26 Welcome Gifts for New Employees in 2024

Welcoming a new member to your team sets the tone for their experience within your organization. An impactful welcome message, an inspiring company handbook, or even practical items like office storage box folders can go a long way in making new hires feel valued and prepared for their journey ahead!

These gestures help in inspiring employees to align themselves with the company's vision from the get-go and foster a sense of belonging. Beyond the traditional onboarding materials, wellness gifts have also gained popularity as a thoughtful way of showing concern for the new employee's health and well-being, and subtly communicating that the company cares for its people, not just their output.

With that in mind, discover how you can welcome new employees in 2024 with these unique, thoughtful gifts that will leave a lasting impression!

How do you welcome a new office member?

  • Introduce them to the team: Introducing a new team member can set the tone for their first day and make them feel more at ease.
  • Plan a team lunch or happy hour: Take your new employee out to lunch or plan a happy hour after work with the team. This will give them a chance to get to know their coworkers!
  • Show them around: Give your new employee a tour of the office so they know where everything is located. If they work at home, you can help them navigate the online tools used for work.
  • Provide all necessary information: Make sure to provide your new employee with any necessary information, such as company policies, procedures, and job responsibilities.
  • Get them set up: Make sure to have their workspace ready for them on their first day. This includes a computer, phone, and any necessary office supplies.
  • Give employees welcome gifts: A new employee welcome gift can make a new employee feel appreciated and welcomed, especially when it has useful items they can use to work and unwind.

What is a good gift for new employees?

  1. Personalized office items: A personalized coffee mug, pen set, or notebook with the employee's name or initials can make them feel welcomed and appreciated.
  2. Gift cards: Gift them gift cards where they can choose what they like and will make their life more convenient, like online stores, books, and food.
  3. Coffee or tea gift basket: A selection of gourmet coffee or tea can be a welcoming treat for the new employee's first day at work.
  4. Relaxation items: Starting a new job can be stressful, so consider giving your new employee a gift basket with items like candles, bath bombs, or essential oils to help them unwind after work.
  5. Welcome card or note from the team: A handwritten welcome card or note from their new coworkers can make the new employees feel appreciated and welcomed.

How to choose the right employee welcome kit?

When choosing an employee welcome kit, it's important to consider the individual needs and preferences of the new hire. Here are some tips for choosing the best employee welcome gifts:

  • Personalization: As mentioned earlier, including personalized items in the welcome kit can make the new employee feel more valued and appreciated.
  • Practicality: The corporate gifts should be useful to their work or daily life, or help them maintain a work-life balance.
  • Company branding: Including items with your company's logo or branding can help promote a sense of belonging and pride in the new employee.
  • Diversity and inclusivity: Consider including items that cater to different dietary restrictions, cultural backgrounds, or personal preferences to create an inclusive welcome kit for all new employees.

Here's a list of the most fun and creative gift ideas for your new team members!

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26 Amazing New Employee Gift Ideas

Stationery and Colorful Pens Set

Why your new employee will love this gift: A personalized tumbler is a practical gift they can use daily, and the 'So Happy You're Here' notebook affirms their place in the team and encourages them as they jot down their ideas or meeting notes. The colorful pens are also a fun addition to their desk essentials! Add your company logo to the gift box to make it more special.

Stationery and Colorful Pens Set | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Tumbler, gift box, and greeting card
Price: $49.99

Awesome New Employee Kit

Why your new employee will love this gift: This welcome package, with its appealing sticky notes and 'Awesome Ideas Inside' notebook, is a delightful blend of practicality and inspiration, fostering productivity while catering to their sweet tooth with delicious cookies. The gift box not only helps in note-taking and organizing thoughts but also supports their 'awesome ideas', a truly warm and thoughtful welcome.

Awesome New Employee Kit | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Tumbler, gift box, and greeting card
Price: $69.99

Welcome Candles

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Homesick's New Job Candle creates a warm and cozy ambiance that can make their new workspace feel more comfortable and inviting, a subtle reminder of the company values of care and empathy. The unique scent serves as a relaxing sensory experience, reinforcing wellness and balance.

 Welcome Candles

Personalization: None
Price: $22.80

Candles and Snacks Set

Why your new employee will love this gift:  Help your new team member settle in with this thoughtful and refreshing care package. With an energizing candle, delicious snack treats, and a lovely greeting card to show your appreciation and how much you're looking forward to having them on the team, this gift box is a sure way to light up their day!

Candles and Snacks Set | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Tumbler and greeting card
Price: $69.99

Amazing New Employee Welcome Kit

Why your new employee will love this gift: With an insulated mug, gourmet coffee, and a scented candle, this hire gift will make the onboarding process more enjoyable and inviting. A practical item for daily use, a comforting beverage, and a soothing atmosphere will make them feel welcomed, cherished, and prepared for their exciting new journey.

