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It’s the day that you have dreamed about for years. While the wedding destination has been planned, your dress has been bought and the details are falling into place - now is the time to think about how you want to introduce your guests to this beautiful and special time. Whether it’s a destination wedding or a backyard wedding, people are taking their time to come and join you - often traveling far. Welcome them with wedding welcome bags and boxes that fit your wedding theme and the local area of where the ceremony is being held. 

You may be thinking that wedding welcome bags are just one more thing to add to your wedding to-do list, but if you leave it in the hands of our gifting experts not only will it be easy, but it will be beautiful and represent your vision. Throughout this blog you will see many wedding gift ideas, however the sky is the limit when it comes to planning your perfect luxurious wedding welcome bags.

Q: What should I think about when planning my wedding welcome gifts for guests?

  1. Theme
  2. Budget
  3. Goals

Theme: Finalize your thoughts and ideas about the theme of your wedding welcome bags.

Whether you are having a destination wedding in Mexico or a wedding in your neighbor's cozy and intimate barn, your wedding theme should extend to your gifts. We have seen many occasions where a beautiful and well-planned wedding misses the mark by giving “cheap” feeling wedding welcome gifts that don’t really fit in with the overall aesthetic of your wedding. We have even seen situations where the colors of the items provided arrive in a strange variety of colors that don’t fit the vision that the happy couple has so meticulously planned.

Some of the most popular themes we have seen in our years of creating custom wedding welcome gifts include general themes such as beach, destination weddings, Urban/city, or rustic wedding gift boxes. We have seen even more unique general themes such as a specific floral or even a Harry Potter wedding. At this point in planning you most likely have settled on a general theme, color, or guideline to begin planning your wedding welcome bags.

When thinking about what items you will be including in your wedding welcome bags, you need to think about how those items will be useful to your guests. We have all attended weddings where you have received a wedding favor that later just ends up in the trash as it simply takes up space. Finding items that are useful is key to creating the perfect wedding gift box that fits your theme.

Budget: Figure out what a realistic budget is for your custom wedding welcome gifts

We all look at those beautiful Pinterest-worthy weddings and wonder to ourselves, “How much did that cost”. We want your wedding to be as beautiful and unique as your relationship and to build the perfect wedding gifts that you will be proud to share with friends and family. In general, our wedding welcome gifts range from $55-$75 a gift including shipping. We can work with a lower budget and have often worked with a much higher luxurious budget, though most often our services fit into that range.

If you are looking for larger or more expensive items included in your custom gifts, it is a good idea to evaluate your budget and determine your most important needs for your unique wedding gifts for your guests.

Goals: Why are you giving wedding welcome gifts and why are they important

It is easy to get caught up in all the planning of the millions of items on your to-do list. When creating a custom wedding gift for guests we will take on most of that stress however when sitting with one of our gifting experts they are going to ask what the goal of your wedding welcome gifts is. Your goal can be as simple as wanting to thank people for coming to your wedding or couple be more specific with ideas of wanting locally sourced items from your wedding area or even branded items with a wedding logo or initials. 

No matter what your goals and ideas include, your welcome bags will be a great way for your recipients to feel special because it was created with love by you. We can simply help elevate it with our custom gifting services.

Wedding Welcome Gift Ideas

Wedding Welcome Gift Ideas

To get some ideas flowing, here are a few wedding welcome gifts we have created and why they are a perfect example of theme, budget and goals.

California Napa Wedding Box

This box is a great example of tying in your wedding colors while also sourcing items from the destination where you are getting married. This couple was having a destination wedding in the hills of Napa, California. They wanted some items that tied in apples as well as wine, without including any alcohol to be sensitive to each guest's individual preferences. Guests were greeted with a unique and beautiful gift box that included some treats to snack on in their hotels as well as green apple drinks to keep them hydrated. They were also able to take home a little succulent to remind them of this great weekend.

Seattle Welcome Gifts

For this Seattle-based wedding, many of the happy couples guests were coming from out of town. Knowing the local area they wanted to make sure that their wedding boxes would include an umbrella so if the weather was on the rainier side, their guests would be covered! They also wanted to include some drinks for when their guests arrived at their hotel as well as some expresso chocolate sourced from Seattle itself. All of these items were perfect in not only representing their wedding colors but also the needs of guests coming from out of town.

