Corporate Gift Baskets

Corporate gift baskets are the perfect way to show your appreciation and make a lasting impression on clients, colleagues, employees or business partners. Not only do gift baskets add a personal touch to any corporate event or gathering, but they also demonstrate that you took the time to put thought into selecting a meaningful gift for the recipient.

Not sure what type of corporate gift basket you should send? There's no need to stress! Business gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and styles – so you can find something that fits within your budget and meets the needs of the recipient. From coffee gift baskets to gourmet treats, there are plenty of options available. Plus, make it more personalized by tailoring the gift to fit each individual recipient.

No matter what type of corporate gift basket you choose, it's sure to be met with amazement and appreciation. So go ahead – give them something special and make them feel appreciated!

Popular Business Gift Baskets

Best Sweet in the House - Sweets Gift Basket


Whoever said gift baskets have to be difficult never found this gift basket filled to the rim with sweets and treats. Built at three different tiers, this gift fits any price point and is perfect for any occasion.

This is a gift basket that our gift specialists often recommend for business gifting as a variety of delicious sweet treats fit virtually every occasion.

My Space - Office Gift Box

 Personalized Onboarding Gifts | Shadow Breeze

Celebrate your new hires or show your appreciation for existing employees with this customized corporate gift.

You can add your company's logo to the journal and engrave your employees name on the wooden pen holder, making this the perfect gift for showing how much appreciation and thought that you have for each employee.

Hello Awesome - New Hire Gift


Wouldn't it be such a delight for new employees to find this present sitting on their desk their first day? This is a great way to welcome new hires to the team and show them that they chose to work at the right place and right business.

Keep On Procaffeinating - Corporate Gift Box


What better gift for showing employees, clients and customers that your business is not only thoughtful but forward minded with things such as reusable insulated mugs and delicious coffee and cookies.

You're Tea-rific - Tea Gifts for Employees


Whether you are a large company or consider yourself one of the small businesses that keep our world running - this tea gift basket is perfect for showing appreciation and spoiling the clients, employees and customers in your day to day exchanges.

This present is especially popular around the holidays to show appreciation to team members.

Cheese the Day - Wine and Cheese Client Gift


Clients and employees alike will share that this is one of the best gift baskets they have received from their company ever.

With an engraved cutting board and wine glasses, cheese and cracker samplers, a personalized cutting board, and wooden cheese knives - simply pair this with their favorite red wine and some fresh fruit and you have set this up to be the best gift they have received in their entire working life.

Stir Crazy - Cocktail Gift Basket

One great way to celebrate employee milestones is by giving them a toast with this special gift. Whether they choose the cucumber jalapeno or ginger citrus cocktail mix, this is a corporate gift basket that even the pickiest of employees will appreciate.

Buon Appetito - Client Appreciation Gift


If you have ever wanted a gift to show your appreciation, this is the corporate gift basket for you.

With a large variety of tasty olive oil samplers, customized wine glasses, crackers and stunning wooden serving tray this gift basket was built to impress and create a unforgettable impression.

Too Gouda To Be True - Meat and Cheese Gift Box


Maybe it's cliche - but meat and cheese business gift baskets are popular for a reason. This gift basket includes gourmet snacks such as cheese tins, various salamis, crackers, bruschettas and a tasty popcorn snack.

Ooh Spa La - Gift Baskets for Female Employees


Forget the boring gift towers that lack customization and give your clients, customers or employees a spa gift basket that works for any occasion.

Whether they are celebrating their birthday, a special holiday or simply want to show them how much you appreciate them being a part of your team - this basket is the complete package.

You're a Gem - Corporate Gifts That Say Thanks


If you are looking for a corporate gift that can really fit to any occasion this is the gift box for you. With delicious sweet popcorns and nuts, a water bottle that you can customize with their name for free and a scented candle that will bring life to work their workspace, these gifts are client and customer approved.

Make Pour Decisions - Wine Gift Basket


Business gifts and corporate gifts are made easy with this wine gift. 

This is an easy gift to purchase in bulk and it can be delivered with quick lead times. This gift shows that you have put thought into your customer and clients experience.

Love Snack, Baby Love Snack - Corporate Gifts Built for Any Occasion


Whether you are looking to send a gift for the holiday,want to send a special gift to your team or are celebrating a number of other occasions - this delicious business gift is one that will be remembered. With a large collection of sweet, salty and tasty treats this is a gift basket you are going to want to purchase in bulk.

