33 Personalized Real Estate Closing Gift Baskets That Will Leave a Lasting Impression

Closing gift baskets are a great way to show appreciation for your client's trust in you. They also make an excellent impression on those who may be considering using you as their real estate agent in the future. A thoughtful and personalized closing gift basket can help build strong client relationships, boost referrals, and foster loyalty.

These 33 personalized real estate closing gifts will make a lasting impression on your clients and ensure they remember your professionalism and attention to detail in providing them with the best service during their home-buying journey.


Unique Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

  1. Personalized Wine Glasses and Marble Coasters
  2. Split Letter Monogram
  3. Personalized Gift Basket for the Client Who Loves to Entertain
  4. Custom Mailbox
  5. Gourmet Treats Gift Box
  6. Personalized Laundry Basket
  7. Charcuterie Gift Basket
  8. Champagne Gift Basket
  9. Kitchen Essentials Gift Basket
  10. Custom House Portrait
  11. Gift Basket for the Wine Connoisseur
  12. Name and Address Stone
  13. Gourmet Snack Gift Basket
  14. Waffle Weave Blanket
  15. Artisan Tea Gift Basket
  16. Custom Doormat
  17. Gift Basket for the Coffee Lovers
  18. Seasonal Wreath
  19. Relaxing Spa Gift Basket
  20. Succulent Garden
  21. Family Movie Night Gift Basket
  22. Personalized Cutting Board
  23. Candle Gift Basket
  24. Prayer Bowl
  25. Premium Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Gift Basket
  26. Personalized Waterford Crystal Vase
  27. Personalized Wine Accessories Gift Basket
  28. Personalized Buffalo Leather Tool Bag
  29. Beer Lover's Gift Baskets
  30. Personalized Throw Pillow Case
  31. Essential Oils Gift Basket
  32. Bluetooth Speaker
  33. Artisan Spa Gift Basket


1) Personalized Wine Glasses and Marble Coasters

Personalized wine Glasses and Coasters

What They'll Get:

Personalized wine glasses with a large initial and name and tumbled marble coasters with the same initial and name as well as a favorite saying or other text.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Available with either two glasses and coasters or four glasses and coasters, this classic housewarming gift is a great gift for wine lovers because it will be used over and over and will be a constant reminder of their experience with you.


2) Split Letter Monogram

Monogrammed Metal Signs

What They'll Get:

Durable powder coated 16 gauge steel monogrammed wall art.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Available in sizes from 12" wide to 36" wide and in a variety of colors, these rust-resistant monogrammed signs are great for indoor or outdoor spaces making it easy for the new homeowner to find the perfect place to display.

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3) Personalized Gift Basket for the Client Who Loves to Entertain

Personalized Wine and Cheese Gift | Shadow Breeze

What They'll Get:

A personalized cutting board with handles, a slate serving tray, a 4-pk of cheese knives, two personalized wine glasses, three wine-flavored cheese spreads, and a box of crackers.

Why We Like These Gifts:

After the very last signature has been placed on the closing documents and the long process of buying a home is complete, it's time to invite family members and friends over to celebrate the new home and this gift is a great way to do that. The cutting board, slate tray, knives, and glasses will be used for years to come

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4) Custom Mailbox

Custom Mailbox

What They'll Get:

A lightweight aluminum deluxe post-mounted mailbox with classic lines.

Why We Like These Gifts:

With its weather-resistant finish and personalized plaques on both sides of the mailbox for their new address, this unique closing gift is a practical gift that your clients will love and use every day.

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 5) Gourmet Treats Gift Box

Gourmet Gift Basket for Women

What They'll Get:

Gourmet snacks and treats from around the world including, cookies from Germany, wafers from Italy, Indonesia, and the USA, stroopwafels from the Netherlands, caramels, flavored popcorn, candy, and much, much more.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Available in three sizes, this is a great housewarming gift for an individual or for the whole family. With so many different snacks and treats, there is something for every taste and every family member. The perfect way to experience snacks from around the world without having to leave their home.

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6) Custom Laundry Baskets

Custom Laundry Baskets

What They'll Get:

A 25" x 21" x 14" heavy-duty canvas laundry tote with a name and a initial.

