22 Best Wine Gift Baskets for the Wine Lover in Your Life

Anyone who appreciates good wine knows that the pleasure of savoring a bottle goes beyond just taste. It's about the whole experience - the anticipation, the aroma, and the ambiance. That's where wine gift baskets come into play. These carefully curated collections not only offer a superb selection of wines but also come with gourmet treats that perfectly complement the experience. 

An ideal gift for wine enthusiasts, offering a delightful fusion of flavors, textures, and most importantly, memorable moments. Here's a list of the best wine gift baskets to make any ordinary day special. 

What items do you put in a wine gift basket?

  • Wine - Wine is the most anticipated item in a wine gift basket. Consider what bottles of wine and how many you want to give. Depending on the occasion and your recipient’s preferences, you can give bottles of red, or a mix of sparkling, white, and red.
  • Gift Basket - Once you've chosen your wines, select a gift basket or box to complete the look. Look for something nice and sturdy with enough room for other items.
  • Wine Glasses - There are so many fun and unique wine glasses. From personalized wine glasses, unique designs, holiday wine glasses, and so on.
  • Wine Charms - Add a sparkling and trendy way for guests to keep their glasses separate. Wine charms are a sweet little gift basket addition that can also be used to personalize your present.
  • Wine Accessories - Wine accessories such as corkscrews, wine stoppers, aerators, and cheese knives make great additions to wine gift sets. Consider adding in a few items so your recipient can get the most out of their new bottles of wine.

What snacks can I pair with wine as a gift?

  • Cheese and Crackers - Wine and cheese make a classic combo, so don't forget to include some in your wine basket. Choose a few different types of crackers and cheeses for an eclectic array.
  • Chocolates - Sweet treats like chocolates are a great addition to any wine gift. Consider pairing dark chocolate with red wines or white chocolate with sweeter wines for a delicious pairing.
  • Candles and Fragrances - Add some ambiance to the gift basket and include candles or fragrances that complement your wine selections. Consider scented candles with fruity or floral notes, like peach and lavender, for an extra special touch.
  • Fruits - Fresh fruits are the perfect accompaniment to any wine basket. Consider including a few different types, like oranges, berries, and grapes for a colorful addition.
  • Gourmet food - Consider adding in some gourmet snacks like olives, nuts, caviar, or smoked salmon for a special touch.

Best Wine Gift Baskets

Personalized Wine Glasses and Accessories

Personalized Gifts for Wine Lovers | Shadow Breeze

This set of personalized wine glasses, coupled with wine jewelry charms, adds a personal touch and brings a playful elegance, enhancing their overall wine-drinking experience.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Personalized insulated stainless steel wine tumbler
  • 3-piece fashion wine set: little dress bottle opener, high-heel shoe bottle stopper, and handbag bottle stopper
  • Two personalized wine glasses
  • Wine Isn't Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting and Pairing Every Type of Wine book
  • A set of six fashion jewelry wine glass charms

Wine and Fruits Gift Basket

Wine Gift Basket

Wine and fruits are a delightful pair for wine lovers, with a blend of tastes that complement each other, bringing out the unique flavors of the wine.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Generosity Cellars California Chardonnay
  • Smoky onion mustard
  • Fig chutney
  • Roasted salted almonds
  • Salty & savory snack mix
  • PB & chocolate nut mix
  • Salted caramel cookies
  • Chocolate caramel popcorn
  • Mission jack blend
  • Smoked gouda blend
  • Farmhouse cheddar
  • Garlic & herb flatbread
  • Seasonal pears
  • Seasonal apples
  • All-natural beef summer sausage

Sparkling Wine and Glass Flutes

This fabulous gift exudes a luxurious and classy appeal, bringing a celebratory wine-drinking experience that serves as a testament to the wine enthusiasts' refined taste.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Your choice of two modern, stylish copper and glass champagne flutes
  • Your choice of traditional TÖST or TÖST ROSÉ non-alcoholic sparkling refresher
  • Sugarfina champagne gummy bears
  • Two celebration blowers

