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Utah is an amazing place to live and do business.   It’s no wonder that in recent years companies like Facebook, Adobe, Amazon, eBay, and many others have opened offices or expanded their existing footprint.  With a great pool of talented employees, a low tax rate, a relatively low cost of living, and proximity to some of the best outdoor spaces and activities in the world, it’s no wonder that Fortune Magazine has consistently ranked Utah at the top of the list of the best states for doing business. 

As businesses continue to move to Utah or expand existing operations, the need for companies that offer B2B services has also expanded.    These services include everything from hotels and restaurants to janitorial services and property management.   The demand for other B2B services, such as corporate gifting, also continues to rise as our economy in Utah stays strong. 

Shadow Breeze is Utah’s Premier Corporate Gifting Company

As a Utah company, Shadow Breeze is passionate about helping Utah companies thrive.  We understand Utah’s amazing culture and demographics.  We partner with companies along the Wasatch Front, from Ogden to Salt Lake City and Lehi to Provo as well as statewide from Logan to Saint George to offer corporate gifting solutions for any occasion to help them grow their businesses.  Our corporate gifting services include:

  • Customer and Client Gifting
  • Employee and Staff Gifting
  • Fulfillment & Kitting

Client Gifting in Utah

Corporate Gifting Utah

Sending corporate gifts to clients and customers is a great way to build and maintain relationships.    Client gifting can help build brand recognition, increase brand loyalty, and generate new business.   Shadow Breeze offers three types of client gifting:

  • Gifting on Demand. Need to send one or more gifts to a client in a hurry?  Visit our Ready-to-Ship Corporate Gifts section and pick from dozens of curated gifts that can be ordered today and delivered tomorrow.  In addition to our wide selection of banded gifts, snack gifts, and other gifts for the office, we also have thank you gifts, get-well gifts, sympathy gifts, and more.    All our ready-to-ship corporate gifts include a card with your personalized message. 
  • Recurring Customer and Client Gifting. Need to send gifts to clients on a regular basis, we can help with that.  Choose from our existing selection of gifts or create your own.    You set the schedule and we take care of the rest.   The perfect way to welcome new clients, celebrate the anniversary of working with a client, introduce a new product, etc.  
  • Client Gifting Portals. Elevate your client gifting with our corporate gifting portals.   After you create your portal, which is easy to do, you just invite your clients to visit one of your portals and select their own gift from the selection of gifts you have created.  Your selection of gifts could include our existing gifts or your own custom gifts.   No need to track down addresses or try to figure out what your client might like.    They pick their own gift, enter their own address, and then you are only billed for gifts that ship. 


Employee and Staff Gifting in Utah

Gifts for Employees in Utah

Employee gifting is a great way to recognize achievements, thank an employee for going above and beyond, celebrate a work anniversary, celebrate a holiday, etc.   Shadow Breeze offers four main employee gifting services:

  • Employee Gifting on Demand. The perfect option when you need to send a small number of gifts on a one-time basis.  Choose a gift from our Ready-to-Ship Corporate gifts section and we will ship it with one-day delivery to anywhere in Utah.    The perfect way to let a sick employee you are thinking of them, celebrate the birth of a new baby or wedding, recognize someone who has gone above and beyond, and much more.
  • Recurring Employee Gifting. This option is the perfect choice for celebrating employee anniversaries, welcoming new employees, rewarding high performers, etc.    You provide us with names, gift selections, shipping dates, and addresses and we take care of the rest, sending your amazing gifts to your team.    
  • Employee Gifting Portals. Let your employees select their own gifts with our custom gifting portals.     With our employee gifting portals, you can set multiple tiers of gifts for various employees.  For example, an employee celebrating a 5-year anniversary might see one selection of gifts but someone celebrating a 25 year anniversary might see a different selection.  Set up as many portals as you need and let your employees enter their own shipping addresses, so you don’t have to worry about outdated HR records and extra shipping costs for undeliverable gifts. 
  • Employee Holiday Gifts and Event Gifting. Need to send gifts to all your employees scattered around Utah, or the world?  We can help with that.   Our gifting experts will work with you to design your gift(s) and then will handle fulfillment for you.   You just provide the names and addresses, and we take care of the rest.   From 10 to 10,000, we have the expertise to make your next holiday gifting campaign or corporate event a breeze.


Fulfillment & Kitting

If you are tired of tracking, storing, and distributing company SWAG or other branded items, let Shadow Breeze take that off your plate.  In addition to sourcing items for you, we can store items that you purchase and include them in your gifts or ship the items themselves when it is time for your gift to be delivered.  We can set up a portal for your SWAG and other items and give access to your leadership to send or give access to employees directly.   We take the storage, fulfillment, shipping, etc., which frees you to do what you do best, like growing your business.  Talk to one of our gifting experts today to learn more about our fulfillment and kitting options. 



As a native Utah company, Shadow Breeze understands the corporate gifting needs of Utah companies.   Whether you are sending client gifts to a company in Lehi, employee gifts to employees working in Provo, or partner gifts to Salt Lake City, we can make it a breeze.   Our gifting experts will work with you to understand your unique business gifting needs and will offer solutions that will help you meet your objectives. 

January 27, 2023 — Matt Graham

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