In early 2020, COVID turned all of our lives upside down.  We were all left scrambling to adjust as kids were sent home from their classrooms to attend school virtually at the same time many companies transitioned their employees from the office to the home.  

More than a year later both employers and employees have learned a lot about working from home.  In some cases employees and companies have thrived in this new virtual environment and in other cases productivity and employee morale has taken a hit.   With the biggest vaccine rollout in history well under way and COVID cases on the decline, companies are trying to decide how and when employees will come back to the office.   

Whether everyone returns at the same time or employers chose an hybrid model with employees splitting time between home and the office, it will be crucial to help employees feel safe and comfortable as they return to the office.  A recent survey show that 43% of employees would like to stay working at home even after the threat of COVID has passed.   

Work from Home Survey Results

Back to the Office Gifts

As you consider gift ideas for your employees it might help to first identify your gifting objective.    We have worked with many companies, both small and large, the last few month to start designing back to the office gifts.   It seems that most organizations have two objectives with their gifting campaigns.   First, help my employees feel safe working from the office again and second, show my team appreciation for everything they have done the past year.  To help get  you started listed below are creative gift ideas for both objectives.

Gift Ideas to Help Employees Feel Safe in the Office

Branded Face Masks

Branded Face Masks

While most of us already have a stack of face masks at home, a company branded facemask can be a great way for employers and employees to show their company spirit.  Even if your state doesn't require masks for employees returning to work,  you can help your employees, vendors and partners feel safe in your offices and other facilities with these masks and appropriate mask policies for your company.


Branded Hand Sanitizer

Branded Hand Sanitizer

Branded hand sanitizer is an easy way to bring peace of mind to employees as they return to the office and start touching shared surfaces such as door handles, copiers, etc.   Available from 1 oz bottles with clips to larger desk size bottles with pumps.  Hand sanitizer has become a staple item for all offices in 2021.  

Branded Sanitizing Wipes

 Branded Sanitizing Wipes

Sanitizing wipes can still be hard to find at your local supermarket and your employees will really appreciate these wipes for use at the office or home.    Available single wipe packs or larger 10+ wipe packs.  Look for wipes with a 75% alcohol content if possible.

Branded Touch Tools

Touch Tools

These touch tools are a great way to keep those shared surfaces clean and germ free.  They can be used to push buttons, open doors and much more.  These handy gadgets are small enough to hook to a keychain and can be branded with your logo.    

UV Sterilizers

UV Sterilizer

These desk size UV sterilizing boxes are perfect for killing germs on phones, keys, pens, face masks and other small items.  Just place items in the box and let the box do its thing for a minute or two and your items are germ free.  These UV boxes will be the highlight of  of any gift.      

Gift Ideas to Show Appreciation for Employees Coming Back to Work

Now that your back to the office gift has all the items you need to keep employees safe, it's time to add some fun employee appreciation gifts.  2020 was a tough year and there are a lot of creative ways to say thank you. Listed below are a few options to consider but the possibilities are almost endless.   

Branded Drinkware

Branded Drinkware

With thousands of possibilities, there is a mug, tumbler, growler or bottle perfect for your organization.  Drinkware can be branded with your logo, company name or even personalized with the employee's name.  

Branded Notebooks

Branded Notbooks

From large portfolios and planners to mini notebooks, and everything in between, these fun gift items can be debossed, printed or engraved.   A great practical and inexpensive way showcase your brand.  

 Branded Coasters

Branded Coasters

Employees may initially feel more comfortable taking their breaks and maybe even eating their lunches at their desks.  A branded coaster is a great way to protect their desk.   Available in wood, leather, ceramic, cardboard and many other materials & styles.  

Cell Phone Stand

Cell Phone Stand

Help them keep their desk organized with an aluminum cell phone stand.  These stands make it easy to charge your phone and see what is happening on the screen. 



Make the office feel a little more like home with a succulent in a small pot with drip tray.   These easy to maintain succulents need very little water, thrive in indirect sunlight and brighten any office.  Artificial succulents are also available for those who like the look of a succulent without any of the work.  

Snacks & Treats

 Gourmet Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

It may be some time before employees feel comfortable grabbing a doughnut from a box in the breakroom.   Packaged snacks and treats will be greatly appreciated.    From coffee and teas to cookies and popcorn, there are too many options to count.    Healthy snacks have also been a popular option in back to the office gifts in 2021.  


Design a Custom Back to the Office Gift for Your Employees

With so many options available we have just begun to scratch the surface on gift ideas for employees returning to the office.   Each company will have their own unique requirements and budgets.  If you are looking for more ideas for your back to the office gifts, reach out to one of our gifting experts and we will be happy to help you with more gift ideas, even if you are designing and fulfilling your gift in-house.    


Companies Working with Shaodow Breeze 

5 Reasons These Great Companies Chose Shadow Breeze for Their Corporate Gifting 

1) We Save You Money

We have great discounts with hundreds of suppliers that we pass on to you.   We work directly with manufacturers to bring in gift packaging and gift items in bulk at discounted rates.    We will help you avoid pitfalls in the gifting process which will save you both time and money.

2) Dedicated Account Manager

When you work with Shadow Breeze you will work with the same gifting expert from your first contact until your last gift is delivered in perfect condition.    Your gifting expert will work with you to make sure all of your expectations are exceeded.

3) Short Lead Times

In addition to strong relationships with our suppliers, we keep a large quantity of our best selling items in stock.   We also are able to do most of our branding and personalization in-house, which saves you time and money.  If you need a gift yesterday, reach out to one of our gifting experts and we will work with you to find one of our ready-to-ship corporate gifts or to build a custom gift that can ship quickly.  

4) Fulfillment Experts

Whether you are shipping your gifts to a single office address or to employees home's around the world, we have you covered.  We offer free shipping on all of our gifts shipping to the Contiguous US and discounted rates to all other locations.  On international shipments we handle everything including customs, taxes, etc.  Have your own SWAG or marketing materials?  No problem, just ship it to us and we will include it in your gifts.

5) Gifting Made Easy with Our Technology

Create your own branded storefront on our website where your employees, clients or partners can select their own gifts from a selection of ready-to-ship or custom gifts you approve.   If you are worried about outdated addresses or don't want to spend time building spreadsheets we can deliver gifts with just an email address.   Our technology saves you both time and money.   

Reach out to one of our gifting experts today to see what we can do for you.

July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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