24 Best Summer Gifts for Employees

As the summer season approaches, it's the perfect time to show warmth and appreciation for your hardworking team with thoughtful gifts for summer!

Summer gifts can provide a refreshing break from their daily routines. Moreover, they can bring your team together and make them feel appreciated for the extra work they do!  So why not surprise them with cute and cool summer gifts that will make their summer even more enjoyable?

Summer is all about fun, relaxation, and enjoyment, so give your employees those happy vibes with these summer gift ideas we've curated!

Why give employee gifts?

For many businesses, summer is the peak season.  Employees are working tirelessly to meet deadlines, manage increased workloads, and ensure customer satisfaction. During this time, receiving summer gifts from their company can make a significant impact on employee satisfaction and motivation. They might be wanting to go on a vacation, or take some time off to enjoy the sun, and your gift can encourage them to do just that!

Employee gifts also act as an expression of gratitude and recognition for their hard work and dedication towards the company. It shows that you value their efforts and want to see them happy and rejuvenated during the summer months!

Factors to Consider When Choosing Summer Gifts

Seasonally appropriate - Choose gifts that are suitable for the summer season. Think about items that can be used outdoors, such as beach towels, sunglasses, or portable fans. Or items that can be used for summer activities like picnics, BBQs, or outdoor sports.

Employee’s interests and preferences - fun summer gifts are not one-size-fits-all. Consider your employees' individual interests and preferences when selecting gifts.

Quality and durability - great summer gifts are not only fun but also practical. Consider gifts that are of good quality and will last throughout the summer season and onto the next summers. This will show your employees that you value them and want to give them something meaningful.

Personalization opportunities - adding a personal touch to your gifts can make them more meaningful. Consider customizing your gift with the employee's name or initials, or add a personalized message to show your appreciation. A perfect summer gift is one that makes the recipient feel special and appreciated.

Inclusivity and accessibility - when choosing a gift for summer, keep in mind the varying preferences and needs of your employees. Consider options that are inclusive and accessible to all, regardless of their age, gender, or abilities.

Company budget - summer gift ideas don't have to break the bank! Look for affordable options that align with your company's budget. A thoughtful and well-chosen gift can make a big impact, regardless of its price tag.

Usefulness and practicality - great gifts are the ones that your employees will actually use and enjoy. Avoid giving items that will just become clutter, but don’t go too practical either with items they might already have.  It’s a fine line! This is where we aim to help with this list. They will appreciate the thoughtfulness and usefulness of these gifts.

Best Summer Gifts for Employees

Beach Gift Box

Beach Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Summer is not complete without a trip to the beach! Whether it's a day off or a leave, let your employees know that you want them to have a fun and cool healing time at the sea. Including items such as a large mesh beach bag, beach towel, handheld portable LED fan, and a Bare Republic sunscreen, this gift box will be a hit with your employees who love to relax by the beach.

8-piece Barbecue Set

8-piece Barbecue Set

This 8-piece barbecue set will enable your employees to have some delicious summer fun under the summer sun. It includes all essential grilling tools, from a spatula to tongs,so they can enjoy barbecues with family and friends. It has a durable 600-denier polyester carry case with zip closure, which can also be personalized with your company's logo, making it a fantastic promotional gift!

Relaxing Bath Gift Box

Relaxing Bath Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Pamper your employees with this delightful Splish Splash gift box, perfect for a cozy bath after a long summer day. This set includes a rose-shaped loofah, a rose petal bath bomb, flameless candles,  'Love Bath' bath soak, and elegant votive candle holders. The aromatic experience and soothing ambiance will help them to relax and recharge, and get ready for another busy day at work!

Breakfast Multicooker

Breakfast Multicooker

Simplify your employees' morning routine with the Breakfast Multicooker from The Cookware Company. This great gift includes a griddle, muffin cups, and a mini skillet, making it easy to prepare a delicious breakfast. It’s perfect for summer mornings when they want a quick and nutritious start to their day. And they can whip up breakfast for dinner! A gift they can use every day in all seasons!

