Custom Gift Boxes

Custom gift boxes have become increasingly popular over the years as a thoughtful and personalized gift option for all occasions. Whether it's for a birthday, a corporate gifting campaign, wedding, or just to say thank you, a custom gift box is a versatile and creative way to show someone you care. Here are a few reasons why gift boxes are a great gift to send for all occasions:

  1. Personalization: Personalized gift boxes allow you to tailor the contents to suit the recipient's preferences, interests, or needs. You can choose specific items that reflect their personality or hobbies, or select a theme for a gift that is ready to ship that relates to the occasion.
  2. Convenience: Gift baskets are a hassle-free gift option that saves you time and effort. You can choose from pre-made gift sets or create your own, which means you don't have to go to multiple stores or spend hours assembling the perfect items.
  3. Presentation: Custom gift boxes are beautifully presented with high-quality packaging. This adds an extra touch of thoughtfulness and care that will make the recipient feel special.
  4. Variety: Gift boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles, so you can choose one that fits your budget and the occasion. You can also add a free personal note or card to make the gift even more meaningful.
  5. Uniqueness: Gift baskets are unique and memorable, unlike generic presents that can be easily forgotten or overlooked. They show that you've put thought and effort into selecting a gift that is tailored to the recipient, which will make them feel appreciated and valued.

Some of the most popular custom gift boxes at Shadow Breeze;

  • Spa Gifts
  • Birthday Gift Baskets
  • Drink Gifts
  • Thank You Gifts
  • Holiday Gifts (Valentine's Day, Mother's/Father's Day and Christmas)
  • Graduation Gifts
  • New Mom/Baby Shower Gifts
  • Wedding and Wedding Party Gifts

Curated Gift Boxes for Her

Spa Gift Boxes

Purr-fect - Spa Gift Basket


This box includes: Voss sparkling water, sea salt + citrus candle, almond body lotion, gold & glitter bath bomb, salted caramel-covered pretzel rods, and a matching scrunchie and eye mask set.


Brilliantly Beige - Beige Spa Gift Box


This box includes: Coconut salt soak, oatmeal milk & honey bath bomb, Sugarfina's champagne gummy bears, and shea butter travel hand cream.


True Blue - Blue Themed Spa Gifts


This box includes: Peppermint + eucalyptus salt soak, a hyaluronic moisturizing face mask, hand cream, and sour rainbows. Just think how excited your recipient will be to find this box of goodies at their door.


Relax - Soothing Spa Gifts


This box includes: A personalized water tumbler, sea salt + citrus scented candle, vanilla chai cookie bites, two bath bombs and three mini artisan soaps in drawstring bags.


You Look SPAtacular - Luxury Spa Gift Box


This box includes: A large Egyptian loofah. recover bath salts, almond body lotion, almond hair + body butter, a pink clay face mask, almond honey oatmeal soap, skin healing balm and almond chapstick.


It's Black and White to Me - Collection of Spa Essentials

This box includes: A soft satin polka dot eye mask and matching scrunchie, a charcoal pore care face mask, bergamot & grapefruit body butter, and bergamot & grapefruit extra large bath bomb.


Live - Love - Lavender - Lavender Scented Gifts


This box includes: A faux lavender plant in a mini white pot, lavender + orange calming soap bar, ceramide firming face mask, and a French lavender extra large bath bomb. You can't go wrong with this gift for a friend.



Birthday Gift Boxes

Birthday Party - Birthday Celebration Gifts


This box includes: Sugarfina bento box (champagne gummy bears, sour rainbows, and sugar lips), a "happy birthday" soy candle, a white chocolate happy birthday bar, and a party blower. The perfect gift to celebrate her special day.


The Birthday Blues - Gifts for Friends Birthday


This box includes: Celebrate her birthday with a "happy birthday" white chocolate bar, a hyaluronic face mask, birthday cake chocolate covered pretzels, and a soothing bath bomb.


Happy Birth-Yay - Birthday Gifts for Her


This box includes: A personalized wine tumbler, birthstone necklace, birthday cake bath bomb, sugar cookie candle, birthday cake gum, wine stopper, and sugar cookie popcorn. She will feel like a brand new person with this beautifully curated gift. Shop this popular gift now while it is still in stock.


You Red My Mind - Thinking of You Birthday Gift


This box includes: A "happy birthday" dark chocolate brownie fudge cake bar, sugar lips, red wine face mask, and a box of sugar cookies. A thoughtful box filled with a sweet treat that will brighten their day.


Don't Blow Your Birthday Wish - Personalized Gift Baskets


This box includes: A personalized water bottle, birthstone earrings, a sugar cookie candle with matches, two lip balms, hand lotion, and party blowers. A fun and beautifully crafted birthday box to celebrate her.


A Toast to You - Celebration Birthday Box


This box includes: A 'Tost' sparkling beverage in the flavor of your choice, two modern champagne flutes, champagne gummy bears, and two party blowers. Top this thoughtful gift off with a personal message and friends and family alike will be talking about this for years to come.


