Build Custom Gift Boxes for Friends, Family and Employees

Of all the things you know, you know your gift recipient best. You know their hobbies, interests, and personal tastes, so why wouldn't you build a custom gift box that matches their needs and desires? Using a company that specializes in creating unique and thoughtful presents will take your gift-giving to the next level. From unique and fully customizable gift wrapping choices to fun and personalized items to include inside the box - Your gift will stand out and will be personalized to fit the individual perfectly.

There are 3 essential steps to remember when giving your personal gifts. First, choose a package exterior that they can't forget and is able to stand out on its own. Second, Choose a complete collection of items to fill the gift box that the recipient will appreciate and possibly even has a theme. Finally, top off the gift by including a notecard with a thoughtful message and have it shipped directly to their door. By sticking to these three steps, your gift will stand out and will be a fun present to receive.

Step #1

Gift Packaging Choices to Make Your Gift Box Customized

Arguably the most important part of a custom gift box is the exterior presentation. Presentation is everything when sending a gift box to friends and family. At Shadow Breeze, we currently have six different, unique, and completely customizable gift package options.

Personalize Pine Crate

Our best-selling gift package is our personalized pine keepsake boxes. These crates can be personalized with the recipient's name or a special date engraved into the lid. This creates a keepsake that will be used long after the gift has been opened and will stay with them throughout their life. This package is topped with a ribbon and faux greenery for a stunning presentation.

Sealed Wooden Crate

This gift box packaging was built to create one of those moments they will remember for years to come. This box is sealed shut with glue and a nail gun and requires a pry bar to open and receive the gives inside. This makes for a fun experience and is also entertaining to watch the person open and try to get the items in their box. This option also includes engraving on the lid to include the recipient's name, a short message or even a special date.

Seagrass Basket with Lid

If you want to send her a gift that leaves a lasting impression filed with style, this beautiful seagrass hamper is the most beautiful gift package for doing just that. With a closed lid, this not only is beautiful to receive, but they will also be able to use it for other various storage around the house.

Large Black "Ring" Box With Personalized Diamond Keepsake

This one-of-a-kind gift box is unique exclusively to Shadow Breeze. Designed to look like a ring box - when they open this gift it leaves a lasting impression. Untie the silk ribbon and open the lid to find a personalized diamond the size of your hand engraved with their name or a short quote. Lift up the tray holding the diamond and they will find all the gifts that have been hand selected for them.

Round Hat Box With Satin Ribbon

This custom gift box presentation will be something they won't be able to forget. Choose a white or black round hat box that has been popular for centuries. Filled with all your gifts and goodies inside and this box will be remembered for years to come.

Standard Shadow Breeze Mailer Box

Want a box that ships for an affordable price yet is still unique and thoughtful in its appearance? Our Shadow Breeze mailer is an easy peasy choice for a quick thinking of you gift or even sending the perfect gift to your mom for her birthday.

Step #2

Best Selling Items to Include In Your Custom Gift Box

One of the best parts about building a custom gift box is that all the items are hand selected and are a personal touch for the gift recipient. For example, if you are giving a Mother's Day gift box and know that she loves lavender-scented items - you could add an essential oil or candle that would make it more unique and personalized!

You can't go wrong by choosing a gift box that has items you know they will appreciate. The best part is it comes wrapped, will ship straight to their front door, and all you need to do is add a short and sweet note at checkout so they know who gave them the honor of this amazing gift. To see some of the best individual items that you could include in your next custom gift box, see the image below or start building your custom gift today.

Step #3

Other Unique Aspects to Include In Your Curated Gift Boxes

When you are gifting Mother's Day gifts, corporate gifts, client gift boxes, best friend birthday gifts, or even a thinking of you gift box - the small details are the ones that they are going to remember. Some of the unique things that will add a personal touch to your gifts with Shadow Breeze is our charity donation with every purchase as well as the option to include a note card with each gift for free.

Charity Donations Included With Your Gift

One unique aspect included in your gifting process with shadow breeze is that with each gift purchased, your recipient will receive a card allowing them to choose from one of our four charities that benefit women and children. The donation is included with the gift and they are able to give back to others in addition to receiving the nice care package that you have prepared. The four charities that the recipient can choose from are; Operation Underground Railroad, Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Campaign for Female Education and Every Mother Counts. To learn more about our charity partners view our Charity page here.

Gift Cards Included with Your Purchase

With every gift box purchased, you have the option to hand-select a card that with complete the whole gift. This gift card is free and perfect for telling the gift recipient who this gift is from! There are plenty of cards to choose from, and if you want to include a handwritten card to your recipient you can simply ship the gift to your house and write it in your own unique handwriting yourself!

Best Selling Ready-to-Ship Gift Boxes

Sometimes creating a unique gift can be difficult and too much to think about -we completely get it! If you want some simple ready-to-ship gifts that your friends and family are going to love for any occasion, here are some of our most popular gifts that ship same day.

Purr-Fect - Spa Gift Box

A beautiful and well-thought-out gift, this spa gift box is one of our most popular go-to gifts for your mom, friends, and family. With a candle, soothing spa items and even a tasty treat - this gift will make them feel spoiled.

You Put the Cute in Charcuterie - Snack Gift Box

Gift-giving has never been so easy with this housewarming box that is the perfect mix of style and class.

Happy Birth-Yay - Birthday Gift Box

This birthday gift box is great for women who have everything. Shop this personalized collection that includes a birthstone necklace and even a personalized wine tumbler.

Losing Touch with Reali-TEA - Tea Gift Box

Have your mom or even your friends relax with a collection of tea essentials built for relaxing and enjoying the quiet morning moments.

Ooh Spa La - Self Care Package

Our go-to spa gift basket is perfect for spoiling the team members, employees, family, and friends in your life. Just picture your mom enjoying all the luxurious items on her special day.

My Space - Custom Gift Box for Employees

Personalization is always better. Enjoy this completely unique and personalized gift box that your team will love. Just wait until they have realized that their name is included on the water bottle, pen holder, and even the leather notebook!

Tequila Mockingbird - A Go-To Margarita Box

Gifting doesn't have to be difficult when you could send a margarita box directly to their door. Indulge their favorite sense (taste) with this delicious margarita gift basket. Whether it's the tasty lime margarita salt or the margarita mix - this gift is always a big hit.

Binge Worthy - Movie Lover Gift Box

Sometimes we want to spend a weekend snacking and taking the time to rest. This movie lovers box is just on brand for this type of behavior. Send them a box that encourages their favorite weekend activities.

You're a Gem - Thank You Gift Box

Sending a thank-you gift basket doesn't have to be difficult. With free shipping, a personalized tumbler and of course your sweet thank you message on the handwritten card - they are going to feel appreciated.

Custom Gift Boxes Made Easy

No matter who you are, creating an on-brand, custom gift does not need to be difficult. From choosing unique gift packaging, and the perfect items, and topping it off with free personalization and free shipping - you can be ready to celebrate any and all occasions that your friends and family are having in their day-to-day life.

Shadow Breeze is known for beautifully crafted gifts that are built to celebrate every occasion. Shop birthday presents, create custom wedding gift boxes, send a client gift box, or simply create a custom gift box for your mother's day gifting. When you shop with us not only are you supporting small businesses but you will get amazing customer service and a guarantee to brighten the life of your gift recipients and bring joy. If you need more ideas or have any questions, reach out to one of our gifting experts and they can help to check product stock or answer any and all of your gifting questions.

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May 22, 2023 — Morgan Falevai

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