36 Unique Nurses Week Gift Ideas for Staff

Nurses Week is the perfect time to recognize and appreciate the dedication and compassion of nurses and healthcare professionals. Choosing the right gift can serve as a token of gratitude, but more importantly, it can significantly boost morale and make them feel valued.

So whether you're a hospital administrator hoping to bring some smiles to your hardworking staff, a friend, or a previous patient looking for the perfect way to say 'thank you', read on and check out our list of unique nurses' week gifts!

What is Nurses Week?

Nurses Day or Nurses Week is an annual celebration of the contributions and dedication of nurses to the healthcare industry. It takes place every year from May 6th to May 12th, with May 12th being Florence Nightingale's birthday, known as the founder of modern nursing.

How do you show appreciation in Nurses Week?

Celebrating Nurses Week not only boosts morale and recognizes the hard work of nurses, but it also brings awareness to the importance of nursing as a profession.

It's a great opportunity to educate others on the impact nurses have in hospitals, on the healthcare system, and on society as a whole. It also gives you the chance to show your gratitude for their outstanding service.

Here are different ways to celebrate Nurses Week and show your appreciation for the nurses in your life:

  • Host an Appreciation Luncheon: An appreciation luncheon is an excellent way to show gratitude toward nurses. It provides a relaxed atmosphere for them to unwind and enjoy a meal.
  • Award Ceremony: For organizations, you can organize an award ceremony to honor standout nurses. You can prepare award categories like 'Nurse of the Year', 'Most Compassionate Nurse', or 'Rookie of the Year'.
  • Health and Wellness Activities: Promote self-care and arrange wellness activities for them! It can be yoga classes, mindfulness sessions, or stress management workshops.
  • Thank You Cards: Personalized thank you cards written by patients, families, or co-workers can make a significant impact. Nurses can keep these cards as a reminder of the positive impact they have on others.
  • Public Recognition: Share stories and achievements of your favorite nurse on social media platforms to publicly recognize their efforts.
  • Nurse Appreciation Gifts: Nurses Week gifts can go a long way in showing recognition. Support nurses' health and wellness and think of practical but meaningful gift baskets!

What gifts can you give to nurses and hospital staff?

  • Self-care Essentials: Facilitating relaxation and de-stressing after a long day, self-care items like bath bombs, essential oils, or a comfortable sleep mask make thoughtful gifts.
  • Tea and Coffee: A premium selection of teas or gourmet coffee can serve as a delightful pick-me-up during long shifts or rest days.
  • Snacks and Gourmet Treats: A box filled with healthy snacks or decadent treats can bring joy and provide energy during those intense moments.
  • Cocktail Drinks: For off-duty relaxation, consider gifting a cocktail kit or a fine bottle of wine. Please ensure it suits their taste and that they drink alcohol moderately.
  • Journal and Stationery: Beautiful journals and high-quality stationery can serve as a place for them to jot down thoughts, experiences, or professional notes.
  • Personalized Items: Items such as engraved stethoscope tags or customized tumblers can add a personal touch and show that the gift was specially chosen for them.

Here are 36 unique nurse appreciation gift ideas for nurses and staff that they'll surely appreciate.

Spa Gift Basket

Artisan Spa Gift Crate | Shadow Breeze

Nurses' Week is the perfect time to show nurses that just like how they care for you, you also value their emotional well-being. This spa gift basket is a great gift they can use during their rest days to relax, reflect, and rejuvenate. It includes bath and body essentials like oatmeal soap, almond body lotion, skin-healing balm, high-quality scrubs, and bath crystals.

Nurse Appreciation Relaxation Gift

Spa Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Treat the nursing staff to a cozy and relaxing day at home, or a comfortable break time in the break room. This thoughtful gift includes microwaveable slippers to soothe their feet, an aromatherapy candle to relax their senses, and a personalized tumbler they can carry at work. A gift that promotes self-care and helps them recharge after a long shift.

Spa Gift Box


Aside from a spa gift card, give medical professionals and nursing students a spa day at home with this gift box. They can pamper themselves after a long shift or before heading to bed. It includes coconut salt soak, shea butter hand lotion, a premium coffee scrub, a loofah, personalized water tumbler, and nail accessories to complete their self-care session.

Essential Oils Box

Massage Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This essential oil gift is the perfect addition to the lineup of gifts for Nurses Week. With a selection of calming and rejuvenating scents, it will give nurses and the entire staff the respite they need after long day shifts or a night shift of patient care - encouraging them to recharge and focus on their well-being.

