15 Unique Cheers Gifts to Congratulate A Friend or Family Member on a New Job

Starting a new job is a significant milestone in anyone's life, and it's a joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated. And what better way to express your happiness for your friend or family member than through a thoughtful cheers gift? It's a perfect way to show them that their hard work paid off and that you are proud of their achievement!

Whether they're a long-time colleague moving to a new brand, or a sibling embarking on their first professional journey, a well-chosen gift is a heartwarming gesture of support.

Here are a few of our top picks for unique cheers gifts to help you congratulate your loved one in a special way, and send them all the luck and support they need in this journey!

Congratulations Cheers Gifts on a Loved One's New Job

Personalized Wine Glasses & Marble Coasters Gift Set

Your recipient can celebrate their success anytime. Initiate a toast by gifting them a set of personalized wine glasses and marble coasters. Not only does it add a personal touch to any occasion, but it also serves as an enduring reminder of this significant milestone.

What's in the gift:

  • Two or four 15 oz. personalized wine glasses
  • Two or four 4" personalized tumbled marble coasters

Champagne Gift Box

This champagne gift box calls for an exciting celebration for their new career journey. It's also a recommended choice for customers looking to express their congratulations to a co-worker on their successful career move.

What's in the gift:

  • Your choice of two modern, stylish copper and glass champagne flutes
  • Your choice of traditional TÖST or TÖST ROSÉ non-alcoholic sparkling refresher
  • Sugarfina champagne gummy bears
  • Two celebration blowers

Champagne and Candles Set

The enjoyable champagne session they deserve. Show how proud you are of their hard work with this champagne set. Give them a fun at-home party as they eagerly wait to embark on their new job journey.

What's in the gift:

  • Sugarfina "Congrats!" three treat Bento Box
  • Your choice of two modern, stylish copper and glass champagne flutes
  • Your choice of traditional TÖST or TÖST ROSÉ non-alcoholic sparkling refresher
  • Seaside + citrus scented candle in a gold tin

Martini Gift Box

This martini gift box gives your loved one a way to celebrate their new job in style. The high-quality items effortlessly sell the spirit of celebration - a must-have item from our shop for acknowledging such a significant milestone.

What's in the gift:

  • The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide To Hand-Crafted Drinks recipe book
  • Two martini glasses
  • Personalized three-piece cocktail shaker
  • Stainless steel jigger
  • Cosmopolitan Martini Mix
  • Cocktail Jelly Belly

Celebration Gift Basket

This champagne gift basket reflects their sparkling excitement about landing a new job. Give this to your loved ones and toast to a dynamic team spirit in the business world - their promising career journey in a new company.

What's in the gift:

  • Your choice of two modern, stylish copper and glass champagne flutes
  • Your choice of traditional TÖST or TÖST ROSÉ non-alcoholic sparkling refresher
  • Sugarfina champagne gummy bears in a champagne bottle
  • Confetti cannon

Margarita Gift Set

Your loved one can toast to their exciting new job journey with a zesty, refreshing margarita. This set celebrates their milestone and the future ones to come - like receiving 5-star reviews from their clients! The cocktail book also gives them tips on how to craft their drink as they like.

What's in the gift:

  • Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails with a Literary Twist recipe book
  • Two personalized margarita glasses
  • Stainless steel jigger
  • Lime margarita salt
  • Finest Call margarita mix
  • Cocktail Classic jelly belly bag

Wine Glasses and Accessories

With these personalized wine glasses and unique glass charms, your recipient can raise a toast to their new job and mark each successful step ahead in their career. Make them feel lucky for having the job and a friend like you, who doesn't miss a single milestone.

What's in the gift:

  • Personalized insulated stainless steel wine tumbler
  • 3-piece fashion wine set
  • Wine Isn't Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting, and Pairing Every Type of Wine recipe book
  • Two personalized wine glasses
  • Set of six fashion jewelry wine glass charms

Mimosa Gift Box

This mimosa gift box sends a clear message of congratulations and good fortune for their journey ahead. It's a wonderful way to let them hear your supportive toast, turning ordinary occasions fun, sparkly, and extraordinary.

What's in the gift:

  • Luxurious instant mimosa sugar cube sets
  • Your choice of one of two tasty mimosa sugar cube flavors
  • Four personalized glass champagne flutes

Pina Colada Gift Set

Show your support for their new job with this pina colada gift set, a vibrant choice for celebrating their significant achievement. They can savor the taste of their dreams being realized, a unique, thoughtful present to honor their career milestone.

