Updated 2023

Best Gift Baskets, Boxes & Crates for Her 

Stop wandering aimlessly around the mall or searching through the more than 119 million products available for sale on Amazon to find the perfect gift for the special women in your life.  Buying gifts for women should be easy and fun.  When she opens your gift she should be blown away by your creativity and thoughtfulness.  Throw that receipt away because she is not going to want to return your amazing personalized gift.  Forget about the wrapping paper and bows because what she really wants is a custom keepsake gift box or beautiful wooden gift crate with hand selected personalized gifts for her.

This ultimate gift guide for women is jam packed with gifts for every woman in your life.  Looking for a jewelry gift for your wife?  We have you covered.  Trying to find a fun DIY gift for your daughter?   We have them.   Want to show your mother how much she means to you with a thoughtful gift for moms?   Not a problem.   Looking for a gift to let a friend know you are thinking of her?  Check out our wide selection of best friend gifts.  From bridal shower and wedding gifts to birthday and anniversary gifts we have the best gifts for women for every occasion.  We know which gifts women want to receive.  This info-graphic  shows which gift categories are the most popular for 2019.


Grab your favorite beverage and sit back and relax as you peruse this comprehensive list of the best gifts for women.  Regardless of which of these gifts you select you are going to be her gifting hero. 

Best Gifts for Women

  1. Gifts for Wife
  2. Gifts for Girlfriend
  3. Gifts for Mom
  4. Gifts for Friends
  5. Wedding Gifts for New Bride
  6. Gifts for the New Mom
  7. Gifts for Teenage Girls
  8. Gifts for Tween Girls
  9. Gifts for Grandma
  10. Gifts for Co-workers
  11. Gifts for Teachers

Gifts for Wife

1. Losing Touch with Reality

Tea Gift Box for Her

If your wife loves tea, she will love this fun tea gift crate.    This gift includes earl grey tea in a tin, peppermint tea in a tin, pure honey, an electric tea mug warmer, a double walled tea mug, a tempered teapot, a wooden honey dipping stick an vanilla chai cookies.  

Gifts for New Homeowner | shadowbreeze.com

2. Happy Birth-Yay! – Birthday Gift Box for Women

Birthday Gift Basket

Trying to find the perfect birthday gift for your wife can be stressful.  Not anymore.  Our Happy Birth-Yay! gift crate is a birthday party in box.  The highlight of this gift is the sterling silver birthstone beaded necklace.  Just pick the month and she will have a versatile necklace she can wear out on the town or to work.  Personalize the stylish insulated wine tumbler with her name and stop the wine bottle with the pink birthday hat bottle stopper.  She can use that wine tumbler when she takes a bath with her birthday cake bath bomb and scented candle.  Lastly, she is going to love the gourmet sugar cookie popcorn and birthday cake flavored gum.  She won’t even mind being a year older when she receives this amazing birthday gift box

Birthday Gift for Wife | shadowbreeze.com 

3. I’m a Pro-Poser – Yoga Gift for Her

Yoga Themed Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

Does you credit card bill show several charges to lululemon every month?  Whether your wife is a yoga fanatic or still working on her downward dog pose she is going to love our "I’m a Pro-Poser" gift crate.  When she is unable to make it to a class, she can practice at home with the "Yoga Deck: 50 Poses & Mediation for Body Mind and Spirit" cards.  She will have no problem staying hydrated with her personalized insulated water tumbler.  When a pose requires a little help, she will look good with her cute pink and blue 6’ yoga strap.  She will also have the cleanest yoga mat in class with the natural mat cleaner and cleaning towel.  You’ll get much more than a “Namaste” when you give her this awesome yoga gift box.  

Yoga Gift | shadowbreeze.com

4. Karats are Good for the Eyes – Gold Necklace & Bracelet Set

Gold Jewelry Gift Basket

Our doctors have been telling us for years that carrots are good for the eyes.  But did you know that karats are also good for the eyes?  The 14 karats of filled gold on this necklace and bracelet gift will have all eyes on her.  When she is not wearing her new necklace and bracelet (which may be very rare) she can store it safely in her beautiful ceramic jewelry holder.  Lastly, we feel that every gift should include something tasty so we have included a bag of gourmet caramel popcorn that she is going to love.  This gold jewelry gift set is going to elevate you to “gifting expert” in her eyes.        

Jewelry Gift Set | shadowbreeze.com

5. My Doctor Told Me I Should Accessorize More – Silver Jewelry Gift

Jewelry Gift Set | shadowbreeze.com

“No thank you, I have all the jewelry I need” said no woman ever.  If you take a few minutes to look in your wife’s jewelry box you might think that she more jewelry than she could ever use.  You would be wrong.  There is always a need for more.  Our “My Doctor Told Me I Should Accessorize More” jewelry gift crate includes a beautiful crystal drop necklace, two amazing bolo bracelets and CZ bar studs.  Each piece of jewelry in this box is made from .925 sterling silver and built to last.   Also included is a ceramic jewelry dish and a bag of premium sugar cookie popcorn.  Don’t give her this jewelry gift if you are uncomfortable with people staring at your wife because all eyes in the room will be on her.

Jewelry Gift | shadowbreeze.com

6. Still Happily Ever After – Anniversary Gift Box

Anniversary Gift Basket

Whether you are celebrating your first anniversary or your  50th  this is the perfect gift to show her how much she means to you.  Our "Still Happily Ever After" anniversary gift crate includes a beautiful sterling infinity bracelet and necklace.  Celebrate the day with a toast in your personalized champagne flutes which can be engraved with your names and wedding date, or a personal message.  She will love munching on the gourmet butter pecan popcorn while she reads the cute “Me Without You” hardcover book.  Remind her why she said “yes” with this romantic anniversary gift. 

Anniversary Gift for Her | shadowbreeze.com

7. Time to Wine Down – Wine Gift Set

Wine Gift Set | shadowbreeze.com

Life can be stressful.  Sometimes she needs a little time to disconnect and wind down.   Nothing goes better with a little down time than a glass of her favorite wine and she will love drinking it in her new personalized insulated wine tumbler.  If she decides to share, the two of you can use the two personalized wine glasses.   When her girlfriends visit, she can show off her beautiful fashion wine set which includes a little black dress wine opener and black purse and high heel bottle stoppers.   She won’t have trouble remember which glass belongs to her with the stylish wine glass charms.  Lastly, she will be impressing everyone at the party with her newly gained wine knowledge from the “Wine Isn’t Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting and Pairing Every Type of Wine ” hardcover book.

