Gift Crates for Women | Shadow BreezeLike Man Crates for Her: Amazing Gifts for Women in Sealed Crates 

Man Crates has changed the gifting experience for men.  No more boring ties and socks wrapped with bows and paper.  Instead they ship gifts men want in sealed  crates that you have to open with the included pry bar.  Watching him work to open the gift is a lot of fun.

Shadow Breeze has been shipping amazing gifts for women in beautiful keepsake crates & boxes for some time.  After watching Man Crates we started asking ourselves, would women like a fun opening experience, like a Man Crates for her?  We asked our customers and the answer was a resounding "Yes!" 

In the summer of 2019 we launched our sealed crate packaging option.  These sealed wooden crates include a pry bar that she will use to open her gift. 


When you purchase one of our sealed crates we will engrave the lid of the crate with a name or other short text for free.   Unlike our beautiful pine crates or decorative keepsake gift boxes these crates aren't meant to be kept and used after the they are opened.   In fact, she will have to break this crate open to get to her gift.  You will want to have your phone ready to capture a video of this fun opening experience.

Gifts Women Really Want

While these sealed gift crates might not look as fancy as our pine crates or decorative boxes don't let that fool you.  These crates are all about the opening experience.  The gifts inside are the same amazing gifts that women really want.  We have an amazing selection of jewelry gifts, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, Christmas gifts, Valentine's Day gifts, Mother's Day gifts and many, many more.  Basically we have a gift for every occasion, interest and age. 

To help you easily find the perfect gift for that special woman in our life we have put together this list of the 25 top selling gift crates from Shadow Breeze.  You can't go wrong with any of these best sellers.  Each of these gifts is sure to be her new favorite gift.

28 Best Selling Gift Crates for Her

  1. You Look SPAtacular – Luxury Spa Gift Set
  2. You're Tea-rific - Premium Tea Gift Crate
  3. Birthday Party- Birthday Celebration Gift for Women 
  4. Don't Worry - Be Hoppy
  5. Aged to Perfection- Party Celebration Gift for Women
  6. Love Snack, Baby Love Snack - Premium Snack Crate
  7. Cheese the Day - Wine & Cheese Crate
  8. Serenity – Relaxation Gift Set
  9. Birthday Blues- Birthday Gift Box For Women
  10. Happy Birth-Yay! – Birthday Gift Crate for Women
  11. You Put the Cute in CharCUTErie- Charcuterie gift for Women
  12. Best Sweet in the House- Sweet Gift Box for Women
  13. You're a Gem – Gift for Mom
  14. Scrub a Dub Dub – Bath Gift for Her
  15. Time to Wine Down- Wine Gift Box for Women
  16. Tequila Mockingbird- Tequila Gift Box Set for Women
  17. It's Black and White To Me- Spa and Relaxation Gift For Women
  18. No ReSPAnsibilities– Spa and Relaxation Gift for Women
  19. Keep on Procaffeinating- Coffee Gift Box for Women
  20. On Cloud Wine- Wine Gift for Women
  21. My Inner TranquiliTEA- Tea Gift Box for Women
  22. All A-Board- Charcuterie Gift Crate
  23. Call Me a Toe Truck – Pedicure Gift Set for Her
  24. You Make Me Blush– Spa Gift Box
  25. Hooray! - Celebration Gift Crate
  26. Losing Touch with Reali-TEA - Premium Tea Gift Crate
  27. Spill the Beans - Premium Coffee Gift Crate
  28. Spa Day - Home Spa Gift Crate

1.  You Look SPAtacular - Luxury Spa Gift Crate

 Spa Gift Crate

What’s Included: You Look SPAtacular is a premium spa gift set that will pamper her with everything she needs for a relaxing spa day at her own home.    This almond themed spa gift includes almond body lotion, recovery bath salts, hair & body butter, almond oatmeal soap, skin healing balm, pink clay detox facial mask, almond lip balm and a 3-pack of premium natural Egyptian loofah sponges.  Watch her eyes light up when she receives this amazing gift crate.

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2. You're Tea-rific - Premium Tea Gift Crate

Tea Gift Set | Shadow Breeze

What’s Included: This premium tea gift is sure to leave a lasting impression.  With two black/brown speckled ceramic tea mugs, a 25 ounce tea pot, Earl Grey tea in a decorative tin, raw honey with two honey dipper sticks and honey butter candy.   A great gift for the tea lover in your lfe.

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3. Birthday Party- Treat and Celebration Gift for Her 

What’s Included: This adorable gift includes a beautiful bento style box filled with a trio of Sugarfina candy, (Sour rainbows, champagne gummy bears and sour lips) Also included is an aromatic "Happy Birthday" candle, party blowers, and a delicious white chocolate "Happy Birthday" candy bar. 

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4. Don't Worry - Be Hoppy - Beer Lover Gift Box for Her

What’s Included: Two large personalized beer mugs, .50 caliber bullet bottle opener, 4-pk ceramic beer coasters, sweet and spicy snack mix, Chicago mix popcorn and maple bourbon almonds.

