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Get Well Soon Gifts for Women

Giving a get well gift to a woman who is sick or who just had surgery is a great way to show her how much you care. Get well presents can be just the thing she needs to raise her spirits and help her on the path to recovery. Selecting the best get well soon gift for her should be easy and fun. Laughter is the best medicine, so you may want to consider a funny gift that will make her laugh. Perhaps she would like cute and cuddly gift that she can snuggle with while she recovers. Or maybe a snack gift with plenty of tasty treats to munch on. With all these choices it can be hard to pick a gift that will "wow" her and will show her how much you care. 

We have compiled some of the best go-to gifts for women who may need a little pick-me-up. From creative spa gift boxes, soft blankets, cute plants, and more, we have the best gift ideas for a woman who is not feeling well. You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts and she will be grateful to know you are thinking of her.  

Top 18 Get Well Soon Gift Baskets for Her 

1. I Hope EWE Feel Better (A Cute Lamb Heating Pad Get Well Soon Gift Box)

2. Sorry You Feel So Waffle (A Quarantine Survival Kit)

3. A Little Encourage-Mint (A Complete Get Well Soon Gift)

4. My Life Would Succ Without You (Succulent Themed Gift Box)

5. Deep Cleansing Face Mask (A Cleansing Gift for Her)

6. I Am Way Past Tense (A Relaxation Gift for Her)

7. I Need My Net-FIX (A Movie Lovers Gift)

8. Things Might Be Crummy but You're One Tough Cookie (Cookie Get Well Gift)

9. Scrub a Dub Dub (Bath Gift Set)

10. My Inner Tranquili-TEA (A Soothing Tea Gift for Her)

11. I Hope You're Back on Your Feet Soon (A Personalized Gift for Her)

12. I Think You're Soup-er (A Soup Themed Get Well Gift Box)

13. Relax (A Relaxing Spa and Bath Gift Basket)

14.You Make Me Blush (Cute Get Well Gift Box)

15. A-REST Warrant (Get Well Gift Box with Blanket)

16. Best Sweet in the House (Treats from Around the World)

17. Tea-licious Tea Gift (Herbal Tea Gift)

18. Build Your Own Gift Box (You pick the Packaging and Gift Contents)


1. I Hope Ewe Feel Better - Warmies Lamb Get Well Gift

When you are sick all you want to do is cuddle up in bed, watch movies, and sleep it off.  None of us are immune to the desire to never leave our bedrooms or houses when we are sick. This gift will help your loved one to remain in bed for as long as possible (and trust me, that’s all that they really want to do). With a water bottle to keep her hydrated, a microwavable lamb heating pad to keep her comfortabledelicious snacks, and more, you are giving the best gift possible for her to sit back and relax as she recovers.

This get well soon gift will lift her spirits and help her push the sickness away. And you want to know what our favorite part about this gift is? The lamb heating pad smells like lavender! Not only does the heating pad smell great, but it is a very cute and practical gift that she is going to love. It can remind her of when she was a child and her mom and dad would give her a stuffed animal to help her feel better. This gift is guaranteed to put a smile on her face.   These are great gifts for young women as well.

2. Sorry You Feel So Waffle Recovery Gift Box

Quarantine Gift Set | ShadowBreeze.com

These days sickness often comes with the dreaded quarantine. No one wants to be stuck inside alone while sick. Help them survive with this thoughtful quarantine survival kit.  This gift is also great for someone recovering from surgery.

Not only does it have all the things they'll need to feel better like peppermint tea, tissues, and lemon drops, but it has fun things to keep them entertained until they are allowed back outside. The phone/tablet stand will allow them to binge their favorite tv show while the adult coloring book will keep them entertained for hours. The stroopwafels and honey candy will be a tasty snack (if they can still taste things). Let them know that while you can't visit them, you are still thinking about them.

3. A Little Encourage-Mint - Premium Get Well Gift Basket

This complete get well gift basket contains everything she will need to make it through her illness. With this care package for women she will also receive cozy Luxe socks, Moroccan Mint Tea with Tae,  a cream colored ceramic mug, honey candy drops, a crosswords book to help pass the time, a scented candle in a cute tin, and a soft ivory colored blanket.  This gift is great for any illness, this care package is also perfect for someone receiving chemotherapy treatments for cancer.  

4. My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Gift Box

Succulent Gift Box for a Friend

Let’s be honest, being sick or injured sucks. Sitting in bed just waiting for your body to recover and heal is a miserable and boring process. That’s why this succulent gift box is the perfect gift for any sick or injured woman in your life. With a faux succulent plant, sucking candies, and more, this gift is perfect to help her recover and heal. 

This gift also includes a water tumbler that will help them stay hydrated while they are recovering. And with a variety of “sucking” candies to help a sore throat, this is the perfect gift to help her feel better. The name alone will surely put a smile on her face and will remind her that your life "succs" without her, so she better get well quickly. Plus, with succulents being one of the most trendy and sought after gifts, this gift will impress even the woman who has everything

5. Sending Good Vibes - Herbal Tea Get Well Gift Basket

Get Well Soon Tea Gift for Women

This relaxing tea-themed get well gift box is perfect for the tea lover who is feeling down.    This gift features a trendy insulated skinny tumbler with matching straw.  Remove the straw and this tumbler is perfect for keeping her tea warm for hours.   

