Five Use Case Examples for a Free Corporate Gifting Portal from Shadow Breeze

A corporate gifting portal or business gifting platform from Shadow Breeze makes it easy for you and your organization to send the right gift at the right price at the right time. Our business gifting portals are perfect for gifting to employees, clients, sales prospects, partners, suppliers, and more.

Our gifting platform can be used internally by your organization allowing managers, supervisors, admins, or other approved employees to have easy access to the gifts you send most often. Our portals can also be used on an external basis where your employees, clients, customers, partners, or other recipients are able to pick their own gifts from a selection of gifts you have curated within your budget and with your branding.

Our custom corporate gifting portals are created specifically for your company and include your branding, your images/videos, your gifts, and just about anything else you can imagine. With so many customization options available there are countless ways to gift using your portal. If you can dream it, we can probably do it.

To help get you thinking about how you might want to use your free portal, we have outlined five popular use cases below. To learn more about any of these use cases or to explore other ideas, reach out to a corporate gifting expert today and find out how Shadow Breeze can make your corporate gifting a breeze.

What is a Gifting Portal or Gifting Platform from Shadow Breeze?

Use Case #1 - Employee Holiday Gifting Portals

More companies give gifts to their employees during the holiday season than at any other time of the year. Trying to find a gift that everyone on your team will love can be a challenge. As a result, company holiday gifts often end up being generic gifts that no one is really excited about.

With a gifting portal, you can offer a variety of gifts to your employees, all within your budget, and they can pick a gift they really want. You can include any of the gifts you see on our site or we can work with you to create custom gifts just for your team.

When you use your portal for your employee holiday gifting, your staff will enter their own shipping address. From past gifting campaigns, we have found that 5% to 15% of your employees have moved and not updated their address with HR. Letting your team enter their own shipping address will save you money on gifts returned to us and then reshipped to a different address.

Another benefit of the gifting portal is that if any of your gifts include color options, size options, personalization, etc., the recipient can enter that information along with their gift choice. No more guessing on sizes, etc.

Use Case #2 - Client Gifting Portals

Whether you are sending clients or partners holiday gifts, celebrating a milestone, welcoming a new client or promoting a new product launch, a client gifting portal makes your campaign a breeze.

Just like with our employee gifting portals, your clients and customers will be able to select their preferred gift and enter their own shipping address.

Your gifting platform will include your message, your branding, your images, your videos and can be used to promote new products, solicit feedback, etc.


Create multiple portals for different client tiers with gifts at different price points in each portal.

Use Case #3 - Recurring Employee & Client Gifting Portals

Do you send onboarding gifts to new employees or welcome gifts to new clients? What about congratulations gifts for weddings, new babies, or new homes? How about sympathy gifts for the loss of a loved one or care packages for those with an illness?

With an internal gifting portal, you can keep all of your favorite gifts in one place. Then when you are ready to send a gift you just add the message for the card included with your gift and ship. In your portal, you can include branded gifts and branded gift packaging.

You control the access to your portal(s). Share that access with those who are responsible for sending gifts (supervisors, managers, admins, etc.) and see how easy it is to send the perfect gift for any occasion.

Use Case #4 - Referral & Thank You Gifting Platform

Referrals are the life blood for many of our clients. A custom branded thank you gifting portal makes it easy for you to show your appreciation.

After your portal is created you just send an email to your recipient thanking them for their referral/business/order/etc., and include a link to your portal where they can select their own gift.

Of course, you will have access to see who has selected a gift and which gift they selected.

Pro Tip:

Brand your gift packaging, card and where applicable some of your gift contents to keep your company at the forefront of your client's minds.

Use Case #5 - Sales Prospect Gifting Portals

Include a QR code or link in your flyers, printed material or emails to attendees at trade shows or other events, inviting them to claim a gift on your portal.

On your portal you can include promotional material (videos/images/.PDFs), a link to your calendar, survey questions, etc.

Use the information captured in the gift selection process to populate your outreach campaigns by requiring consent to use their contact information as part of your gift claim process.

Set Up Your Free Corporate Gifting Platform/Portal Today

Reach out to a corporate gifting expert today to learn more about custom gifting portals or to set up your free portal. Visit our Corporate Gifting Portal page to learn more.

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