52 Unique Curated Gift Ideas For National Boss's Day

National Boss's Day is celebrated every year on October 16. It's a special occasion to show your appreciation to your boss. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of those in leadership positions and to express gratitude for their guidance and support in the workplace.

Giving gifts to your bosses on National Boss's Day is a meaningful gesture that can strengthen your bond. A well-chosen gift, whether from an individual or a group, can pass on great warmth. When a group comes together for it, the gift serves as a symbol of unity and camaraderie.

What can you give your boss for National Boss's Day?

What do you get for someone who seems to have everything? You don’t know them personally either so your ideas are limited. In this article, we've curated a list of Boss Day gifts to make them feel special on National Boss Day.

Self-Care and Relaxation Gift Baskets

Spa Gift Basket


Celebrate boss's day and give them a relaxing spa day at home with this spa gift basket! This thoughtful gift will help them unwind, recharge, and rest on their special day after all their hard work. The set includes a leopard print eye mask and scrunchie, Voss sparkling water, a scented candle and more.

Mindfulness Gift Box

Give your bosses their well-deserved 'me time' after supervising employees every day. This set includes a 'Note to Self' journal to reflect on their thoughts and feelings, a scented candle, a pearl brightening mask, and more. The perfect gift to remind your boss to take care of themselves amidst the busy work schedule.

Gold-themed Boss's Day Gift

Tell your boss they're priceless like gold with this stylish and elegant gold-themed set. It contains a gold candle snuffer and a scented candle for aromatherapy and relaxation, a 24K gold Hydra collagen gold foil premium facial mask for rejuvenation, and a gold and glitter bath bomb for a luxurious bath experience.

Cozy Spa Gift

For the awesome boss who is always on their feet! Featuring Warmies microwavable slippers to soothe tired feet, a cool mist USB oil diffuser for a serene workspace, and a personalized tumbler to sip their favorite drinks - these personalized gifts show just how much you truly appreciate them.

Blush-themed Gift Box

The ideal gift for any gift giving occasion, perfect for National Boss's Day! This set includes a pearl brightening mask for some self-pampering, inspirational pop-open cards for a daily boost of motivation, and a bath bomb for a relaxing wind-down.

Spa and Bath Gift Set

Try fun boss day gift ideas and unleash the tropical getaway vibes in the comfort of their own bathroom! This set includes Pina Colada bath crystals for a rejuvenating soak, nail files and nail top coat, a bath bomb, and lip balms for an after-bath routine.

Pedicure Gift Set

A gift that appeals to your manager's interests; this is for those who have obviously well-cared for nails! A gift they can use at home or whenever they're too busy to book an appointment. This set includes Gena pedi care sloughing lotion, 12 Birchwood cuticle sticks, a pumice pad, and more nail-cleaning tools and accessories for at-home pedicures.

Lavender Gift Box

One of the best boss's day gifts to help your boss unwind. This set boasts a variety of lavender-scented goodies, including an extra-large French lavender bath bomb, a lavender and orange calming gourmet soap bar, and a ceramide-firming face mask that will leave their skin glowing.

Break Time Gift Basket

Thoughtful gifts for Boss's Day are those that remind them to take a break and rejuvenate. A grey notebook and felt pens for their creative ideas, a Voss sparkling water for hydration during busy days, and "You are Amazing" mints in a chic tin to keep them fresh and motivated throughout the day.

Boss Day Gifts

Ideal for the boss who can appreciate some calming ambiance in their office, this Essential Oil Relaxation Set is one of the best boss day gifts out there. A cool mist USB essential oil diffuser and Plant Therapy essential oils to fill their space with a soothing aroma, mini soap samplers for a touch of luxury, and more.

Essential Oils Gift Box

A perfect choice for bosses who appreciate the alluring aroma and therapeutic benefits of essential oils. You know they do because you can smell it when you step into their office. This complete set includes a cool mist USB essential oil diffuser and a selection of assorted Plant Therapy essential oil blends to fill their workspace with rejuvenating scents.

