With coronavirus cases on the rise again in many locations as states start to open up it is likely that someone you know has already tested positive or will test positive in the coming weeks or months. Even if you don't know anyone with COVID-19, you still have friends who are having surgeries, having babies, getting sick with other illnesses, or may just need a pick up for other reasons.

When a friend, girlfriend, wife, mother, co-worker or other important woman in your life is feeling ill or recovering from a stay in the hospital, a thoughtful get well gift basket for women can be a great way to let her know you are thinking of her when you can't be there in person. A get well soon care package is the perfect way to boost her spirits and is just what the doctor ordered.


Get Well Gifts for Women

Get well soon gift baskets have been around for decades. They might include items such as snacks, flowers or stuffed animals. Shadow Breeze has taken the concept of the get well gift basket and updated it for 2023 and the unique challenges related to COVID-19. While each one of these gifts make great coronavirus care packages, they are also great for other illnesses and surgeries as well. When you pick one of these best selling get well gifts for her you will be sending a get well package that she'll love and that you will be proud to give.


Top 14 Best Selling Get Well Gift Baskets for Her

1. A Little Encourage-Mint - Get Well Gift Box for Her

Get Well Gift for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

This gift crate is packed with items that will help someone who is recovering from an illness or a surgery. To start we include an insulated water tumbler with a built in straw lid that can be engraved with her name to personalize the gift for her. Choose from four different colors of tumbler. Also included are cozy non-slip socks, a soy sugar cookie scented candle in travel tin with lid, a nit beanie to keep her head warm, a light weight pashmina which can be used as a scarf or head covering, satin eye shades to help sleep in bright rooms, Queasy Drops to help with nausea, peppermint tea and ginger cookies to help with upset stomach and lastly a New York Times Crosswords puzzle book to help keep boredom at bay.

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2. Sorry You Feel So Waffle - Covid Recovery Gift

Covid Recover Gift | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

This gift crate is packed with items that will help someone who is recovering from COVID. The Claey's Old Fashion lemon drops and Honees real honey drops will help with coughs and sore throats. The personalized insulated tumbler will keep drinks cold/warm and the cell phone stand makes it easy to stream your favorite shows from the comfort of your bed or couch. Also included is a box of peppermint tea, Kleenex tissues, tasty stroopwafels and an adult coloring book and colored pencils.

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3. I Hope You're Back on Your Feet Soon - Get Well Soon Package

Premium Get Well Gift Basket for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

A premium get well gift for women. This gift features Warmies branded slippers which can microwaved to keep her feet warm on those cold nights. The essential oil diffuser and 3-pk of quality essential oils will help crate a comfortable room to aid in rest and recovery. The Claey's Old Fashion lemon drops and Honees real honey drops will help with coughs and sore throats. The personalized insulated water tumbler will help her stay hydrated. Also included is a box of Kleenex tissues.

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4. I Hope EWE Feel Better - Lamb Themed Get Well Gift for Women

What's Included in the Gift:

If you are looking for an inexpensive yet cute get well gift basket, look no further. This fun lamb themed gift box featured a Warmies lamb heating pad for aches and pains or to just snuggle up with. This lamb can be microwaved to quickly heart it up and is filled with treated grains and lavender flowers for a soothing scent. If heat is not what you are looking for it can also be put in the freezer to make a stylish ice pack. Also included with this gift are cozy lamb socks, a personalized insulated tumbler with her name engraved, mixed nuts, gummy bears and rainbow (fruit flavored) popcorn that will brighten her day.

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5. Just BEE You - Honey Themed Get Well Gift Box

Honey Get Well Gift | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

Honey can be great for a sore throat, in tea or even on toast. This gift includes a 17.6 ounce Jar of Breitsamer Golden Selection Raw Honey imported from Germany. In addition you will find two mason jay style mugs with cute gold lids, Honees drops with real honey in each drop (perfect for colds and sore throats), smooth honey flavored lip balm for chapped lips, delicious caramel popcorn and daisy grow pot which will allow her to easily grow her own flowers. Past customers are "Buzzing" about this fun gift.

Get Well Gift Boxes for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

6. Girls Just Want to Have Sun - Sunshine Themed Gift Box

What's Included in the Gift:

When she is not feeling her best and is stuck at home or in the hospital, what she really craves is a little sunshine. She may not be able to get outside right now but you can bring the sunshine to her. This fun get well gift for her will please all of her senses. To start she will receive a "You are My Sunshine" lemon scented candle, Claey's Old Fashion lemon drops, three Twisty Pops (lemon flavored), Lemon flavored EOS lip balm and rainbow (fruit flavored) gourmet popcorn.

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7. My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Gift Box

Succulent Get Well Gift for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

Succulents are all the rage right now and it is easy to see why. The low maintenance plants thrive with little water and indirect sunlight. They brighten any room. This fun gift includes a large 4" succulent in a ceramic planter with bamboo drip tray. Just water the plant every 10 days or so and give it a little indirect sunlight and watch it thrive. This gift also includes other fun "suck" gifts such as three bags of Claeys' old fashion hard candy (yummy) and a personalized insulated water tumbler (engrave her name) as well as a sugar cookie scented soy travel candle. This is a gift that she will use again and again.

Personalized Succulent Gift Basket | Shadowbreeze.com

8. I need My Net-Fix - Streaming Gift Basket

What's Included in the Gift:

While she is recovering at home or in the hospital you can be assured that she is streaming her favorite shows to help pass the time. With this fun Netflix themed get well gift basket you can help her do that in style. In addition to the personalized insulated water tumbler this gift also includes a cell phone/tablet stand to make it easy to watch shows, a large blanket to cozy up with while watching their favorite movie, three bags of flavored popcorn (everyone loves popcorn when watching movies), mixed roasted nuts and a bag of tasty gummy bears. She might like this gift so much that she may want to take her time getting better and heading back to work.