Bath Gift Set


One of the best gifts you could consider for Nurse's Week. After the long hours that nurses work tirelessly, this gift offers a well-deserved time to relax and unwind while taking a bath. Complete with large bath bombs, inflatable bath pillow, salt soaks, coconut cream soap, and a personalized insulated wine tumbler for their cold or hot beverage.

Gold-themed Gift Box

Gold Curated Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Just as gold is precious and invaluable, nurses are the golden heart of healthcare, consistently providing compassionate care and unwavering service to their patients. Give them this gold-themed gift that promotes self-care and relaxation, with a 24K gold hydra collagen gold foil facial mask, gold and glitter bath bomb, and scented soy candle.

Mindfulness Gift Box

Mindfulness Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Great gifts for nurses are either practical gift, or something indulgent. This gift delivers both: a stylish notebook and pen they can use to organize their tasks and schedule, and relaxing items including scented candles, candle snuffer, and inspirational cards to motivate and refresh their minds.

Nurse Appreciation Gift Box

Bath Bomb Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

The perfect gift to show appreciation for the hardworking nurses in your life. Packed with a variety of high-quality, aromatic bath bombs, it's a promise of relaxation and a well-deserved break after taking care of patients. It's not just a gift, but an invitation to indulge in a soothing, spa-like experience at home!

Get Well Soon Gift Box

Get Well Soon Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

While it is their job to support doctors and take care of patients, nurses also give emotional support, act as a listening ear, and offer comfort. This gift is for the times they need to be taken care of! Send this get-well-soon gift they can use when they are feeling under the weather.

You Are Wonderful Gift Box

You're Wonderful Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Give your favorite nurse this rejuvenating and inspiring gift box! A great gift with a facial mask for their self-care routine, uplifting inspirational cards to start their days with positivity, and a selection of scrumptious treats to sweeten their breaks.

Facial Masks Set

Facial Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Nurses deserve the care they give! This set includes a selection of high-quality facial masks designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, and refresh their skin after long shifts. The Gua Sha roller is a wonderful addition, improving circulation and reducing puffiness.

Kitchen Essentials Gift

Kitchen Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Nurses Week not only means celebrating the profession, but also recognizing nurses as a person. Give them this kitchen essentials set to let them know you think of their personal life too! This set will bring fun to their cooking moments at home.

Charcuterie Gift Crate

Charcuterie Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Acknowledge nurses' hard work and invite them to take a moment for themselves to savor gourmet treats. An enjoyable culinary experience they can share with loved ones.

Wine and Cheese Gift Box

The perfect way for nurses to unwind and enjoy a sophisticated treat after a long day of dedicated service. Cheese and wine are an elegant alternative to the usual pizza parties during their little time off.

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set

Olive Oil and Vinegar Gift Set | shadow Breeze

Consists of high-quality, flavorful olive oil and rich balsamic vinegar, a delectable culinary experience to enjoy in their downtime. It's a testament to their invaluable service, encouraging them to indulge in nourishing, home-cooked meals.

Sweets Gift Crate

Gourmet Sweets Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This delightful snack gift basket is perfect for sharing for caregiver teams who practically become family in the NICU, ICU, and in nursing homes, during short breaks in their hectic work schedule. The set includes cookies and cream bites, wafer cubes, mini stroopwafels, and more depending on the size.

Cheese and Meat Gift Basket

Meat and Cheese Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Packed with a variety of quality cheeses and artisanal meats, a delightful gourmet experience that brings the warmth and comfort of family meals, reminding them of the precious moments they can share with their family at home and their second family at work.

Game Night Gift Box

A game night with friends or family is a great way to unwind and relax after a long shift.   .

Night at Home Gift

Home Movie Night Gift Basket | shadow Breeze

This set provides items for a comforting day off at home, perfect for nurses who like snacking while relaxing, either with a movie or a book. It includes 10 bags of gourmet unpopped popcorn, a collapsible silicone popcorn popper bowl, and a warm, cozy fleece blanket to snuggle into.

Tea Gift Set

Personalized Tea Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

With a selection of calming and invigorating teas and a tempered glass teapot infuser, this gift offers a soothing escape during their break. It also includes a personalized water bottle to keep their water or drink cold.