Facial Gift Box

For a virtual Boss's Day celebration, give them a facial gift box! This set includes a jade facial roller for calming facial massages, a Gua Sha face sculpting tool for enhanced skin health, and assorted facial masks for a spa-like pampering experience right at home.

Beige-themed Spa Gift Box

An awesome gift for your boss who loves browns and neutrals! This exquisite beige-colored set includes an organic coconut oil salt soak for a rejuvenating bath experience, an oatmeal milk and honey bath bomb for an indulgent soak, and a shea butter travel hand creme to keep their hands moisturized and soft.

Bath Bomb Gift Box

A great gift for a virtual Boss Day celebration with a touch of luxury! The set includes six large and luxurious bath bombs for a relaxing soak, a delightful sugar cookie-scented travel candle for an ambient glow, and colored matches in a chic glass bottle to light up their special day.

Blue and Gold Tea Gift Box

This delightful set is for your boss’s next snack break. This thoughtful gift features a stunning mosaic blue ceramic mug, a practical 2-in-1 gold scoop clip, and Rival Bros Earl Grey loose tea for their tranquil moments.

Scented Candles Set

A box filled with great gifts for your boss who's a big fan of delightful fragrances! A variety of appealing fragrances that transform their office or home into a serene and inviting space. The set includes a stylish ceramic electric candle warmer, an assortment of scented candles, and 3 sets of wax melts.

Green-themed Spa Gift Box

Give your boss a personal spa experience. It features a soothing jasmine green tea for relaxation, a cica regeneration face mask for skin rejuvenation, an extra-large spearmint and eucalyptus bath bomb for a tranquil bath and an avocado moisture-rich gourmet soap bar for a refreshing shower.

Recreation and Travel Gifts

Golf-themed Gift Box

Show how well you understand what your boss likes. Just in time for the holiday season, a thoughtful gift for the manager who enjoys playing golf. The set includes a top-grain leather refillable golf log, a hardcover edition of the book '50 Places to Play Golf Before You Die', and high-performance Pro V1 golf balls.

Fly Fishing Gift Box

The perfect choice for a boss whose hobby includes exploring serene waters during the weekend. With a leather book of flies to add to their collection, a '50 Places to Fly Fish Before You Die' hardcover book for inspiration, and White River premium forceps for their fishing excursions.

Personalized Travel Grooming Gift

For the boss who likes to spend his free time traveling. The set includes a personalized toiletry bag to keep his essentials organized, a body wash for a refreshing cleanse, and a high-quality shaving brush for a smooth, comfortable shave on the go.

Beach Essentials Boss's Day Gifts

Perfect for the team leader who loves to soak up the sun and sand. The large mesh beach bag and beach towel are practical for any beach outing, while the handheld portable LED fan and Bare Republic sunscreen show that as a team member, you care about the details - comfort and sun protection.

Inspirational Gift Box

Give your boss an outlet for their creative hobbies outside of work. With a "Dream Big and Dare to Fail" notebook, inspirational pop-open cards, and vibrant felt tip pens, this thoughtful gift will inspire them to keep pushing the boundaries not only in their job but in life in general.

Personalized Gifts for Boss's Day

Surprise your boss with a personalized gift that mirrors their style and finesse. This remarkable set includes a sleek leatherette notebook for their brilliant ideas, an elegant rosewood pen housed in a personalized rosewood case, and a personalized insulated water bottle to keep them hydrated.

Thank You Gift Box

Acknowledge your boss's vision and creativity. The set includes a Big Ideas sketchbook to capture their brilliant thoughts, ThoughtFulls pop-open cards for daily inspiration, a scented candle to create a serene work environment, and a milk chocolate mini-bar during brainstorming sessions.

Food and Treats Gift Box

Charcuterie Gift Crate

For Bosses Day, give your managers a gift that represents their refined taste and class. This deluxe charcuterie set not only includes a teak charcuterie board, a wooden charcuterie bowl set, and charcuterie spreaders but also comes with a selection of gourmet snacks that are perfect for their palate.