Wine Gift Basket for Her | shadowbreeze.com 

8. You Look SPAtacular – Luxury Spa Gift Box

Artisan Spa Gift Basket

Everyone loves a trip to the spa but who has the time?  Give her an amazing spa day at home with our "You Look SPAtacular" gift crate.  This gift is as beautiful as it is functional and it includes pink clay detox facial mask, almond body lotion, recovery bath salts, almond hair + body butter, almond oatmeal soap, skin healing balm, almond lip balm and three natural Egyptian loofah sponges.  You might not know what each of these products does but she does, and she will love each one of them.  Give her the gift of beauty and relaxation with this premium spa gift.

Spa Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com


Gifts for Girlfriend

1) All I Need is Louvre – Painting Gift Set for Women

Artist Gift Basket

Help her reduce stress, express her creative side and get in touch with her feelings with a fun painting gift.  Our "All I Need is Louvre" painting gift box includes a personalized insulated wine tumbler, “The Joy of Water Color” lesson book, Pearlescent 28 color paint set, 5-pc natural hair paint brush set, softcover cold press watercolor pad, and scrumptious rainbow popcorn.  With the right tools and motivation, it won’t take long for her to start creating her own modern masterpieces she can sell on Etsy.

Paint Gift Set for Her | shadowbreeze.com

2) Best Sweet in the House

Gourmet Snacks Gift Basket

This delicious snack gift box includes sweets from around the world including; cookies from Germany, wafers from Italy, Indonesia and the USA, stropwafels from the Netherlands, much, much more.  A delicious snack gift basket available in three sizes for any budget.

Nut Gift | shadowbreeze.com    

3) Change Your Bling Tone – Jewelry Gift Crate

Jewelry Gift Box

We want to let you in on a little secret.  You may not know it, but women love jewelry.  There is something about a shiny stone or metal that brings a smile to her face.  If you want to be the source of that happiness give her our "Change Your Bling Tone" jewelry gift.  Our gifting experts have hand selected two beautiful sterling silver bolo bracelets and a gorgeous sterling silver necklace that all look amazing together and will look even more amazing on her.  She will also receive a ceramic jewelry dish and a bag of premium berries & cream popcorn.  The only thing you’ll have to worry about with this gift is how high you have risen the gifting bar and what you will give her next to try to top it.

Silver Jewelry Gift | shadowbreeze.com

4) I’m Way Past Tense – Massage Oil Gift

Massage Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

Is it possible to give someone the gift of relaxation?  With our "I’m Way Past Tense" home spa gift box you can do just that.  What she really wants is a massage.  With three types of massage oils (aches & pains, relaxing & sensual) she will be able to choose what type of massage she is in the mood for.  She can also choose from three fragrances of essential oils (lemon, peppermint, and lavender) to put in the cool mist USB diffuser.  Light the three included candles and you have set the perfect mood for a relaxing spa night at home.

Essential Oil Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

5) I Need Some Vitamin Sea – Beach Gift Set

Beach Themed Gift Set | shadowbreeze.com

What is it that we all love about the beach?  Is it the sun, the waves or the sand?  It is more than that.  It is more of a "beach state of mind."  The beach can be fun, social, & relaxing all at the same time.  The key to a great day at the beach is to make sure you have the right supplies.  Our "I Need Some Vitamin Sea" beach gift box will give her just what she needs.  We start with a 55” x 82” portable nylon beach mat which will give her some sand free space.  She can stay hydrated with the personalized water bottle and stay cool with the portable mini fan that plugs directly into her phone.  The flip flop bracelet is a great way to show off her love for the beach.  Lastly, she can throw everything into the large see through mesh beach tote which makes it easy to bring things to the beach and to leave the sand right where it should be: on the beach.  Surprise the beach bum in your life with this fun beach gift for women. 

Beach Gift for Women | shadowbreeze.com

6) My Run and Only – Running Gift for Women

Running Gift Box for Women

Do you know a woman who loves to run?  You most likely do.  In the US alone almost 60 million people run or jog.  It is one of the most popular sports worldwide.  Our "My Run and Only" gift box is the perfect gift for the woman in your life who loves to run.  After she has laced up her shoes, she’ll have everything she needs for a safe, comfortable run.  The lightweight running belt is perfect for her cell phone, credit cards, etc.  The personalized insulated water bottle will keep her water cold no matter how long she decides to run for.  The two ankle or wrist LED straps will keep her visible and safe in all conditions.  Lastly, the microfiber towel will keep her sweat free and comfortable.  Help her find her “runner's high” with this great gift for women who love to run.

Running Gift for Her | shadowbreeze.com

7) Scrub a Dub Dub – Personalized Bath Gift Set

There have been many great inventions over the past few hundred years but two that should be near the top of the list are indoor plumbing and water heaters.  Taking baths 200 years ago was a lot of work and not a lot of fun.  Baths today are a different story.  With our "Scrub a Dub Dub" bath gift set she may never want to get out of the tub.  It all starts with her favorite beverage in her personalized insulated wine tumbler.  The inflatable neck pillow will keep her head comfortable and takes almost no space when the air is released.  Now she will have to choose from three different bath bombs, or she may want to try the pina colada bath salt.  Her skin will love the premium sugar scrub, but the rubber ducky soap may never make it to the bath because it may be too cute to use.  Don’t say we didn’t warn you if she starts spending a lot more time in the bathroom after you give her this great bath gift set.

Bath Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

8) Tweet-hearts Forever – Romance Gift Box

Anniversary Gift Box

There have been some amazing love stories throughout the years.  Romeo and Juliet.  Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.  John and Abigail Adams.  Your love story has one thing that these do not.  Your story is still being written.  When you give her our "Tweet-hearts Forever" love gift box you are going to write an amazing chapter in your love story.  This gift includes “Our Love Story: A Keepsake Journal to Share With the One You Love” hardcover journal, a cute diamond pen, a beautiful ceramic jewelry dish, a yummy heart shaped lollipop, and some delicious berries and cream popcorn.  Hundred of years from now your love story will be included in the all-time greats with this great romantic gift box for her.   

