Birthday Gifts for Preteen Girls

Being a tween girl can be an awkward stage of life. From braces, first crushes, starting new schools, and starting to become more mature, this age deserves to be celebrated.

Tweens are typically defined as 9-12 year olds. They aren’t quite a child but aren’t quite a teenager. This age group can be very difficult to shop for. Often their gift wish list consists of items that will either break the bank or they may not be old enough for yet. This is the age of new technology and Instagram selfies. It can be hard to find a gift that she is going to love that won't require a second mortgage to get for her. That’s why we made the ultimate gift guide for birthday gifts for young girls and tweens. This birthday gift list includes 21 different gifts that she will love and are age appropriate. 


Great Gifts for Tweens and Teens 

  1. I Love You a Choco-Lot - Chocolate Lover's Gift Crate
  2. All You Need is Louvre - Painting Gift Set
  3. Girls Just Want to Have Sun - Sunshine in a Box
  4. Nailed It - Manicure Gift Set
  5. I A-Dough You - Bakers Gift Set
  6. I Need My Net-Fix - Movie Lovers Gift Crate
  7. You Grow Girl - Succulent Gift Crate
  8. A Hairy Situation - Hair Gift Set
  9. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Set
  10. Sundae School - Ice Cream Lovers Gift
  11. Ooh Spa La - Spa Gift Set
  12. I Think You’re Marble-ous - Marble Jewelry Gift Set
  13. Night Writer - Journal Gift Box
  14. You’re a Gem - Thank You Gift Box for Her
  15. Feeling a Little Catty - Cat Lovers Gift Set
  16. My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Gift Box
  17. A Little Sketchy - Art Lovers Gift Box
  18. Sweet Dreams - Cookie Gift Crate

 1. I Love You a Choco-Lot - Chocolate Lover's Gift Crate

Chocolate Lover's Gift Crate

Is there a teenage girl on earth who doesn't love chocolate? We don't think so! With three premium artisan chocolate bars, chocolate raspberry popcorn, and an assortment of chocolates from Ghirardelli there is enough delicious goodness in this crate to satisfy any sweet tooth.  If they get tired of chocolate (is that even possible?)  the gift also contains a variety of other delicious treats that are sure to delight!

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2. All You Need is Louvre - Painting Gift Set

Paint Gift Set

Being a tween is the perfect time to start developing your talents. You are at a transitional stage where you can do a lot more than when you are a little kid but don't have a lot of the adult responsibilities such as jobs. That’s why this is a great time in life to try her hand at painting. This watercolor paint set is full of fun activities that will keep them on their toes and help them to develop a love for the arts.

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3. Girls Just Want to Have Sun - Sunshine in a Box Gift

Sunshine Gift Crate

There is no such thing as too much sunshine. That’s why this gift is great to bring a little sunshine to her life. With a variety of yellow gifts, this is the perfect gift to show her how much you love her. This gift includes things such as treats, a sunshine candle, rainbow popcorn, and lemon lip balm.

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4. Nailed It - Manicure Gift Set for Teenagers

Manicure Nail Set

When you are a tween, all you want is to be treated like an adult. You want to be mature and responsible. With this manicure gift set, she can be styled and ready to go. This is a great gift for any upcoming sleepovers she may be having or if she simply loves to take care of her nails. With a variety of supplies she needs to keep her nails primped and primed this is a great gift for teenagers and tweens. 

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5. I A-Dough You - Baking Gift Set

Baking Gift Set

Who doesn’t love some freshly baked cookies, brownies, cakes and more? This gift is great to get your tween cooking in the kitchen and teaching them how to bake. PLUS if you are lucky, they may share their delicious treats with you. It’s a Win-Win situation.  

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6. I Need My Net-Fix - Movie Lover Gift Crate 

Binge Watching Gift Crate

No matter what age you are, people like watching movies. From Paw Patrol to I Love Lucy, this gift can help her to sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie. With a variety of popcorn, an personalized tumbler, popcorn socks, and a movie stand, she is set to binge watch her favorite series or movies.

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7. You Grow Girl - Succulent Gift Box

Large Succulent Gift Crate

As you grow older you are placed with more responsibilities. One fun responsibility she will love is taking care of her own succulents. Succulents are very trendy and exciting right now, so why not give her a gift that she will not only love but will teach her a little bit of responsibility. This plant gift includes four 4 inch succulents that she is going to love. 

