your personalized message.

The Best Reasons to Give a Gift Box to our Best Friend

  • Personalization: Personalize and curate a collection of products that reflect your friend's interests and personality. This shows that you have put in thought to your gift. Add a custom card with the gift.
  • Versatility: Different product can be customized for any occasion, whether it's a birthday, holiday, or just because. Add gifts to your card at your ideal price range.
  • Convenience: With ready to ship boxes, you can simply open your internet browser, order or assemble the box, add it to your cart and have it delivered directly to your friend's doorstep with her favorite product easily.
  • Variety: They offer a wide variety of options from spa to drinks, this allows you to create a unique and diverse gift with product your friend will love.
  • Thoughtfulness: Above all, gift baskets are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for your best friend. Add a handwritten note for even more thoughtfulness with your product.

No matter the occasion, shadowbreeze.com has a large selection of product and gifts for best friends they'll love. With fast same-day shipping, guaranteed satisfaction and a large selection of presents and products - it's a no brainer to add a gift filled with her favorite products today.

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