Love Gift Basket for Her | shadowbreeze.com

9) Whey Too Easy – Fitness Gift for Her

Fitness Gift Basket for Her

Exercise and fitness trends have changed over the past 50 years, but one thing has not changed: we have to make ourselves a little uncomfortable today so we feel better tomorrow.  With our "Whey Too Easy" fitness gift crate she’ll have everything she needs to achieve her fitness goals.  Hydration is an important part of exercise and her water will stay ice cold in her personalized insulated water tumbler with built in straw lid.  The 11-pc resistance band set will allow her to exercise at home or on the road while the microfiber towel keeps her sweat free. Once she's done she can indulge in the guilt free protein cookies and roasted nuts.  Fitness never looked as good as it does with this great gift. 

Exercise Gift for Her | shadowbreeze.com

10) Ooh Spa La – Spa and Beauty Gift Box

Spa Gift Set | shadowbreeze.com

Help her look and feel her best with our thoughtful "Ooh Spa La" gift crate.  When she looks good she will feel good, and this spa gift box has everything she needs to look amazing.  This relaxing gift starts with products that will make her next bath the best ever.  With an insulated personalized wine tumbler, a bath bomb, bath salts, sugar scrub and a colorful loofah sponge, she may not ever want to get out of the bath.  When she does finally get out she will want to use the 3 pack of hand and body lotion, three professional animal print nail files, vanilla bean and sugar cuticle revitalizing oil and the high gloss top coat to really pamper her hands and feet.  Finally, the almond lip balm will make her lips soft and very kissable.  Your wife does a lot for you and the family so why not give her the gift of relaxation and beauty with this great spa gift basket.

Exercise Gift for Her | shadowbreeze.com

Gifts for Mom

1) Candle with Care – Candle Gift Set

Candle Warmer Gift Box

Even with all the advancements in technology the past two hundred years, candles have stayed basically the same.  Sure, candles smell better than ever but the process is basically the same.  You light the wick and the candle burns.   Our "Candle With Care" gift box is bringing candles into the 21st century.  The highlight of this gift is the electric candle warmer.   No more matches or flames;  just plug the warmer into the wall and place a candle jar or wax melt in the warmer.  After that just sit back and enjoy the scents.  This gift includes an 18 oz. scented candle, 3 sets of six soy melts (candy apple, cinnamon bun and coconut) and two bags of premium popcorn (sugar cookie and butter pecan).  With no flames this is a great candle option for homes with small kids or for someone who wants to leave warmer running and not have to worry about it.  A beautiful and practical gift for her for the home.

Candle Gift for Her | shadowbreeze.com

2) Too Gouda to Be True

Meat and Cheese Gift Basket

Few things in life compare with the taste of fresh baked bread right out of the oven.  If you have someone on your gift list who loves to bake, our "I Knead This" bread baking gift set is just what she'll want.  While this gift does include some delicious French bread mix the highlight of this gift is all the baking accessories she will use again and again.  With this gift she’ll receive a 3-pc decorative spatula set, 4-pc stainless steel measuring cup set, 4-pc stainless steel measuring spoon set and a silicone baking mat.  She will have everything she needs to bake bread, cookies and other tasty snacks.  This is a baking gift that she will use for years to come and will think of you each time she does. 

Bread Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

3) I Want Some Bloody to Love – Bloody Mary Gift Box

Bloody Mary Gift Basket

We all know that we should eat more vegetables, but none of us really want to do that.  Not to worry.  We have the perfect solution.  Give her our "I Want Some Bloody to Love" gift crate and she’ll get all of the vegetables she wants in a delicious bloody mary.  This gift set includes two personalized bloody mary glasses with her name on them, bloody mary rim salt, bloody mary mix, 2 skull and 2 sword vegetable picks and “The Bloody Mary Book: Reinventing The Classic Cocktail” hardcover book.  This can be the perfect gift for someone who has a tendency to make bad decisions in the evening and good decisions in the morning.  

Bloody Mary Gift Basket for Women | shadowbreeze.com

4) A "Zest" for Life - Lemon Themed Gift Crate

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a lemon themed gift box, it's even better! this fun, tasty and cute lemon themed gift crate is perfect for mom's everywhere. With tasty lemon ginger hot toddy, zesty lemon wafers, lemon cookie thins, dehydrated lemons and a sweet lemon candle to top it all off, she will be excited as can be to receive a thoughtful and cute gift like this. 

Housewarming Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

5) Keep on Procaffeinating – Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Basket for Women | Shadow Breeze

Java, Bug Juice, Rocket Fuel, Dirt, Mud, Bean Juice, Go Juice or Liquid Emergency.  Regardless of what you call it coffee is one of America’s most popular drinks.  Americans consume over 146 billion cups of coffee each year.   If you are shopping for a special woman who can’t drive past a Starbucks without stopping we have the perfect coffee gift for her.  Our "Keep on Procaffeinating" coffee gift crate includes a 20 oz. personalized insulated tumbler with lid, an Irish coffee mug for the home, five packs of coffee from around the world, chocolate covered espresso beans, coffee candy, and Stroopwafels.  There is enough caffeine in this coffee gift for her to keep her going until the next big holiday.

Coffee Gift Crate

6) Mom-umental Celebration – Mother’s Birthstone Bracelet Gift

Mother's Bracelet Gift

When looking for a gift for any mom in your life it doesn’t get any better than our "Mom-umental Celebration" gift crate.  This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift for all moms.  The highlight of this gift box is the sterling silver Mother’s Birthstone Bracelet.  This beautiful bracelet includes a heart on the clasp as well as another heart charm.  You can then select birthstone charms for each of her kids birthdays.  This is a personalized gift that she will cherish.  Of course, there is more to this gift than just the bracelet.  Also included is a personalized wine tumbler, a scented candle, 2-pack of lip balm, and berries and cream premium popcorn.  You are guaranteed to be her favorite kid when you give her this amazing mother’s gift. 

Gift Box for Moms | shadowbreeze.com

7) Love Snack, Baby Love Snack

Savory Snack Gift Box

If she loves savory snacks, she is going to love our "Love Snack, Baby Love snack gift crate.   Packed with various cheeses, meats, crackers, popcorn, dips, nuts and even a few sweet treats to top it all off.    Big enough to share with the family or office.

