Romantic Gifts for Lovers 

Whether it’s a birthday gift, valentines day gift box, Christmas gift for her or a “just because” romantic gift box, it’s important to get her the perfect romantic gift to show her how much you care. Whether you are getting a classic gift such as jewelry gift sets, flowers, or chocolates, or unique gifts for her such as tea gift sets, hobby related presents and more, this guide is perfect for finding the perfect gift for the women in your life.

Below we have broken our gift suggestions into two categories, classic romantic gifts for her, and unique personalized romantic gifts for her.

9 Romantic Gifts for Her

  1. Heart Attack - Heart Jewelry Gift


 This gift is great to show your girl how much you care. This gift is all about love. Perfect for valentines day, her birthday, or just to remind her how much you love her, this gift crate is perfect for her. 

  1. Tweet-Hearts Forever - Love Story Gift Crate

 This gift will remind her how much you love her. With the infinity heart necklace and the "our love story" journal, this gift is great for showing her how much you love her and love being with her. This gift will have her in "awe" of your thoughtfulness.

  1. Still Happily Ever After - Love Gifts for Her


 This gift makes the perfect anniversary gift for her or valentine's day gift. With an infinity necklace and bracelet, 2 champagne glasses, a book declaring your love and more, this gift is both impressive and romantic for your lover. 

  1. My Doctor Told Me I Should Accessorize More - Luxury Jewelry Gift


 This is one of the most traditional and beautiful gifts you can give her. This luxury jewelry gift set is the perfect way to show her how much you love her as well as having her feel spoiled with the stunning jewelry set that she will want to show off to all of her friends. 

  1. You Look SPAtacular - Spa Gift Set


 This gift will make her feel spoiled beyond belief. This exciting and stunning spa gift crate is going to have her falling head over heels in love with you all over again. This is a great gift that she can use from the comfort of her home. 


6 Karats are Good for the Eyes - Gold Jewelry Gift Crate


 This is the perfect birthday present, anniversary gift, or romantic gift box for the women you love. The stunning gold plated necklace and bolo bracelet will be something she will want to wear daily. 

  1. I Am Way Past Tense - Relaxation Gift Crate


 This is a great gift that is both practical and great for saving some money at home. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a day at the spa when she can have the spa at home? With the diffuser and massage oils, she is going to be begging your for massages every night. She is going to adore this gift.

  1. Time to Wine Down - Wine Gift Set


 After a long day, sometimes she wants to unwind with a glass of her favorite wine. Give her a romantic gift that she can unwind with. This gift can be personalized to make it all that much better. 


Personalized Romantic Gifts for Her

  1. Night Writer - Journal Gift Set


 This unique and personalized gift for women is perfect for those special moments in her life. Give her a gift that she is going to adore. This handcrafted personalized leather journal can be engraved with her name to make it that much better, 

  1. MOM-umental Celebration - Gift for Moms


 This is a great gift for your wife who has recently had a child. With a personalized bracelet with her child's birthstone on it, this gift is a unique and personalized gift that she is going to cherish and wear daily.

  1. Not All Who Wander are LUST - Travel Gift Set 


 This gift accompanied with a plane ticket is one of the most romantic gestures a man could make. This travel gift set will have her dreaming of the far off adventures that await her with you accompanying her. Give her a gift she is going to adore. 

  1. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Set


 This gift, accompanied with some lit candles and classical music, will have her relaxed in no time. Give her a bath gift set that is going to spoil her AND have her falling in love with you even more than she already does. 

  1. Nailed It - Manicure Gift Set

 Manicures chip and fade quickly, so give her a gift set that can have her fix it herself. Why spend hundreds on a salon when she can do an equally as good job at home with this manicure gift set. She will love the amazing lotions and personalized tumbler. 

  1. Oils Fair in Love and War - Essential Oils Gift Crate

 Whether she is an essential oils devotee or wanting to try something new, this gift crate with the beautiful diffuser is going to have her falling in love with you all over again. This gift will have her relaxed and ready for whatever life throws her way.

  1. You Grow Girl - Plant Gifts 


 Giving your girl a bunch of roses is romantic and a great way to show your love, but what about a crate filled with succulents that will outlive the roses AND are easy to maintain and take care of? This gift is great for showing any women in your life how much you love them.

  1. Best Sweet in the House - Sweets Gift Crate


 If she has a sweet tooth, this is the gift crate for her. Often the way to a woman's heart is through her stomach, and this food gift crate is the best cure for it. Give her a tasty treat she is going to adore.

  1. Call Me Scent O’Mental - Candle Gift Set 

 The fire is lit, the room smells of lavender and you are ready for a cozy night in. This gift will show her that you think of her and that you want to make her home somewhere comfortable that she can enjoy. 


Romantic Gift Ideas

No matter what gift you decided to get her, make sure that it shows her how much you care for her and how much you love her. Whether it's a romantic jewelry gift set or a classic wine gift box, the gift should be personalized and something that she is going to love and want to keep. 

July 21, 2021 — Morgan Falevai

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