The Best Christmas Gifts for a Coworker 

You spend upwards of 2,080 hours a year with your coworkers.  All that time together often leads to some great friendships and even some romantic interests according to Forbes. You coworkers can become almost like family.  As Christmas approaches, you start to think to yourself, "what am I going to get them for Christmas?"  You already are worrying about gifts for your mom, gifts for friends and the rest of your family, so we want to make your co-worker gifts easier than ever.

Whether it’s for your best work friend or a secret Santa gift, any of these gifts from our comprehensive list of gifts for coworkers will be the hit of the holiday season.

Best Secret Santa Gifts for Coworkers

Coworker Gifts Under $60 

1. SheEO - Office Gift for Her

Office Gifts

This office themed gift set is perfect for brightening up her cubicle, desk, or office. The workplace can often be boring and a little bit of a drag, so help her spice up her corner of the office. With a variety of gold accessories, a personalized coffee tumbler, a custom name plate and more, this gift is our #1 choice for a gift for coworkers.

 2. My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Gift Box

Succulent Gift Set

You spend a large portion of your life with your coworkers. So why not show them how much you appreciate them by giving them our “My Life Would Succ Without You” gift crate. With a personalized water tumbler, a 4” succulent, yummy hard candies and more, this gift is the perfect way to remind them how much you appreciate all they do for you.

 3. You’re a Gem - Thank You Gift for Coworkers

Friend Appreciation Gift

It’s important to say “thank you” to the people who help us in our everyday life. This thank you gift box is great for showing them how much you appreciate all they do for you. With a personalized coffee tumbler, a variety of treats, a diamond pen and a travel size candle, you can't go wrong with this thank you gift.

 4. I Need My Net-FIX - Fun Gift For Anyone Who Love Binge Watching

Movie Night Gift Box

Work can be stressful. Our “I Need My Net-FIX” crate is great for those coworkers who may just need to sit back, relax, and unwind from the stresses of their life. With a variety of popcorn, a personalized water tumbler and a stand for their phone or tablet, this gift will help them create the perfect relaxing movie night at home.

5) Keep on Keep On Procaffeinating - Coffee Gift Basket for Women

Coffee Gift Crate

Every office has a coffee addict. This coffee themed gift crate is perfect for the coffee loving coworker in your life. With a personalized coffee tumbler, a coffee glass mug, five coffee samplers, coffee candies and more, she will be ready to take on anything thrown at her.

 6) You Grow Girl - Succulent Gift Box

Large Succulent Gift Crate

Maybe their desk just needs a bit of color or maybe they just really loves plants. All we know is that the “You Grow Girl” gift crate is perfect for the succulent lover in your life. With four 4” low maintenance succulents (2x bigger than most other gift boxes) she is ready to have the most stylish décor in the office.  A little indirect sunlight and a bit of water every 7 to 10 days is all they need to thrive.

 7) A-Salt & Flattery - Snack Gift Basket for the Office

Sweet and Salty Gift Crate

Are you looking for a “safe” gift that you know anyone will love? Our sweet and salty gift crate is the perfect secret Santa gift for those coworkers that you may not know as well. Who doesn’t love Sweet & Salty snacks? To make it even better, with a customizable snack bowl, you can make it a personalized gift.

8) Sundae School - Ice Cream Gift Set

Ice Cream Sundae Gift

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. This gift crate is perfect for the ice cream lover. The simple yet gourmet treats are perfect for all occasions and will make your coworker's day.

Coworker Gifts $60-$99

1) Cheese the Day - Wine and Cheese Gift Basket

Wine and Cheese Gift Crate

Life isn’t all about work. Sometimes when you get home all you want to do is relax. That’s why this gift crate is perfect for any secret Santa or office Christmas gift. With a 12" x 12" slate black serving tray, personalized bamboo cheese board, 3 different types of cheeses, personalized stemless wine glasses and more, this gift is a great way to help a coworker relax at the end of a long week.

    2) Time to Wine Down - Wine Gift Set for Her

    Wine Gift Set

    Who doesn’t love a glass of wine at the end of a long day? The idea of coming home to a glass of red or white may seem like a "stereotypical" gift but in all honesty, who wouldn’t love a wine gift set that is personalized for them.  With engravable wine glasses, a wine tumbler and more, this gift is great for the wine enthusiast in your life.

    3) Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Set 

    Bath Gift Set

    Are you starting to notice a common theme? Often after coming home you want to sit back and relax. That’s why this bath gift set is great for any woman in your life. With 3 bath bombs, an personalized tumbler, sugar scrub, and much more, this gift is going to help her relax in no time.

       4) My Inner-Tranquili-TEA - Tea Gift Basket for Women

      Tea Gift Set

      We all have the person in the office who loves their afternoon tea.  Whether it’s herbal, green, or earl grey, this is the perfect gift for the tea lover in your life. One of our most popular gift crates, this gift includes a teapot, tea glass, a variety of tea samplers, a personalized tumbler and much more.

      5) These are Berry Good - Healthy Snack Gift for Her

      Healthy Snack Gift Crate

      We all know that person that is extremely difficult to shop for. They are always on a diet or watching what they are eating. That’s why this healthy food gift crate is perfect for any coworker. With a variety of healthy snacks as well as a personalized water tumbler, this gift is great for the healthy eaters in your life.

        6) We’re Butter Together - Breakfast Gift Basket 

        Breakfast Lover's Gift Crate

        This breakfast themed gift crate is safe for anybody in the office. I mean, who doesn’t love breakfast food like buttermilk pancakes with Vermont Maple Syrup?  Whether it’s for your best friend in the office or maybe a coworker you don’t know so well, this gift crate if filled to the brim with tasty breakfast items that they are going to love.

        7) I’m on Tapas the World - Tapas Gift Box

        Tapas Gift Crate

        This classy gift is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you want to give a gift that appears expensive but won't break the bank, this is the gift for you. With a 12" x 12" slate tray, 4- small slate plates, a tapas cookbook, and bamboo tapas forks, this gift is great for all occasions. It is both classy and functional.

          8) Night Writer - Leather Journal Gift

          Journal Gift Crate

          This classy gift is great for any coworker in the office. This custom handmade premium leather journal can be engraved with their name. They could take it to the office with them to take notes with their handmade pen or they could leave it at home to write down their dreams and desires. You can’t go wrong with this personalized gift.

          The Best Business Gifts for the Office

          As you can see, no matter which gift you pick, you can't go wrong. All of our gift crates are meant to be customized and personal to the recipient. With many other options to choose from there is a gift for everyone in your life. Check out a complete collection of our gifts at to find the perfect gifts for any coworker in your life. 

          July 21, 2021 — Morgan Falevai

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