Pasta Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

8) Too Gouda to Be True – Snack Gift Box for Women

Meat and Cheese Gift

Cookies and other sweet snacks are great but sometimes she wants something more substantial.  Our "Too Gouda to Be True" snack gift crate is just what she'll want.  This gift box includes two types of cheeses, summer sausage, two types of crackers, Chicago mix popcorn, bruschetta artichoke spread and much more.  This is much more than a snack.  It is a meal in a box.  This is a gift you want to give her in person because you know she is going to share this one and you want to be on the receiving end of that offer.  Wow her with this amazing snack gift basket.

Snack Food Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

9) Global Warming – Winter Themed Gift for Her

Hot Chocolate Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Whether you are ready or not, winter is coming.  It's time to start preparing for the cold and snow.  Our "Global Warming" winter survival kit will keep her warm all winter long.  To start she will receive four glass snowflake coffee/hot chocolate mugs.  To fill those mugs we also include a box (15-packs) of Ghirardelli hot chocolate, mini marshmallows, and peppermint chocolate stirring sticks.  To top it all off she will receive a can of creamy hazelnut rolled wafers that are perfect for dipping.  This winter gift box for women makes winter almost bearable and she will love it.

Winter Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

Gifts for Friends

1) Make Pour Decisions

Premium Wine Gift

This premium wine gift is built to impress.   With four handblown double-waled wine glasses, a stylish glass wine decanter, an electric wine opener and a premium wine bottle stopper, this is a gift she will use for years to come.

Cactus Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

2) Spill the Beans

Coffee Gift Basket for Women

A coffee lovers dream, this gift box includes an electric coffee mug warmer to keep her coffer warm all day, a double-walled coffee mug, a 4-pk of sugar free coffee syrups, two flavors of premium coffee, stroopwafels and snickerdoodle cookies.  

Divorce Gift for Her | shadowbreeze.com

3) You Put the Cute in Charcuterie

Charcuterie Gift Basket

This amazing gift for friends includes a teak serving board, wooden charcuterie bowls, charcuterie spreaders and enough crackers, nuts, cheeses, meats, dips and goodies for her to host her first charcuterie party.

Sunshine Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

4) I Hope Ewe Feel Better – Get Well Gift for Women

Get Well Gift Basket for Friends

It is no fun feeling sick but knowing that a friend is thinking of you can make it a little more bearable.  If you have a friend or family member who is sick, recovering from surgery, or just feeling down our "I Hope Ewe Feel Better" get-well gift basket is just what she needs.  The cute lavender lamb Warmie heating pad can be warmed in the microwave and is perfect for those aches and pains.  Help her stay hydrated with the personalized insulated water tumbler.  Her toes will really appreciate the cozy sheep socks, and the tasty rainbow popcorn, gummy bears and mixed nuts will give her a little boost of energy to expedite her recovery.  Let her know how much you care with this creative and cute gift for a woman who is recovering from surgery of who is feeling sick. 

Get Well Gift for Women

5) It’s Sherbet Day – Birthday Gift Box

Birthday Gift for Friends

Help her celebrate her special day with our "It’s Sherbet Day" birthday gift for women.  This inexpensive birthday gift for her is the perfect way to show her how much you appreciate her friendship.  She will love the soy scented candle and can blow it out again and again to make sure her birthday wishes come true.  A relaxing bath may be at the top of her birthday wish list and the birthday cake bath bomb will make it perfect.  The gourmet sugar cookie popcorn and fun birthday cake flavored gum will make her mouth very happy.   She may not be happy that she is a year older but this amazing birthday gift will make it a little easier.

Birthday in a Box for Her | shadowbreeze.com

6) My Life Would Succ Without You – Succulent Gift

Succulent Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

Why send someone flowers that will be dead in a week when you can send them a low maintenance succulent plant gift that will bring them joy for years to come?  Succulents are very popular right now and require very little effort.  A little indirect sunlight and water once a week and you are all set.  Let her know how much she means to you with our "My Life Would Succ Without You" gift box.  In addition to the succulent that will brighten any room she will also receive a personalized insulated water tumbler with built in straw lid, a fun scented travel soy candle and three different flavors of hard candy.  One thing is for sure, this gift doesn’t suck.

Succulent Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com 

7) Pop In Anytime – Popcorn Gift Box

Popcorn Gift Basket

The average American eats 43 quarts of popcorn each year.  That is 14 billion quarts of popcorn consumed in the US each year.  We are willing to pay $8 to $10 for a large tub of popcorn when we go to the movies because we love our popcorn.  If you are looking for a fun snack gift to give to a friend look no further.  Our "Pop In Anytime" gift crate is a popcorn lover’s dream.  With three flavors of gourmet popcorn (blueberry muffin, rainbow, and butter pecan) and ten different kinds of Amish Country popcorn, there is a popcorn for all tastes.  However, that is not all.  Next time she sits down to watch a movie at home she will love using her new silicone collapsible microwave popcorn maker to pop up a bowl of her favorite snack. 

Popcorn Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

8) Sweet Dreams – Cookie Gift Box

Cookie Gift Basket

Only three words are required to describe our "Sweet Dreams" cookie gift basket.  Yummy, Yummy, Yummy!  Okay, maybe we should use a few more words to describe this amazing snack gift.  To start off she will receive seven types of cookies and wafers from around the world.  They include cookies from Sweden, Italy, Holland and here in the USA.  On top of all those great cookies she will be thrilled with the delicious Biscoff cookie butter and premium sugar cookie popcorn.  If you have a cookie lover on your gift list, you can’t go wrong with this scrumptious cookie gift crate.

Cookie Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

9) Tequila Mockingbird – Margarita Gift Set

Margarita Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.  Margaritas are one of the most commonly ordered drinks here in the USA.  Why is that?  We know the blend of tequila, lime and salt can be tasty but it more than that.   Margaritas are a “vacation” drink.  If you can’t get away for a real vacation you can at least enjoy a “drink vacation” with our Tequila Mockingbird drink set.  This gift box includes two personalized margarita glasses, a 3-pc margarita salter set, margarita mix and “Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist” hardcover book.   She’ll love trying these creative margarita recipes the next time she hosts book club or just wants to have a new drink.

