Personalized Corporate Gifts

Giving personalized corporate gifts is an effective way to show your clients that you value and appreciate them. Personalized gifts allow you to tailor the gift to a specific person, making it more meaningful than generic items. When a gifting strategy is used as part of ongoing customer relationship building efforts, personalized corporate gifts can help strengthen relationships and build stronger connections with your customers.


Build Brand Awareness with Personalized Business Gifts

Personalized gifts can help create a positive brand association and spread awareness of your company. By having clients associate your company with thoughtful, quality items, they will be more likely to remain loyal customers. Finally, personalized gifts are relatively inexpensive compared to traditional advertising or marketing efforts and can be more memorable than other methods. All in all, personalized corporate gifts are an effective way to achieve maximum return on investment.


Choose the Right Personalized Business Gift

Choosing the right personalized corporate gift is essential for creating a memorable and enjoyable experience for your clients. Consider their interests, hobbies, and lifestyle when selecting a gift item. For example, if you know that a client enjoys cooking, consider giving them a personalized cookbook or kitchen utensils. Additionally, you should take the recipient’s business relationship into account when choosing a gift. For longstanding relationships, more expensive and thoughtful items may be appropriate.


16 Personalized Business Gifts Your Clients and Employees Will Be Thrilled to Receive

  1. Custom Wine and Cheese Themed Gifts
  2. Personalized Wine Glasses and Coasters
  3. Personalized Tea Gifts
  4. Personalized Self Care Gift for Her
  5. Personalized Self Care Gift for Him
  6. Personalized Coffee Gift Set
  7. Personalized Movie Night Gift Basket
  8. Personalized Cocktail Gift Set
  9. Custom Thank You Gift
  10. Personalized Gift for the Office
  11. Personalized Corporate Holiday Gift
  12. Personalized Leather Journal
  13. Personalized Beer Mugs
  14. Custom Cutting Boards
  15. Personalized Gourmet Snack Gifts
  16. Personalized Wine Glasses


Personalized Corporate Gift


1) Custom Wine and Cheese Themed Gift

Cheese the Day

Personalized company gifts can make a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and partners. This best-selling wine and cheese-themed gift includes a personalized cutting board, a slate serving tray, a 4-pk of cheese knives, three wine-flavored cheese spreads, crackers, and two personalized wine glasses. A great way to show appreciation to employees and clients.


Personalized Wine Glasses and Coasters


2) Personalized Wine Glasses and Coasters

Cheers to You

Toast employees who have gone above and beyond or welcome a new employee to your team with these custom corporate gifts. Choose from either two glasses and coasters or four glasses and four custom coasters to fit any budget. The glasses and coasters can be personalized with your recipient's name or branded with your company's logo.


Personalized Tea Gift Set


3) Personalized Tea Gift for Corporate Giving

My Inner Tranquili-TEA

Do you have a client or employee who loves tea? If so, these are the corporate gifts for you. This gift includes an insulated travel tumbler engraved with the name of your recipient or a company logo, three boxes of delicious tea, a tempered glass teapot, a glass tea mug, honey sticks, tea candy, and a tea bag squeezer. The perfect gift for the health conscious tea lover.


Self Care Gifts for Her 

4) Personalized Self Care Gift for Her

Spa Day

Self care gifts are one of the fastest-growing corporate gifting categories. Self care gifts can be a great way to welcome new hires or show appreciation for a job well done. This Spa Day gift is built to impress and includes a p[personalized insulated water bottle with matching straw, an electric essential oil diffuser, Warmies branded slippers, body lotion, bath salts, lavender oil, custom soap, a scented candle, and a soft eye mask and hair scrunchie set.


Self Care Gift for Men 

5) Personal Self Care Gifts for Him

On the Road Again

Men are often overlooked when it comes to self care gifts. However, there is no doubt that he will approve of these corporate gifts. This set includes a top-grain leather travel kit with personalization, body wash, a shave brush, shave soap, and a leather keyring.

Personalized Coffee Corporate Gift

6) Personalized Coffee Gift Box

Keep On Procaffeinating

Coffee gifts are always popular with corporate gifting. These corporate gifts include an insulated travel tumbler with a spill-proof lid, five flavors of freshly roasted coffee, mini stroopwafels, chocolate-covered espresso beans, glass Irish coffee mugs, and coffee-flavored candy.