Vintage Gourmet Gift Basket

Wine Gift Basket

A classic gift that signals thoughtfulness and sophistication, this set of 90-point-rated red wines and gourmet treats will impress those who appreciate the subtle differences that high-rated wines offer. Different from ordinary wine baskets and a truly exceptional gift for wine lovers.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • 2018 Chateau de Landiras
  • 2020 Martin Ray Sonoma-Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
  • 2019 Bodegas Breca Old Vines Garnacha
  • Three cheese sourdough crackers
  • Hickory Farms harvest cheddar blend
  • Hickory Farms cranberry harvest medley
  • Hickory Farms olive oil & rosemary crackers

Personalized Wine Glasses Marble Coasters

Personalized Wine Glasses and Coasters | Shadow Breeze

A set of personalized wine glasses and marble coasters is another excellent wine gift basket idea as it adds a personal touch and features a practical item that every wine lover will appreciate, guaranteeing wine experiences are both stylish and stain-free.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Two or four 15 oz. personalized wine glasses (each glass engraved with a large initial and name)
  • Two or four personalized genuine 4" marble coasters with cork backing (each coaster printed with a large initial, name and optional saying or quote)

Champagne Toast Deluxe

Champagne Gift Baskets

This set of champagne and caramel popcorn is the perfect gift that delivers a delightful pairing where the crispness of the bubbly perfectly complements the sweet and salty popcorn, adding more joy to the experience of uncorking wine bottles.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • 375ml brut champagne by Moet
  • Crystal champagne flutes by JoyJolt
  • Crisp champagne candle by Voluspa
  • Cocoa nib caramel popcorn by Art of Caramel

Wine and Cheese Gifts

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket | Shadow Breeze

This set of fine wine and cheese delivers a curated pairing of exquisite flavors, elegantly packaged in a gift box and enhances the wine-tasting experience while speaking to the recipient's refined palate.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • 12x12" slate tray
  • Personalized bamboo cheese cutting board with handles
  • Set of four bamboo cheese knives
  • 2 personalized stemless wine glasses
  • Merlot cheddar cheese spread in tin
  • Cabernet cheddar cheese spread in tin
  • Brie cheese spread in tin
  • Water crackers

Sparkling Wine and Candles

Sparkling Wine Gift Basket

Sparkling wines and candles is an exceptional gift for a wine enthusiast as it beautifully combines the sensory pleasure of a fine bubbly with the soothing ambiance of lit candles, turning a special occasion into a memorable experience.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Sofia Sparkling Trio
  • Sofia Candle which features scents of cyclamen, peony and ylang ylang

Premium Celebration Gift Box

A set of champagne and glass flutes brings the elegance and sophistication of wine country, with an enchanting way to enjoy the fizz of a sparkling wine.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Sugarfina "Congrats!" three treat bento box
  • Your choice of two modern, stylish copper and glass champagne flutes
  • Your choice of traditional TÖST or TÖST ROSÉ non-alcoholic sparkling refresher
  • Seaside + citrus scented candle in gold tin

Rosé Wine Basket

Rose Wine Gift Basket

This wine basket presents a harmonious symphony of flavors, with the rich creaminess of cheeses and the indulgent sweetness of chocolates beautifully enhancing the subtle notes of Rosé Wine, giving the gift recipient a delightful tasting experience. This set is perfect for two people.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Bottle of Rosé Wine
  • Vermont crackers
  • Sidehill Farm strawberry jam
  • Lake Champlain Chocolates Org. milk chocolate bar
  • Plymouth Artisan cheese East Meadow wax cheddar

Mimosa Wine Basket

Personalized Mimosa Gift | Shadow Breeze

This mimosa wine basket has a delightfully refreshing twist. The delicate elegance of sparkling wine and the vibrant tanginess of citrus just go so well together. Perfect for any occasion!