Margarita Gift Crate for Her | shadowbreeze.com

10) Just BEE You – Thank You Friend Gift Basket

Honey Gift Box

Friends are a lot like $100 bills, you can never have too many.  Let her know that you appreciate her friendship with our "Just BEE You" honey themed gift box.  To start she will receive two trendy mason jar mugs with gold lids.  She will love the daisy and forget me not grow pots that will allow her to grow her own beautiful flowers.  The Honees drops and gourmet caramel popcorn will satisfy her sweet tooth, and she will love the honey lip balm.  This sweet gift is perfect for all of the sweet friends in your life.

Bee Themed Friend Gift | shadowbreeze.com

Wedding Gifts for The New Bride

1) It Has a Nice Ring to It – Wedding Gift Crate

Romantic Wedding Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

Love is in the air.  Celebrate the new couple’s life together with our "It Has a Nice Ring to It" wedding gift box.  This personalized wedding gift will make the new couple very happy and will be used for years to come.  First, we have two personalized champagne flutes.  Engrave their names, wedding date or other fun text.  The cute Mr/Mrs ring dish is the perfect place to store those new rings when they are not worn.  Finally, the “A Year With You: A Keepsake Journal for Two to Share” hardcover journal with the handcrafted rosewood pen is the perfect way for the new couple to share their feelings and thoughts for the first year of their marriage.  

Personalized Wedding Gift | shadowbreeze.com

2) Let the Fun Be-Gin – Cocktail Gift Box

Cocktail Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

Help the new couple stock their bar with this fun cocktail wedding gift.  Our "Let the Fun Be-GIN" personalized cocktail crate looks and tastes great.  Included in this gift are two personalized cocktail glasses, a 3-pc stainless steel cocktail shaker, Cosmopolitan martini mix and “The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Hand-Crafted Drinks” hardcover book.  This exciting drink gift is great for hosting friends or for an intimate date night.   Remember, shaken, not stirred!

Drink Set Gift for Women | shadowbreeze.com

3) Cheese the Day – Personalized Wine and Cheese Gift

Wine and Cheese Gift Box

Did you know that cheese is the most stolen food item?  That shouldn’t surprise you because everyone loves cheese.  If you love cheese you will really love our “Cheese the Day” wine and cheese gift box.  This wedding or housewarming gift is packed with fun, personalized items for the home.  To start there is a personalized bamboo cutting board along with a 4-pc bamboo cheese knife set.   It will be easy to use the new cheese knives with the crackers and two types of cheese included in this gift.  Also included are two personalized stemless wine glasses and an amazing 12” x 12” slate serving tray.  This gift is perfect for the couple who loves to entertain at home.

Cheese Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

4) Heart of the Home

Home Chef Gift | Shadow Breeze

What is your jam?  We’re not talking about your favorite song, we want to know what is your favorite flavor of jam?  Whatever you answered that will probably change after you get a hold of our "That’s My Jam" gift box.  Artisan jams and jellies are very popular right now.  This gift includes three flavors of jam to sample.   Will Pineapple & Mango be your favorite?   Maybe the Golden Peach or Wild Blueberry will top the list.  Whichever you like best, all three flavors will  taste great on the fresh baked French bread included in the gift.  Serve that bread on the personalized bamboo cutting board with the wooden jam spoons.   

Jam Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

5) Wife of the Party – Bridal Shower Gift Box

Bridal Shower Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

It’s her special day so help her celebrate it with style.  If you are looking for the perfect bridal shower or bachelorette party gift, look no further.  Our "Wife of the Party" gift box is full of fun items for the bride-to-be.   Her favorite gift from this box is likely to be the sterling silver necklace with the wedding ring and heart charms; something she will want to wear even after the big day.  The personalized insulated wine tumbler will be a big hit at the bridal shower.  The “Bride” cosmetic bag has plenty of room for all of the make-up and other beauty products she will need for her big day.  To top off the gift there is a “Bride" sash and tiara to let everyone know this is her day.  This creative and fun bride-to-be gift will be the hit of the party.

Bachelorette Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

6) You Herb it Here First – Spice Housewarming Gift

Herbs and Spices Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

Everyone needs a little spice in their lives.  If you are looking for a fun, creative wedding gift or housewarming gift our "You Herb it Here First" spice gift box is just what you want.  With 3 spices from Hungary and 3 spice blends from Germany, their food will never be bland.  In additional to the high quality spices they will receive an impressive 4” marble mortar and pestle set.  Perfect for grinding your own spices and nuts or for making a pesto.  They will also receive two herb grow pots (basil and cilantro) so they can grow their own.  While she is waiting for her herbs to grow, they can enjoy the premium caramel popcorn.  The new couple will be grateful for the spice you bring to their marriage.

Spice Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

7) “I Do” Crew – Bridesmaid Gift Box

Brides Maid Gift Box

Your big day is coming and you need your posse near your side to help you prepare.  While you are the star it is still important for your bridesmaids to look their best for the wedding.  You also want to give them a fun gift to show them how much appreciate their friendship.  You can do both things with our "I Do Crew" bridesmaid gift box.  With these fun gift crates each of your bridesmaids will receive her own personalized champagne tumbler which will quickly get some use at the bachelorette party.  She will also receive a silver compact mirror for her handbag and some tasty sugar cookie popcorn.  Add in a cute pink scrunchie and grapefruit & Honey lip balm, she'll have everything she needs for a night of fun prior to the wedding.  This bridesmaid gift box is so much fun you might almost regret that you are the one getting married.  Well, maybe not.

Bride's Maid Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

Gifts for the New Mom

1) Relax

Spa Basket

Having a baby is a big deal.   No more sleeping through the night, no more impromptu weekend getaways or date nights.   Your two-seater sports car will quickly transform into a mid-sized SUV and any discretionary income you had is now earmarked for a 529 plan.  Help make the transition to motherhood fun and exciting with our "Relax" spa gift.   This relaxing baby shower gift will be the hit of the party and she is going to love it.   

Mom To Be Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

2) Pacify Her – New Baby Girl Gift

Baby Girl Gift Box

What could be better than a beautiful new baby girl?  How about a new baby girl wearing items from our "Pacify Her" new baby gift box.  If you are looking for an inexpensive baby shower gift for a new mom having a baby girl, you will want to keep reading.  This gift crate includes cute pink, black and white moccasins, eight trendy pink, black and white baby bibs, two pacifier clips and a pacifier case.  Surprise the mom to be with this cute baby girl gift.

