Personalized Corporate Gifts

If you were to google ideas for corporate gifts, you would find a lot of suggestions for fruit baskets and boxes full of branded items. While those may have their time and place, creating fun and exciting corporate gift baskets and boxes should be more personalized and exciting for the client to receive. Instead of a fruit basket, think date night gift box, full of everything they need to spend a fun night in. 

In this article, we will cover many of the steps you need to consider when creating your next gifting campaign for corporate, employee, and client gifts. It's helpful to allow yourself plenty of time and know your limitations as a gifting creator. Gift creation requires plenty of detail orientation and organization skills. If you feel you need help or have questions about creating a gifting campaign, reach out to one of our amazing gifting experts at Shadow Breeze. 

Corporate Gift Box Ideas

When creating a corporate gift, whether it be for a holiday or occasion, or even a simple "work-aversary" make sure to include plenty of time for the creation - curation - and fruition of our gift basket. Often people think that it is something that can be thrown together with a couple hours of planning, however to get a gift box that truly impresses, it's key to give yourself plenty of time to compile and create. If you are creating gifts for a large number of employees (ex-10 or more employees) its best to work with a gifting expert or company that can help get you the best gift within your budget and will save you countless hours and time. Shadow Breeze helps to create fun and personalized gifts for employees, clients and corporations of all sizes.  

Fun Items to Include in Your Gift Basket or Gift Box

- Engraved Water Tumbler

- Imported Foreign Snacks & Treats

- Relaxing Bath Bombs

- Branded/Personalized Glassware (ex- engraved wine glasses, tequila glasses, cocktail shakers)

- Tasty Coffee Samples

- Games & Movie Supplies

- Office Supplies

- Leather Journals

- Meat, Cheese & Crackers

- Scented Candles

- Personalized Coffee Mugs

When Should I Start Creating My Client Gifts?

It may be obvious to say, but we will say it time and time again, it is always better to start your gift creation/curation EARLY rather than too late. There is never a time too early to start working on your gifts. Especially with the COVID related supply chain issues - getting your products and items for your gift baskets early is absolutely crucial. That's why we suggest to take the table below merely as a suggestion or a "latest possible start time".

When thinking of when to start creating your gifts also take into account whether you are going to have anything personalized or branded in your gifts. If that is true we recommend that you start even earlier to allow ample time for the curation of those items. 

The most popular time of year to send client, employee or corporate gifts is obviously centered around the December holiday season so that is why in the table below we have given the two times of the year along with the suggestions for when to get started on your gifts. 

 Number of Gifts Being Sent Out How Early You Should Start Creating Gifts (January-October Delivery Dates) How Early to Start Creating Holiday Gifts (November & December Delivery Dates)
1-10 Gifts 2 Weeks 4 Weeks
11-25 Gifts 3-4 Weeks 5-7 Weeks
26-100 Gifts 4-6 Weeks 6-8 Weeks
100+ Gifts 6+ Weeks 8+ Weeks 

Who Should I Send Client Gifts Too?

That's the real question isn't it? Depending on your budget, timeframe (Etc.) you may not have the ability to send a gift to every client that you work with. We are here to tell you that's OK! To determine who gets a gift and who doesn't it's fairly simple. When sending out gifts you need to receive the best ROI for your investment (and yes gifting is an investment).

The general rule of thumb is if they are a consistent customer who spends X amount of money with your company they receive a gift. The "X" amount can vary based on your gifting budget. If you want to send a gift to everybody - consider sending out tiered gifts. Below is a recommendation for a basic personalized gift box based on 3 tiers



By sending out gifts based on tiers - it will maximize your budget as well as ensure that every person gets a gift. It's an easy way to make an impression, and "woo" the clients who spend more money with your company. This also works great with employee gifts. The higher-up senior people in the company can receive a more expensive gift than those who work the floor. 

Tips for Creating the Best Corporate or Client Gifts

- Personalize - But Not Too Much

Want to show that you put a lot of thought and effort into a gift? (Without actually putting in a lot of thought and effort) - make an item in the gift personalized! Whether it's a coffee tumbler engraved with her name or a box of his favorite food that he mentioned a few months back. By including an item that is simply "perfect" for the fit recipient - it makes your gift stand out.

- Get Creative with the Gift Packaging

You know those cheap gift baskets covered in cellophane? We all do. Those gifts weren't built to impress - they were built to get the job done. Make your gift stand out with stunning gift packaging that sets you apart. A great way of doing this is by including gift packaging that is reusable. From hand-woven seagrass baskets that fit into any home decor to personalized wooden boxes that make great long term storage. Giving a gift that has reusable packaging ensures that your gift not only gets noticed - but can be thought about each time they reuse the packaging. 

- Keep Your Companies Branding - But Don't Overwhelm the Gift With It

Nothing will make a gift feel cheaper than everything included in the gift being branded with a companies logo. While you want the gift recipients (especially clients) to know and remember who the gift is from, make the gift better by including only a few branded items and subtly include your companies colors in other ways. An example of a fun way to include your branding is by including a ribbon and gift tag with your companies colors. 


No matter how you go about sending corporate gifts, the key is to remember to start early and personalize the gift to the gift recipient. If you are feeling overwhelmed about creating your client or employee gifts - reach out to one of our gifting experts and they can talk you through the easy process of creating great gifts today. 

September 17, 2021 — Morgan Falevai

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