2020 was a year like no other.  COVID-19 sent many of us home to work for the year.   While there are some advantages of working from home there are plenty of challenges.    One of the toughest things about working from home is the lack of face to face interaction with employees, co-workers, supervisors and customers.    That lack of social interaction makes it tough to show your employees how much they are appreciated.   

This holiday season give your employees, clients and co-workers corporate gifts that will show them how much you care and how grateful you are for all they did for the company in 2020.   With a wide selection of fun and creative options, Shadow Breeze has the employee gifts and businesses gifts that they will be excited to receive and you will be proud to give.

Personalized Corporate Gifts for 2021

With over 120 pre-made gift crates and boxes, we have the perfect gift for your employees.   Or if you prefer, we can build a custom gift specifically for your business or organization.    Each of our business gifts can be personalized with employee's names, client's names, your company name/logo or other text. 

With gifts starting at $40 we have corporate gifts for any budgets.  From one employee to 1,000 employees or more, we can deliver excitement and smiles to employees throughout the US and Canada quickly and easily.   We remove all of the stress of corporate gifting and allow you to focus on growing your business.   

Best Selling Employee Gifts 

To help get your creative juices flowing we have listed some of our top selling corporate gifts. These gift sets are ready to ship today.  If you prefer a custom gift for your company you can contact our gifting experts at 844-994-4387 and we will work with you to find the perfect gift.

1) A-Salt & Flattery Gift Box


The perfect blend of sweet and salty.   This gift crate includes three flavors of premium popcorn, three varieties of nut mixes, a personalized snack bowl with the recipient's name, your company name/or or other text and both popcorn and gumball socks.   Gummy bears or cookies can be substituted for the socks to make the gift unisex.   

2. Keep on Procaffeinating Coffee Gift Set

Working from home your employees don't have access to the free coffee in the break room anymore.   This exciting coffee gift will generate a lot of "buzz."   With a personalized insulated tumbler, five types of coffee, two types of coffee candy, coffee socks and an Irish coffee mug for those 5:00 PM brews, this gift will keep your employees working hard well into the evening.  

3. You're a Gem Business Gift

 Thank You Gifts for Clients | shadowbreeze.com

If you are looking for an inexpensive thank you gift for employees or clients look no further.   This fun gift includes two flavors of popcorn, mixed nuts, a personalized water tumbler with straw lid, a scented candle and a diamond pen.    Anyone who receives this gift will definitely feel like a gem.  

4. Love Snack Baby, Love Snack Gift Crate

This premium snack gift crate will keep your employees and clients snacking for days to come.   Included in this gift are two 8 ounce cheese rounds, a 14 ounce smoked summer sausage, olive oil bruschetta toast, two types of crackers, olive bruschetta, red pepper bruschetta spread, several packs of nuts gummy bears, Chicago style popcorn and two flavors of wafer bites. There is something in this box for everyone in the company/family.

5.  Tequila Mockingbird Margarita Gift Set

Margarita Gift Set | shadowbreeze.com

With the neighborhood bar closed or limiting the number of people inside, the home bar is often the best choice.    This fun margarita gift is the perfect addition to any home bar.  With two personalized margarita glasses, margarita mix, lime rim salt, a stainless steel jigger, "Tequila Mockingbird" book and Cocktail Classic Jelly Bellies, the only thing you need to add is Tequila and ice for the perfect margarita. 

6. These are Berry Good - Healthy Snack Gift


With gyms closed and most of us working 20 feet from the refrigerator we should not be surprised when we step on the scale to find that we have gained 10 lbs during the quarantine.   Help your employees stay healthy and meet their fitness goals with this tasty healthy snack gift box.  This gift features turkey jerky, dried fruit, several packages of nuts and healthy berries, sunflower seeds and a personalized insulated water tumbler.   

7.  My Inner Tranquili-TEA Tea Gift Set

Tea Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

The tea party is back.  It may just be you and your kid's stuffed animals in attendance but that doesn't mean you can't do it right.   This fun tea gift includes three boxes of Stash tea, a small loose leaf tea pot, an insulated personalized tumbler, honey sticks, a tea mug, tea candy and a tea squeezer.  This is a gift that will be used for years to come.

8.  Come in Handy - Hand Care Gift Box

Hand Care Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

 All of the handwashing taking place during the Coronavirus pandemic has led to dry, cracked hands. It's time to show your hands some love.   The highlight of this hand care gift is the Turkish towel.  Imported from Turkey and available in three colors this will add a touch of class to any bathroom.    Included with the towel is a large bottle of liquid hand wash and three fun scents or mini bared soaps.    After those hands are clean keep them soft and moisturized with the shea butter hand lotion.  

9. Best Sweet in the House - Sweets Gift Crate

The perfect cure for a sweet tooth.  This gift includes a large amount of delicious sweets from around the world.    Included are Premium Classic Selection Cookies from Germany, two bags of Quadratini Wafers from Austria, Mini Stroop Waffels from the Netherlands, gummy bears, gourmet butter pecan popcorn, blueberry muffin popcorn, three bags of old fashion hard candy and Lemon and Cookies & Cream Bites from Indonesia. 

10. Cheese the Day - A Classic Wine Glass & Cheese Gift

Personalized Wine & Cheese Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

"Cheese the Day" is one of our top selling corporate gifts for good reason.   This impressive gift includes a personalized bamboo cheese board, a slate serving tray, two personalized stemless wine glasses, a 4-pk of stainless steel bamboo cheese knives, two premium cheeses and crackers.   Full of items that your employees or clients will use for years to come.

