33 Employee Gifts Boxes Your Team Will Love

Recognizing and appreciating your team's hard work and dedication is more important than ever in the modern corporate world. A thoughtful employee gift boosts morale while also instilling a sense of belonging and appreciation. And what better way to do this than with carefully chosen employee gift boxes?

We've collected a list of gift boxes that will delight your employees, ranging from sweet treats and gourmet coffee sets to lavish tea experiences. So, whether you're searching for a holiday surprise, a birthday present, or treats to include in a bonus package for a job well done, read on to find the perfect gift box that your employees will love.

Employee Gift Boxes

Office Supplies and Desk Items

These gifts boxes are perfect for the office, packed with items your team will use everyday and that will brighten their work space.

Personalized Journal Gift Set

Personalized Journals for Employees | Shadow Breeze

Journals and pens are useful office items for organizing tasks and meetings. Show your appreciation and thoughtfulness and make this a personalized gift, adding a personal touch to your employee's workspace.

Employee Gift Box

Employee Gift Boxes for the Office

Your employees can use journals to keep things organized or record daily thoughts after a long day, while drinking beverages at the desired temperature with their insulated personalized tumbler.

New Employee Appreciation Gifts

Employee New Hire Gift Boxes | Shadow Breeze

Celebrate new hires and give them stylish items to use every day at the office. A journal for professional or personal purposes, colored pens for their creative ideas, and personalized tumblers to keep them hydrated.

Inspirational Employee Gifts

Big Dreams Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A perfect gift to inspire new employees in their new journey. With a notebook that features beautiful designs and modern typography paired with high-quality pens and delicious nibbles.

Break Time Employee Gift Baskets

Break Time Employee Gifts | Shadow Breeze

A perfect appreciation gift for employees working hard, encouraging them to take care of their well-being, as regular breaks and relaxation lead to a more balanced and healthier workplace.

Stationery Gift Boxes

Employee Gift Boxes for New Hires | Shadow Breeze

These corporate gifts extend your appreciation. Notebooks and sticky notes boost organization and efficiency, while the cookies are a delightful pick-me-up during busy workdays.

Colorful Employee Gift Boxes

Happy Gift Boxes for Employees | Shadow Breeze

These radiant, colorful items create a fun and energizing atmosphere, a welcoming collection for new hires, and a nice reward for employees who keep the balance of fun and hard work in the team.

Personalized Leather Journal

Personalized Leather Writers Log | Shadow Breeze

This personalized leather journal combines elegance with a personal touch, making the recipient feel truly valued and recognized. It not only enhances professionalism and organization but is also a stylish accessory to any workspace.

Food and Snacks Gift Baskets

With both savory and sweet snacks, there is a gift box for all tastes.  These employee gifts are perfect for sharing with the whole office.

Snacks Gift Basket

Gourmet snacks for Employees | Shadow Breeze

This snacks gift basket is a delightful gift on employee appreciation day or for any occasion, a variety of treats that can be enjoyed throughout the day, showing your employees that their hard work doesn't go unnoticed.

Wine and Cheese Gift

Wine and Cheese Gift Boxes | Shadow Breeze

This wine and cheese gift basket is absolutely a top-notch appreciation gift, a pair of two classic delights to celebrate your employees' efforts or team successes.

Sweets Gift Basket for Employee Appreciation Day

Gourmet Sweets Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

A delectable appreciation gift that employees love, packed with delightful treats to satisfy their sweet tooth. Available in three different sizes.

Cookie Gift Box

Cookie Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A tangible and sweet form of employee recognition, this cookie gift basket is a delightful treat for your employees. A gift to show that their work and commitment to the business are truly valued.

Cheese Gift Box

Savory Snacks Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Cheese gift baskets pay attention to the details of their preferences, showing your employees that their personal tastes matter. Add a touch of gourmet delight to their life and an indulgent treat they can enjoy outside of work.

Charcuterie Gift Box

Charcuterie Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A sophisticated choice for employee gifting as it combines a variety of high-quality meats and cheeses that cater to diverse tastes. Bring the gourmet shop right to their doorstep, showing your recognition for their hard work.

Mini Charcuterie Gift Box

Charcuterie Gift | Shadow Breeze

A perfect way to show appreciation to your employees, combining a selection of gourmet treats in a compact yet impressive package. With a complete set of charcuterie tools and cheese spreads, a fine addition to their kitchen essentials.

Luxury Corporate Gifts

Olive Oil and Vinegar Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This set of olive oil and balsamic vinegar is a unique gesture of gratitude, a taste of gourmet items they can enjoy. A thoughtful tip of the hat to their hard work that goes beyond the usual office perks.