See More Popular Ready-to-Ship Corporate and Client Gifts

Build Your Own Corporate Gift Basket

Building your own corporate gift baskets and business gifts is easier than you think – and the benefits are well worth it! Not only can it save you money, but it also allows you to customize your gift baskets to fit the unique needs of each recipient.

Creating a custom corporate gift basket can be as simple or as complex as you'd like – from assembling an affordable collection of homemade treats to constructing an elaborate arrangement of premium items. You can even add a personal touch by including items with their name of business logo on specific items.



The best part about building your own corporate gift baskets is that you get the opportunity to show that you genuinely care about each individual recipient. From choosing items tailored to their hobbies and interests to finding creative ways to package it, there are so many meaningful details that come together to make a beautiful basket.

One of our most popular ways to personalize our gifts is by putting your individual items in a sealed crate that can be branded with your logo and you have to work to open with a prybar. This makes the the gifting experience extra fun and entertaining and is a big hit with customers and employees alike.


This packaging option is especially popular with large orders and it is so fun to watch all of your employees work to open their gifts at the same time. They will be so excited to open their crates to find anything from sweet chocolate candies to a margarita essentials basket.


Building corporate gift baskets offers numerous advantages compared to store-bought versions. From saving money and time, to creating personalized gifts with an extra touch of thoughtfulness – these sweet and thoughtful gestures will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on everyone involved!

Begin to create your corporate gifts now with our build your own box collection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most frequently asked questions about how to send the perfect corporate gifts baskets to clients and employees can be seen here below.

What Should I Include in My Client Gift Basket?

Client gift baskets should be thoughtfully composed and tailored to each individual recipient to make a lasting impression.

Depending on the client's interests and likes, include items such as gourmet food, sweet and salty snacks, wine essentials, coffee; luxury soaps or bath products; office accessories or branded tech gadgets; or items that are branded with your companies logo to show who the present is from - such as an engraved tumbler.

How Far in Advance Should I Place My Corporate Gift Baskets Order?

When placing and order with Shadow Breeze your lead times can vary from same-day to a little longer for custom gifts.

If you are ordering a small number of quantities of our ready to ship gifts we will ship your business gifts same day when the order is placed before 3:00 PM Mountain Time.

If you are placing a large order of our ready to ship gifts or wanting to build a custom gift basket for your corporate gifts - reach out to our gifting specialists at 844-99-GIFTS (844-994-4387) and we can give you an estimate of shipping times on the spot.

Typically. our lead times are about 2-4 weeks from the time that payment is received - however we understand that some organizations have lengthy vendor onboarding processes or long payment lead times. We encourage you to start your gifting process as early as possible, well before the design process is completed.

If you are looking at shipping holiday gifts during our busy season, we recommend reaching out in september-october to guarantee your christmas or holiday delivery.

If you have a rush order let your gifting expert know and we will do everything possible to meet your desired delivery date. We have been known to work miracles every now and then.

What Should a Company Include in a Gift to Employees?

Giving an employee gift basket is a lot easier than many may think. Whether it's for the holiday season, to show your appreciation for their hard work or for welcoming new hires - there are some tried and true items that tend to be a big hit. These include treats and snacks, items customized with their name on it, cocktail or wine themed gifts, useful office supplies that has personal touches to it or even a holiday themed gift box that includes things such as hot chocolate and mugs for enjoying the holidays.

Do We Offer Discounts for Bulk Orders?

Bulk discounts are available on all gifts whether they are ready to ship or are a custom gift you have created. The discount will be determined based on the number of gifts your company orders.

From 1-10,000 we aim to provide the best customer service and stress free gifting with the help of our corporate gift specialists.

What Type of Gifts are Best for Customers?

When building or purchasing your corporate gift baskets, it's crucial to think about a few key aspects. Are you celebrating a specific holiday season, are your trying to attract new clients, how soon do you want these gifts to be delivered?

While thinking of these things some of the most popular gift baskets we see for customers are sweet and salty snack baskets, wine gift baskets, cheese and cracker baskets and holiday gifts that include items such as hot chocolate or chocolate dipped pretzels.

What Items Should Avoid Putting In My Custom Corporate Gifts?

Business gifting doesn't have to be difficult. However, some items are better than others when it comes to creating the perfect gifts that will leave a big impression.

Some items to avoid include fresh fruit, chocolate items during the summer months, items that feel cheap and outdated or tech pieces that don't relate to what your team typically does.

In Conclusion

With all that has been said above, we hope it has been made abundantly clear that business gift baskets and gifts for clients don't need to be difficult. If you ever have and questions about how to build the best corporate gift, reach out to one of our corporate gift specialists at 844-994-4387 and start building your ideal gift baskets that matter today.


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