11.  Take Time to Mule it Over - Moscow Mule Gift Crate

Moscow Mule Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

This classic cocktail gift set has the ultimate "WOW" factor presentation.    With a copper cocktail shaker, a copper jigger, two copper mugs and two bottles of ginger beer this gift is almost too cute to use.    Perfect for those warm summer nights on the porch with friends.  

12.  The Daily Grind - Premium Coffee Gift

Few things in life will bring people together like the smell of fresh brewed coffee.  With this coffe grinder and coffee gift you will have enough caffeine to keep the whole office working at full speed. In addition to an electric coffee grinder you will receive two bags of whole bean Methodical coffee, two coffee mugs with saucers and a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans.   The perfect gift for the coffee lover.

13. That's My Jam - DIY Bread Gift

Looking for a fun DIY gift for your employees or clients?   "That's My Jam" is just what you want.  In addition to the personalized cutting board (engraved with their name or your company name/logo), they will also receive bread mix, three jars of imported jams from France (Pineapple & Mango, Wild Blueberry & Golden Peach) and cute wooden jam spoons.    A tasty gift the whole family will enjoy.

14.  Too Gouda to Be True - Meat & Cheese Gift

Nothing hits the spot like meat, cheese and crackers.  This yummy gift crate features two premium cheeses, a large summer sausage, Italian bruschetta toasts, two boxes of crackers, a large jar of olive spread, bruschetta spread and a bag of Chicago style popcorn.  Enough delicious calories to feed even the most hungry team or office.

15. Shake it Up Baby - Personalized Barware Gift

Your job may not be as exciting at James Bond's, but that doesn't mean you can't drink your martini in style?   With two personalized martini glasses and a personalized stainless steel cocktail shaker, this inexpensive corporate gift will have your employees and clients saying "Shaken, not Stirred" in their best British accents.

16. Pop in Anytime - Popcorn Gift Box

Everyone has plenty of time at home these days.  Why not give them a gift that they can enjoy while they are watching their favorite streaming series.   To start we include four bags of flavored premium popcorn (Blueberry Muffin, Rainbow (fruit flavored) Chicago Mix and Butter Pecan Gourmet Popcorn) and then since we know that will be devoured quickly we include a silicone popcorn maker (with lid) and plenty of unpopped corn that will last for even the longest series.    Lastly we top it off with some cozy "Popcorn" ankle socks to keep those toes warm.

17.  I Want Some Bloody to Love - Bloody Mary Gift Set

Bloody Mary Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

Getting your daily servings of vegetables does not have to be hard with our "I Want Some Bloody to Love" gift crate.    This gift features two personalized bloody mary glasses, 2 skull picks, 2 sword picks, bloody mary mix, bloody mary rim salt in reusable tin with lid and The Bloody Mary Book, a 162 page hardcover book of recipes and full color images.

18. Believe it or Nut - Nut Lover Gift Box

Nuts make a healthy and satisfying snack and this gift crate is packed full of them.   This gift includes a personalized glass snack bowl, a cute "Nuts About You" notebook, roasted mixed nuts, roasted almonds, fruit and nut mix, honey roasted peanuts, swiss trail mix, and butter pecan gourmet popcorn.   This gift will definitely leave you a little nutty.

19.  Throw in the Towel - Turkish Towel Gift Crate

House Warming Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

This trendy and stylish gift for the home is packed with fun items that will brighten any room.   The highlight is the two 18" x 40" Turkish towels imported from Turkey and made from 100% hand-crafted cotton.    Also included is Nature Love soothing hand wash, a scented soy candle in glass tumbler, a living 4" succulents in a ceramic pot with bamboo drip tray and a bag of premium caramel popcorn.  

20.  Read Between the Wines - Personalized Wine Glasses

With four personalized wine glasses and a 6-pk of fashion wine charms this inexpensive, elegant gift crate makes a big impression.   Each of the four wine glasses can be engraved with different names or sayings.   A gift that the recipient will use for years to come.

21. Pasta La Vista Baby - Pasta Gift Basket

Pasta Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

The holidays can be busy and to not have to worry about dinner for a night or two can be a great gift.    This pasta gift create contains everything they will need for a delicious dinner.   Included is a collapsible pasta strainer that will be a great addition to the kitchen, a stainless steel pasta fork, tri-color seashell pasta, vineyard  pasta salad with red wine vinaigrette,  chicken noodle soup dry mix and pasta and red pasta sauce.    Almost as good as a trip to Italy.  

22. We're Butter Together - Breakfast Gift Crate

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  With this breakfast gift crate it will definitely be the most tasty.  This gift includes a little something for everyone including organic buttermilk pancake mix, Vermont maple syrup, two types of coffee, earl gray tea, two types of muffin mixes, your choice of jelly and two Irish coffee mugs.    A delicious way to start your day.  

Branded Client Gifts that Will Help Grow Your Business

When sending gifts to current or potential clients your main objective should be to grow your business and to keep your company's name on the forefront of your clients minds.    With our branded corporate gifts you have the option to include your company name or logo on items in the gift or on the gift packaging.  In addition your company name and logo can be printed on your custom greeting cards.  To find out how to brand your corporate gifts contact a corporate gifting expert at Shadow Breeze.  

Custom Gifts for Your Company

If you didn't find exactly what you are looking for above, don't worry, we can build a custom gift for your organization.   We can work with any budget for companies with 10 employees or 10,000 employees.  With Shadow Breeze we will remove all of the stress of gifting and deliver a gift your employees and clients will love.

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