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8. A Hairy Situation - Hair Gift Crate

Hair Gift Box

Tween girls are at the age where they want to do their own hair but may not know how. This is where our “A Hairy Situation” gift set comes in. This fun hair gift is perfect for lazy day ponytails, fancy updos, and all the days in-between. It will give her the freedom to experiment and a hat to cover up any mistakes she may not be able to fix on her own. Check it out now.

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9. Scrub a Dub Dub - Bath Gift Set

Bath Gift Box

Sometimes she just wants to pamper herself. With the Scrub a Dub Dub bath gift set, she is able to wash her worries down the drain. With a personalized tumbler, 3 bath bombs, bath salts, sugar scrub and more, she will feel pampered and spoiled in no time.

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10. Sundae School - Ice Cream Gift Crate

Ice Cream Sundae Gift Crate

No matter how old you are, ice cream is the way to anybody’s heart. With 2 glass ice cream bowls, an ice cream scooper and a variety of topping, she will be ready to go with a delicious dessert bar that will be the envy of many. This is great for her birthday so she can celebrate with a cute "Instagram" selfie with her favorite treat.

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11. Ooh Spa La- Spa Gift Box

Spa Gift Crate

From bath sets to spa gift sets, this gift has it all. Help her sit back and relax with her bath gift set then have her pampered and primped with her spa set. This gift is great for the tween who wishes she was a teenager or an adult. With a personalized tumbler, bath salts, a sugar scrub, lotions, and much more, she will feel spoiled with this amazing gift crate. 

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12. I Think You’re Marble-ous - Marble Jewelry Set

Marble Jewelry Gift Crate

Tweens just want to be mature and treated like adults. That's why this trendy marble themed jewelry gift set is perfect for her. The trendy jewelry will make her swoon and it is something that she could wear to school or while hanging out with her friends.

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13. Night Writer - Leather Journal Gift

Journaling gift set

It takes on average 21 days to form a habit. One habit that she will thank you for later on down the road is having her write in her journal. This customizable hand-crafted journal is a great way to get her started. Give her some writing prompts and she will be ready to go. With a handcrafted journal, a custom made pen, and treats in hand, she is well on her way to writing the next American novel.

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14. You Are a Gem - Thank You Gift Box

Thank you gift box for her

This is a great gift for the tween in your life. With a personalized water tumbler, popcorn, a candle and more, she will feel the love from this gift. By engraving the tumbler with her name, she will feel how much you care and it will be something she can show off at school.

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15. Feeling a Little Catty - Cat Theme Gift Box

Gifts for Cat Lovers

This is great for the animal lover in the house. Does she love cats? If so, this will be the best gift she receives all year. Our cat themed gift crate make a great birthday gift for her. With a cat tumbler, cat earrings, a cat ring holder, cat toys and treats and more, this gift will "wow" her and have her begging for more cats in no time.

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16. My Life Would Succ Without You - Succulent Gift Box

Succulent gift box

This is a great gift for the tween in your life. With 3 different bags of candy, a succulent and a personalized water tumbler, this gift is perfect for any occasion you may celebrating with your tween. Whether it's a birthday gift for or Christmas gifts you are searching for, this gift will be impressive for all occasions.  

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17. A Little Sketchy- Art Lovers Gift

 Artist Gift Set

Do you ever notice when she comes home from school how all of her binders and school work seem to have doodles on it? Help her inner artist come out with this amazing gift for artists. With all the tools she needs to help bloom her inner talent, this gift is great for the next Picasso.

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18. Sweet Dreams - Cookies Gift Crate

Cookies Gift Box

YUM! That's what she is going to be saying after opening this gift crate. No matter what hobby, interest, or activities she is interested in, she is guaranteed to love a box full of her favorite sweets. With cookies, hot chocolate, popcorn and more, this gift crate will have her falling head over heels in no time.

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Tween Girl Birthday Gifts

As you can see there are many amazing options for gifts that the tween in your life is going to love. From food gift crates, spa gift boxes, and much more, you will find the perfect gifts for her. If you still need gift ideas feel free to contact us at and we would be more than happy to find a gift for your tween, teen, friend or any other woman in your life. 

July 21, 2021 — Matt Graham

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