46 Unique Marketing Gifts for Your Business

What is a marketing gift?

Marketing gifts, also known as promotional gifts or giveaways, are small gifts companies use as part of their marketing game plan. These are handed out to customers, employees, and potential clients. They usually come with the company’s logo or other details. 

The goal is to spread the word, build brand awareness, and create a positive image of the company. 

Why should companies give promotional gifts?

Brand exposure

  • Marketing gifts get the company’s name out there
  • Helps people remember it
  • Works especially well with practical gifts, considering your recipients use them most, if not all the time

Builds customer loyalty

  • Customers want to feel appreciated
  • Sending them promotional gifts will make it more likely that they come back to engage more with you

Improves employee morale

  • Happy employees mean a happier workplace
  • Gifting your coworkers marketing gifts is a way to motivate and reward their hard work
  • It fosters a sense of belonging 

Gets people interested and curious

  • Sort of like offering free samples at the grocery store, especially if you gift them one of your products
  • Improves the chances of customer conversion or getting a client on board

Nurtures existing client or partner relationships

  • Could be a celebration of a milestone, like anniversaries
  • An expression of gratitude for their trust in your brand

What are the best promotional gifts?

  1. Custom gift boxes
    • One of the most versatile gifts out there
    • Gives you the opportunity to package other marketing gifts, like some from your own line
  2. Desk accessories
    • Items like mouse pads, phone stands, calendars
    • Serve to brighten up desks
    • A very practical gift
  3. Tote bags
    • Useful for shopping and carrying items
    • You can have your company’s logo and other details printed on them
    • Practical and also demonstrates eco-consciousness
  4. Custom keychains
    • Small, but can be carried everywhere
    • A constant reminder of your brand
  5. Branded mugs/coffee cups
    • For use at work or at home
    • Another constant reminder of your brand

What promo items do people actually want?

Individual Items

Personalized Tumbled Marble Coasters

Personalized Tumbled Marble Coasters | Shadow Breeze

Personalized tumbled marble coasters present a unique and classy option in the realm of marketing gift ideas, especially for home essentials brands. Their premium and customized nature affirms your brand's commitment to quality, elevating the corporate gifts' game and ensuring your brand remains memorable in the comfort of customers' homes.

Seat Cushions

Seat Cushions | Shadow Breeze

The Purple seat cushion is a 'must-have' marketing gift that combines comfort and practicality with a memorable branding opportunity. Perfect for both office and home use, this high-quality cushion serves as a constant reminder of your brand while ensuring the user's seating comfort.

US States Custom Slate Coasters

US States Custom Slate Coasters | Shadow Breeze

US States Custom Slate Coasters are the best marketing gift for customers who adore cooking and serving. These coasters, engraved with the unique silhouette of a state, add a personalized and patriotic touch to any gathering, making your brand a part of their memorable culinary experiences.

Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow

Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow | Shadow Breeze

The Ostrichpillow Go Neck Pillow is an excellent marketing gift for those who frequently travel, offering comfort during long journeys. Despite being a premium item, it fits well into a company's budget, providing a high perceived value every time the recipient ventures on a trip.

Personalized Water Tumbler

Personalized Water Tumbler | Shadow Breeze

Personalized water tumblers are now an excellent and universal marketing gift for customers who enjoy outdoor activities and everyone, really. People take their water everywhere! Now here’s a practical and convenient item featuring your brand's logo or details. Your company remains at the forefront of their minds during their outdoor pursuits, and can also gain the attention of potential customers, improving brand awareness.

Motivation Calendars

Motivation Calendars

Motivational calendars serve as an excellent marketing gift, especially for office settings. Not only do they provide a year-round platform for your brand exposure, but they also inspire and motivate employees daily with uplifting art, creating a more positive and productive workspace.

Personalized Round Ceramic Photo Coaster

Personalized Round Ceramic Photo Coaster | Shadow Breeze

The Personalized Round Ceramic Photo Coaster is an amazing marketing gift, perfect for commemorating milestones or family trips. Customized with a personal photo, your brand becomes a cherished part of homes, fusing promotional goals with treasured memories. This shows that you value what they value.

Personalized Stress Ball

Personalized Stress Ball

Promotional stress balls, personalized with a company logo, are a creative and tactile way to keep your brand at the forefront of customers' minds amid the digital noise. Their portable size and practical use make them a constant companion in the office or at home, promoting your brand and bringing a stress-relief outlet.

Custom Leatherette Journal

Custom Leatherette Journal | Shadow Breeze

The Custom Leatherette Journal, personalized with the recipient's name, is an ideal office companion for both employees and clients, enhancing their productivity while subtly promoting your brand. As a corporate gifting option, it's the perfect blend of utility and personalization, creating a lasting impression.

Canvas Tote Bag

Canvas Tote Bag

The Personalized Canvas Tote Bag is an eco-friendly marketing gift that not only showcases your company's commitment to sustainability, but also provides daily utility to your clients or employees. Its large surface area, perfect for featuring your brand's logo or details, ensures constant brand recognition every time the bag is in use - at the grocery store, gym, beach, or just around town.

