Business Gift Boxes for Clients and Employees

Business gifting is a 250 billion-dollar industry in the USA and is forecasted to be well over $300 Billion by the year 2025. With so many corporate gifts being given to employees or sent to clients, what can you do to ensure that your gifts make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd? In this article, we will help you understand everything you need to know to send the best corporate gifts that your clients and employees will love and that you will be proud to send.


The Importance of Business Gifting

Business gifting is an important part of showing appreciation and creating relationships. It is a gesture that can communicate to both employees and clients that their hard work and loyalty are valued, which in turn can help foster strong working relationships. A thoughtful gift sent with the right message has the potential to show that you are serious about building meaningful connections, something that can often be difficult to do with words alone. Furthermore, corporate gifting is a great way to show respect, gratitude, and appreciation in a professional setting without coming across as too personal. If you are not sending gifts to potential clients, clients, and employees, you are falling behind, because your competition likely is.


How to Select the Right Gift Business?

Partnering with the right gifting business is critical and is the single most important factor in the success of your gifting campaigns. With thousands of corporate gifting companies serving the U.S. market, how can you find the perfect partner? Using the questions below when evaluating potential gifting partners will help you narrow down your selection to ensure they can meet your needs.

Questions You Should Ask Potential Corporate Gift Partners

  1. Have you worked with other organizations my size?
  2. What are your fulfillment and shipping capabilities?
  3. Can you ship corporate gifts directly to my recipients addresses?
  4. Do you offer personalization and branding options with my company logo?
  5. Can my employees and clients select their own gifts?
  6. What type of service and support do you offer my company and my gift recipients?

1) Have you worked with organizations my size?

As a premier gifting company, Shadow Breeze has partnered with organizations of all sizes to deliver successful gifting campaigns. We have run campaigns for large global companies like Google, Home Depot, Costco, BASF, Allstate Insurance, Cox Communications, Salesforce, Proctor & Gamble, and many other Fortune 500 companies.

We also work with smaller organizations with one to several hundred employees as well as non-profit organizations, government agencies, and more including wedding parties, families, and individuals.

Regardless of your campaign size or the number of gifts you want to send, you will receive the same amazing support all of our customers have come to love and can't stop talking about.


2) What are your corporate gifting fulfillment and shipping capabilities?

At Shadow Breeze, we operate our own offices and warehouse where all of your gifts are prepared, personalized, branded, and shipped. We have relationships with major carriers like UPS, USPS, and DHL that span 20 years. We have shipped gifts around the world and understand the complexities of international shipping, customs, duties, and more.

We offer same-day shipping on our ready-to-ship corporate gifts and can handle custom gifting campaigns from 10 to 10,000 or more. As a bonus, we can warehouse your gifts, SWAG, and other items in our warehouse for fulfillment at later date.

Shadow Breeze Warehouse

Shadow Breeze Warehouse: Kaysville, Utah


3) Can you ship my corporate gift boxes directly to my recipients?

Shadow Breeze makes it easy to send your gifts directly to your clients and employees in multiple locations. You provide us with the names and addresses and we take care of the rest.

Recipient information can be sent to us in a spreadsheet, an email, or in almost any other format. With a Zapier automated workflow, you can automate the passing of gifting information from many popular HR, Payroll, and ERP systems.


4) Do you offer personalization and branding options with my company logo?

Shadow Breeze has the internal capabilities to personalize and brand most items. While many gifting companies can brand items, most outsource that to other organizations which can cause delays.

Just as importantly, Shadow Breeze has the expertise to help you brand your gifts the right way, to ensure they are appreciated by your recipients and not just tossed in the trash with SWAG they get from other organizations.


5) Can my employees and clients select their own gifts?

Of course. Shadow Breeze offers free corporate gifting portals, yes you heard that right, free gifting portals where your employees or clients can pick their gifts. Shadow Breeze will work with you to create your gifting portals based on your budget and campaign.

In addition to giving a choice of gifts, our gifting portals make it easy to send gifts without worrying about the accuracy of your shipping addresses since the gift recipient enters their own shipping address.


6) What type of service and support do you offer my company and my gift recipients?

