Custom Corporate Gifts for Clients & Employees

 Custom Corporate Gifting

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Benefits of Custom Corporate Gifts

Custom corporate gifts are a great way to show your clients and staff you appreciate them. Not only do they make the recipient feel valued, but they also help to create lasting impressions with potential customers and build loyalty among current ones. Custom corporate gifts can be used as incentive programs for staff or rewards for top performers, making them an effective tool in business development and retention. Additionally, custom corporate gifts demonstrate thoughtfulness and creativity on behalf of the giver, further solidifying relationships between businesses and their partners.

Personalized Corporate Gifts Help You Stand Out from the Competition

Corporate Gifts for Outdoors

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Personalized corporate gifts allow companies to stand out from other competitors by creating something special that no one else has done before. Personalizing your gift shows effort and care - which is often lacking in generic presents - making it more likely that the recipient will remember your company's gesture when deciding whether or not to continue working with you or recommending you to someone else. Furthermore, customized items have a higher perceived value than store-bought goods since people understand that time was taken into consideration when creating something unique just for them.

Personalized Business Gifts Increase Morale and Retention

Custom Corporate Gifts for Clients 

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Personalized business gifts are an excellent way to increase morale and productivity. When staff members feel valued, they are more likely to work hard and put in the extra effort for your business. This can lead to improved customer service, higher sales figures, and an overall better workplace environment. Custom corporate gifts also provide incentives for employees to reach their goals or stay with the company longer, which helps to reduce costly turnover rates and makes it easier for businesses to retain top talent.

Branded Business Gifts Help Increase Brand Awareness

Branded Corporate Gifts 

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Branded corporate gifts with a logo create lasting impressions with potential clients or customers who may not be familiar with your brand. A unique gift that demonstrates thoughtfulness is much more memorable than a generic item and will encourage them to turn into loyal customers who will continue choosing you over competitors in the future. Additionally, corporate gifts can be an effective way to thank customers for their business and show them that you care about their satisfaction with your company’s products or services.


Business Gifts Build Goodwill with Partners in Your Community

Corporate Thank You Gifts

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Personalized company gifts also help to create goodwill towards your business in the community. By giving back to those who support you, it shows that you are a responsible member of the local economy and care about making meaningful contributions to society. In addition, by showing your gratitude for clients and employees through gifts, it is likely that they will share the gesture with others and spread word-of-mouth advertising about your company. This can have a tremendous impact on business growth, as referrals are often the best form of marketing for any organization.

When Should You Send Corporate Gifts?

New Employee Corporate Gifting

New Hire Gifts

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Starting a new job can be tough. Gifts for new hires are a great way to welcome new employees to the team. In most cases, new employees won't have any items with your company's logo so they will be thrilled to receive a gift. Popular onboarding gifts include items they can use in the office like branded notebooks, coffee mugs, a backpack, or pens. Make it easy for them to show their company pride with a branded gift.


Great Gifts for Employee Work Anniversaries

Employee Anniversary Gifts 

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Celebrating key work anniversaries like 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years with the company with a corporate gift is the perfect way to show you appreciate that team member's loyalty. Shadow Breeze makes it easy to show your gratitude with our corporate gifting portals. We can set up different portals with different tiers of gifts, depending on how many years the employee has been with the company which allows you to increase the gifting budget for those who have been with the company longer. You can even allow your team to select their own gift from a selection of corporate gifts you have selected in your budget. Our gifting portals have no subscription fees and you only pay for the gifts we ship.

Employee Recognition Gifts

Employee Appreciation Gifts 

Image: Employee Appreciation Gifts from Shadow Breeze

Celebrate increased production or a team member who has gone above and beyond with an individualized gift. Personalize the gift with your brand or the name of the individual receiving the gift. Perfect for rewarding sales teams who have hit a goal or other long lasting contributions made by a staff member.

Customer Appreciation Corporate Gifts

Client Appreciation Gifts

Image: Client Appreciation Gifts from Shadow Breeze

Customers and clients are the lifeblood of any organization. Say thank you with gifts meant to impress. Shadow Breeze offers a wide selection of ready-to-ship corporate gifts that are always in stock and ready for purchase today. With fast shipping, free personalization, and easy checkout, you can ship the perfect gift to a client today.

We also offer custom personal corporate gifts. Our experts will work with you to build the perfect gift for any occasion. Need help promoting a new product or service? We will show you how to build, pack and send a business gift that will promote your product or service. We can prepare gifts in any price range.


Corporate Gifts for Prospective Customers

Custom Coasters 

Image: Corporate Gifts for Prospects or Potential Customers from Shadow Breeze

Sending an inexpensive gift with your company logo is a great way to stay in touch with leads at any stage of your sales cycle. Your logo should be subtle and the best gift is one that has some practical value so it doesn't get discarded by your customer. We corporate gifts like branded coasters, tumblers, notebooks, pens, and other gifts for the office. Our business gift experts will work with you to understand your business, industry, and style to ensure we build the perfect gift for your campaign.

Holiday Gifts for Your Business

Corporate Holiday Gifts

Image: Holiday Corporate Gifts from Shadow Breeze

The holidays are a great time to send a business gift. Promote your brand with your logo on the gift box or gift bag. Instead of trying to run your branded gift campaign in-house, with team members going from store to store shopping for items and then spending hours in the office trying to pack your gifts and worrying about the shipping, let Shadow Breeze handle your business gift campaign for you. We are experts in gift design, procurement, production, fulfillment and shipping. We will build great gifts in your price range with your logo (if desired) that promote your company and help you grow your business. We understand that corporate gifting is not in your job description but it is our only job and we love to speak with you about your corporate gifting needs.

Business Gifting Trends

Self-care gifts

Image: Self-Care Gifts for Employees from Shadow Breeze

Our branded corporate gifts experts have identified five trends in the industry that you should consider when sending brand corporate gifts:

  1. More Companies are Sending Self-Care Gifts: Employers are focused on the health and well-being of their employees and gifts designed to encourage rest and relaxation are some of our most popular business gifts.
  2. Minimal Branding: You want to promote your brand, but it should be done correctly. For example, branding the gift packaging instead of the items in the gift will make it more likely that the items will be kept and used.
  3. Let Your Team Select Their Own Gifts: Give your staff the option of selecting their own gifts from your own business gifts portal. In addition to the benefits of choice, you can also allow your staff to enter their own shipping address which will save you money on gifts being re-shipped due to outdated HR records.
  4. Focus on Quality Over Quantity: Skip the SAWG and tchotchkes and include only quality items. It's better a couple of quality items than many items they won't use.
  5. Send Gifts When They are Not Expected: Holiday gifts are great, but your gift is competing for attention with the dozens of other gifts we all receive around the holidays. To get your gifts to stand out, send them for no occasion at all.


Personalized corporate gifts are a great way to show your clients and employees you value them. Not only do they make employees feel appreciated, but they also help to build loyalty among customers, create lasting impressions with potential clients, increase employee morale and productivity, and generate goodwill towards your company in the community.

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