Movie Lover Gift for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

9. Sweet Dreams - Cookie Gift Basket

What's Included in the Gift:

Study's show that cookies can speed up the recovery time by 50%. Okay, that may not be true but it sure makes it feel that way. This fun cookie themed gift basket includes a variety of cookies from around the world. She may not feel up to traveling so bring the cookies she loves to her. This gift includes a large back of assorted classic cookies (imported from Germany), two bags of delicious flavored wafers (popular flavors imported from Austria), Mini Stroop Wafels (imported from Holland), Swedish Ginger Thins, rolled wafer from right here in the USA, both Lemon and Cookie and Cream bites (imported from Indonesia), delicious cookie butter (imported from Belgium) and tasty sugar cookie flavored popcorn. This gift will make her mouth water just looking at it.

Cookie Lover Gift | Shadowbreeze.com

10. All I need is Louvre - Watercolor Gift Basket for Women

What's Included in the Gift:

One of the hardest things about being sick is the boredom and monotony. Instead of just sitting in front of the TV why not help her develop a new talent with this fun watercolor get well gift basket. To start we include a personalized wine tumbler that she can fill with her favorite beverage. Now that she is properly hydrated the creative juices can flow with the 28 color watercolor set, 5-pc natural hair paint brushes, softcover watercolor pad for her to fill with her masterpieces, a cute "artist" bracelet and a bag of colorful rainbow (fruit flavored) gourmet popcorn to giver her the energy she'll need to paint the day away. Of course we include a watercolor instruction book with all the lessons she needs to prepare her for a new career in the arts.

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11. You Grow Girl - Premium Succulent Gift for Her

Premium Succulent Gifts | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

Don't send flowers that will wilt and die before she starts to feel better. Instead, send a floral gift that she will enjoy for months or years to come and will remember your thoughtfulness each time she sees these beautiful succulent plants. This gift includes four large 4" succulents (varieties will vary) planted in four white ceramic pots that will look great with any decor. These beautiful plants will become the focal point of any room and need very little care to thrive. These plants and pots ship in a beautiful wooden crate that can be engraved with her name or other text to personalize the gift just for her. This beautiful keepsake pine crate is perfect for home decor or storage after she removes the plants.

Succulent Gift Box

12. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Basket

Bath Get Well Gift for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

What could be better than a relaxing bath to sooth sore muscles and help clear congested sinuses. With this very popular bath gift basket she will have everything she needs to pass the day in the bath. To being we include a personalized wine tumbler with lid that makes it easy to bring your favorite beverage to the bathtub. She will then have to choose from three large fizzy bath bombs which included with the gift. Or perhaps she will try the pina colada scented bath crystals. The premium sugar scrub and rubber ducky soap will help her stay clean and the inflatable bath pillow will keep her head and neck in comfort for as long as the water stays warm.

Bath Gift Set for Her | Shadowbreeze.com

13. Indulge Yo' Self - Spa Day at Home Gift Basket

Home Spa Gift Basket for Women | Shadowbreeze.com

What's Included in the Gift:

A little pampering can go a long way to help her down the path of recovery. She'll love every item in this trendy artisan spa gift crate. Available in two different scents this spa gift basket includes nourishing and reviving body oil, calming and relaxing bath salts, gentle exfoliating clay facial mask, moisturizing soap, a shower steamer, a large bath bomb, smooth lip balm and a soft loofah sponge. These fun items will provide many at home "spa days" that leave her feeling rejuvenated and looking her best.

Spa Gift Set | Shadowbreeze.com

14. Too Gouda to Be True - Meet & Cheese Gift Basket

What's Included in the Gift:

When sweets and cookies are just not enough it's time to bring some serious heft to her recovery snacking. This meet and cheese gift basket is the perfect blend of carbs and protein that her body is craving. This gift includes two flavors of delicious smoked cheeses, water crackers, sesame crackers, Italian bruschetta toast (imported from Italy), a large summer sausage, bruscheta artichoke spread, olive spread and a bag of Chicago mix popcorn. There are enough calories in this gift basket to keep her going for several days.

Snack Gift Crate | Shadowbreeze.com

Creative Get Well Gift Baskets that Don't Include Baskets

While the term "gift basket" means many things to many people, you won't find any actual baskets here at Shadow Breeze. We pack all of our gift sets in beautiful, custom gift packaging that is sure to impress and won't be thrown out as soon as the gift is open. Our get well soon gifts ship in personalized wooden pine crates (that make great storage or home decor after the gift is opened), sealed wooden crates that have to be opened with the included pry bar (a super fun opening experience), a black box designed to look like a big ring box with a 5" personalized diamond keepsake (a Shadow Breeze exclusive) or a black gift box with silver printing (a timeless classic.).

We believe the way that the gift is presented is as important as the gift itself. That is why each of our Shadow Breeze gifts are prepared to perfection with a personalized greeting card, a charity donation (the recipient gets to choose the charity), premium packaging material and free shipping. These are gifts that you are proud to give.

Over 100 Gift Baskets to Choose From

While we have listed some of our top sellers in this article we actually have more than 100 unique and fun gift boxes designed specifically for women. We have everything from jewelry to snacks, from hobbies to drink sets and everything in between. You are sure to find the perfect gift for the women in your life so visit Shadow Breeze today and take the first step to become a gifting genius

Don't see exactly what you want? DIY get well soon gifts are easy with our build your own box app. Pick from hundreds of items including chicken noodle soup, blankets, bath bombs, treats and more. Your care package will contain exactly what you want and nothing you don't.

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