Corporate Movie Night Gift 

7) Personalized Movie Night Gift Basket Corporate Gifts

Binge Worthy

This personalized family or coupe movie night gift is the perfect way to express appreciation for loyalty amongst customers or employees. This gift featured two personalized, insulated water bottles, a large Turkish blanket, a silicone popcorn popper with lid, a 10 pack of popcorn kernels, and many other sweets and snacks. If you want to personalize this gift even more, choose one of our wooden gift crate packaging options and engrave the family name of your logo into the lid for free.


Margarita Gift for Business 

8) Personalized Cocktail Gift Set

Tequila Mockingbird

Show your gratitude to your teams with the perfect gift for cocktail lover This margarita gift box includes two personalized margarita glasses, margarita mix, lime margarita salt, cocktail Jelly Bellys, and the Tequila Mockingbird hardcover cocktail recipe book.

If the margarita is not their drink of choice, don't worry. We also have personalized cocktail gifts, bloody mary gifts, beer gifts, whiskey gifts, wine gifts, and artisan cocktail gifts.


Personalized Thank You Gift 

9) Custom Thank You Corporate Gifts

You're a Gem

Thank employees for their many years of service or show appreciation to customers in your industry with this thoughtful thank-you gift. These business gifts include a personalized tumbler with a built-in straw, two flavors of delicious popcorn, roasted mixed nuts, a scented candle, and a diamond pen.


Corporate Office Gift 

10) Personalized Gift for the Office

My Space

These are great gifts for someone starting a new job or for any other occasion where a personalized or branded gift is needed. These corporate gifts include a personalized insulated water bottle, a personalized notebook, a personalized rosewood pen, and a cute succulent. Like all of our gifts, these business gifts are always in stock and not something you will find at your local store.


Hot Cocoa Gift Set for Business 

11) Personalized Corporate Holiday Gift

Global Warming

These branded corporate gifts feature your branding on four glass café mugs, Ghirardelli hot chocolate, chocolate rolled wafers, and chocolate peppermint stirrers. This gift is a great way to promote your brand to companies or individuals and as with all of our gifts over $75, shipping to the Contiguous USA is free.


Leather Notebook Corporate Gift 

12) Personalized Leather Journal Corporate Gifts

Top-Grain Cowhide Leather Notebook

These premium custom corporate gifts feature a long lasting top grain leather notebook that your recipient will use for years to come. These gifts can be individualized with a name or show your company pride with your logo or company name.


Custom Beer Mugs for Businesses 

13) Personalized Beer Mug Custom Corporate Gifts

Branded or Monogrammed Beer Mugs

Available in multiple sizes and with the ability to choose a style that is perfect for your team, these beer mug corporate gifts are an easy way of rewarding an employee or promoting your business. With our same-day production, your custom beer mugs can ship today if your order is placed by 3:00 PM MT, Mon - Fri.


Custom Cutting Boards 

14) Custom Cutting Board Corporate Gifts

Hardwood Branded Cutting Boards

The perfect gift for any occasion, these hardwood cutting boards are available in three different wood types for any style. These impressive boards are a great way to keep your brand in front of clients or employees for many years.


Gourmet Gift Basket

15) Personalized Gourmet Snack Gifts

Best Sweet in the House

You can never go wrong with snack gifts for your corporate gifting. These corporate gifts include a variety of snacks and treats from around the world that anyone would love to receive. Brand or personalize the pine crate lid to make your gift stand out. Available in three sizes, at three price points, this is a great gift for any budget and includes enough goodies for the whole office.


Custom Wine Glass Gifts 

16) Personalized Wine Glasses

Custom Corporate Wine Glasses

Available in a variety of styles and sizes, these wine glasses are an inexpensive and easy way to promote your business. Add a gift bag and a bottle of their favorite wine to build impressive corporate gifts for any occasion.

Custom Corporate Gifts Made Easy

Shopping for corporate gifts has never been easier thanks to Shadow Breeze. We make it easy to purchase, personalize and send custom corporate gifts. To learn more about the benefits of corporate gifting, speak to one of our gifting experts today. Our team will answer any questions you have and can even help with bulk gifting of branded corporate gifts.

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