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5. Aged to Perfection- Birthday Celebration Gift


What’s Included: This gift just shouts let's celebrate! It includes a mug cake mix, with confetti in the box, a beautiful ceramic and silicone reusable hot drink travel mug, artisan vanilla dream shortbread cookies, a birthday cake bath bomb, and an aromatic "happy birthday" candle. 

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6. Love Snack, Baby Love Snack - Premium Snack Crate

Savory snack box basket

What’s Included: The better question might be what is not included.   This snack gift crate is packed full of deliciousness.  Included are delicious cheese, gourmet popcorn, Italian bruschetta toasts, assorted crackers, olive bruschetta, red pepper bruschetta,  summer sausage, mixed nuts, roasted almonds, gummy bears, a variety of cookies and more.   The perfect blend of sweet and salty.  She will need some help from family or friends to get through this gift.  

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7. Cheese the Day - Wine and Cheese Gift Crate

What’s Included:  Just like peanut butter and jelly and Burt and Ernie, wine and cheese just go together.  With the Cheese the Day gift crate you will receive  various  flavors of cheese spread, crackers, two personalized wine glasses, four cheese knives, and a personalized bamboo cutting board.  This is the perfect personalized gift for the woman who loves to entertain.

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8. Serenity- Relaxation and Spa Gift for Women

What’s Included:  This darling gift includes an aromatic sea salt scented candle, almond body lotion, delicious cardamom crisp cookies, almond and honey scented artisan soap, and a grey Turkish tea towel. 

  Jewelry Gifts for Her |

9. Birthday Blues- Birthday Gift for Women

What’s Included: This beautiful blue birthday gift will show her you are thinking of her and wishing her a wonderful birthday. It includes a white chocolate candy bar with sprinkles that says "Happy Birthday." Also included is a cotton candy bath bomb, a moisturizing face mask, and delicious gourmet birthday cake pretzels. 

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10. Happy Birth-Yay! – Birthday Gift Crate for Women

What’s Included: Happy Birth-Yay! gift crate is a birthday party in a box.  She will celebrate her birthday in style with a beautiful birth month birthstone necklace, personalized insulated wine tumbler with lid, cute gold and pink happy birthday wine stopper, fizzy birthday cake bath bomb, scented soy travel candle, premium gourmet popcorn and birthday cake flavored gum.  She won’t mind being a year older when she receives this fun birthday gift for women.

Birthday Gift Crate for Women |

11. You Put the Cute in Charcuterie - Charcuterie Gift Crate

Charcuterie Gift Basket


What’s Included: This amazing gift for the woman who loves to entertain includes a teak serving board, wooden charcuterie bowls, charcuterie spreaders, various nuts, cheeses, salami, crackers, dips and more.    An amazing gift for an amazing woman.

 Baby Shower Gift Box |

12. Best Sweet in the House- Cookie and Treat Gift Box for Women

What’s Included: The perfect gift for the sweet lover.  This gift crate includes a variety of delicious cookies (Shortbread, stroopwafels, wafers etc. It also includes a variety of candies and caramels, and gourmet popcorn. Everything the sweet tooth craves. 

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13. You’re a Gem – Thank You Gift

What’s Included:  You’re a Gem gift box is the perfect way to say thank you to a friend, neighbor or co-worker.   This creative gift box includes a stainless steel water tumbler, cute diamond pen, roasted mixed nuts, a bag of pretzels, premium gourmet popcorn and a scented soy travel candle.  With a collection of items she will want to use this thank you gift is sure to please.

 Thank You Gift Box |

14. Scrub a Dub Dub – Bath Gift Box for Moms


What’s Included: This adorable bath gift box for women, will make her smile. It includes an inflatable bath pillow, a personalized wine tumbler, two scented bath bombs, coconut cream soap, a darling rubber duck shaped bath soap, and refreshing salt soak.

Birthday Gift for Mom | 

15. Time to Wine Down – Wine Gift for Her

Personalized Wine Gift Box |

What’s Included:  Time to Wine Down gift crate is the perfect gift for the wine lover in your life.    This wine themed gift box includes two personalized wine glasses, a personalized insulated wine tumbler, 3-piece fashion wine accessory set (dress, shoe & purse) 6-pack of wine glass charms and a hard copy of “Wine Isn’t Rocket Science: A Quick and Easy Guide to Understanding, Buying, Tasting and Pairing Every Type of Wine.”   She will be well on her way to becoming a wine connoisseur with this personalized wine gift set.

Wine Gift Box for Her | 

16. Tequila Mockingbird - Margarita Gift Crate

Margarita gift box basket

What’s Included: Margarita's taste better when you are drinking from your own margarita glass.  This fun gift includes two beautiful blue rimmed margarita glasses, Tequila Mockingbird hardcover recipe book, Ficks margarita mix, lime margarita rim salt, and Sugarfina tequila grapefruit sours. 

Wine Gift Box for Her | 

17. It's Black and White to Me- Spa Gift for Her

What’s Included: This black and white beauty includes everything needed for a relaxing day at home. A charcoal face mask, bergamot and grapefruit body butter and bath bomb, and a polka dotted silk eye mask and scrunchie.

