Corporate Gift Boxes for Employees that Your Team Will Love

Your employees work with you every day, representing your company values and delivering your services, and it just makes perfect sense to give them something in return, right?

Giving employee appreciation gift boxes is the perfect way for companies to reward their hard work and includes many benefits such as increased employee engagement, decreased turnover, and improved morale.  

It’ can be a challenge to think of fun gift boxes to make your employees feel recognized and appreciated. That's why we have curated these 23 gift ideas for your employees.  Whether it's for a special occasion, or just a way to show your gratitude, we make it easy to shop for your employees or even a client.


Corporate Gift Boxes Your Employees Will Love

1) Office Items Gift Box

Hello Awesome

Awesome New Hire Gifts | Shadow Breeze

Employees love gifts that are useful on an everyday basis. These gift boxes include a personalized water tumbler with straw, a faux leather hardbound journal, 3 stylish felt pens, a sticky note organizer, and a pack of cookies to nibble on during short breaks.

Wrapped in a "Hello Awesome" gift box to tell them how awesome it is that they're part of your team.


2) Coffee and Relaxation Employee Appreciation Gift Boxes


You Are Amazing Gift Box for Employees | Shadow Breeze

Give your employees this complete set, a perfect way to start their day. This gift set lets you choose between a black or white insulated mug, and Earl Grey tea or Bourbon Vanilla coffee. It also includes scented candles, a "You Make Amazing Look Easy" coaster, matches, and mints.

Personalize these corporate gift boxes with your logo on the box and put the recipients' names on the greeting card to tell them they Make Amazing Look Easy.


3) Lemon-Themed Gift Boxes for Employees

A Zest for Life

Lemon Themed Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Give them something refreshing when they need a little pick-me-up snack. These lemon-themed gift boxes include a lemon ginger hot toddy kit, a lemon-scented candle, lemon-flavored cookies and wafers, and dried lemon cocktail wheels. An ideal set to add a little zest to your team's day.  


4) Gourmet Sweets Box

Best Sweet in the House

Gourmet Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This is for the foodies! This gourmet sweets basket is perfect for any occasion: at a corporate event, birthday, anniversary, or holiday. It includes snacks from around the world such as cookies, wafer cubes, stroopwafels, gummy bears, rolled wafers, popcorn, caramels, and hard candy.

These corporate gifts are available in small, medium, and large sizes so you can choose depending on the occasion and the price.


5) Take A Break Gift Box

Break Time

This is a thoughtful present for your employees, one that tells them they deserve a good break, and it's more meaningful when it comes from you! This take-a-break set includes sparkling water in a glass bottle, 3 stylish felt pens, an A5 grey notebook, a comfortable, polka dot eye mask with a matching scrunchie, and tins of healing balms and mints.


6) Wine and Cheese Corporate Gift Boxes

Cheese the Day

Personalized Wine and Cheese Gift Boxes | Shadow Breeze

Celebrate employees with this classy and timeless corporate gift that employees love. This wine and cheese set is filled with a slate tray, a personalized bamboo cheese cutting board, a set of four bamboo cheese knives, 2 personalized stemless wine glasses, three tins of wine flavored cheese spread, and water crackers.

This luxurious set is perfect for celebrating closed deals, company milestones, or personal achievements your employee achieved.


7) Movie-themed Gift Box

I Need My Net-FIX

Home Movie Night Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A fun movie night might just be what your employees need! This movie-themed set has got it all covered. It features one fleece blanket, a personalized insulated stainless steel water tumbler, an aluminum tablet/cell phone stand, and snacks including gummy bears, roasted mixed nuts, and popcorn.

A perfect gift they can use during team hangouts, streaming parties with friends, or movie marathons with the family.


8) Employee Onboarding Gift

So Happy You're Here

Employee Onboarding Gift | Shadow Breeze

Corporate gifts are not only for employee appreciation day or special occasions, you can give new hires gifts too!