Bridal Shower Gift | shadowbreeze.com

3) Running Out of Womb – New Baby Boy Gift

Baby Boy Gift Box

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails, that’s what little boys are made of.  If you are looking for a great baby shower gift for a friend or loved one expecting a new baby boy our "Running Out of Womb" gift box for a new baby boy is just what you are looking for.  She won’t have to worry about finding a bib when she needs one since this gift includes eight black, white and blue bibs.  Also included are two pacifier clips, a pacifier case, and cute black and white striped moccasins.  Her little man is going to be in style everywhere he goes when you give her this fun gift.

Mom To Be Gift | shadowbreeze.com

4) Treat Yourself – Food Gift Crate

Teat Git Box

Wow, our "Treat Yourself" snack gift crate includes a lot of tasty snacks.  Don’t worry, she is eating for two so she will love it.  You might not think a snack gift makes a great baby shower gift but you would be wrong.  Everyone loves a delicious snack and that is exactly what she will get with this gift box.  Included is this gift is two bags of gourmet popcorn (Chicago mix & sugar cookie) Quickbury assorted cookies, stroopwafels, roasted mixed nuts, trail mix, hard candy, and scrumptious gummy bears.  She will need plenty of energy to take care of the new baby and this calorie packed gift crate has just what she needs.

Food Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

Gifts for Teenage Girls

1) A Little Sketchy – Gift for Women Artists

Artist Gift Box

When is the last time your daughter, niece or granddaughter put down her cell phone to practice another hobby?  You probably can’t remember.  If you want to see her put down her phone and work on her creativity skills, you need to get her our "A Little Sketchy” drawing gift for women.  Snapchat images come and go but the drawings she makes will be kept up on her walls for months to come.  This artist gift box for women includes a drawing/sketching set with way too many items to mention here, a set of 12 premium color pencils, a hardcover sketch book, softcover sketch pad, and an adult coloring book to help get the creative juices flowing.  Whether she loves to draw or just looking to start a new hobby this a great creative gift for teenage girls.

Gift Box for Teenage Girl Whop Loves to Draw | shadowbreeze.com

2) All Dressed Up & I Know Where to Go – Dress Up Gift Box

Jewelry Gift Box

Teenage girls love to dress up and go out with friends.  Our "All Dressed Up & I Know Where to Go" gift box will give her everything she needs to do just that.  This girl’s night out gift box includes a beautiful sterling silver circle necklace and a double stranded bracelet that can be worn with everything from dressy to casual.  Also included in this gift is a silver compact make-up mirror, two pack of lip balm and a perfume atomizer which allows her to carry her favorite perfume without the bulk of the full bottle.   She will be the envy of her friends with this exciting necklace and bracelet gift.

Dress Up Gift for Teenage Girls | shadowbreeze.com

3) Heart Attack – Heart Jewelry Gift

Valentine's Day Gift Box

Love is in the air with our "Heart Attack" heart jewelry gift set.  This gift box includes a matching sideways heart sterling silver necklace and bracelet.  This versatile jewelry is something that she can wear to school, work or when hanging out with friends.  When she is not wearing the necklace and bracelet she can store them in the included ceramic jewelry dish.  Also included in this gift is a personalized insulated tumbler that will make her the envy of all of her friends.  Lastly, this gift includes a large heart lollipop and premium sugar cookie popcorn.  Show her how much you love her with this beautiful jewelry gift.

Heart Themed Jewelry Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

4) I Need My Net-FIX – Movie Lover Gift Box

Movie Lover Gift Box

I’m not telling you anything that you don’t already know when I tell you that teenage girls love their cell phones.  One of the most popular activities on those smart phones is streaming services such a Netflix and Hulu.  I’m not sure if binge watching your favorite show counts as a hobby but it can be a great way to relax and unwind.  Our "I Need My Net-FIX" binge watching gift box gives her everything she wants for a relaxing weekend at home.  We start things off with a personalized insulated tumbler with her name engraved on it.  It will keep her favorite beverage cold for hours.  The fleece blanket will keep her comfortable and cozy when she while she watches late into the night.  Teenagers don’t want to watch on a TV.  They prefer to stream shows to their phones but it is a pain to hold the phone up which is why this gift includes a phone/tablet stand.  The last thing she needs for a perfect movie note is some delicious snacks.  That is why we include three types of premium popcorn (blueberry muffin, butter pecan, and rainbow) as well as some tasty gummy bears.  

Binge Watching Gift for Teenage Girls | shadowbreeze.com

5) I Think You’re Marble-ous – Marble Jewelry Gift

Marble Jewelry Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com

From the Kardashians to pop singers and actresses, teenagers are bombarded with celebrities everywhere they turn.  Each celebrity has her own style and look and the same is true for your teenage daughter, niece or granddaughter.  One thing that all of these looks have in common is flair.  Our "I Think You’re Marble-ous" gift crate has just the right amount of flair and pizzazz.  This fashion gift starts with marble earrings and a marble necklace.  This fashionable jewelry will be the talk of her friends but it is only the start.  This gift also includes a simulated leather marble clutch and over-sized marbled sunglasses to help her hide from the paparazzi.  She may not be a movie start yet but she will look like one with this fun fashion gift for women.

Jewelry Gift for Teenage Girls | shadowbreeze.com

6) Nailed It – Manicure Gift Box

Manicure Gift Set

Her hands do a lot for her.  They allow her to text friends, eat sushi with chopsticks, surf the web, scratch that itch, apply make-up and millions of other wonderful things.  But, if you had to pick the most important job for her hands what would it be?  The correct answer is, they give her a platform to show off her awesome nails.  Our "Nailed It" manicure gift box gives her everything she needs for beautiful, amazing nails.  This gift includes a personalized insulated tumbler to keep her drink cold while she works on her nails, a 10-pc stainless steel manicure set, 3 animal print nail files, 3 pink buff blocks, 12 cuticle sticks, 3 types of lotion, cuticle oil, 4-way buffer file, high gloss top coat and a clear waterproof bag to store everything.  This is a fun gift for a teenage girl who loves to take care of her nails.