Why We Like These Gifts:

These personalized gifts are great for both kids and adults. After all the paperwork is finished and the boxes have been unpacked, it's time to get the laundry done, and these gifts will make it a little more fun. Consider giving one to each member of the family.

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7) Charcuterie Gift Box

Charcuterie Gift Basket for Her

What They'll Get:

A beautiful teak serving board, wooden charcuterie bowls, charcuterie spreaders in a book-style gift box, and an assortment of spreads, nuts, cheese, meat, crackers, and treats.

Why We Like These Gifts:

These trendy impressive real estate gifts make amazing housewarming gifts for your VIP clients. Charcuterie boards are all the rage right now and this gift makes a great impression. Consider branding the board with your logo or personalizing it with the name of your real client.

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8) Champagne Gift Box

Champagne Gift Box


What They'll Get:

Veuve Clicquot Brut champagne in a fridge gift box. 750 ml bottle from the Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin winery in the Champagne region of France.

Why We Like These Gifts:

After countless hours researching comps, the difficult job of finding the perfect home, and countless signed documents these bubbly wines are the perfect way to celebrate the real estate journey. If your client prefers a mimosa, pair this gift with a personalized mimosa champagne gift basket. These cute gift boxes are also an amazing gift idea for loan officers, property managers, and home builders.

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9) Kitchen Essentials Gift Baskets

Gift Basket for the Home 

What They'll Get:

A collection of items for the new homeowner to use in the kitchen of their new house including wooden salt and pepper grinders, a teak mixing spoon, wooden spice bowls, a stylish hand towel, an electric candle warmer, a scented candle, three wax melts, infused olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.

Why We Like These Gifts:

These gift baskets are packed full of beautiful items your new homeowners will love and use every day in their dream home. This unique gift also makes a perfect corporate gift for a corporate client. Celebrate closing day in style with this fun closing gift.

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10) Custom House Portrait

Portrait of Home 

What They'll Get:

A custom portrait of their new home. Available in a variety of sizes, styles, and frame options.

Why We Like These Gifts:

This thoughtful gift is a go to gift for someone who just purchased their own home. These personalized closing gifts make quite an impression and can be ready in just a few days after you place the order.

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11) Gift Basket for the Wine Connoisseur

Wine Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

What They'll Get:

A beautiful glass wine decanter to display and help your red wine breathe, four hand-blown double-walled wine glasses, an electric bottle opener, and a premium bottle stopper.

Why We Like These Gifts:

For your wine-loving VIP clients, these buyer closing gifts are the perfect addition to the home bar. pair this gift basket with a nice bottle of red wine or a gift certificate for one or two bottles of wine and let the new homeowner pick their own wine.

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12) Name and Address Stone

Address Stone

What They'll Get:

A ~15" x 15" custom natural-looking boulder that fits into any landscaping design with a name and house number in large text.

Why We Like These Gifts:

A great idea, these gifts look great in a rock garden or flower bed. This a cute gift for a real estate business and all those relationships you want to continue to nurture and grow.

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13) Gourmet Snack Gift Baskets

Sweet and Savory Gift Box

What They'll Get:

This gift set includes a large selection of artisan treats, crackers, cheese, meat, nuts, dips, baked goods, popcorn, and much more.

Why We Like These Gifts:

With enough to share, these delicious realtor gifts also make great corporate gifts for a small business, title companies, loan officers and property managers, and new homeowners with lots of family members.

With a choice of eight different packaging options, such as a pine crate, sealed crate, seagrass basket, branded gift box, etc., you can make this the perfect gift for any client.

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14) Waffle Weave Blanket


What They'll Get:

Your choice of a full, queen, king, or cal king woven waffle weave blanket available in a variety of colors.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Blankets make great closing or housewarming gifts. Your clients might use these as a throw blanket on the couch or their main blanket on a bed. Perfect for cozying nights in their new home.

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15) Artisan Tea Gift Baskets

Women's Tea Gift Basket

What They'll Get:

An electric tea mug warmer to keep their tea warm all day, a double-walled tea glass that looks great and helps keep the tea warm, a teapot with a diffuser for either bagged or lose tea, two artisan tea in tins, raw clover honey, vanilla chai cookies, and a wooden honey dipper.