When you partner with Shadow Breeze you will receive a dedicated account manager that will work with you on all of your gifting needs. We take pride in being responsive and saying "yes" when the other gifting providers say "no." Let us take your ideas and create the perfect gift campaign for your organization.

Our post-gifting support and service is also world-class. We will work with you or your employees and clients if there are any issues with shipping or damaged gifts to quickly resolve the issue and leave everyone with a smile on their faces. Need examples, we are happy to share the great feedback we have received from past customers.


23 Corporate Gift Boxes You'll Be Proud to Send


1) You're Tea-riffic

Corporate Tea Gift Box

Corporate Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

Two stylish black/brown speckled ceramic mugs, Oliver Puff & Co. Earl Grey tea, Anellabees Pure Honey, Anellabees honey candies, two wooden honey dippers, and a tempered infuser teapot.

This gift will be a huge hit with employees or clients who love tea.


2) Buon Appetito

Premium Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Assortment Gift Box

What's in the Box:

A beautiful teak cutting/serving board (which can be branded with your logo), four bottles of balsamic vinegar, four bottles of olive oil, two customized or branded stemless glasses, Tuscan Crips and Mini Bruschette.

This is a great executive gift for your discerning clients or employees.


3) My Space

Personalized Employee Gifts

What's in the Box:

A notebook, available in multiple colors, an insulated water bottle, a rosewood pen in a rosewood case and a realistic faux succulent a ceramic pot.

This gift box is a great way to welcome new employees to the office or for employees celebrating a work anniversary.


4) Relax

Personalized Self Care Gift Box

Self Care Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

A branded and/or personalized water bottle. available in for colors, a sea salt + citrus scented candle, two fizzy bath bombs, three custom mini-soaps and vanilla chai cookie bites.

The perfect gift to celebrate hitting a goal or other objective or rewarding an employee for going above and beyond.


5) Hello Awesome

New Hire or Onboarding Corporate Gift

What's in the Box:

A water tumbler with matching straw, an "Awesome Ideas Inside" notebook, a 3-pk of stylish pens, a post-it note set and delicious cookie bit snacks.

Add your logo to the box to customize this box even more.


6) Best Sweet in the House

Gourmet Snack Gift

Gourmet Gift Basket for Women

What's in the Box:

Filled with snacks from around the world, this package includes food from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and more. With two many delicious sweet to list here, this is the perfect basket to feed the whole team.

Available in three sizes, this gift is perfect for any budget.


7) Cheese the Day

Wine and Cheese Themed Gift Boxes

Wine and Cheese Gift

What's in the Box:

A custom cutting board with your recipient's name or your logo, a slate serving tray, three wine flavored cheeses, a 4-pk of cheese knives, crackers and two custom engraved stemless glasses.

This is one of our best selling corporate gift boxes four years running.


8) You're a Gem

Thank You Gift Box

What's in the Box:

An insulated skinny tumbler with matching straw, caramel popcorn, pretzels, roasted mixed nuts, a scented candle, and a diamond pen.

Business gifts don't have to be boring. This fun, stylish gift is a great way to say thank you to clients or employees.


9) A New Twist on Old Fashions

Cocktail Gift Box

Corporate Happy Hour Gift | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

Orange peel and bitters cocktail mix, two footed cocktail glasses, a stainless steel jigger and dehydrated orange wheels.

A great corporate gift for a corporate cocktail hour event or team outing.


10) Cheers to You

Customized Wine Glass Gift Boxes

Corporate Wine Glass Gift | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

Your choice of either two custom glasses and custom tumbled marble coasters or four glasses and coasters.

Customized in-house, when you order this corporate gift by 3:00 PM MT, Monday through Friday, we ship the same business day.


11) My Inner Tranquili-TEA

Custom Tea Business Gifts

Personalized Tea Gift for Businesses | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

An insulated travel mug, a glass tea mug, a collection of three teas (Green, Earl Grey and Peppermint), a teapot, honey sticks, tea candy and a tea bag squeezer.

Add your recipient's name to the travel mug for free.


12) On the Road Again

Self Care Corporate Gifts for Men

Self Care Gifts for Men | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

A premium top-grain leather toiletries bag, body wash, a shave brush, shave soap and a leather keychain.

The perfect gift for a male client or male customers.


