Custom Corporate Gifting Portals

Make your client, employee and partner gifting a breeze with a custom gifting portal powered by Shadow Breeze.

Our gifting portals are ideal for recurring gifting campaigns such as new hire/onboarding gifts, employee anniversary gifts, client gifts, prospecting gifts and much more.

With your own custom gifting portal you will have easy access and complete control over all aspects of your gifting campaigns. You decide on the gifts, the budget, the branding, the packaging and much more.

Keep reading below to learn more about the two types of gifting portals offered by Shadow Brreze and then reach out to a gifting expert to set up your portal today.

Internal Gifting Portals

Internal gifting portals making gifting easy for organizations of any size. Internal portals are designed for managers, supervisors, administrative professionals, HR staff or any other approved member of your organiztion to send gifts on demand to clients, employees or others.

The internal gifting portal is a great solution when you have a selection of gifts that you send on a regular basis such as new hire gifts, employee anniversary gifts, prospect gifts, new client gifts, get well gifts, birthday gifts etc.

Create multiple collections of gifts in your portal to make it easy to send the right gift at the right price to the right person. There are no minmums for gifts in your portal so you can send one gift or 1,000 gifts,

Easily add any of our existing curated gifts to your selection or work with our gifting experts to create cusom gifts just for your organization. All gifts in your portal can incude branded gift packaging and branded gift contents where applicable.

Click the button below to see an example of an internal gifting portal and then contact us to set up your portal.

External Gifting Portals

Our external gifting portals are designed to be used directly by your gift recipients. When you are ready to send a gift, just send an email to your receipient (or we can do it for you) with a link to your portal and they wiill be able to select their gift from a selection of gifts you have set up for them.

Set up multiple external portals to offer gifts at various price points for various occasions. For example, an employee celebrating their first anniversary might be sent to one portal, while an employee celebrating their 20th anniversary is sent to another.

Your custom external gifting portals are desinged and built to promote your brand. We can include logos, pictures, videos and much more.

External portals make it easy to send gifts with only an email and there is no need to track down street addresses since the receipient will enter their own shipping address when they select their gift.

At the end of each month Shadow Breeze will provide a detailed report of gift receipients and gifts selected and of course you are only charged for the gifts we ship.

Click the button below to see an example of an external giftig portal.

Gifting Portals FAQs

How do I set up my portal?

Reach out to one of our gifting experts and they will work with you to set up your gifting portal.

What is the difference between an internal gifting portal and an external gifting portal?

With an internal gifting portal someone within your organization will select a gift from your portal and then enter the gift recipient's shipping information.

With an external gifting portal the gift recipient will receive an email with a link to one of your gifting portals letting them know that you want to send them a gift. They will then visit your portal to select their gift and enter their shipping address.

How many gifts can I add to my portal?

There is no limit to the number of gifts you can add to your portal. However, to make it easy to find and send the best gift we recommend that you keep the number of gifts to a manageable size.

What kind of gifts can I add to my portal?

In addition to any of the gifts you find on our website, you can add your own custom gifts. Your gifting expert will work with you to design and build gifts to meet your needs.

Can I include branded gifts in my portal?

Yes. We encourage you to include branded gift packaging and branded gift items in the gifts in your portal.

Is there a fee to set up my portal?

Because your gifting expert will spend a significant amout of time working with you to build your custom portal there is a $300 charge to set up a portal.

However, for a limited time you will receive a $300 credit when your portal is complete to use on any of the gifts in your portal so effectively you pay nothing to set up your portal.

How am I charged for gifts shipped from my portal?

Gifts shipped from an internal portal can be billed individually with a credit card when they ship or invoiced on a monthly basis for clients approved for NET 30 terms.

All gifts shipped from an external portal are billed NET 30 for approved clients and you are only billed for gifts shipped.

Will my recipients see a price on my gifts?

No, we don't include any price infromation with our gifts. No prices will be listed on any gifts in your external portal.

How quick will my gift be delivered?

Most orders placed before 5:00 PM ET (Mon - Fri) ship the same day. Branding or personalizig your gift will not delay your shipping.

What if my gift recipient does not select a gift from my external portal when they get the email?

Our monthly reports will let you know who has seeected a gift. If you have emailed someone who has not selected a gift we encourage you to send reminders. If they still don't select a gift you can pick a gift for them if desired. Ultimately you are only charged for gifts that are shipped.