Monogrammed Beer Glasses

Monogrammed Beer Glasses | Shadow Breeze

Monogrammed Beer Glasses are an amazing collection in the arena of marketing gifts, perfect for beer lovers who appreciate a touch of personalization. Not only do they serve as a well-timed gift for special events and holidays, but they also enable your brand to be part of your customers' relaxation and celebration moments.

Personalized Hoodie

Personalized Hoodie

Personalized hoodies are a good marketing gift call for lead generation, ensuring your brand is visible and memorable in daily life. Choose a simple but stylish design to make your brand stand out, and watch as the hoodie becomes a walking advertisement.

Personalized Slate Trays

Personalized Slate Trays | Shadow Breeze

Personalized Slate Trays, customized with meaningful text, serve as the right marketing gift to enhance brand loyalty. Their practical use in serving food ensures your brand becomes an integral part of your customer's homes, reinforcing their affinity toward your brand.

Weekly Action Pad

Weekly Action Pad

The Weekly Action Pad helps recipients organize their tasks, set goals, and track their progress. Subtly featuring your brand on this everyday tool, you get constant exposure, staying top of mind while they strive for productivity and success.

Personalize Leather Journal

Personalize Leather Journal | Shadow Breeze

The Personalized Refillable Leather Journal takes marketing gift personalization in a traditional but more stylish way, combining both practicality and elegance in one package. It's the perfect gift for clients or employees who value organization and style.

Desktop Vacuum

Desktop Vacuum

The Crumbee Desktop Vacuum, customized with your brand's logo, is the best gift for clients or employees who want their tech devices to be neat and dust-free. This handy tool not only smartly tidies up their workspace, but also integrates your brand into their work life.

Monogrammed Italian Glass Decanter

Monogrammed Italian Glass Decanter | Shadow Breeze

The Monogrammed Italian Glass Decanter is a sophisticated and elegant addition to any home or office bar. With your company logo engraved on it, this high-quality decanter constantly reminds recipients of your brand, blending seamlessly into their quiet evenings.

Personalized Beach Towel

Personalized Beach Towel

An excellent option for those looking for inexpensive marketing gifts. Customize this beach towel with your brand logo. Whether used at the beach, pool, or even a picnic, they offer a large surface area to showcase your brand, promising high visibility.

Compact Hand Sanitizers

Compact Hand Sanitizers

This compact hand sanitizer personalized with your brand's logo is an ideal marketing gift, especially in the current health-conscious era. Not only does it offer health protection on the go, but its convenient key chain design ensures constant visibility of your brand.

Personalized Wine Chiller

Personalized Wine Chiller | Shadow Breeze

The Personalized Stainless Steel Wine Chiller stands as a true testament to your brand's commitment to quality. Well-crafted and personalized with your company logo, it enhances the fine dining experience for your customers and reinforces your brand image.

Personalized Illuminator Umbrella

Personalized Illuminator Umbrella

This Personalized Illuminator Umbrella, featuring a convenient LED flashlight in the handle, offers a dual-purpose marketing gift, ensuring your brand shines whatever the weather is, day or night. A practical and unique gift that your clients or employees will appreciate and remember.


Smart Coffee Mug

Smart Coffee Mug

This smart ceramic coffee mug is a captivating marketing gift ideal for coffee lovers. It not only keeps their favorite brew at the perfect temperature but also ensures your brand gets exposure every time they take a sip. Its sleek design makes it the perfect promotional item for any modern brand.

Personalized Rocks Glass

Personalized Rocks Glass | Shadow Breeze

Customized with the recipient's name and initial, personalized rocks glasses are promotional items that bring elegance to any drink. These beautifully crafted glasses make a great gift for whiskey connoisseurs or cocktail enthusiasts.

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls

Personalized Golf Balls are a fantastic display of a brand's good taste, serving as an innovative marketing gift for golf enthusiasts. Each time they tee off, your brand is put on display, exhibiting your company's keen sense of sophistication and quality.

Personalized Stainless Steel Shaker

Personalized Stainless Steel Shaker | Shadow Breeze

Ideal for cocktail parties and celebratory occasions, it enables your customers to craft their favorite beverages with a professional touch. Every time they shake up a drink, your brand becomes synonymous with memorable events and good times, resonating with customers long after the party ends.

Branded Apple AirTag

Branded Apple AirTag

The Apple AirTag, personalized with your brand logo on its front cover, places your company at the forefront of innovation and practicality in the daily lives of your customers. A must-have promotional item for any tech-savvy brand.

Wine Accessories Set

Wine Accessories Set | Shadow Breeze

The Set Wine Accessories, including keychain bottle stoppers and a bottle opener, are a classy and practical corporate gift for wine lovers. The compact nature makes it a portable accessory and its unique design is a conversation starter, promoting your brand in social settings.

Custom Pop Socket

Custom Pop Socket

A custom pop socket, personalized with your brand's logo, transforms their mobile device into a portable media suite with its phone stand feature, your brand visible every time users prop their devices for hands-free viewing.