13) Keep on Procaffeinating

Caffeinated Corporate Gifts

Corporate Coffee Gift Box | shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

A custom travel mug, an Irish coffee glass, five flavors of fresh roasted coffee, candy, stroopwafels and chocolate covered espresso beans.

These boxes are always great gift ideas for businesses.


14) Break Time

Take a Break Gift Baskets

What's in the Box

Voss sparkling water, a grey notebook, a 3-pk of felt tip pens, skin healing balm, "You are Awesome" mints and a soft eye mask & matching hair scrunchie set.

Filled with everyday items, this is the perfect gift for any occasion.


15) I Need My Net-fix

Movie Night Corporate Gift

Movie Night Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

A cozy polar fleece blanket, a custom tumbler with straw lid, three flavors of popcorn, gummy bears, roasted mixed nuts and a cell phone/tablet stand.

Gift giving should be fun and Shadow Breeze makes corporate gifting worry free.


16) Night Writer

Premium Leather Notebook Gift

What's in the Box:

A top-grain leather writer's log with a name or logo. a rosewood pen with a branded rosewood case, and salted caramel shortbread cookies.

A gift that is sure to impress, this leather notebook is something your client will use throughout their life.


17) Kick off the Morning

Gift Box for the Java Lover

What's in the Box:

A black/brown speckled mug, a coffee scented candle, bourbon vanilla coffee a gold stirring spoon and pecan shortbread cookies.

Get gifts delivered as quick as the next business day when you choose "Fastest Available" during checkout.


18) So Happy You're Here

Employee Welcome Gifts

What's in the Box:

This complete new hire gift, includes a "So Happy You're Here" notebook, "Happy" wordplay pens, and an insulated water tumbler.

Purchase from Shadow Breeze with confidence with our 100% satisfaction "Easy Breezy Guarantee."


19) Recharge

Power Bank Corporate Gift

Corporate Power Bank Gift Boxes | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

A portable power bank, an insulated mug with handle, rolled chocolate wafers and five delicious flavors of ground joe.

Save money and ask about our bulk discount details when shipping multiple gifts to a single location.


20) Amazing

Client Appreciation Gift

Amazing Client Gift | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

Your choice of coffee or tea, an insulated tumbler, a "You Make Amazing Look Easy" coaster, a scented candle, "You are Amazing" mints and a box of white matches.

The right appreciation gifts can help foster positive feelings in customers and employees.


21) A Cozy Christmas

Holiday Employee Gifts

Corporate Holiday Gift Boxes | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

An individual sized Mediterranean style blanket, holiday blend tea, a Christmas scented candle and a "Warm and Cozy" camp-fire style ceramic mug.

Celebrate the holidays in style with these fun business gifts for your team or for a client.


22) Things Might Be Crummy but You're One Tough Cookie

Cookie Gift Baskets

What's in the Box:

A ceramic mug just the right size for dipping cookies, snickerdoodle cookie bites, vanilla chai cookie bites, pecan shortbread cookies, and salted caramel shortbread cookies.

No matter their taste, this corporate gift has a package of cookies they will love.


23) A Zest for Life

Lemon Themed Corporate Gift Boxes

Corporate Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

What's in the Box:

Lemon ginger hot toddy kit, zesty lemon cookie thins, zesty lemon rolled wafers, a lemon scented candled and dehydrated lemon wheels.

These corporate gifts make great event gifts or client and employee recognition gifts.


24) Build Your Own Corporate Gift Box

Custom Client and Employee Corporate Gifts

Build You Own Corporate Gift Box 

What's in the Box:

Anything you want. You pick the gift box style from our collection of eight different gift boxes, always in stock, the contents of the gift and the custom card. From cozy socks to items for the office and everything in between, you are only limited by your imagination.

Just as with out other gift boxes, you can customize these gifts for free with your branding or logo. These gifts are delivered quickly with same day branding and shipping.


A Gifting Business That Understands the Complexities of Corporate Gifting

Shadow Breeze is a corporate gifting company that specializes in building bespoke collections for its clients. We understand the complexities of corporate gifting and provide services to corporations of all sizes, from small startups to larger corporations. Our collections offer something for every occasion, including employee welcome gifts, client appreciation gifts and holiday themed boxes. Each box includes carefully curated items such as pens, notebooks and food items, as well as branded items to help promote your business.


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