Cocktail Gift Box

Cocktail Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

Enhance your employees' summer party with this exquisite cocktail gift box! It includes a sleek stainless steel jigger, a stylish 11" cocktail stir spoon, and two elegant footed martini glasses, perfect for crafting refreshing summer cocktails. This gift box will ensure your team can unwind and enjoy their well-deserved summer parties with a touch of sophistication and fun.

Folding Chair

Folding Chair

Gift your employees a comfortable folding chair for their next beach trip! This lightweight, portable chair comes with a convenient carrying bag and is perfect for relaxing by the shore, at a picnic, or during outdoor events like kids’ baseball or soccer games. Personalize it with the company logo to make it an even more special summer gift. It's practical, stylish, and ensures your employees are always ready for summer adventures!

Fly Fishing Gift Box

Fly Fishing Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

For employees who love fishing, this fly fishing gift box is the perfect gift! This exquisite kit includes high-quality top-grain premium leather book of flies, 50 Places to Fly Fish Before You Die hardcover book,  White River premium forceps, and a sweet and spicy snack mix. It's perfect for a weekend getaway or a relaxing day by the river, and it will surely be appreciated by your fishing enthusiasts!

French Press Gift Set

French Press Gift Set

Surprise your employees with a French Press gift set, a sophisticated addition to summer gift basket ideas! Perfect for coffee lovers or as an introduction to real coffee, this set includes a high-quality French press and a bag of French roast ground coffee. There’s no going back once they taste the rich flavor from the press, and they can also create a cold brew overnight, to kickstart their hot summer mornings and afternoons. A thoughtful and elegant summer gift!

Personalized Grooming Kit

Personalized Grooming Kit | Shadow Breeze

A personalized travel grooming kit is an ideal summer gift for male employees, especially those who enjoy trips and need to look clean and fresh! This sleek kit includes essential grooming tools like a premium personalized toiletry bag, body wash, shaving brush, and shave soap puck. It’s a stylish and practical gift they can use on their travels or at home.

Travel Utensils Set

Travel Utensils Set

Gift your employees this bamboo travel utensils set, perfect for those who love to spend time on trips! This eco-friendly set includes bamboo cutlery, a straw, chopsticks, and a carrying case. It’s a practical gift that will help reduce single-use plastic waste, and your employees can feel good about using this sustainable alternative. A useful gift for any summer adventure!

Bath Gift Set

Bath Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

This bath gift set is an excellent summer gift for employees, a serene and peaceful respite after a long day. It includes a bath salt soak, personalized insulated wine tumbler, coconut cream gourmet soap bar, rubber ducky soap, gold and glitter bath bomb, sandalwood bath bomb, and an inflatable bath pillow. Give them the gift of self-care this summer!

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth Speaker

Gift your employees the TRIBIT Bluetooth Speaker, the perfect companion for their summer adventures. Compact, portable, and delivering crystal-clear sound, this speaker is ideal for beach trips, picnics, or any outdoor gathering. It's waterproof and durable, withstanding summer fun!

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set

Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar Set | Shadow Breeze

When it's too hot to dine out, give them the option to enjoy a gourmet meal at home with this luxurious olive oil and balsamic vinegar set. This high-quality set includes extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, and a wooden serving board, perfect for dressing salads or marinades for your summer barbecues. A gift that will elevate any summer meal!

Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Gift your employees a stylish baseball cap to keep them cool and shaded all summer long! Perfect for beach lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, this cap is a practical and fashionable accessory. This cap from Ralph Lauren is something not too cheap but casual, made from durable cotton chino, with a signature embroidered Pony at the front and a “Polo” embroidery and a buckled strap at the back.

Pina Colada Gift Box

Pina Colada Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

This Pina Colada gift box is the perfect addition to any summer celebration! It includes all the essentials to craft the classic tropical cocktail, complete with a stylish glass and premium ingredients. Ideal for your employees to unwind and enjoy a taste of paradise, making their summer relaxation truly special.

