Thank You Gift Boxes For Clients and Customers

Gift-giving is a universal language, and in business it makes your customers feel like a VIP. Thank you gift boxes show your appreciation for their patronage. 

Sending client appreciation gifts is one great way of establishing strong relationships with your clients. Corporate gifting surveys report that 94% believe personal relationships are key to success, and 89% believe corporate gifts bring people closer together.

Business thank you gifts make clients feel appreciated, especially those in the C-suite who, according to a survey, feel more satisfied when they receive one.

A curated gift box will show clients that they are valued. Curated gift boxes make great business gifts They are also IG-ready, and your clients can easily post and tag you on social media! 

If you are looking for business gift ideas or client gift ideas, here are 46 Thank You gift ideas that will make your clients feel special and appreciated!

Corporate Thank You Gifts Your Clients Will Love

Personalized Relaxation Gift Set

 Relaxing Thank You Gift

This trendy and customized relaxation gift basket combines everyday essentials and comfort items in one box. This includes an insulated water bottle that fits in most cup holders, two bubbly bath bombs, a scented candle, three small soaps, and a bag of vegan and gluten-free vanilla chai cookies.

You can also customize this set with your logo placed on the bottle or the box. A perfectly thoughtful gift for your loyal customers!

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Putting Golf Set

Putting Set

We like corporate gifts clients would really enjoy. Show your favorite customers appreciation with this golf set! It features two golf balls, a wooden practice hole, a travel putter with a wooden shaft and brass accents, and a stylish cherry wood travel bag. You can also add a brass nameplate and text. 

This is the right appreciation gift for any golf enthusiast or anyone! To improve their putting game while on a business trip, during downtime at the office, or at home.

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Premium Tea Gift Box

Corporate Tea Gift 

This luxurious tea gift set includes everything you need to create a perfect cup of tea, and will certainly bring joy to your clients, especially the tea-lovers. Packed with a sleek tempered glass teapot infuser, two black ceramic tea mugs, two wooden honey dipper sticks, raw honey, honey candy as sweets to complement the tea, and 20 tea bags.

 You can also write your appreciation message on a personalized greeting card included in this set.

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Portable wood docking station

 Wooden Dock Station

Sometimes, your clients might prefer organizing their things rather than receiving more. Send them this multipurpose wood docking station as a thoughtful gesture of appreciation. It has a notch for a keychain at the top, a slot for watches or bracelets, and a groove down the bottom for charging cables. You can have your logo engraved, and add personalized text above and below the name. 

This station works well on a desk or bedside, where your customers can put their essentials in one place.  

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Treats from Around the World Gift Box

 Gourmet Gift Basket

Perfect for foodies! This sweets crate is packed with various treats including premium classic selection cookies, wafer cubes, stroopwafels, gourmet sugar cookie popcorn, crunchy cookie bites, coffee candies, lemon thins, and sea salt caramels. It’s available in small, medium, and large sizes with varying amounts of treats inside.

Now your clients have tasty snacks to reach for at work or while traveling for business. 

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Personalized Travel Bag

Leather Duffle 

Who doesn’t like getting bags, right? And here you’re definitely leveling up the “free bag” gift! Get this high-end leather duffel for your VVIPs.  It’s just the perfect size and spacious enough for maximum space. This piece of unisex luggage is perfect for business weekend trips, or getaways with family and friends. It can fit a laptop, has plenty of room for clothes, and has convenient zip pockets and compartments.

This bag is made to order and includes a free dust cover. You can also put your company initials or your client's initials for a personal touch.

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Thank You Personalized Gift

Thank You Gift Box 

Treat your clients to a cozy day at home or work with this premium self-care gift. A combination of delightful and useful consumables, this set includes a personalized insulated water tumbler, a scented candle, a diamond novelty pen, and a pack of popcorn, pretzels, and roasted mix nuts. 

Send them a thank you message with the personalized greeting card included in this set.