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Luxurious Instant Mimosa Sugar Cube Sets: Luxue Bubblies sugar set or Luxue Citrus sugar set
  • Four 6 oz. personalized glass champagne flutes (engrave a different name on each glass)

Exclusive Wine Basket

Wine Gift Basket

The Ferrari-Carano Sonoma Exclusive Wine Basket offers a selection of high-quality red wine and white wine, delivering the exquisite products of the renowned Sonoma wine region, making any occasion feel special and luxurious.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Merlot
  • Chardonnay
  • Siena
  • Fume Blanc
  • Ciao Italia Mini Ritelle Cranberry & Sesame Cookies
  • Olives
  • Godiva Truffle Milk Chocolate
  • J&M Caramel Sea Salt Cookies
  • Svadista Naan Crisps
  • Sonoma Jacks Garlic & Herb Cheese Wedges
  • Poshi Artichokes Basil & Thyme
  • Ministry of Snacks Bacon Habanero Bites and more

Celebration Gift Basket

This set of champagne, glass flutes, and a party blower turns any occasion instantly into a festive celebration. The beauty of this package is its aesthetically pleasing and elegant arrangement, igniting joy and laughter and making every sip of the champagne a celebratory event.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Your choice of two modern, stylish copper and glass champagne flutes
  • Your choice of traditional TÖST (sparkling white tea, cranberry and ginger) or TÖST ROSÉ (sparkling white tea, ginger and elderberry) non-alcoholic sparkling refresher
  • Sugarfina champagne gummy bears in champagne bottle
  • Confetti cannon (launches gold, silver, and white confetti up to 25 ft)

Red Wine Gift Basket

 Red Wine Basket

This Cabernet Sauvignon gift basket, paired with gourmet treats, delivers a delightful blend of rich and strong wine flavors along with a wide selection of edible delights, creating a remarkable experience that indulges their palate and enhances any occasion.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon by Silver Oak Alexander Valley 
  • Cabernet Sauvignon by Cakebread Cellars 
  • Vegetable Cheddar Cheese by Mountain View Farms 
  • Jalapeno Monterey Jack Cheese by Mountain View Farm 
  • Sweet Soppressata by Brooklyn Cured 
  • Organic Rosemary Flatbread Crackers by Mariner 
  • Cheese Straws by Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory
  • Olive Oil & Sea Salt Water Crackers by Mariner and more

Premium Wine Gift Set

Premium Wine Decanter Gift | Shadow Breeze


This set of wine glasses, a decanter, and other wine accessories enhances your wine-drinking session with friends and family, giving you the time to savor the aroma and flavor of your favorite wines with a touch of sophistication.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Lead-free glass wine decanter/aerator
  • Four 10 oz. double-walled mouth blown wine glasses
  • Electric wine bottle opener
  • Wine bottle stopper

Silky Cabernet and Pinot Noir Set

Cabernet Gift Basket

This set features two bottles of wine– Cabernet and Pinot Noir– an excellent gift for the holidays, giving the recipient a chance to indulge in the unique characteristics and flavors of each wine with complimentary snacks.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Butterfield’s Honeybell orange buds
  • Dark chocolate sea salt cashews
  • Cheddar bar
  • Dolcetto lemon wafer bites
  • Everything bagel cashews
  • Pomegranate chocolate truffles
  • Rainbow-colored sunny seeds
  • Rustic Bakery artisan crisps
  • Shortbread cookies

Custom Wine Glass Gift Box

Personalized Wine Glasses | Shadow Breeze

Custom wine glasses are excellent gift basket ideas that add a unique, personal touch to any occasion and create a lasting impression. A great gift to wine lovers and those who appreciate a new addition to their wine item collection that they can use for a long time.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Two 16 oz. personalized wine glasses (each glass can be engraved with a unique name)
  • Stainless steel heart-shaped bottle stopper