Als included are 12 teas, including a good mix of herbal teas, green teas and black teas.   The old fashion lemon drops are perfect for sore throats or coughs.   

The adult coloring book with a 12-pk of colored pencils is a great way to pass time when recovering.     And when she is done coloring and needs a rest, the satin sleep mask will hep her sleep day or night.  

6. I Am Way Past Tense - A Relaxation Gift for Her

This gift is a real treat for the woman who is sick or has been injured. How many times have you begged your husband for a massage, or to get a kink out of those hard to reach places? Now that you are sick or injured, maybe there will be just enough sympathy for him to pamper you with a full massage, and we have just the perfect gift to get that started.

With a diffuser, essential oils, massage oils, and more, this gift will help you relax and enjoy all the you are going to be spending in the house while you recover. The diffuser is perfect for making your home smell nice and helping to clear your sinuses. The massage oils are even better though. Even if you have been sitting in bed for only one day, your muscles start feel sore and may need a good massage. With three different types of massage oils, this is the perfect to get those deep knots out of your back and help you start to feel better.  

Take a look at our “I Am Way Past Tense” relaxation gift box to start spoiling her and helping her feel better. 

7. I Need My Net-FIX - Movie Lover Recovering Gift

Get Well Gift with Blanket

If you have been home-bound for a while, you quickly will find that daytime TV is horrible. You could dig out your old DVDs but do you really want to watch “Titanic” for the 5th time?

It's time to sign-in to your favorite streaming service and binge watch the latest season of your favorite show that you never have time to watch.   With this steaming themed get well gift she will have everything she needs.

In addition to the personalized insulated water bottle with straw lid, this gift features a cozy polar fleece blanket for snuggling up on the bed or couch, a cell phone/table holder, three flavors of delicious premium popcorn, gummy bears and roasted mixed nuts.

8. Things Might Be Crummy but You're One Tough Cookie - Cookie Get Well Gift

Sometimes a cookie is just what the doctor ordered and this cute get well gift basket is packed with them.

To start your recipient will receive a trendy black and brown ceramic mug.  This mug is perfect for dipping your cookies in milk or enjoying a warm cup of tea or coffee.   

Next comes a bag of vanilla chai cookie bites and snickerdoodle cookie bites.    These cookies are gluten free and vegan.    This gift also includes artisan brand Rustic Bakery salted caramel cookies, and Rustic Bakery pecan shortbread cookies.


9. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Box

In ancient Europe people used to come from across the city to go and sit in a large community bath for relaxation. They would gather together to sing, dance, and bathe while cleansing themselves of their daily hard work. This was something that helped them to feel better about themselves and was a great social event that people of all social classes took a part of.

Now, public bathing may not be your thing. Most people would prefer their own private baths to a public bath of hundreds of your neighbors. When you do get into a bath it is important that you have all the supplies needed to make that the best bath of your life. Baths can be very healing and help your body detox after a day of feeling sick. That’s why our “Scrub a Dub Dub” bath gift box is perfect for the women who need to relax and clean at the end of a long day.

With bath soak, a rubber ducky soap, bath bombs, a wine tumbler and much more, this gift will help her wash her worries, stress, and sickness away. 

10. My Inner Tranquili-TEA - Soothing Personalized Tea Gift Set

Tea Gift Set for Her

There is no better remedy for a sore throat than a hot cup of tea and honey. Tea has been used as medicine for centuries. In fact, studies show that certain teas can even boost your immune system and fight off inflammation.

The "My Inner Tranquili-TEA" gift box has everything she will need to make the perfect cup of tea. It includes a tempered glass teapot, teabags tongs, a 16 oz teacup, and conveniently sized honey sticks. An insulated mug will allow her to drink her tea in bed without worrying about spilling, and will keep her drink hot for hours. With three different teas to choose from, she'll never get bored of tea, no matter how long she stays sick. If she can't muster the energy to make a cup of tea, the included bag of tea candy will hold her over until she can convince someone to make a cup for her.  This is a great college care package as well.  

Give her the gift of healing and show her how much you care. She'll be feeling better in no time.  This gift also makes a great birthday gift for friends as well.  

11. I Hope You're Back on Your Feet Soon - Luxury Get Well Gift Basket

Premium Get Well Gift Basket for Her

Getting sick can seriously throw a wrench in your plans. Especially if you are the type that likes to keep busy. It's hard to sit at home when you have important things to do. Whether your friend is a stay at home parent or a full time career woman (or both!) she probably feels like she just doesn't have time to be sick. While many women will just power through their sickness, it's not really the healthiest way to deal with it. Send her something that will help her slow down and take the time she needs to heal with this self care package.