Amazing New Employee Welcome Kit | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Gift box and greeting card
Price: $69.99

Dream Big New Hire Gift

Why your new employee will love this gift:  The Dream Big New Hire Gift set includes a 'Dream Big and Dare to Fail' notebook, inspirational pop-open cards, pens, and pretzel rods. This bundle is perfect for any new team member who is starting on their dream job journey, inspiring them to think big and reach for the stars.

Dream Big New Hire Gift | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $52.99

Cushioned Portable Laptop Desk

Why your new employee will love this gift:   This portable laptop desk is perfect for working comfortably anywhere, whether it's in bed, on the couch, or outside. Its lightweight and cushioned design makes it easy to carry around, and its sleek modern look will add a touch of sophistication to their workspace.

Cushioned Portable Laptop Desk

Personalization: None
Price: $40

Break Time Gift Basket

Why your new employee will love this gift: Along with the nervousness of being in a new job and environment, newly hired employees also worry about their break time and how to use it wisely. This gift will help them rest in their own space - with a Voss sparkling water to hydrate, a sleep mask to relax their eyes, and a skin healing balm to rejuvenate while they're away from their desk.

Break Time Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $74.99

Mindfulness Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Note to Self journal, golden candle snuffer, scented candle in a tin, and inspirational pop-open cards combine to create one of the best welcome gifts for fostering a positive employee experience. Employee welcome kits like this promote self-reflection, relaxation, and motivation, making their transition into their new role a truly enriching and affirming journey.

Mindfulness Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $84.99

Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Why your new employee will love this gift:  A Barnes & Noble gift card is a versatile and practical gift for any new employee, giving them access to a wide range of books, magazines, and other items. They can use it to buy books related to the industry they're in or discover new books they can read on their day off while relaxing at their local coffee shop.

 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

Personalization: None
Price: $10 - $350

Personalized Office Supplies Set

Why your new employee will love this gift: personalized office supplies not only endorse the importance of organization and aesthetics in your company culture but also make new hires feel directly connected and valued. The leatherette notebook and a rosewood pen in a personalized case signify an investment in their ideas, the faux plant adds a touch of greenery to their workspace, and the insulated water bottle promotes hydration and wellness - all of these contribute to making their initial experience meaningful, practical, and enjoyable.

Personalized Office Supplies Set | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Leatherette notebook, pen case, tumbler, and greeting card
Price: $79.99

PowerPic mod Wireless Charger

Why your new employee will love this gift:  This sleek wireless charger not only keeps their phone charged but also doubles as a picture frame, enabling them to personalize their workspace with photos of loved ones or inspiring quotes. It's a practical, stylish, and thoughtful item that will make their workday more convenient and enjoyable! A functional and stylish addition to their desk accessories, this new hire welcome gift is sure to impress your new work-from-office or remote workers.

PowerPic mod Wireless Charger

Personalization: None
Price: $59.99

Employee Onboarding Kit

Why your new employee will love this gift: The 'Big Ideas' sketchbook bundled with inspirational pop-open cards, scented candles, and pens are employee gifts designed to inspire creativity and promote wellness. These thoughtful gifts are not merely a welcome gesture but a direct investment in employee satisfaction, encouraging them to jot down their big ideas, rest and recharge, and stay motivated!

Employee Onboarding Kit | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $87.99

Tech Pouch Organizer

Why your new employee will love this gift:  Starting a new job can be better with a little more organization! This tech pouch organizer is perfect for new co-workers - they can store all kinds of gadgets and accessories, from chargers and power banks to headphones and external hard drives. Its compact design makes it easy to take on the go and keeps everything neatly organized.

Tech Pouch Organizer

Personalization: None
Price: $55

Celebration Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: Employee welcome packages like this Celebration Gift Box bring a delightful blend of refreshment, leisure, and fun. The TÖST non-alcoholic refresher lets them indulge in a unique sparkling beverage, while the elegant champagne glass flutes add an element of sophistication, and the gummy bears provide a nostalgic and sweet treat, together making their onboarding experience truly celebratory and memorable.

 Celebration Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $79.99

Uber Eats Gift Card

Why your new employee will love this gift:  A busy workday can often mean less time to prepare meals, and that's where an Uber Eats gift card comes in handy. Your new employee can use it to order a meal from their favorite restaurant, making their lunch break and meals at home a little more enjoyable and convenient. It's also a great way to show your appreciation for their hard work during the onboarding process.