Why We Like These Gifts:

These cute gifts are perfect for a tea lover. Made with high quality materials, this gift set makes a perfect closing gift. Select our sealed shipping crate gift options for a fun unique gift-opening experience.

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16) Custom Doormat

Custom Doormat

What They'll Get:

One of five sizes of custom doormats.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Keep those new floors dirt free with this fun doormat that reminds guests to take off their shoes. This is a classic gift for real estate agents to give to clients that won't break the bank.

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17) Gift Baskets for Coffee Lovers

What They'll Get:

An electric coffee mug warmer, a double-walled glass coffee mug, two flavors of premium artisan coffees, a 4-pk of sugar-free coffee syrups, large caramel stroopwafels, and snickerdoodle cookie bites.

Why We Like These Gifts:

After what was probably a difficult job representing your clients, it's time to sit down and spill the beans. These fun caffeinated gift boxes are perfect for the coffee-loving real estate client.

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18) Seasonal Front Door Wreath

Door Wreaths

What They'll Get:

A beautiful seasonal front door wreath, available in either 11" or 20" sizes.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Add a touch of class to the front door of the new home with these beautiful seasonal wreaths. The Brilliant Summer wreath is featured above but you should select the correct seasonal wreath for the gift giving season. (i.e., Autumn, Sprint, Winter, Holiday, etc.)

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19) Relaxing Spa Gift Basket

Spa Housewarming Gifts | Shadow Breeze

What They'll Get:

Warmies microwaveable slippers, an electric essential oil diffuser, a personalized insulated water bottle, recovery bath salts, almond oatmeal honey custom soap, almond body lotion, a sea salt and citrus candle, lavender essential oil, and a super soft eyeshade and hair scrunchie set.

Why We Like These Gifts:

The real estate journey can be stressful. The whole process, such as looking at countless homes countless signed documents, and all the paperwork can raise stress levels. Give gifts of relaxation with these sun spa gift baskets.

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20) Succulent Garden

Succulent Garden

 What They'll Get:

Large mixed succulent garden.

Why We Like These Gifts:

Succulents are easy to maintain and look great. This large garden features a wide selection of succulent varieties. This a great gift idea for the next chapter of your client's life.

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21) Family Movie Night Realtor Gift Baskets

Movie Night Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

What They'll Get:

Two personalized insulated tumblers with matching straws, a Mediterranean style throw blanket, a silicone popcorn popper, a 10-pk of un-popped popcorn varieties, caramel popcorn, caramels, chocolate-covered pretzels, gummy bears, old fashion candy drops, stroopwafles, nuts and more.

Why We Like These Gifts:

These delicious realtor gifts are perfect for a home movie night. A home closing is the ultimate time to gather the family together and celebrate with a movie night in the new home. The artisan treats will be loved by all.

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22) Personalized Cutting Board

Personalized Cutting Board | Shadow Breeze

What They'll Get:

A personalized hardwood cutting board available in walnut, cherry or maple woods.

Why we like This Gift:

There is a reason why cutting boards are one of the most popular real estate closing gifts. These inexpensive gifts not only look great but are a practical gift that will be used again and again. Add a bottle of oil to keep the board looking great for years to come.

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23) Candle Gift Basket

What They'll Get:

A grey brushed stone electric candle warmer with a removable tray, two scented candles, and three scents of wax melts.

Why we like This Gift:

The candle warmer in this gift can be used to warm candles in jars, as well as wax melts. With a variety of scents, your client's dream home will smell amazing.

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24) Prayer Bowl

Prayer Bowl

What They'll Get:

A porcelain bowl with a colorful bird attached to a small branch on the inside. On the outside you will find Psalm 91:4 "He will cover you with his feathers and under his wings you will find refuge." Also included are 25 matching prayer cards.

Why we like This Gift:

For your Christian clients, this unique closing gift will make a lasting impression.

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25) Olive Oil and Vinegar Gift Box

What They'll Get:

A beautiful teak serving/cutting board, two personalized stemless wine glasses, four bottles of infused olive oil, four bottles of balsamic vinegar, Tuscan crisps, and mini bruschette.