This simple welcome set includes a personalized insulated stainless steel water tumbler, five colorful pens, and a faux leather hardbound journal with "So Happy You're Here" on the front. This box will make them feel welcome on their first day, a nice way to start a professional and positive relationship.

Add your logo to the box and a welcoming message to your new hires with the personalized "So Happy You're Here" card included in this set.


9) Premium Tea Gift Box

You're TEA-riffic

Employee Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This magnificent tea set is a care package for your hardworking team. Perfect for consistent energy without all the coffee jitters. It includes 20 Earl Grey tea bags in a cute tin, a stylish tempered glass teapot infuser, two black ceramic tea mugs, two wooden honey dipper sticks, and honey treats. A great set for employees in the office or those off site working from home.


10) Candle, Succulent and Snack Sets for Any Occasion

Easy Breezy Gift Boxes

Cute Gift Boxes for Employees | Shadow Breeze

These cute inexpensive gift boxes include a candle with a sticker of your choice, a real or faux succulent, matches and your choice of treat.  An inexpensive gift box for employees for any occasion.    

Customize your gift with a candle label and greeting card for the occasion to express your appreciation.


11) Premium Snack Gift Box

Love Snack, Baby Love Snack

Gourmet Snack Gift Box for Employees | Shadow Breeze

This premium snack gift basket is perfect for your employees and their families! It contains a variety of delectable consumables including cheese spread, popcorn, toasts, cheddar crisps, water crackers, bruschetta, salami, mixed nuts, almonds, peanuts, gummy bears, and wafer bites.

This is a perfect gift to show your gratitude to your employees and their loved ones.


12) Coffee Gift Box

Kick off the Morning

This box is just the perfect gift for the coffee lover. It includes a black and brown speckled ceramic mug, a Bourbon Vanilla blend, a gold stirring spoon, a coffee-scented soy candle, and pecan shortbread cookies. The perfect gift to kick off your day with a spring in your step.


13) Personalized Journal and Tumbler Set

My Space

Gift Boxes for the Office | Shadow Breeze

Tech items are common corporate gifts, so give your employees a traditional and stylish one instead that will brighten their work space. 

This personalized gift set includes three personalized items: a leatherette notebook available in five different colors, a rosewood pen case with a rosewood pen, and an insulated water bottle. It also features a faux succulent in a white ceramic pot-- a nice detail they can add to their desk.


14) Spa Gift Basket


Spa Gift Box for Employees | Shadow Breeze

This spa gift basket is a perfect reward after completing major milestones or projects. It includes sparkling water in a glass bottle, sea salt + citrus scented candle, almond body lotion, an eye mask with matching hair scrunchie, a fizzy  bath bomb and chocolate-covered pretzel rods.


15) Luxury Tea Gift Set

Losing Touch with Reali-TEA

Premium Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Surprise your hardworking employees with this exquisite tea gift set, carefully selected to give them a fun, relaxing experience. The set includes an electric desktop tea mug warmer,  a double-walled tea mug, a glass infuser tea pot, tins of Earl Grey and peppermint tea, raw clover honey, a wooden honey dipper stick, and vanilla chai cookie crisps.


16) Employee Thank You Gift

You're a Gem

Thank You Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Treat your employees to this thank you gift box, a creative way to recognize their dedication and hard work. This curated collection features delicious food items including popcorn and mixed nuts, a scented travel candle, an insulated stainless steel water tumbler, and a diamond-designed pen.

Aromatherapy can help them mediate and calm their nerves before they work on a project or sleep at night.


17) Self Care Gift Box


Self Care Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Thank your employees for their exceptional service with this relaxing self-care gift set. This thoughtful set includes a personalized insulated water tumbler, sea salt + citrus scented candle, cookie bites, two large bath bombs, and three mini-artisan soaps.

After a long day of work, these curated items create an enjoyable and cozy atmosphere your employees will love.


18) Tea Gift Set

My Inner Tranquili-TEA

Personalized Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This generous tea gift set will delight your employees and their tea loving friends!  This set includes a tempered glass tea pot infuser, a personalized insulated stainless steel tumbler, a clear tea cup, and 20 bags each of Earl Grey tea, premium green tea, peppermint tea, honey sticks, tea candy, and a tea bag squeezer.