 Uber Eats Gift Card

Personalization: None
Price: $25 - $200

Mini Charcuterie Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Mini Charcuterie Gift Box is one of the most meaningful gifts that any foodie will appreciate. Providing them with a variety of gourmet meats and cheeses to try at home, this gift will make your employees feel valued and show that you recognize and respect their love for cooking and trying new foods. Show your support in their journey through a new hire welcome kit that caters to their unique tastes and interests.


Mini Charcuterie Gift Box | Shadow Breeze


Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $57.99

Smart Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Smart Hybrid Ultrasonic Humidifier by Levoit is the kind of office tool that shows your company places the same value on employee wellbeing as it does on productivity. This tech-savvy humidifier not only adds moisture to the air but also features smart control, near-silent noise levels, and warm and cool mist. As a seamless blend of health and tech, this gift is perfect for any new hire, showing them that the company cares about their comfort and health right from the start.

Smart Humidifier

Personalization: None
Price: $109.99

Coffee Break Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: New employee welcome kits like the Coffee Break Gift Box provide an indulgent and delightful coffee-drinking experience. With an assortment of flavored coffees to explore, paired with the sweet comfort of stroopwafels and coffee candies, this gift will cater perfectly to their morning routine or mid-day pick-me-up.

Coffee Break Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $64.99

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Memory Foam Neck Pillow is an investment in their comfort - be it in the office or while traveling. This pillow is designed to provide optimal neck support, preventing strain during long hours at their desk or during commutes. The kit also includes an eye mask and ear plugs, offering calm and quiet even in bustling environments, making breaks truly rejuvenating.

Memory Foam Neck Pillow

Personalization: None
Price: $24.99

Color Me Happy Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: The "Say Hello to Happy" notebook set, coupled with colorful pens and inspirational pop-open cards, will spark positivity and creativity, becoming an essential part of their employee engagement toolkit. As they jot down ideas or key information from the employee handbook, these items can set the tone for a vibrant, supportive, and engaging work environment.

Color Me Happy Gift Box

Personalization: Greeting card
Price: $52.99

Smart Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

Why your new employee will love this gift:  The Loftie Smart Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker is a unique and practical gift that will make your new employee's mornings more enjoyable. With features like natural wake-up sounds, sleep-enhancing white noise, and Bluetooth connectivity for streaming music or podcasts, this clock ensures a peaceful morning routine to start the day off right.

Smart Alarm Clock and Bluetooth Speaker

Personalization: None
Price: $149.00

Coffee Welcome Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Coffee Welcome Gift Box shows that you care about both their personal interests and the company's support for local businesses. The personalized coffee tumbler represents company swag, displaying their pride in their new role while the espresso beans and coffee sampler packs offer a luxurious taste of diverse coffee flavors, making their coffee breaks more enjoyable.

Coffee Welcome Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Insulated coffee tumbler and greeting card
Price: $84.99

Powerstation Power Bank

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Powerstation PD XXL with PD fabric power bank is a practical and stylish gift that will come in handy during long workdays or business trips. With fast charging capabilities and multiple-device compatibility, this power bank ensures they stay connected and powered up throughout the day. Plus, the sleek design makes it easy to carry and is a stylish addition to their office accessories.

Powerstation Power Bank

Personalization: None
Price: $59.95

Journal Set Employees Gifts

Why your new employee will love this gift: The personalized journal set with a leather writer's log, rosewood pen, and cookies is not just a collection of gift items, but tools to make their job easier. The leather writer's log and rosewood pen are stylish and convenient items for their note-taking, and the cookies serve as a delightful treat during brainstorming or break sessions, making their overall work experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Journal Set Employees Gifts | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Leather notebook, rosewood pen case, and greeting card
Price: $119.99

Relaxation Gift Box

Why your new employee will love this gift: The Relaxation Gift Box is a thoughtful gesture that shows the company values well-being and encourages a healthy work-life balance. With scented candles, bath bombs, mini artisan soaps, and cookie bites, this gift box provides the perfect elements for a relaxing, at-home spa experience to unwind after a long day and return to work refreshed and rejuvenated.

Relaxation Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Personalization: Insulated tumbler and greeting card
Price: $79.99

New Employees Kit Ideas at Shadow Breeze

At Shadow Breeze, we understand the importance of making a great first impression. Our selection of curated gift boxes lets you add a personal touch to your new employee's onboarding process. Show your new team members that they are a valued part of your organization's family right from the get-go with our thoughtful and personalized gifts.

Whether it's a gift to enhance their productivity, comfort, or simply to brighten their day, Shadow Breeze has got you covered! For more creative and unique gift ideas, contact our corporate gifting experts and discover how we can make your gifting process a breeze.

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