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Succulent Garden Set

 Succulent Gift

Get your clients something alive to liven up their workspaces. This succulent garden set is a great idea to show your gratitude! They don’t require much care. Select your own choice of garden and add a personal touch: your company logo, a unique sleeve design, or a personal message on a gift note.

A perfect way to strengthen relationships with your clients year-round as they remember you fondly every time they water the plants!

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Take a Break Gift Basket


Give your customer their well-deserved break with this set. Packed with a notebook and three stylish pens for jotting down what they need to do for later, a soft and comfortable sleeping mask that looks good enough to wear in public or on a flight, a scrunchie to get their hair out of the way, a bottle of sparkling water, and tins of skin healing balm and mints. 

These unique corporate gifts make excellent business thank you gifts to show that you genuinely care.

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Personalized Home Monogram

Monogram Sign 

One of the best gifts for your clients and business partners is something they can use for their homes or their own business. This personalized monogram is a perfect gift to make them stand out! A win-win business gift for you and your clients: you get to show your appreciation, and they get a good item for their home or business.

This monogram has a tough powder-coated finish and can be used both indoors and outdoors without worrying about rust or weather damage. Available in various sizes.

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Wine Glasses and Marble Coasters Gift Set

 Custom glasses and coasters | Shadow Breeze

This exquisite pair of custom wine glasses and marble coasters will impress your clients. This gift set includes 2 to 4 personalized wine glasses, each engraved with a large initial and name of your choice, and 2 to 4 marble coasters engraved with a large initial, name, and quote of your choice. 

Show your appreciation with this gorgeous branded gift to keep you on top of mind.

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Decorative Bookend

Dove Bookends

This pair of dove bookends is another useful thank-you gift for your favorite clients. Made from cast aluminum with an antique gold finish, the pair is a stylish and versatile addition anywhere in their home interior or office.

This may be a small gesture of gratitude, but it gives a lasting impression when it falls to the client's preferences.

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Women's Bath Gift Set


If you have a female client, they deserve to be treated like a queen. This bath gift set will make them feel decadent, perfect for their me-time when they can enjoy baths longer. This set includes a stainless steel wine tumbler, 3 large and fizzy bath bombs, Pina Colada bath crystals, a rubber ducky soap, premium sugar scrub, and a cozy inflatable bath pillow.

Send them a personal handwritten note showing your appreciation with the personalized gift card included in this set. 

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Personalized Robe

Custom Robe

This embroidered mid-calf fleece robe is a cozy gift idea. You can have it personalized with name and initials embroidered on it using one of the many thread colors and font styles available. It is a kimono-style robe with two extra-large front pockets, double needle construction, and extra-large 3/4-length cuffs for comfort.

A perfect gift for your clients to help them unwind.

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Curated Coffee Client Appreciation Gifts


Even coffee snobs among your clients might find this irresistible. This curated coffee set includes black and brown speckled ceramic coffee mug, premium coffee blend in tin, Pecan shortbread cookies, coffee scented soy candle, and a gold stirring spoon. 

You can include a handwritten note to express your gratitude, perfect to read as your favorite customers sip on their coffee.

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Metal Desk Lamp

Brass Lamp 

When you like to give away functional thank you gifts, a lamp comes to mind. This vintage table lamp is an excellent option for task lighting and illuminating dark spaces. It has a metal, slender body, and a dome shade that distributes light onto your bookshelf or over your desk. You can change its arm and shade to get the right amount of light. The lamp's traditional design is completed with a bronze finish.

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Premium Spa Gift Baskets

Spa Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze 

A perfect thank-you gift to help your clients unwind after a long day of work. This premium spa gift set includes microwavable slippers that can also be frozen for relief to sore feet, a personalized vacuum-insulated stainless steel tumbler with lid and matching straw, sea salt citrus soy candle, premium almond body lotion, recovery bath salts, almond honey oatmeal soap, silky soft eye shade and scrunchy set, and lavender essential oil.

A complete set to pamper your clients on their rest days.