Mini-Charcuterie Gift Box

The Mini-Charcuterie Gift Box is an excellent way to bring the gourmet experience right to your boss's home. Get your boss this compact yet impressive gift box that includes an array of premium meats, cheeses, and accompaniments, perfect for a cozy evening or a snack break.

Cookie Gift Box

For the boss who is a true strategist, always creating winning plans for the team, here's a delightful Cookie Gift Box. This box, packed with a variety of gourmet cookies, represents the sweet taste of victory that your boss's guidance brings to your workplace every day.

Kitchen Essentials Set

Let your boss know that you care for their personal life too. This remarkable collection includes a wooden spice bowl set for serving, a wooden salt and pepper grinder set for spicing up meals, and Tuscan herb olive oil and balsamic vinegar to bring a touch of Italy right to their kitchen.

Wine and Cheese Gifts

With all their efforts, your boss deserves the finer things in life! This set is the perfect way to express your gratitude. It includes custom-engraved wine glasses, a sophisticated slate tray, and a selection of cheese spreads - offering a unique blend of luxury and relaxation after a hard day's work.

Snack Gifts Baskets

The Delicious Snack Gift Box is a wonderful way for your boss to share a taste of indulgence with the whole team. Packed with a variety of gourmet treats, it serves as a symbol of unity and shared joy, fostering a warm, festive atmosphere in the workplace.

Sweets Gift Basket

Sweets Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

The Sweets Gift Basket is the perfect token to honor your boss's relentless hard work and remarkable leadership skills. Packed with an assortment of gourmet treats, this gift basket will bring a dash of sweetness to their desk while symbolizing the team's appreciation for their dedication and guidance.

Olive Oil Gift Box

For the boss who enjoys cooking and appreciates the finer aspects of cuisine. The set includes high-quality Tuscan olive oil, rich balsamic vinegar, and gourmet crisps, making it not only an excellent addition to their kitchen essentials but also a delightful snacking option.

Complete Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set

Your boss enriches the overall flavor of the team, and this set will do the same to their meals! It includes a teak wood round cutting/serving board, a Sutter and Buttes olive oil and balsamic vinegar set to enhance their dishes, and two personalized stemless wine glasses to savor their favorite wines in style.

Cheese Gift Crate

Your boss is the guiding course of your team, so why not give them a gift that offers a delectable variety? This set includes a mini acacia wooden board that beautifully presents a variety of cheese spreads and gourmet meats, perfect for turning any moment into a gourmet tasting course.

Movie Night Gift Box

Your boss can unwind and enjoy an evening of cinematic delight or snack while reading on their day off. Complete with assorted flavors of unpopped popcorn, sweet snacks, and a Turkish throw blanket to enhance their movie-watching experience.

Tasty Thank You Gift

Express your heartfelt appreciation to your boss on their special day! With a 'Thank You' hardcover book filled with quotes on gratitude from famous people, a calming soy scented candle, and a variety of sweet treats, it's a thoughtful present that also offers relaxation and indulgence.

Thank You Curated Box

Curated Thank You Gift Box | Shadow Breeze


Celebrate Boss Day and acknowledge their hard work with this delightful Thank You curated box! Complete with a Sugarfina Thank You three-treat bento box to satisfy their sweet tooth, a scented candle, a gold pen for their daily tasks, and a caramel popcorn snack to enjoy during breaks.

Flavored Coffee Gift Set

Coffee Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This gift serves as a warm token of your boss's dedication and work ethic. Including ceramic coffee mugs, an assortment of flavored coffee syrups, and an array of coffee blends in tins, this set provides a gourmet coffee experience that they can savor during their daily grind.

Tea Gift Set

 Tea Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

The perfect option for the boss who appreciates the subtleties of a soothing brew. This set includes a tempered glass tea pot infuser, a clear tea cup, and a selection of 60 bags of assorted tea flavors - a diverse array of aromatic experiences and the perfect respite during and from a busy day at work.

Loose Tea Sampler Gift

Loose Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

For the boss who loves the calm in a well-steeped cup of tea, this gift is a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of leadership. Packed with a mosaic gold-plated ceramic mug, a 2-in-1 gold scoop clip for handling tea leaves with ease, and an assortment of loose tea blends.