What's in the gift:

  • Two personalized Pina Colada glasses
  • Finest Call Pina Colada mix
  • Pina Colada journal
  • Two Pina Colada suckers
  • 4" paper umbrellas

Premium Whiskey Set

Celebrate your loved one's new job with this premium whiskey set, a symbol of sophistication and success. Just as a fine whiskey takes time to reach its peak, encourage them to reach their own professional goals.

What's in the gift:

  • Keepsake whiskey set in a rustic wooden box
  • Orange peel and bitter cocktail mixer
  • Dehydrated orange cocktail wheels

Wine Glasses and Cheese

A perfect way to celebrate your friend's new job, recognizing their hard-earned skills and the rewards that come with them. This curated assortment of gourmet cheeses marks the beginning of their exciting new journey while toasting their professional achievements.

What's in the gift:

  • Slate tray
  • Personalized bamboo cheese cutting board with handles
  • Set of four bamboo cheese knives
  • Two personalized stemless wine glasses
  • Merlot cheddar cheese spread in tin
  • Cabernet cheddar cheese spread in tin
  • Brie cheese spread in tin

Personalized Beer Gift Set

This set is perfect for someone who has scored a new job and has a love for craft beers. A beer session at home will lighten their load after a day of learning new tasks and meeting new colleagues.

What's in the gift:

  • Two large personalized beer mugs
  • 4-Pk oversized ceramic beer coasters
  • .50 Cal bullet bottle opener
  • Chicago mix popcorn
  • Sweet and spicy pub mix
  • Maple bourbon almonds

Bloody Mary Gift Box

Sending a Bloody Mary gift box is a perfect way to congratulate a friend or loved one on celebrating a new job. A curated collection they can enjoy during a leisurely brunch or a wind down after a long day.

What's in the gift:

  • Two personalized Bloody Mary glasses
  • The Bloody Mary Book: Reinventing a Classic Cocktail
  • Finest Call Loaded Bloody Mary mix
  • Bloody Mary rim salt in tin
  • Two sword cocktail picks
  • Two skull cocktail picks

Wine Gift Set


An exquisite gift for those who've achieved the milestone of a new job. The beautifully crafted decanter enhances the character of the wine, while the customized wine glasses add a personal touch - a perfect way to celebrate their success and toast to their future endeavors.

What's in the gift:

  • Glass wine decanter/aerator
  • Four double-walled mouth-blown wine glasses
  • Electric wine bottle opener
  • Wine bottle stopper

Moscow Mule Gift

Kickstart the journey of a new job with this Moscow Mule gift box, representing the bold and spicy attitude needed for success in any career. This gift is a refreshing blend of uniqueness and tradition, symbolic of the exciting challenges and opportunities that await them in their new job!

What's in the gift:

  • Two copper Moscow Mule mugs
  • Copper-plated three-piece cocktail shaker
  • Copper plated jigger
  • Two ginger beers

Congratulatory Toasts for your Loved One's New Job

Accompany your cheers gifts with a heartfelt toast, whether on a greeting card or during the celebration. This adds sincerity to your gift as you congratulate and wish them well for their journey ahead. Here's a selection of toasts you can use:

  • “Congratulations on your new job! May it bring you joy and boundless opportunities.”
  • “Wishing you the best in this chapter of your life. Take all the chances that come your way.”
  • “Congratulations on all your hard work paying off! Here’s to making the most of these new beginnings.”
  • “Happiness and success to you! May you have a long, fulfilling run in your new job.”
  • “We are so proud of you! Here's a toast to bigger and brighter things ahead.”
  • “May the journey ahead be everything your heart desires. Best wishes for your new career!” 

Best Cheers Gift here at Shadow Breeze

At Shadow Breeze, we have the perfect cheers gifts to commemorate your loved ones' career milestones. From wine glasses and cheese trays to pina colada mixes and whiskey sets, we have a wide selection of gift boxes that make sure the moment is celebrated right.

With our free personalized greeting messages and hassle-free shipping, you can easily toast to their milestones and express your sincere congratulations in style. For more fun and unique cheers gifts, contact our corporate gifting experts and see how we can make your gifting process a breeze.


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