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Chocolate Meditation Set

Chocolate Meditation Set 

For an intentional, thoughtful client gift, this chocolate meditation set is not just a delicious snack, it's also a perfect me-time companion. This spiritual chocolate collection comes with a deck of affirmation cards and a crystal paired with each truffle. Select a card, eat the chocolate indicated on the card, and hold the crystal paired with the chocolate to manifest!

A perfect gift for clients. Can also be a shared experience with their staff, family, and friends!

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Soup Thank You Gift Box


Soups are good for the body, and what's a better way to thank your clients than by giving them something healthy and comforting? These soup gift baskets include a cute stoneware soup bowl with a handle, your choice of one of three different propper good soups, and sea salt and olive crackers.

You can also write a personal message to relay your appreciation on a personalized greeting card.

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Personalized Eco-friendly Pen

Eco Pens 

Sharing your values with your clients is also a great idea when sending corporate gifts. This eco-friendly pen is made of sustainable materials. A functional writing item with an ergonomic and sleek design, perfect to carry anywhere.

A great way to show that your business supports sustainability and social responsibility, perfect for individual clients or teams.

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Travel Grooming Gift For Men

Men's Grooming Gift 

A travel grooming gift to help them stay sharp and in style while away from home is a valuable corporate gift. This grooming set includes a toiletry bag personalized with initials, body wash, a shaving brush, a shave soap puck, and a leather keychain.

A convenient and fitting idea for future business travels.

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Self-heating, smart mug

Warming Mug 

Another corporate thank-you idea is a smart mug. Your clients don't have to worry about their coffee turning into cold drinks. With this Ember mug, they can set their preferred drinking temperature for their hot drink, making sure every sip and drop is just how they like it. With the built-in battery, this mug can maintain the desired drinking temperature for up to 1.5 hours, or all day with the supplied charging coaster.

It is resistant to up to one meter of water pressure and is safe to hand wash.

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Luxury Corporate Gifts


A thank-you gift for C-suites and VIPs, this set of luxury food items will impress. This corporate gift basket includes a cutting/serving board, olive oil and balsamic vinegar set, two personalized stemless wine glasses, olive oil Tuscan crisps, and a pack of mini bruschette.

A luxurious set to enjoy at home, or together with other business partners on a trip.

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Mini Rub Jars

Spice Set 

Client gifts can go beyond their office or snack box and into their kitchen at home or at the office.  Spice up your business gift with this spice rub collection! This collection contains 12 mini rub jars, with every flavor for every meal.

Give your clients this collection, especially those who love to cook.

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Office Items Gift Set


 Clients are just like you-- either working on the road or at the office. Get them this office item set as a useful thank-you gift. This set includes a personalized leatherette notebook, a rosewood pen with a personalized rosewood case, a personalized insulated water bottle, and a large faux succulent in a white ceramic pot.

Write them a personalized note on a greeting card included in this set.

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Convenient Laptop Sleeve

Laptop Case 

Have you seen your clients trying to fit their laptops and other accessories in a small tote bag because they don't want to look bulky? Then you can give them something compact and convenient!

This laptop sleeve is an all-in-one office companion that keeps your clients' essential work tools safely tucked, from the weekend suitcase to the desk to the conference room table. It's thickly padded with two mesh pen slips and two stretch mesh storage pockets. It has water-resistant zip and fabric, leather-free construction, and fits laptops up to 16".

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Craft Cocktail Set

Cocktail Corporate Gift Box 

What makes cocktails different from other drinks is they're made by hand; not set or pre-made. This gorgeous cocktail set is a fitting gift to show your unique, made-by-heart gratitude. In this set you can choose between Ginger Citrus Cocktail Mixer or Cucumber Jalapeno Cocktail Mixer and it includes an 11" cocktail stir spoon, two stylish footed martini glasses, and a stainless steel jigger.

Give your clients the happy hour they deserve.