Personalized Valet Tray

Personalized Valet Tray | Shadow Breeze

This is an ideal marketing gift for those who love to keep their tech gadgets organized creatively and elegantly. This tray, customized with the text of your choice, not only serves as a practical desk companion but also as a stylish reminder of your brand, making it perfect for employees or clients who appreciate functionality and style in their workspaces.

World Travel Adapter

World Travel Adapter

This personalized world travel adapter is a versatile gift for the globetrotters. With your brand's logo on it, this adapter will travel the world in their luggage, making you a part of their journey and adventures.

Gift Boxes

Celebration Gift Box

Celebration Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Complete with a bottle of champagne, this celebration gift box speaks volumes about your brand's sophistication and taste. This luxurious offering not only delights clients but also casts your brand in a memorable light during their special celebrations.

Compact Tool Kit


Compact Tool Kit


This compact tool kit is a practical yet stylish marketing gift - a testament to your brand's understanding of the need for handy solutions in everyday life. Displaying your company’s logo, this set of essential tools ensures your brand exposure with each use, showing functionality and your commitment to quality.

Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

The Spa Gift Box serves as an exquisite promotional item, showing your brand's commitment to client relaxation and self-care. With your company's logo on the packaging, this luxurious gift set filled with quality spa products ensures that customers associate your brand with tranquility and indulgence, enhancing brand loyalty and appreciation.

Wheat Utensil Lunch Set

Wheat Utensil Lunch Set

The Wheat Utensil Lunch Set, branded with your company logo, is a practical and eco-friendly marketing gift that resonates with health-conscious and environmentally aware-customers.

Olive Oil Gift Box

Olive Oil Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

The Olive Oil Gift Box is an excellent marketing gift that leaves a great impression on recipients. This premium gift set not only showcases your brand's commitment to high quality and taste but also resonates with health-conscious clients who appreciate gourmet products.

Yoga Mat and Carrying Case

Yoga Mat and Carrying Case

Imprinted with your company's logo, these two items are a thoughtful gift for health and wellness enthusiasts. Each time they unroll their mat, your brand takes center stage, encouraging mindfulness and fitness.

Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This coffee gift box is a premium corporate gift for coffee enthusiasts, providing an unmatched tasting experience. It includes a sleek ceramic mug for their morning routines and caffeine rituals.

Eco-Friendly Wooden Puzzle

Eco-Friendly Wooden Puzzle

This branded Eco-Friendly Wooden Puzzle is a unique and engaging way to showcase your commitment to sustainability and mental stimulation. This innovative promotional item is perfect for clients who appreciate a fun challenge.

Cookie Gift Box

Cookie Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A sweet treat that embodies the delightful experiences associated with your brand. This tasty gift can turn your regular clients into brand ambassadors, as they'll find it hard to resist sharing the delicious, brand-initiated joy with others.

Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Hot & Cold Eye Mask

Customized with your company's logo, this versatile eye mask is an ideal marketing gift that gives comfort and wellness, offering soothing relief for tired eyes - a daily reminder of your brand's thoughtful nature.

Movie Night Gift Box

Movie Night Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

The Movie Night Gift Box is a perfect promotional item that ties in beautifully with new movie releases, offering viewers a cozy and immersive at-home cinema experience - keeping you at the forefront of their leisure time.

Bamboo Lap Desk

Bamboo Lap Desk

The Bamboo Lap Desk, imprinted with custom text, is an ideal marketing gift that promises comfort and efficiency, perfect for clients and employees who often work from home - embedding your brand's consideration into their daily routines.

Tea Gift Box

Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This tea gift box offers a rich selection of gourmet teas, a delightful marketing gift that caters to tea lovers while subtly elevating your brand's status with each delightful sip.

Popcorn Gift Box

Popcorn Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This tasty gift provides a flavorful and exciting experience that not only satisfies your clients' cravings but also serves as a memorable marketing gift, perfect for movie enthusiasts.

Adult Coloring Book Set

Adult Coloring Book Set

The Adult Coloring Book Set, customized with your company's logo on the cover, is a thoughtful and creative corporate gift that provides relaxation and stress relief. Fostering creativity and mindfulness, this marketing gift subtly associates your brand with peace, balance, and well-being in the minds of recipients.

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

The Wine and Cheese Gift Basket, accompanied by a custom-engraved cutting board bearing your company's logo, is a classy promotional gift that celebrates the refined tastes of your clientele and fosters a sophisticated association with your brand.

Marketing Gifts at Shadow Breeze

Marketing gifts are a powerful tool for promoting brand awareness, building relationships with clients and employees, and showcasing your company's values. At Shadow Breeze, we offer a wide selection of premium marketing gifts that cater to various interests, making it easy to find the perfect promotional item for your target audience.

From spa gift sets to gourmet food baskets, our marketing gifts are carefully curated to leave a lasting impression and create positive associations with your brand.

Get more creative with your gifts and contact our corporate gifting experts to see how we make every gifting process a breeze.

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