Tea Gift Box

Corporate Tea Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This set features a tempered glass teapot infuser, specially chosen for nurses to enjoy their favorite, aromatic Earl Grey blend with ease. Accompanied by charming tea mugs to make their tea time extra special, and wooden honey dipper sticks to add a touch of sweetness.

Loose Tea Sampler Gift Box

Loose Tea Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This thoughtful tea gift set represents the warmth and comfort they give to patients during the most important times. A perfect gift for showing your appreciation towards nurses during Nurses Week and beyond.

Premium Coffee Set

Premium Coffee Gift Crate | Shadow Breeze

This coffee set is a warm and heartfelt thank-you gift that acknowledges the big difference nurses make every single day. Filled with a selection of gourmet coffee, a double-walled tea mug, and an electric desktop coffee mug warmer to keep their coffee hot and enjoyable anytime.

All A-Board Chartuterie Gift Box

A cute, inexpensive gift featuring a mini charcuterie board, wooden bowl, cheese spread, mixed nuts, crackers and a cheese spreader.  A comforting reminder that they are valued and appreciated for their work and dedication.

Coffee Gift Box

Cute Coffee Curated Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This coffee gift set is a sincere gesture of appreciation, considering the long, strenuous hours they work. The stimulating effect of coffee helps them maintain their focus and vitality as they deliver unwavering care to their patients.

Margarita Gift Set


Celebrate their hard work and dedication with a glass of margarita! Give nurses a fun celebration at work, or a way to unwind and relax at home. The set includes two large hand-blown margarita glasses,premium margarita mix (or strawberry margarita mix) the Tequila Mockingbird book and more.

Celebration Gift Box

Celebration Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

The best gifts ideas for Nurses Week are the ones that give nurses a chance to celebrate and unwind - all without the worry of alcohol. This set includes a TÖST non-alcoholic refresher, modern champagne flutes, and soothing scented candles, bringing a fun and relaxing vibe.

Personalized Beer Gift Set

Gift for Beer Lovers | Shadow Breeze

Nurses, often working under immense pressure, deserve to kick back with cold drinks during their downtime. Give them a customized, unique beer experience with this personalized beer gift set and engrave a meaningful text to their mugs.

Personalized Wine Glasses and Charms

Gift for Wine Lovers | Shadow Breeze

This set of personalized wine glasses and charms is a thoughtful and elegant gift for nurses who enjoy a glass of wine during their days off. Each glass can be engraved with a name or message of your choice, while the accompanying wine charms add a personal and playful touch.

Mimosa Gift Box

Mimosa Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

Much like a refreshing mimosa, nurses add a splash of brightness to the lives of their patients. Mixing a refreshing mimosa with the included sugar cubes and champagne flutes gives your favorite nurse a moment of bright, bubbly relaxation.

A BIG Thank You Gift

Thank You Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Thank the nurses in your life with this minimalist gift box. Filled with items they can use to relax and reflect on their life: a 'BIG' sketchbook to write their thoughts, a candle to set the mood, and sweet treats to enjoy.

Tasty Thank You Gift

Tasty Thank You Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Tell them 'Thank you' in person and with this gift set! Complete with 'Thank You' scented candles, a 'Thank You' book of quotes, and a variety of sweet treats. Send this thoughtful gift along with your thank-you card.

Gratitude Gift Box

Curated Gratitude Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

A sweet and inspiring gift box for your favorite nurse, giving back the warmth and support they gave you! The set includes inspirational pop-open cards, Sugarfina "Thank You" three-treat bento box, and a gold pen.

Dream Big Gift Box

Dream Big Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This gift is for the nursing students and all nurses who continuously work on their dreams. Let them know their hard work paid off and that it’s still okay to make mistakes. This set is complete with a "Dream Big and Dare to Fail" notebook, inspirational cards, and felt tip pens.

Custom Nurse Appreciation Gift Boxes

With our build your own gift box app, you can build a personalized gift box, with exaclty what you want.   With ~500 items available to add to your gift box, basket or crate, you can build the perfect gift for the nurses in your life.  Click on the image below to start building your gift today.   



Nurse Appreciation Gifts here at Shadow Breeze

Shadow Breeze is dedicated to celebrating the tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of nurses around the globe, especially during Nurses Week. Each of our carefully curated gift sets serves as a testament to the immense gratitude we feel for these healthcare heroes.

For more unique gift ideas, contact our corporate gifting experts and see how we can make your gifting process a breeze!


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