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Choco-dipped Fruit Platter

Chocolate Dipped Fruit 

Corporate gifts can be done both on normal days and during the holiday season.  This assorted choco-dipped fruit platter makes a statement! A fruit platter with a lot to offer, this magnificent display of chocolate-covered treats includes chocolate-covered strawberries, chocolate-covered pineapple daisies, and chocolate-covered apple wedges.

A perfect way to show client appreciation on all occasions, or no occasion at all!

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Candle Gift Set


Sometimes, 'thank you' feels like a warm candlelight illuminating a place and bringing in a comforting scent. Give your clients that feeling with this candle gift set. It includes a ceramic electric candle warmer/wax melter, Sea Salt + Citrus Scented Soy Candle, Currant + Jasmine Scented Soy Candle, and 3 sets of Six Soy Snaps: maple buttered rum, cinnamon buns, and warm vanilla.

Make them feel special with these fragrant scented candles.

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Assorted Chocolate Box

Box of Chocolates 

Treats go well with every setting, and your client will never get tired of it. This decadent chocolate gift is filled with dulce de leche, dark chocolate raspberry, double chocolate, and dark chocolate truffles that are hand-crafted using a special chocolate recipe in a candy kitchen.

It’s always fun to go through a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get, as Forrest Gump’s mom says. 

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Assorted Tea Gift

Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze 

A thank-you gift that every tea-lover client will love! This tea gift includes a personalized insulated stainless steel tumbler, a mini honey bear with raw clover honey, a stainless steel tea squeezer, and 12 single-use unique flavors of stash tea.

Just like in the olden times, express your appreciation and the desire to build positive working relationships through tea.

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Yeti Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Yeti Mug 

Travel items are good gifts, especially when your clients are often on the road. This Yeti Travel Mug holds enough drinks for even the biggest drinkers. With its elevated handle and cup holder-compatible design, it makes mornings good even on rough roads. It has double-wall vacuum insulation and keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. It's made with kitchen-grade stainless steel and is leak- and rust-resistant.

A perfect travel companion your clients will appreciate! 

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Cookie Gift Crate

Sweets Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze 

Say thank you to your favorite customers in literally the sweetest way possible with this cookie gift set. It includes cookies, vanilla wafers, hazelnut wafers, stroopwafels, thins, chocolate rolled wafers, lemon bites, cookies & cream bites, gourmet sugar cookie popcorn, and cookie butter.

Write them a personal thank-you note with the greeting card included in this set.

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Kitchen Essentials Kit

Hand Soap 

Appreciation gifts don't always have to be about business; your clients spend their time at home too. This lemon kitchen essentials kit gives off a light, vibrant scent that refreshes and energizes the kitchen. They bring a fresh, simple aroma that will make kitchen chores lovely. The set includes 8 oz. each of hand soap, dish soap, and countertop spray.

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Complete Coffee Gift

Coffee Gift Box | Shadow Breeze 

Just like how people start the day with coffee, start a positive professional relationship with your clients through a thank-you gift. This complete coffee set will appeal to coffee-lover clients. It features an electric desktop/tabletop coffee mug warmer, a double-walled tea mug, tins of vanilla ground coffee and Southern Pecan ground coffee, 4-Pk flavored coffee syrups, cookie bites, and caramel stroopwafels.

Appreciate their loyalty and hard work and reward them with something that helps them get energized in the morning.

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Popcorn Gift Set Collection

Popcorn Set 

After a busy week, everyone just wants a movie night with easy-to-prepare snacks. This popcorn gift set collection comes with three different kinds of popping corn--Fluffy White Gold, Crunchy Ruby Red, and Sweet Tricolor Blend-- and five delectable seasonings--Buttery Caramel Corn, Spicy Chili Lime, Cheezy White Cheddar, Sizzlin' Spicy Sriracha, and Sweet + Salty Kettle Corn-- with bold flavors to complement the best movies of all time!