Park City Wedding Gift Basket

This gift is a great example of a wedding gift box on a lower budget that still is personalized and unique. If you have been to Park City you know about the tastiest Utah mint truffle bars and would appreciate the humor behind the Brighams brew rootbeer. This box also included a sugar cookie featuring a beautiful Utah mountain as well as a personalized Christmas ornament with the Park City skyline in the background. This box is great in all departments, theming, budget, and goals.

Hawaii Destination Wedding GIft Box

This gift was so fun to work on and really brought out our creative spirit as we wanted something that not only fit the color theme of their wedding but also had locally sourced items from Hawaii. THis box included sunscreen which is an essential that many people forget about when visiting the islands, tasty fudge, a hawaiian-themed sugar cookie, an Olipop flavor that matches their wedding colors as well as some hand lotion. This was the perfect balance of useful items for your wedding guests as well as tasty treats that represent the island they are visiting.

Mardi Gras Themed Event Gifts

While this box was not originally intended for a wedding, this would be another great example of theming in your wedding gift boxes. This box was being given to a sales group yet included a variety of “Mardi Gras” themed items to get them into the spirit of the even they are attending. Ultimately you want your wedding gifts to do the same thing. You want your boxes to not only encapsulate the event that your guests are attending but also stick to the theme so it is cohesive from gifts to the wedding day.

The Best Items to Put in a Wedding Welcome Bag

You want your wedding welcome boxes to not only be a beautiful representation of your perfect weekend but also want them to be filled with items that your wedding guests (especially your out of town guests) will be able to use and appreciate. Below is a tried and true list of the best wedding favors that will make guests feel appreciated for the time they have taken to join you on your wedding weekend. Each item can be customized to your specific event but the combination of all the items together will help to make a great wedding gift box.

  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Local Items
  • An Essential Item
  • Something Specific to Your Wedding.


It is always a great idea to think about your wedding guests' needs when building your perfect wedding welcome gifts. After all, who doesn't appreciate a treat to snack on when sitting in their hotel or after a long day of celebrations? Include some of your favorite snacks in your wedding welcome bags.


Whether it's a unique coffee blend, an energy drink, mini bottles of non-alcoholic sparkling water, or even a bottle of wine - your guests will appreciate the thoughtfulness of including a drink in their welcome boxes they find in their hotel room.

Local Items

If you are doing a destination wedding (or even have a lot of gifts coming from out of town) make sure to include at least one item that is sourced locally to introduce them to the city! Whether it's a postcard from the wedding location or even some local tasty treats - these items will ensure your guests feel welcomed.

An Essential Item

By providing an item that will come in handy it shows your wedding guests that you have thought of their experience. Whether it's sunscreen for a beach wedding, lip balm, a map of the area, cozy socks, or even a water bottle for them to stash in their hotel - you are showing your friends and family members that you have put thought into the items you are sharing.

Something Specific for Your Wedding

This is where you can have a lot of fun and creativity in your welcome boxes or tote bags. It is an important thing to add something unique to your wedding, whether it's personalization on the packaging or even an engraved item with your wedding date. The more useful the item, the more likely that your guests will keep it beyond your wedding weekend.

Whether you are running short on time or you simply want an easy ready-to-ship welcome bag, we got you covered with fun and customizable wedding welcome gifts. Choose from any of the wedding welcome bags below and they will ship same-day. If you are looking for a large quantity of gifts, reach out to one of our gifting experts to check availability.

In Conclusion:

It is easy for us to share the 'must haves' that you need for your big day - though in the end, each custom wedding gift should reflect the happy couple getting married. Some couples have wanted a custom label on every item while others have left us to build them the perfect wedding totes - trusting our artistic vision. No matter your style in regards to wedding welcome bags, Shadow Breeze can help to build impactful wedding welcome gifts that your wedding guests will be talking about for years to come.

To get started, reach out to one of our gifting experts for a free consultation as well as to begin the design process.

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