Cookie Care Package

Cookie Care Package | Shadow Breeze

This set combines the comfort of a warm coffee paired with the sweetness of cookies. Bring a cozy coffee house experience right to your employees' desks.

Self-care Essential Gift Boxes

Self care gifts are the fastest growing employee gift box category.    Help you team relax and unwind with these thoughtful relaxation gift boxes. 

Mindfulness Employee Gift

Mindfulness Employee Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Surprise your employees with a self-care box filled with face masks, a scented candle, and a notebook, harnessing the benefits of relaxation and stress relief. Make work-life balance a tangible reality, showing company support for their well-being.

Luxury Bath Gift Set

This bath gift set filled with lotion, healing balm, and oatmeal soap promotes relaxation and self-care, contributing to your employees' overall happiness, acknowledging that job satisfaction isn't only about work, but also about personal well-being.

Premium Spa Gift Box

Spa Day Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A perfect gift your employees can use during rest days and vacations, giving them a break from the business world. This set is complete with microwaveable slippers, an insulated water bottle, and essential oils with a multi-colored diffuser (blue light, green light, and more) for a complete spa-at-home experience.

Succulent and Candles Set

Self Care Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Something green for their desk, and something indulgent for their me-time at home. This set of succulents, candles, and bath bombs is a nice employee gift, especially for recipients who love pink. 

Complete Bath and Spa Gift Set

This set of bath salts, candles, and essential oils is a great employee gift, particularly in these critical times when self-care and relaxation have become a more important part of work-life balance.

Tea, Coffee, and Drink Gift Boxes

Give your team the boost they need with these drink gift boxes.   Choose from non-alcoholic sparkling wine, coffee or tea.

Celebration Gift Boxes

This pair of champagne glasses calls for a celebration, perfect for toasting your employees' achievements and success. A gift that adds a touch of elegance to their homes and a nice addition to their kitchen stock.

Personalized Wine Glasses and Marble Coasters

Cheers to You Thank You Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

These personalized glasses combine functionality and belongingness, especially when customized with the company logo or the recipient's name. A unique piece of company 'swag' that reminds them of their valued contribution to the team.

Celebration Gift Basket

A celebratory gift packed with delightful drinks and confetti cannon, perfect for marking employee milestones or simply adding a spark of fun to their day.

Tea Gift Box

Corporate Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A set of tea mugs, tea blends, and a teapot infuser. A variety of flavors for your employees to unwind with, encouraging relaxation and mindfulness during their breaks.

Coffee Gift Basket

Premium Coffee Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A set of ground coffee in tins and a coffee warmer, this selection of gourmet blends can fuel your employees' day, and serve as a delightful treat for coffee enthusiasts.

Thank You Gift Boxes

Show your team how grateful you are for them with these curated employee appreciation gift boxes.    

Notebook and Treats Set

Employee Thank You Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A mix of practicality and enjoyment, conveying your heartfelt thanks. The notebook and pen for jotting down their ideas and tasks, and the treats for a delightful break during their workday.

Thank You Curated Gift Box

This delightful set brings your employees a blend of indulgence, relaxation, and usefulness - chocolates for a sweet treat, candles for creating a calming ambiance, and a pen for their work notes.

Champagne and Treats Gift Box


Hip Hip Hooray Gift Box

A luxurious employee thank-you gift of indulgence and relaxation - treats for a sweet delight, champagne for celebrating personal successes, and candles to set a serene ambiance.

Sweet Treats Thank-You Box

Tasty Thank You Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This thank-you box features a variety of delectable goodies-- cookies, pretzels, and popcorn-- for your employees' sweet tooth, and a Thank You hardcover book with quotes on gratitude to express your thanks.

Coffee Gift Box

Coffee Lover Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This gift offers a complete coffee break experience - a gourmet coffee for a refreshing pick-me-up, a stylish mug for their favorite beverage, and cookies for a delightful treat.

Blue and Gold-themed Tea Gift Box

Afternoon Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze 

A nice thank-you gift that gives your employees high-quality tea blends during a calming break, a themed mug for added sophistication, and a notebook for capturing their creative ideas.

Employee Gift Boxes at Shadow Breeze

Here at Shadow Breeze, our gifting experts curate the best employee gift boxes with thoughtful consideration. Whether for a personal thank-you gift, a company milestone, a birthday gift, or an employee holiday gift, we offer customized gift boxes with items that are tailored to the occasion. You can also take note of your employees' preferences and personally handpick items you want to include as a gift.

For more useful, fun, and creative gift ideas, contact our corporate gifting experts and witness how we can make your gifting process a breeze.

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