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Olive Oil Gift Basket

Olive Oil Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze 

If you can't thank them enough through words, send a thank-you gift that they'll love. This olive oil gift basket is for everyone to enjoy. It includes an acacia wooden bowl, Tuscan herb-infused olive oil, balsamic vinegar, Tuscan dipping herbs, Tuscan olive oil and sea salt crisps, and Bruschettini toasts.

A nice gift your loyal customers can share with their family or co-workers.

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Chocolate-covered Thank You Strawberries


Another classic corporate thank-you gift. Strawberries represent the booming business. These Belgian chocolate-covered strawberries are the perfect choice! Twelve luxurious, hand-dipped, white Belgian chocolate-covered strawberries are presented in classy gift packaging and spell out "Thank You" in the chocolate.

A straightforward and sweet way to show your gratitude.

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Essential Oils Gift Box

Essential Oil Gift Set | Shadow Breeze 

The gift of essential oil is a perfect thank-you gift. Essential oils will help your clients unwind. The set includes a cool mist USB electric essential oil diffuser and five essential oil blends that support the immune system, peace of mind, calm and relaxation, clear congestion, and a cooling effect on the skin.

Give your clients all the positive energy they need with this healing gift set.

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Specialized Thank You Candle

Thank You Candle 

Fragrances remind people of moments, places, and other people. You can’t go wrong with candles as a client thank-you gift. Through nostalgic scents, these specialized candles evoke pleasant memories by appealing to their sensory memory.

A nice gift to use on a calm night, or a warm morning, while reminiscing good moments.

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Coffee Lover’s Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box 

Thank your clients with a perfect day starter: coffee. This coffee gift set includes a 20 oz insulated coffee tumbler, double-walled with spill-proof lid perfect for taking coffee on the go, and five unique flavors of ground coffee they can enjoy for a week.

Give them a personal thank-you message on the personalized greeting card included in the set.

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Get Well Soon Gift Basket


Nothing’s more thoughtful than when you remember clients especially when they’ve been ill. This gift basket is also perfect for winter blues. Includes microwaveable lavender-scented heating pad to soothe aches and pains, cozy socks, rainbow gourmet popcorn, gummy bears, and salted pretzels.

Add an appreciation message on the greeting card, and let your clients feel at ease with this get-well gift basket.

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Pendant Necklace

Letter Necklace 

Corporate thank-you gifts are always on a personal level, just like jewelry. This personalized pendant necklace will make a statement. It’s imported and made of brass, with a lobster-clasp lock. Choose a letter for the pendant, and make sure it means something meaningful to your clients.

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Nail Gift Set


Just like a welcoming business handshake, thank your clients for guaranteeing your business is in good hands. This nail spa gift set includes a personalized stainless steel tumbler, 10 pieces stainless steel manicure kit, 3 colored nail files, 3 four-sided pink nail buffer blocks, 12 birchwood cuticle sticks, 3 vegan travel-sized hand lotions, cuticle revitalizing oil, 4-way buffer file, clear waterproof zipper bag, and top coat.

A complete set to tell your clients ‘thank you’ because they nailed it.

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Handmade Cookies

Cookie Gift Box 

Say thank-you to your favorite customers both through words and action! Give them a dozen of these handmade cookies with Thank You written on them, a simple but straightforward way to show your appreciation.

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Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

Meat and Cheese Gift | Shadow Breeze 

What’s a greater way to express your thanks than through good food? This meat and cheese gift basket will impress your clients’ palate. It includes faux olive wood serving platter, Tuscan crisps, classic uncured salami, lemongrass uncured salami, 2 different kinds of cheese spread. A perfect thank-you gift to satisfy their meat and cheese cravings!

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The Best Corporate Thank You Gift Boxes at Shadow Breeze

Shadow Breeze helps you choose and curate the most suitable gifts for your clients. Every gift box is intentionally crafted to be an effective presentation of warmth and give them something useful everyday, whether at home, on the road, or at the office. Every item in every box is made to impress and represent your attention to detail.

Call our corporate gifting experts for more creative ways of gifting and discover how we can make your gift-giving process a breeze.

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