Rosé Wine and Candles

Wine and Cupcakes

A set of Rosé wine and candles is a great idea– a perfect pairing of relaxation and indulgence, ensuring an enchanting evening of soothing candlelight and the delicate taste of Rosé.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Classico Dry Salami
  • Mission Jack Blend
  • Cookies & Cream Cupcake Jar
  • Lemon Cupcake Jar
  • Sea Salt Flatbread
  • Strawberry Fig Jam
  • Sour Peach Hearts
  • Paddywax Color Block Sparkling Grapefruit Candle
  • Modern Sprout You're Wild Flower Seed Bomb 
  • Ilo California Rosé Wine

Personalized Wine Glasses and Wine Charms

Wine Glass Set Gift | Shadow Breeze

A set of personalized glasses and wine glass charms is an ideal gift, especially for those who appreciate the fine wines of Napa Valley, adding a personalized and elegant touch to their wine-tasting experiences.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Four 16 oz. personalized wine glasses
  • Set of six fashion jewelry wine glass charms (six different colors to easily differentiate glasses)

Red Wine and Kosher Gourmet Treats

Wine with Kosher Goodies

This set of red wine and kosher gourmet treats caters to those who appreciate fine wine while also sticking to dietary restrictions, a thoughtful consideration to the recipient’s lifestyle and an inclusive gesture for any occasion.

What's in the wine gift basket:

  • Noah Estate Cabernet Sauvignon red wine
  • Four pieces of farm fresh fruit
  • Kitchen & Love fig premium preserves
  • Scrocchi rosemary crackers
  • Made Chocolates almond chocolate bar
  • Kedem vanilla tea biscuits
  • Small Batch Organic cranberry maple crunch granola bark
  • Pretzel Pete honey mustard pretzel nuggets
  • Smoked almonds

Custom Wine Glasses and Rechargeable Bottle Opener

Wine Glasses and Opener Gift | Shadow Breeze

 This set of custom wine glasses along with a rechargeable bottle opener offers both a personal touch with the engraved glasses and the convenience of an easy-to-use, always ready bottle opener.

What's in the wine gift basket: 

  • Two 20 oz. Master Reserve Prism Premium wine glasses
  • Professional LED automatic wine rechargeable bottle opener (transparent corkscrew cover and aluminum alloy housing)

Castelli Romani Wine Gift Basket

Savory Wine Gift Basket

This Castelli Romani wine gift basket makes a splendid present where the recipient can savor the exquisite flavors sourced from a renowned Italian winery and experience the rich tradition and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

What's in the wine gift basket: 

  • Your choice of red, white, ice, sparkling, fortified or port wine
  • The Gracious Gourmet Essentials sweet caramelized onions
  • Hogtown Eats dry roasted peanuts
  • Modern Pantry apple chutney
  • Venetian Artichoke Jalapeno dip
  • Woodard’s gourmet cheese
  • Delish Gin and Vodka olives
  • Monarch Handmade chocolate truffles

How long do wine country gift baskets last?

Wine country gift baskets are meant to be enjoyed soon after receipt. At Shadow Breeze, you can trust us that all items included in the basket have far off expiry dates. 

To ensure maximum freshness, it is best to use the contents of the basket within a month or two after receiving. However, if properly stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, some bottles of wine can last up to several years without losing their taste and quality.  

Best Wine Gift Baskets at Shadow Breeze

Gift your clients, bosses, and other favorite people an impressive wine basket and complimentary snacks that will delight their palate! Here at Shadow Breeze, we curate wine gift boxes fit for any occasion–celebrations, chill wine sessions, formal social gatherings, or a solo wine-tasting experience at home. Each wine gift box is filled with custom items, wine accessories, and gourmet snacks that will deliver a whole classic and flavorful wine experience. 

For more creative and elegant wine basket ideas, contact our corporate gifting experts and see how we can make your gifting process a breeze.


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