Premium Coffee Gift

Coffee Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

A warm and enjoyable gift for your boss's tireless dedication and commitment. This curated set, featuring a collection of artisan coffee blends, mirrors their unwavering driving force in steering the company toward success.

Drinks and Bar Items

Personalized Wine Glasses and Accessories

Wine Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This personalized wine ensemble is a representation of your boss's unique qualities - the same way every wine has its unique character. Including personalized wine glasses, a stylish wine tumbler, and elegant glass charms that brings personal flair to their wine-tasting experience.

Margarita Gift Set


Margarita Gift Box | Shadow Breeze


The Margarita Gift Set is a surefire way to add a splash of festive fun to National Boss's Day! It includes personalized margarita glasses for a personal touch, a stainless steel jigger for perfect measurements, and a Finest Call margarita mix for quick and easy cocktail preparation.

Cocktail Gifts

Cocktail Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

The Cocktail Gift Set is a win for any boss who enjoys shaking up a perfect cocktail. The set comes complete with personalized martini glasses, a three-piece cocktail shaker engraved with their initials, and a premium Cosmopolitan martini mix.

Personalized Beer Gift Set

Beer Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

The personalized beer gift set is a fitting gift for a boss who, like a good brew, is the perfect blend of strength and character. This set includes personalized beer mugs that mirror their unique personality, ceramic beer coasters for a touch of class, and a .50 cal bullet bottle opener.

Whiskey Gift Crate

Whiskey Gift Crate | Shadow Breeze

Nothing can go wrong with a well-aged whiskey, just like how your boss ensures every plan is flawless. This set includes a keepsake whiskey set nestled in a rustic wooden box for that touch of vintage charm, and an orange peel and bitter cocktail mixer that adds a twist of modern flavor.

Mule Gift Box

Mule Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

For a boss who, like a Moscow mule, perfectly balances strength and subtlety, delivering a refreshing take on leadership. This set includes two copper Moscow mule mugs for a classic touch, a copper-plated three-piece cocktail shaker, and two ginger beers to start their mixology journey.

Celebration Gift Basket

Party Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Complete with a bottle of non-alcoholic TÖST for a bubbly toast, elegant glass champagne flutes to add a touch of sophistication, and a party popper to bring on the festive cheer, this set is the perfect way to commemorate Boss's Day and all your boss's achievements.

Beer Gift Set

Beer Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

A thoughtful and personal gift for a boss who appreciates the craftsmanship of a well-brewed beer. This set includes two personalized craft beer pint glasses, perfect for relishing their favorite brews, and a bag of beer nuts to complement their drink. The set is complete with a personalized wooden bottle opener, adding a unique and personal touch that mirrors their unique leadership style.

Wine Gift Crate

Wine Tools Set | Shadow Breeze

Featuring a glass wine decanter/aerator, four double-walled mouth-blown wine glasses, an electric wine bottle opener, and a wine bottle stopper, this wine accessories set represents your boss's sophistication and elegance that keeps the company thriving like a well-aged wine.

Celebration Gift Box

Champagne Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Put the 'fun' in function with this delightful champagne gift box for your boss, a person who knows how to blend professionalism with a dash of lively spirit. The box includes a fine bottle of TÖST and modern glass champagne flutes - a toast to their success and charm.

Personalized Wine Glasses and Coasters

Personalized Wine Set | Shadow Breeze

This set is a wonderful way to express how much your boss's hard work and leadership are appreciated. Each personalized piece in the set is crafted with care, reflecting the value of their unique contribution, enhancing their wine indulgence experience, and serving as a constant reminder of their appreciated efforts.

Boss's Day Gifts at Shadow Breeze

At Shadow Breeze, our diverse and thoughtful gift boxes are curated with meticulous attention to ensure you find the perfect token of gratitude for your boss.

This National Boss's Day, raise a toast to great leadership and show your bosses that their hardwork and leadership didn't go unnoticed, and that they will always be a big part of the success of the team that deserves to be celebrated!

For more unique and fun gift ideas, contact our corporate gifting experts and experience how we make every gifting process a breeze.

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