Why we like This Gift:

Experience the taste of the Italian countryside without leaving home. These real estate closing gifts are great for individual clients but also make amazing corporate gifts for real estate agents. Add a bottle of red wine to make these gifts even more special.

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26) Personalized Waterford Crystal Vase

Custom Vase 



What They'll Get:

A beautiful bouquet-shaped vase made from premium crystal personalized with your recipient's name or other text.

Why we like This Gift:

When you pair these gifts with a bouquet of flowers you have real estate closing gifts that look amazing now and will last for many years to come.

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27)Personalized Wine Accessories Gift Basket

Wine Themed Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

What They'll Get:

Gift ideas for the wine lover, this closing gift includes two personalized wine glasses, a fashion wine accessories kit with a dress bottle opener, a purse stopper and a shoe stopper, a six-pack of fashion wine charms, a personalized insulated wine tumbler and a "Wine Isn't Rocket Science" hardcover book.

Why we like This Gift:

For the wine connoisseur, or those just pretending, this personalized closing gift will make their favorite wine taste just a little bit better when it is served in a personalized glass.

Shop Wine Lover Gifts | Shadow Breeze


28) Personalized Handmade Leather Tool Bag

Custom tool Bag 

What They'll Get:

A handmade buffalo leather tool bag personalized with a name and other text.

Why we like These Gifts:

For all the home improvement projects that inevitably come with a new house, this keepsake leather tool bag will make a lasting impression. For your VIP clients, consider adding some tools to the bag when you give these real estate closing gifts.

Custom Leather Tool Bag


29) Beer Lover's Gift Baskets

What They'll Get:

Two personalized beer mugs, a four-pack of ceramic beer coasters, a .50 caliber bullet opener, Chicago mix popcorn, Sweet and Spicy bar mix, and roasted almonds.

Why we like These Gifts:

A closing gift for your beer-loving clients, this is perfect for the new homeowner who enjoys a cold brew. You can't beat these gifts for new homes that include a home bar.

Beer Lover Gift | Shadow Breeze


30) Custom Pillow Covers

Custom Throw Pillow Covers

What They'll Get:

A personalized 16" x 16" washable burlap-like pillow cover.

Why we like These Gifts:

In addition to your client's name and the year their home was purchased printed on the front of the case, you can have your brand printed on the back of the case so you are never far from your client's mind.

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31) Essential Oils Gift Basket

Essential Oil Gift Set | Shadow Breeze What They'll Get:

An electric essential oil diffuser that also serves as a LED light and five premium essential oils. Relax, Respir Aid, Defender, Peppermint, and Lavender.

Why we like These Gifts:

If you are trying to find gift ideas for essential oils fans, look no further. This gift box has the premium oils that they will love.

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32) Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

What They'll Get:

Wireless, waterproof Bluetooth speaker with up to 20 hours of playtime.

Why we like These Gifts:

These closing gifts can be enjoyed both indoors and outdoors. Perfect for playing music while grilling in the yard, cooking in the kitchen, or listening to audiobooks while exercising.

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33) Artisan Spa Gift

Women's Spa Gift Basket

What They'll Get:

Premium artisan spa products, including almond body lotion, pink clay mask, almond hair & body butter, recovery bath salts, almond oatmeal honey soap, skin healing balm, almond lip balm, and three-pack of Egyptian loofahs.

Why we like These Gifts:

Sourced from women-owned businesses, this beauty gift box is the perfect housewarming gift for new homeowners who want to relax and look their best. Choose our pine crate gift packaging and engrave your logo or your client's name on the crate lid for free.

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Why Choose Real Estate Closing Gifts from Shadow Breeze

Shadow Breeze makes sending the best closing gifts a breeze. With free same-day personalization, free same-day shipping, free greeting cards, and world-class customer service, it's never been easier for realtors and real estate agents to give amazing closing gifts to their clients.

Shadow Breeze offers much more than closing gifts. We also offer free gifting portals where your clients, partners, suppliers, and referrals can come to your branded portal to choose their own gifts. You set your budget and send an invitation to your gift recipients to come to your portal to enter their contact info and address and we take care of the rest.

To find out how Shadow Breeze can help you grow your business reach out to one of our corporate gifting experts to learn more.

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