Love Gift for Her | 

18. No ReSPAnsibilities

What’s Included: This "No ReSPAnsibilies" gift box has everything she might want for a relaxing spa night at home. It includes a diffuser, and a 3 pack of a variety of oils, aromatic coconut vanilla body lotion, coconut salt soak and body scrub, Egyptian loofahs, artisan almond oatmeal honey soap, a coconut bourbon candle, and Rustic Bakery salted caramel shortbread cookies. 

 Anniversary Gift for Her |

19. Keep on Procaffeinating - Coffee Gift Box for Women

What’s Included: This "Keep on Procaffeinating" gift is a beautiful coffee lovers dream of a gift. It includes Fala's Blend coffee, a beautiful striped tea towel, a golden coffee scoop with clip, an adorable ceramic and silicone reusable mug, and Lark salted caramel almond chocolate chip shortbread cookies.  

Girls Night Out Gift Crate | 

20. On Cloud Wine- Wine Gift for Women

What’s Included: On Cloud Wine is a beautiful wine themed gift. The glasses can be personalized and also includes a stainless heart shaped wine stopper. It is the perfect gift that shows you are thinking of her and won't break the bank.  

Cocktail Gift Box | 

21. My Inner Tranquili-TEA – Tea Gift Box

Tea Gift Crate

What’s Included: My Inner Tranquili-TEA gift box is a tea lover’s dream gift.   Packed full of tea accessories this gift crate includes a tempered glass tea pot with infuser built in, insulated stainless-steel powder coated tumbler (take her tea on the go), large glass tea mug, 20-pack peppermint herbal tea, 20-bag Earl Gray black tea box, 20-bag premium green tea box, honey sticks, green tea candy and a tea bag squeezer.  She'll love hosting her own tea party with this exciting tea crate.

Tea Gift Box | 

22. All A-Board- Mini Charcuterie Gift Box For Women

What’s Included: This beautiful charcuterie inspired gift includes a mini charcuterie board, a cheese spreader, an acacia wood bowl, mixed nuts, cheese and artisan crisp crackers. 

Tea Gift Box | 

23. Call Me a Toe Truck – Pedicure Gift Set for Her

What’s Included: Call Me a Toe Truck pedicure gift set will keep her feet in perfect “sandal shape” all year long.  This cute beauty gift box includes stainless-steel powder coated insulated wine tumbler, 10-piece pedicure kit, super nail pedicure wand, cuticle revitalizing oil, sloughing lotion, high gloss top coat, 12 birch wood cuticle sticks, 3 print nail files, pumice pad and a clear waterproof zipper bag to store everything.   Her feet will be the envy of all of her friends when she receives this cute, fun pedicure gift box.

Beauty Gift Box | 

24. You Make Me Blush- Relaxation Gift for Women


What’s Included: This  beautiful gift box for women is perfect for a birthday, or for the women who just wants to relax. It includes a pearl face mask, Sugarfina gummy bears, a bath bomb, a satin rose colored scrunchie, and "You're Wonderful" pop up inspirational cards. 

Wedding Gifts for Her | 

25. Hooray! - Gift Box for Women

What’s Included: The perfect gift to celebrate her birthday. This gift box includes a beautiful bento box filled with a trio of Sugarfina gummy candies, two hammered gold champagne flutes, Tost sparkling celebration drink, and an aromatic scented orange citrus candle. 

Wedding Gifts for Her | 

26. Losing Touch with Reali-TEA - Premium Tea Gift Crate

Premium Tea Gift Crate

What's Included: This premium tea gift includes an electric tea mug warmer to keep her tea warm all day long, a stylish double-walled glass tea mug, a tempered teapot with diffuser for loose teas, two premium teas in tins, honey, a wooden honey dipper stick, and vanilla chai cookies.  

L:earn More at Shadow Breeze

27. Spill the Beans - Premium Coffee Gift Crate

Coffee Gift Basket for Women

What's Included: This premium coffee gift crate includes an electric coffee mug warmer to keep her coffee warm all day at work or home.  Also included is a double-walled glass coffee mug, two flavors of freshly roasted coffee in tins, a four pack of sugar free coffee syrups, a box of jumbo stroopwafels and snickerdoodle cookies.  A coffee lover's dream gift.

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28. Spa Day - Home Spa Gift Crate

Spa Gift Crate

What's Included: This complete spa day at home gift crate includes Warmies slipper which can be heated in the microwave to keep her feet warm, an electric essential oils diffuser, a personalized skinny tumbler with matching straw, almond oatmeal honey soap, almond body lotion, recovery bath salts,  lavender oil, a scented candle and a soft, comfortable eye shade with matching scrunchie.  

Gift Crates at Shadow Breeze

Women’s Gift Crates for All Occasions

In addition to these top selling gift crates we have more than 100 more at  If you don't find exactly what you are looking for you can build your own gift crate with our Build Your Own Box tool featuring hundreds of gift items to choose from. 

We have the perfect gift for every woman.  When you combine an amazing gift with an exciting opening experience you have found the perfect gift.  As an added bonus, every gift from Shadow Breeze includes a personalized card and a donation to one of our four partner charities.  Be her gifting hero and give her a gift from Shadow Breeze today.


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