Birthday Mug Shot - Easy Peasy Birthday Gift


This box includes: A happy birthday mug, candles to represent their birth year, and a box of mug treats to make their own delicious goodies at home.



Drink Gift Boxes

A Little Old Fashioned - Drink Gift Box


This box includes: A keepsake whiskey set in a wooden box (two twisted whiskey glasses, six whiskey stones, two slate coasters and metal tongs), orange peel & bitters cocktail mixer, and dehydrated orange cocktail wheels. Shop this gift now while it is still in stock.


You're Tea-riffic - Tea Gifts


This box includes: Two black speckled ceramic mugs, Earl grey tea, a teapot infuser, Anellabees honey candies and Anellabees honey and two wooden honey sticks. Just wait until your friend realizes this complete tea package has arrived at their door. Support multiple small businesses by choosing to shop this gift.


Tequila Mockingbird - Custom Gift Box for Margarita Lovers


This box includes: Two personalized margarita glasses, a margarita mix, "Tequila Mockingbird" cocktail book, a silver jigger, cocktail jelly beans, and lime margarita salt. Add a handwritten card to this thoughtful gift and they will be ready to celebrate any occasion.


Spill the Beans - Luxurious Coffee Gift


This box includes: An electric coffee mug warmer, a double-walled tea mug, bourbon vanilla and southern pecan ground coffee, four coffee syrups, snickerdoodle cookie bites, and caramel stroopwafels. An easy peasy box to send that includes free shipping to their home.


My Afternoon Blues - Tea Gift Box


This box includes: A blue mosaic coffee mug, a 2 in 1 gold scoop clip, Earl Grey loose tea, a brush strokes notebook, gold pen, and tasty chocolate chip cookies. This box is thoughtful and will be appreciated by the whole family.


Let the Fun Be-Gin - Cocktail Gift Basket


This box includes: Two personalized cocktail glasses, an engraved cocktail shaker, a cocktail hour essentials mix book, Cosmopolitan mix, cocktail jelly beans, and a silver jigger. Shop this popular cocktail box today.


Kick Off the Morning - Coffee Gift


This box includes: A black coffee mug and gold mix spoon, bourbon vanilla ground coffee blend, a coffee-scented candle, and tasty pecan shortbread cookies. Allow them to explore their passion for tasty coffee with this box that will brighten their day.



Thank You Gifts

A Tasty Thank You - Snack Thank You Gift


This box includes: A stylish "thank you" coffee table book, a "thank you candle, a bag of popcorn, pretzels, and tasty shortbread cookies. Show your appreciation for all the effort that were putting into helping you out.


Hooray! - Thank You GIft Basket


This box includes: Sugarfina bento box (champagne gummy bears, sour rainbows, and sugar lips), a "happy birthday" soy candle, a white chocolate happy birthday bar, and a party blower. The perfect gift to celebrate her special day.


A BIG Thank You - Appreciation Gifts


This box includes: "Thanks" thoughtful pop-up cards, a big ideas sketchbook, "thank you" soy candle, a 3 pack of felt pens, and a chocolove mini chocolate bar. Simply insert their shipping address and this gift box will be there in no time. The perfect box that features small businesses at a great price.


Best Sweet in the House - Sweets Thank You Gift


This box includes: With more treats than can even be named, this box is filled to the brim with sweets that any member of your family can enjoy. This gift box is available at three different tiers so you can order the perfect complete collection that is perfect for your recipients.


Color Me Happy - Appreciation Gift for Friends


This box includes: "Be Happy" pop-up cards, "happy" gel pens in 5 different colors, a hello to happy journal, and tasty sour rainbow treats. This box is filled with bright colors that will brighten up their life and fill them with happiness and light.



Holiday Gifts

A Christmas Roast - Christmas Gift Basket

This box includes: Celebrate the holidays in style and shop this merry and bright Christmas gift box. This box includes a Starbucks holiday blend coffee, mini shortbread fingers, and a "merry + bright" red coffee mug.


Heart Attack - Valentine's Day Gift Box


This box includes: Give her the complete package that is filled with style and the accessories she needs this Valentine's Day. THis box includes a personalized water tumbler, a heart necklace and bracelet, a love jewelry dish, and a box of pecan shortbread cookies.


Mom-umental Celebration - Mother's Day Gift Box


This box includes: A personalized wine tumbler, a necklace with all her children's birthstones, a sea salt + citrus scented candle, two lip balms, and a box of shortbread cookies.


That's a Gimme - Golf Father's Day Gift


This box includes: Dad will love this golf gift box to celebrate Father's Day. This box includes a premium refillable golf log, a hardcover golf book, Pro V1 golf balls, and roasted almonds.


Tea for Two and Me for You - Christmas Tea Gift


This box includes: This box will help to provide rest during the busy holiday season. Brighten their day with two personalized holiday ceramic coasters, two glass carafe mugs, a holiday blend tea, Earl Grey tea, vanilla chai cookie bites, Anellabees honey, and a wooden honey stick.


On the Road Again - Father's Day Shaving Kit


This box includes: A personalized men's toiletry bag, body wash, a shave brush, shave soap puck, and a leather keychain. A gift box that dad will use in his everyday life, shop now!


