Custom Corporate Gifting Portals

Make your client, employee and partner gifting a breeze with a custom gifting portal powered by Shadow Breeze.

Our corporate gifting portals are ideal for recurring gifting campaigns such as new hire/onboarding gifts, employee anniversary gifts, client gifts, prospecting gifts, holiday gifting and much more.

With your own custom gifting portal you will have easy access and complete control over all aspects of your gifting campaigns. You decide on the gifts, the budget, the branding, the packaging and much more.

Benefits of our custom gifting portals include:

- Send gifts without a shipping address

- Allow your recipients to select their own gifts

- Send a gift today for last minute gifting

- Pay only for gifts shipped

- You control the branding on your portal and the budget for your gifts

How Will You Use Your Custom Corporate Gifting Portal?

With so many customization options available there are virtually endless use cases for your gifting portals. Here are few popular examples of how other companies are using their portals:

Employee Anniversary Gifts

Celebrate employee work anniversaries by letting your team select their own gifts. Create multiple portals for different years of service to offer bigger gifts for those with longer tenure.

New Hire Gifting

Let your new hires pick a welcome gift/kit with your SWAG, an employee handbook, etc. Include a welcome message from the CEO or a supervisor. Your gifting portal can include your own custom branded gifts.

Employee or Client Holiday Gifting

Stop tying to track down mailing address for your employees and clients. On average 10% to 15% of the home addresses in your HR database are outdated. Save money by eliminating return shipping and reshipping costs while at the same time allowing your employees or clients to select a gift they really want.

Employee Incentive Gifts

Recognize outstanding performance or reward individuals/teams who have hit goals or made significant contributions to your company by allowing them to pick a gift. Set up multiple portals for different tiers of gifts.

Celebrate Significant Life Events with Thoughtful Gifts

Increase employee and client engagement and loyalty by recognizing significant events in their lives with gifts for:

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • Having a Baby
  • Buying a New Home

Create a custom portal for each with gifts designed for the occasion.

Gifting Portals FAQs

Is there a fee to set up my portal?

If you are adding our existing curated gifts to your portal, there are no setup fees.

If you are adding custom designed gifts to your portal we will collect a deposit to build your gifts and portal which will be applied as a credit to your account when you start placing orders through your portal.

How do I set up my portal?

Reach out to one of our gifting experts and they will work with you to set up your gifting portal. No technical skills required. Our team will work with you to build your portal just the way you want it.

How many gifts can I add to my portal?

There is no limit to the number of gifts you can add to your portal. However, to make it easy to find and send the best gift we recommend that you keep the number of gifts to a manageable size.

What kind of gifts can I add to my portal?

In addition to any of the gifts you find on our website, you can add your own custom gifts. Your gifting expert will work with you to design and build gifts to meet your needs.

Can I include branded gifts in my portal?

Yes. We encourage you to include branded gift packaging and branded gift items in the gifts in your portal.

How am I charged for gifts shipped from my portal?

Gifts shipped can be billed individually with a credit card when they ship or invoiced on a monthly basis for clients approved for NET 30 terms.

Will my recipients see a price on my gifts?

No, we don't include any price infromation with our gifts. No prices will be listed on any gifts in your external portal.

How quick will my gift be delivered?

Most orders placed before 2:00 PM ET (Mon - Fri) ship the same day. Branding or personalizig your gift will not delay your shipping.

How quick will my gift be delivered?

Most orders placed before 2:00 PM ET (Mon - Fri) ship the same day. Branding or personalizig your gift will not delay your shipping.

What if my gift recipient does not select a gift from my portal when they get the email?

You will be notified when gifts ship which makes it easy for you to send reminders to those who have not selected a gift.

You only pay for gifts shipped.