19) Personalized Premium Leather Journal

Night Writer

Leather Journal Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Tired of coming up with fun employee gifts? Tap into your employee's hobbies! For those who love to write or use planners, this personalized journal gift set will make a statement. It includes a personalized handcrafted, top-grain leather journal, a personalized handcrafted rosewood pen in a rosewood case, and salted caramel shortbread cookies.


20) Holiday Set

A Holiday Roast

Employee Holiday Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Give your employees something extra special during the holidays! This Christmas gift set will warm their hearts. The set includes a "Merry & Bright'' campfire-style mug, a Starbucks holiday blend, and Walkers mini shortbread fingers. You can add the recipient's name and greet them with Happy Holidays on the personalized greeting card included in this set.

Make your presence felt, in a nice way, even during the holidays!


21) Cozy Holiday Tea Gift

A Cozy Christmas

Holiday Tea Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Another cozy gift your employees will enjoy, especially those who crave calm and peace during the holidays. This Christmas tea gift includes a 'Warm and Cozy' ceramic campfire-style mug, a cotton throw blanket, a holiday blend tea, and a Christmas-scented candle in a tin.  


22) Cookie Box

Things Might Be Crummy but You're One Tough Cookie

Cookie Care Package for Employees | Shadow Breeze

Get something special for cookie lovers on your team! Indulge your employee's sweet tooth with this exquisite cookie set. The gift box includes vanilla chai cookie bites, snickerdoodle cookie bites, salted shortbread cookies, pecan shortbread cookies, and a black and brown speckled ceramic mug they can dip their cookies in.


23) Recharge Gift


Recharge Gift Box for Employees | Shadow Breeze

As your employees take a break during shifts, so do their tech items. How about a package for recharging, literally and figuratively, so they can stay connected? 

This recharge gift box includes a portable rechargeable battery with dual intelligence USB outputs with standard 5V 2.1A for each port to charge their phones, and some treats to recharge themselves too: an insulated stainless steel mug, 5 packs of unique-flavored coffees, and chocolate rolled wafers.


Your Employee Gift Box Questions Answered:

Q: What should I put in an employee gift box? What can we gift to employees?

For an employee gift box, consider indulgent and fun gifts to show you also want them to enjoy their jobs. 

Shadow Breeze bestsellers for employee gift boxes include gourmet snacks, cozy blankets, scented candles, and high-quality drinks or tea, and thoughtful items they can enjoy at home such as spa gift sets, drink gift boxes, and bath gift sets. 

Q: What do you put in a work gift basket? What do you put in a business gift?

A business gift box is a bit more professional. Shadow Breeze curates personalized office items here for your employees or clients, including staple and practical items they can use every day at work like journals, pens, chargers, or desk accessories. We also incorporate high-quality beverages and delicious gourmet snacks for an enjoyable break during working hours. 

Q: Are the gift boxes customizable for every employee?

Yes, you can customize your employee gift boxes. We offer ready-to-ship gift boxes that you can be personalized and shipped today, but you're also free to build your own box so you get just what you want and nothing you don't.

Q: Do you curate tangible items and snacks together?

Yes, we do. Snacks and other items like stationery, bath and beauty items, jewelry, and more can be put in one box according to your order to make the perfect thoughtful gift.

Once you've picked your preferences from our selection, we curate and place them in your preferred packaging, along with your preferred customization and greeting card.

Fun Employee Gifts at Shadow Breeze

Shadow Breeze curates employee gift boxes, crates and baskets perfect for teams or individual gifting. 

We will work with you to design and build gifts that represent your branding and values, tailored for every occasion: corporate events, birthdays, anniversaries, company milestones, or holidays. Every employee will feel valued when they receive your custom gift.

For more fun and creative gift ideas, contact our corporate gifting experts and discover how we make the gift-giving process a breeze. We take care of all of the key details and offer same business day shipping showing our commitment to our customers and their employees.

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