Portable Neck Fan

Portable Neck Fan

Gift your employees the JISULIFE Portable Neck Fan this summer! Lightweight and bladeless, it provides a refreshing breeze without any wrong moves, ensuring comfort whether at the beach or a BBQ. This innovative fan is easy to carry and perfect for keeping cool during all their summer activities.

Sweets Gift Basket

Sweets Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

A great gift to share with their loved ones whether at home or outdoor adventures like camping trips or beach trips! Available in three sizes, this sweets gift basket is filled with assorted treats like Lebanese gummy bears, Dolcetto creamy chocolate rolled wafers, gourmet Chicago mix (caramel & cheddar) popcorn, Claeys old-fashioned hard candy, premium classic selection cookies, and more!

Shaved Ice Machine

Shaved Ice Machine

A shaved ice machine is an exciting summer gift for employees, perfect for creating delightful treats that their friends and kids will love. It's a fun way to cool down with refreshing ice-based drinks on hot days. Ideal for family gatherings or relaxing at home, this machine brings joy and deliciousness to any summer adventure!

Personalized Water Tumbler

Personalized Water Tumbler | Shadow Breeze

Staying hydrated is a must during summer, and what better way to do it than with a personalized water tumbler! This sleek, insulated tumbler is perfect for keeping drinks cold all day long. It’s also customizable, you can add their name or company logo, making it a unique and practical gift for your employees.

Rainbow Hammock

Rainbow Hammock

This summer, give your employees time to relax with this vibrant rainbow hammock! It's perfect for those lazy summer afternoons spent enjoying life and nature. Imagine them lounging in their garden or on holiday, swinging gently with a good book or a friendly chat. They can also hang it at home as a fun and cool alternative to a stifling bed. It's a thoughtful way to show appreciation and enhance their summer experience!

Spa Gift Basket

Spa Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

Pamper your employees with a luxurious spa and bath gift set this summer! It's the perfect way for them to unwind and recharge after a hot and busy day. This gift box features almond body lotion, recovery bath crystals, pink clay detox facial mask, almond hair + body butter, almond oatmeal soap, and skin healing balm. Give the gift of relaxation this summer!

Summer Blanket

Summer Blanket

Gift your employees the versatile Minky summer blanket for an ideal summer present! This lightweight and ultra-soft blanket is perfect for cool summer evenings, whether they are relaxing in the garden, enjoying a picnic in the park, or stargazing at the beach. They can also keep it on the sofa or in the car as something cozy to snuggle in. This Minky blanket is practical and stylish, available in a variety of vibrant colors and patterns to match any outdoor aesthetic!

Essential Oils Gift Box

Essential Oils Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

After spending the first weeks of summer going out and enjoying the weather, your employees might want to relax at home after. Featuring a cool mist USB electric essential oil diffuser, three bottles of Smith & Vandiver massage oils, and three bottles of Plant Therapy essential oils, this essential oils gift box will help them do just that! This set will indulge their senses in aromatic scents and make their summer more relaxing.

Bath Bomb Gift Box

Bath Bomb Gift Box | Shadow Breeze

When summer comes, taking a bath becomes one of the fun things to do at home, lessening the humidity and heat. This gift box includes six large and luxurious bath bombs, a sugar cookie scented travel candle with lid, and colored matches in a glass bottle.  Perfect for a relaxing bath experience!

Employee Summer Gifts at Shadow Breeze

Here at Shadow Breeze, we want everyone to enjoy the summer season – families, clients, and employees! Summer is a fun time for everyone, enjoying the sunshine, planning outdoor activities to unwind, and relaxing at home as the day ends. Your employees are the backbone of your company, and they deserve to have a memorable summer experience!

Browse our wide selection to find the perfect summer gifts for employees. From refreshing cocktails to relaxing spa sets, we have everything you need to make their summer even more special and stress-free.

Happy Summer from Shadow Breeze!

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