Learn How Your Purchase Helped to Support First Responders, Doctors, Nurses and Teachers Across the Nation

Updated 03/29/2021

As as result of your generosity Shadow Breeze has donated several thousand snacks boxes the last 12 months to those on the front line of the battle against COVID.  Thank you!!  We are thrilled to see the case numbers declining as the vaccine continues to be rolled out.   We will continue to make donations for each care package purchased throughout 2021.  

We all remember that day where everything you had planned for the next few months was canceled in a moments notice. You would turn on the news and all you would hear were words such as "Coronavirus" "COVID-19" or "social distancing". It is unlike anything we have ever experienced before. Through all the crazy times we have experiences the past few months, we have come to appreciate our nurses, first responders and doctors more than ever. That's why Shadow Breeze came up with this program to help support those who are putting themselves at risks to help protect our family and communities. 

To date with your help, we have donated thousands of treats and snacks to hospitals, police departments, fire stations and doctors offices across the country. These donations have helped to remind our essential workers that we appreciate them, and your purchase of our coronavirus care packages was essential to helping make this all happen. Below are a few photos from some of those that have received some of these snack and treat care packages.  




This page will be updated as we receive more photos and continue to donate to local hospitals and first responders. 

To learn more about why we wanted to help and donate, check out this article from Deseret News about our Donation Project.


July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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