Beauty Gift for Teen Girls | shadowbreeze.com

7) Night Writer – Leather Journal Gift Crate

Leather Journal Gift | Shadow Breeze

Between Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media platforms young women have a lot of ways to express their thoughts and opinions.  However, where does she record her most personal thoughts and aspirations?  Those things needs to be written down.  Our "Night Writer" premium leather journal gift is the perfect place to record all her private thoughts.  This journal is hand crafted from top grain leather and is an amazing gift all by itself.  However, we are just getting started.  This writers gift box also includes a cute diamond pen, 12-pc fine line colored drawing pens, and gourmet caramel popcorn.  Personalize her journal gift by engraving her name or other text right into the journal.

Diary Gift for Teenage Girls | shadowbreeze.com

9) What a Tool – Tool Set Gift for Women

Pink Tool Set

You can’t surf through the cables channels at night without coming across a few home improvement or home flipping shows such as Love It or List It, Flip or Flop or Fixer Upper.  Home repair and decorating shows are very popular.  Giving the teenage girl in your life the tools and skills she needs to handle basic home repairs will benefit her for her whole life.  Our "What a Tool" gift set for women includes everything a young girl might need to do it herself.  The highlight of this gift is the 39-piece tool set which includes a screwdriver, a hammer, pliers, scissors, and much, much more.  This fun gift also temporarily includes a drywall repair kit, a picture hanging kit, duct tape, a hot glue gun, a magnetic wristband, and a magnetic level.  A practical and exciting tool gift for teenage girls. 

Tool Gift for Women | shadowbreeze.com

Gifts for Tween Girls

1) Call me a Toe Truck – Beauty Gift for Girls

Pedicure Gift Basket

You are probably aware of the four main seasons; spring, summer, autumn and winter.  What you may not be as familiar with is “sandal season.”  For many women sandal season starts as soon as the snow has melted and runs until it begins to fall late in the year.  One of the requirements to participate in sandal season is amazing toes.  Specifically, beautiful toenails are a must.  Our "Call Me a Toe Truck" pedicure gift box will keep her feet in “sandal shape” all year long.  This fun and practical gift crate includes a personalized insulated tumbler for her favorite beverage, a 10-pc stainless steel pedicure kit, a pedicure wand, cuticle revitalizing oil, sloughing lotion, high gloss top coat, 12 cuticle sticks, 3 professional animal print nail files, a pumice pad and a clear waterproof bag to store everything.  Her feet are going to love you for this great pedicure gift box for women.

Pedicure Gift for Tween Girls | shadowbreeze.com


Gifts for Grandma

1) Weed it and Reap – Gardening Gift Crate

Do you know someone with a green thumb?   Does she like to get her hands dirty and grow her own vegetables and flowers?    IS so, we have the perfect gardening gift box for her.   Our Weed It and Reap gift crate for the woman who loves to garden will have her gardening in style.   She’ll love the personalized insulated water tumbler that will keep her drink hot or cold all day, even in the sun.  To get at those pesky weeds she can use the 5-pc garden tool set which includes a trowel, transport trowel, weeding fork, cultivator and stylish canvas tote.   To get her started on the garden we have also included two mini flower grow pots that will have her growing her own daisies and forget me nots in no time at all.   Lastly she’ll be impressed with the sterling silver shovel charm necklace that makes gardening look good.

Gardening Gift Crate | shadowbreeze.com

Gifts for Coworkers

1) Ale Always Love You – Beer Gift Box for Women

Beer Gift for Women

We know that men like beer but do women like beer as well?  Of course they do.    We all know that beer is great when grilling, tailgating, partying with friends or just relaxing after a long day.   What you may not know that beer items make a great gift for women as well.   Our Ale Always Love You beer gift box for women will have her chugging in no time flat.   Included in this beer gift basket for her are two personalized pilsner glasses, four personalized cork coasters, a set of plastic cups and colored ping pong balls for a riveting game of beer pong, a can of popular beet nuts and “Drink Beer Think Beer: Getting to the Bottom of Every Pint” hardcover book.  Help her pop open a cold one in style with this fun beer gift crate for women.

Beer Lover Gift for Women | shadowbreeze.com

2) Best Sweet in the House – Snack Gift Basket

Large Gift Basket

There are several reasons to give a snack gift crate to a co-worker.    The best reason is that she will likely share it with you.  Our Best Sweet in the House gift crate has enough tasty snacks to feed the whole office.   With a little something for everyone this gift box includes three types of wafers (lemon, caramel and rolled hazelnut), Preferiti assorted cookies, butter toffee pretzels, gummy bears, both butter pecan and blue raspberry gourmet popcorn, caramel sauce, Claeys lemon drops and two types of coffee (heavenly hazelnut & French vanilla).  This snack gift crate for the office is guaranteed to get you through the afternoon.

Snack Gift Crate for Her | shadowbreeze.com

3) I’m on Tapas The World – Hostess Gift

Hostess Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

If you have been invited to a holiday party at a co-workers house and are looking for a great hostess gift, look no further than our I’m on Tapas the World gift box.   This is an amazing gift for the woman who loves to entertain and host dinner parties.   This beautiful and practical gift for the kitchen includes a 12” x 12” slate serving tray, four 6.5” x 4.5” slate tapas plates, four dipped appetizer picks and a Tapas hardcover recipe book full of dishes she’ll be dying to try.     This is an amazing housewarming gift box or gift for someone who has invited you to a dinner party.   You are almost guaranteed another invitation to a Tapas tasting party.

Tapas Gift | shadowbreeze.com

4) Love Snack Baby, Love Snack – Premium Snack Gift Basket

Large Savory Snacks Gift Box

Party like it is 1989 with the extra-large snack gift crate for the home or office.   This snack box has a little bit of everything, so she is guaranteed to find something she loves.    This food gift basket includes three types of cheese (smoked gouda, smoked provolone & Wisconsin cheddar), summer sausage, Chicago mix popcorn, Tarallini snacks, two types of crackers (cream crackers and water crackers), bruschetta artichoke spread, two types of jams (strawberry-tarragon & pisco pear) beer nuts, roasted mixed nuts, trail mix, roasted almonds, honey peanuts and half popped cheddar popcorn.   Wow, that is a lot of food.  Hopefully she wore her stretchy pants.