The "I Hope You're Back on Your Feet Soon" gift set is the perfect gift for the woman who just can't slow down. The essential oil diffuser will help set a relaxing mood while the heated slippers are just what her tired feet will want. Also included is a personalized water bottle and a bag of lemon drops to heal any sore throats. Help her prioritize her health for once with this thoughtful get well gift.

12. I Think You're Soup-er, Soup Themed Gift Box 

The best way to show how much you love a woman who is sick or injured is by giving them a gift that reminds them they always have a friend. This adorable soup gift is just what she needs. It comes with a choice of delicious soup flavors, a ceramic soup bowl and delicious artisan crackers.

13. Relax - A Relaxing Spa and Bath Gift Basket

Relaxing Get Well Gift Box

"Drink lots of fluids and get plenty of rest."  It is the standard advice from doctors around the world when recovering from an illness.   With this cute, relaxing get well gift, she will be able to do both.

This gift features a soda bottle style insulated water bottle which are all the rage right now.  The bottle can be engraved with your recipient's name  for free. 

Also included in this gift is a Sea Salt and Citrus candle, two fizzy bath bombs, three cute mini-soaps and a bag of vanilla chai cookies.   

14. Get Well Thoughtful Gift

This cute little gift box is the perfect way to let a friend, family member or loved one know you are thinking of them.  

This gift features a brightening face mask, Sugarfina gummy bears, You're Wonderful thoughtful pop up cards, a relaxing bath bomb, and a blush silk scrunchie. 

15. A-REST Warrant - Cozy Get Well Gift Basket

Get well gifts don't have to be expensive. The old adage that "it is the thought that counts" is true.

This fun get well gift for her includes a beautiful soft blanket, a satin eye mask, a microwaveable heated neck pad with handles, and a cola style water bottle.  

16. Best Sweet in the House - Get Well Snack gift Basket

Snack Gift Basket

Some say you should feed a cold.  We believe that applies to any illness.   This snacks from around the work is packed with enough goodies for the whole family to share.  

Available in three sizes, this is the perfect snack gift basket for any budget.  Your recipient will enjoy cookies from Germany, stroopwafels from Holland, wafers from Italy and Indonesia, and much, much more.  

17. Tea-licious Tea Gift


This gift includes a variety of artisan herbal teas. Sunshine tea, minty blue tea, royal treatment tea, and cup of love tea. It also comes with a cream colored ceramic mug, honey sticks, and soft luxury socks. The perfect gift to send a friend who is healing. 


18. Build Your Own Get Well Gift Basket - Custom Get Well Gift

If you didn't find the prefect get well gift above, don't worry.  We have dozens of other get well gifts for her at Shadow Breeze.   In addition, with our "Build Your Own Gift Box" app, you can build the perfect get well gift for her with everything you want and nothing you don't.

You choose your own box, basket or crate and then fill it will your choice of hundred of gifts such as blankets, teas, snacks, bath bombs, socks, succulents, bath salts, honey, and much, much more.

Just like all of our other gifts, your get well soon gifts delivery is free to the contiguous US when your order totals $75 or more.  Care gifts with zero shipping costs is always a good thing.

Get Well Gifts for Friends 

When it comes down to it, you need to pick a get well gift for her that best reflects your personality and her interests. The most important thing to keep in mind is that she just wants to know that she is not going through her illness or accident alone and that you are thinking of her. Bring a smile to her face and a boost to her recovery with one of these creative "get well soon" gifts for women.

Get Well Gift Ideas 

If you are the DIY type and want to create your own get well gifts for family, friends or loved ones, here are a few get well package ideas or care package ideas for you to consider:

  1. A cozy blanket or throw to keep them warm and comfortable while they rest.
  2. A thoughtful card or note to let them know you're thinking of them.
  3. A soothing tea or hot cocoa mix to help them relax.
  4. A soft, comfortable pair of socks or slippers to keep their feet warm.
  5. A small puzzle or coloring book to help pass the time.
  6. A good book or magazine to read while they rest.
  7. A soothing aromatherapy candle or essential oil diffuser to help them relax.
  8. A set of herbal bath salts or bubble bath to help them unwind.
  9. A cute, plush stuffed animal or toy to keep them company.
  10. A small plant or flowers to brighten up their room.
  11. A homemade soup or meal that they can easily reheat and enjoy.
  12. A set of cozy pajamas or loungewear to wear while they recover.
  13. A cozy hat or beanie to keep their head warm.
  14. A set of cozy, high-quality sheets or pillowcases for their bed.
  15. A soft, comfortable pillow to help them get a good night's sleep.
  16. A set of noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds to help them relax and block out any distractions.
  17. A small journal or notebook for them to write down their thoughts and feelings.
  18. A comfortable neck pillow or travel pillow to help them rest while sitting up.
  19. A small, lightweight lap desk or table for them to use while resting in bed.
  20. A fun board game or deck of cards to play with family or friends who come to visit.

When you know your gift recipient well you can be creative and include items that are unique to them, their hobbies and interests.    

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