Keep Warm and Carry On - Christmas Gift Box


This box includes: A polar fleece blanket, a vanilla peppermint candle, cozy socks, a premium bag of cookies, white chocolate popcorn and salted caramel pretzel sticks.



Graduation Gifts

Make it Pop - Graduation Gift Box


This box includes: Your choice of gold or copper champagne flutes, a "Tost" bottle with the flavor of your choice, champagne gummy bears in a mini champagne bottle, and a confetti cannon. Create a lasting memory and build special moments that they will remember for the rest of their life. Make it even better by including a personalized message at checkout.


Dream Big - Graduation Gifting


This box includes: A "dream" pop-up card set, a dream big journal, three stylish felt tip pens, and salted caramel pretzel rods. Shop a graduation gift box that celebrates one of their most special moments.


My Space - Gifts for the Workplace


This box includes: A personalized water bottle, a personalized notebook, a personalized wooden pen holder and wooden pen, and a succulent. Help them start their new job in style as this box includes free shipping and free personalization.


Too Gouda to Be True - Cheese and Cracker Gift


This box includes: Take their taste buds to another country with this cheese and cracker theme box. from tasty cheese tins and bruschetta to a wooden board for serving in style, this box can't be beat for the price.


My Life Would Succ Without You - Graduation Gift


This box includes: A personalized water bottle, a soy wax sugar cookie candle with matches, a bath bomb, succulent and tasty watermelon hard candies.



New Mom and New Baby Gifts

Mommy and Me - Mom and Baby Celebration Gift


This box includes: A sunshine muslin swaddle, a popup snack cup, a rainbow teether, Oatmeal milk & honey bath bomb, and salted caramel candies. Don't forget to include a personalized note or message at checkout.


No ReSPAnsibilites - Relaxation Gift for Mom


This box includes: A large essential oils diffuser with three essential oils, a personalized wine tumbler, a sugar scrub, bath salts, seas salt + citrus candle with matches, three mini bar soaps, soothing body lotion, a loofah, and tasty cookies.


My Inner Tranquili-TEA- Tea Gift Box


This box includes: A personalized coffee mug, a teapot infuser, three different tea essentials, a glass carafe mug, honey sticks, and tea candies. This box fulfills the tea theme beautifully and is one of our best selling personalized gift boxes.


Going Green - New Mom Gift Boxes


This box includes: An avocado gourmet soap bar, Jasmine green tea, a spearmint & eucalyptus bath bomb, and Cica face mask. Don't forget to include a unique message with your gift at checkout.



Wedding Gifts

My Bride and Joy - Bridal Shower Gift


This box includes: A gold hammered champagne glass, seaside +citrus golden wax candle, a "miniemergency" kit, and a gold 24k foil mask. Help the bride feel fresh and excited on her day. Shop this fun gift now while it is still in stock.


You're Maid for This - Maid of Honor Gift Basket


This box includes: A modern copper and glass champagne flute. a pearl face mask, a silk scrunchie, and champagne gummy bears. Create a lasting memory as you ask your favorite person to be your maid of honor.


It Has a Nice Ring to It - Wedding Gift Basket


This box includes: Two personalized champagne flutes, "A year with you" journal keepsake, a wooden pen, and a "Mr. & Mrs." ring dish. Help the new couple create lasting memories with this unique and beautiful gift box. Shop now.


Put a Ring on It - Bridal Gift Box


This box includes: A personalized champagne tumbler, a diamond dazzle stick, a personalized compact mirror, "love" jewelry dish, white scrunchie, "bride" bag, and soothing bath bomb.


Cheese the Day - Gifts for the New Couple


This box includes: Shop this best-selling gift for the new couple. With a personalized cutting board, slate serving tray, personalized wine glasses, cheese in tins, wooden serving knives, and crackers. There's a reason this gift is so hard to keep in stock, shop the best gift at the perfect price now.



Custom Gift Box Ideas


After taking the time to shop around, sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for your recipient. That's why we built our Build a Box shop. You can create a brand new gift that is unique and provides a sense of thought and effort picking items your recipient will appreciate. Personal gifts can be anything from an engraved tumbler to a handwritten card with a heartfelt note at checkout. With 100's of items to choose from, ites easy to make your gifts personal and at the perfect price for you. So whether you are choosing an aloe vera based lotion from one of the many small businesses featured or you realized that a new stick of sun screen would be more useful, shop the millions of possible combinations available in our build your own gift collection now.


Gifting Box for Women

Whether you take the time to hand-select all the items included in your loved ones' gifts or you trust the gifting experts to put together the perfect gift box for any occasion - you know you are in good hands with Shadow Breeze. Small businesses can give you their time and attention to detail and are filled with unique boxes that celebrate all of life's moments. Send a thoughtful box to friends, family, and clients today. Want to learn more about creating personal gift baskets or sending out corporate gifts? Read one of our gifting blogs or reach out to a gifting expert today.

The Perfect Curated Gift Boxes

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