Deluxe Snack Gift Basket | shadowbreeze.com

5) My Inner Tranquili-TEA – Tea Gift Basket for Her

Tea is perhaps the most popular drink in the world.  Two billion people around the world start their day with a cup of tea.   IF you have a tea lover on your gift list, she will love our My Inner Tranquili-TEA gift box.  To start off we will send her a personalized 20 oz. insulated tumbler, with her name engraved on it, so she can take her tea on the road.   For the home we will also include a large glass tea mug.   Then there is the tea.    We will send a box of herbal teas (11 flavors in total) plus a box of Earl Gray and a box of premium Green tea.    Her tea needs will be taken care of for quite some time.   We also include a tempered glass tea pot with a built-in infuser, 20 honey sticks, a cute tea bag squeezer and a bag of green tea candy.    Everything she could possibly want has been included in this fun tea basket for women.

Tea Gift Crate for Women | shadowbreeze.com

6) You Grow Girl – Succulents Gift Crate

Succulent Gift Box

Does her office, cubicle or desk need some beauty and fun?   If so our You Grow Girl succulent gift crate is what she needs.   The low maintenance, living plants will brighten any room or work space.    Worried about the work involved with the plants?   No need to.   The plants only need some indirect sunlight and a little water every 7 to 10 days.    That’s it.   They practically take care of themselves.    Succulents are very popular right now and we are including four 4” succulents in each gift box.    These 4” succulents are 2x the size of most succulent gift boxes.    She’ll have enough for the office and home.   You’ll want to be there when she opens this succulent gift because she will be grinning from ear to ear. 

Succulent Gift for Friend

Gifts for Teachers

1) SheEO – Office Gift for Women

Office Gift for Her

She spends a lot of time at her desk, either in the office or at home, so why not make it as comfortable as possible?   Our stylish SheEO gift crate will do just that.  She will stand out from her co-workers with her personalized insulated tumbler.    As an added benefit will keep her coffee warm or her water cold all day long.   In case someone has forgotten her name, she will also receive a personalized clear acrylic name plate.   The three jar set of gold clips and pins will add a touch of flair to her office or desk as will the mini gold and polka dot clipboard.   She will be writing in style with here new diamond pen and can pause for a brief afternoon break to enjoy the berries and cream gourmet popcorn.   This is a great corporate gift for women. 

Office Gift for Woman | shadowbreeze.com

3) You Are the Pineapple of My Eye – Pina Colada Gift Set for Women

Pina Colada Gift Basket

Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama.  Would she love a vacation to the islands?  I’m sure she would but that may not fit into your budget.    Why not bring a taste of the islands to her instead?  Our You’re the Pineapple of My Eye pina colada gift box will leave her taste buds very happy.   She’ll almost be able to feel the warm sun on her face when she drinks from her two personalized pina colada glasses.   Also included is pina colada mix, a pina colada journal, two pina colada suckers and a box of 144 paper umbrellas.   Who wouldn’t love to receive this scrumptious drink gift box?

Pina Colada GIft Box for Women | shadowbreeze.com 

4) You’re a Gem – Thank You Gift

Personalized Thank You Gift Box

Who do you know that deserves a thank you gift box?   A friend, co-worker, neighbor or family member?   When someone has gone above and beyond for you tell them thank you with our You’re a Gem thank you gift crate.  Imagine how surprised she will be when she opens her gift and sees her name engraved into a personalized insulated water tumbler.   That alone is a great gift, but we did not stop there.   She will also received a scented travel candle, a cute diamond pen, two bags of gourmet popcorn (coconut macadamia and Chicago mix) and a bag of roasted mixed nuts.  There will be no doubt in her mind how grateful you are with this inexpensive thank you gift for women.

Thank You Friend Gift Box | shadowbreeze.com


Complete Guide to Women’s Gifts

If you have made it this far let me first say congratulations.  This comprehensive gift guide for women contains a gift for every woman in your life.   Regardless of which gift you give her from this list she is guaranteed to love it.  In fact, with our Easy Breezy Guarantee if she doesn’t love her gift we will make it right.  Giving gifts to women should be easy and fun and that is our mission here at Shadow Breeze

Once you have selected the perfect gift you have one more step.   You’ll need to select the perfect gift packaging.    We have six premium gift packaging options for you to choose from.

Shadow Breeze Mailer Box

This impressive looking black mailer box with silver text is eye catching. Since you gift ships directly in this box you she will be very excited when she sees this box sitting on her porch or on the kitchen table.  On the outside of the box is printed  “Shadow Breeze - We Make Gifting a Breeze”  On the inside of the lid you will see “There are Over 7 billion people on the earth and at least one thinks You Are Amazing.”  This is not a box that is meant to be kept after she opens the gift, but it does a great job with it’s two-fold mission of looking good and getting her amazing gift to her safely.

Decorative Keepsake Box

This black rigid keepsake box is amazing. It ships in a cardboard box to keep it safe during shipping.   The box is wrapped in a silver silk ribbon.   When she removes the lid she will see a giant crystal diamond keepsake with your engraved personal message.   The diamond is sitting on a black velvet tray so it looks just like a giant engagement ring box.  Both the diamond and tray are easily removed so give her access to her amazing gift.  This custom gift packaging is going to wow her.

Premium Pine Gift Crate

This beautiful pine keepsake crate is extremely popular. This handcrafted wooden crate is something she will keep and use as home décor or to store items around the house.   To make this packaging option even better you can engrave her name or favorite saying into the lid of the crate.   This crate ships in a cardboard box and she will be blown away when she opens this gift.

Sealed Gift Crate

If you are looking for the ultimate fun gift opening experience you will want to select this option. We carefully pack her gift in a wooden crate and then seal the crate with nails and glue.   We put the crate and a pry-bar into a cardboard box for shipping.  When she receives this crate she will have to use the pry bar to open the crate.   It can be a lot of fun to watch her work to open the crate so get your phone ready because you will want to post this to her social media accounts.  This is an amazing gifting experience. 

Black & White Round Gift Boxes

This stunning and classic gift packaging option is built to impress. Choose between a black or white round hat box and top it off with a stunning silk ribbon. This gift will have her falling head-over-heels.

Hand-Woven Seagrass Gift Box

This contemporary and beautiful gift box will impress and be a wonderful keepsake for years to come. This handwoven seagrass basket creates a stunning presentation, and an even more beautiful keepsake that she will proudly display in her home.


If you have ideas for new gift crates or other feedback on this ultimate gift guide for women we would love to hear about it in the comment section of our popular gift blog below.

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